I Bought All the Gear I Used as a Kid-does it sound any GOOD?

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Sep 17, 2020




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Music is Win
Music is Win Month ago
What is your most treasured piece of nostalgic gear?
Chris Gorog
Chris Gorog 9 days ago
Epiphone 335 copy chuck berry red with a Bixby trem and a RockMan
Pedro Lantyer
Pedro Lantyer 9 days ago
my ESP EII Eclipse
LamePilot 9 days ago
@ghost combat bro I bought that guitar for like 250£ and it is amazing (js22 natural)
Bloodshot420 Gaming
An Ibanez smashbox distortion pedal
R T 9 days ago
Peavey telecaster clone and modeling amp... man I miss that thing
BakerCars&Hifi 23 minutes ago
I had a toneworks ... maybe someone overwritten a patch. Also remember it being a very buzzy noisy pedal but huge amount of sounds for a starter. A friend had one of them line 6S and I remember them sounding bitching at the time.
hristop Morga
hristop Morga 34 minutes ago
I'm a drummer but I like to mess around on my grandpa's guitar. He passed away in 2015 and I got to keep his guitars, he has an acoustic and a telecaster. It was actually a big bit of luck that I got to keep it. Originally it was to go to my cousin but everyone knew he would've just sold it. My mom decided to keep it and she put it in her closet. A year or two later I asked about a first act discovery acoustic guitar and my mom brought me to the closet and showed me my grandpa's acoustic and electric, and my dad's bass. I've been using the electric and bass since, I love them. I'm not any good since I never took it seriously but I still have them and I cherish them.
Jared Pritchard
Jared Pritchard 5 hours ago
I had the same korg
Christopher Mealey
Christopher Mealey 6 hours ago
That was some serious finger strength lifting the line 6 out the box 😂
HandyManStathi 9 hours ago
I had the exact same amp lol
Time Cat
Time Cat 10 hours ago
Hellll yeah line 6 spider 3
Zugie01 18 hours ago
did you try to factory reset the korg pedal? most stuff like that even back then had an option to factory reset it.
Kelly Kowalski
My piece of gear that I stopped using was a Mendini snare
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Day ago
Big shoutout to your parents for supporting you and your sound experiments to help you become a good guitar player.
Xersys Day ago
My first amp was half the size of a shoe box, and could be ran on D batteries. Memories.
panos k101
panos k101 Day ago
The gear i have aint much. Some yamaha acoustic. Ibaned black night mikro gio series, fender rockstar amp.
Must Kill
Must Kill Day ago
I like Howard he's a good boy.
Dig you exploring your old gear. An awesome blast from the past> ⚡
Taiten Leesch
I still have my first acoustic and the first electric I really got into guitar with. Don't play them as much but I just don't think I could let those go
Rob Lee
Rob Lee Day ago
I had 70's El Degas Les Paul copy that I would love to get back!
G Mod
G Mod Day ago
Howard is a legend!
RenataJD Day ago
Phh, I am 46 and have spider. I do suck on guitar, but at least i am learning. ....you horrible man that makes fun of what I have.
chow der12
chow der12 Day ago
I bet Glen Fricker loves this amp
Tristen Whitlock
Tristen Whitlock 2 days ago
Ah the good ol Line 6 Spider. I had the Spider III when I started playing. Dude at guitar center said it was the best beginner amp ever. Thing sounds absolutely atrocious but recently I find myself wanting to buy one for a black metal project.
Tim Chalmers
Tim Chalmers 2 days ago
I had an absolutely beautiful Alembic Epic 5-string bass with a Zebra wood top. I bought it around 1996 for $1000 but after some weird health problems and business troubles in the 2009 recession, I had to sell it in 2010 (for $1100.) Since then, I've just focused on guitar rather than trying to play both guitar and bass, so I don't feel too bad.
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson 2 days ago
Line 6 spider with a warlock when I was a kid and upgraded to an LTD
Danie James
Danie James 2 days ago
I had that line6 75W back in highschool. I also bought it again for only 100 bucks and just like you I still think its a awesome sounding amp.
Daniel N
Daniel N 2 days ago
Ha this reminded me of my old Zoom GFX 707
joe casatelli
joe casatelli 2 days ago
took me back.... cracking up watching you
lmao ok
lmao ok 2 days ago
Through the fire and flames fingerstyle cover And my most treasured gear my Ibanez gio I got from my parents
Aquavarius 2 days ago
Why do I feel like I’m being reprogrammed
Squier strat, kustom practice amp, boss od pedal At one time I upgraded to the spider ii, or maybe it was the iii
It had 2 × 10s
Fernando Becerra
Fernando Becerra 2 days ago
The fab metal pedal 😭
Timothy Wright
Timothy Wright 2 days ago
ZOOM 505!
SeanIn60Seconds 2 days ago
I was the only kid that brought an electric guitar to Guitar class in highschool and the school had a line 6 that I would plug into and I would always put it on “insane” during recitals 😂
Nik Kremnev
Nik Kremnev 2 days ago
What is the song and 18:26 ?!?!?? It’s killing I know I have heard it before!!!!!
Zenthulhu Official
Fender Super Champ XD, still have it, needs new tubes, but honestly sounds great.
Jay Thunder
Jay Thunder 2 days ago
Sounds pretty badass to my way older than 15 year old ears!
tommy lee hixson
tommy lee hixson 2 days ago
i miss my roland/boss me-5 effects pedal
Samuel Lauzon
Samuel Lauzon 3 days ago
I nearly bought one of theses a few years back. It was around the time they did a production of the new centaur pedal (red one). I was hoping for a demo of that one compared to the original. Kirt Cobain used one I think. The coolest thing (I think) about that pedal is the fact it uses a transparent circuit. So it’s not weighing your signal down in the same way other non-transparent circuits do. I enjoyed watching this video, subscribed and liked. 😎
C Fong
C Fong 3 days ago
My gear was a Marshall Lead 12 and a Marlin Sidewinder with the usual suspects a Cry Baby , Fuzz Box, tube screamer and a host of other pedals, modeling amps had not yet arrived in the late 70's early 80's but those little Marshall Lead 12's are the DB's, they can be got but expect to pay around 200 - 250 bucks. There is a version without overdrive also the Keyboard 12, it is a Lead 12 without the overdrive but stick an overdrive pedal on it or even something like that Korg thing you have. Lead 12, Keyboaerd 12 by Marshall great bits of vintage kit.
Bella Chi
Bella Chi 3 days ago
How on earth did you play your acoustic classical through an amp & pedals?? My first guitar was also a no name classical. Be careful. From my experience, nostalgia can become very expensive. It’s what introduced me to GAS! (Your young guitarist has matured but your charm lies in keeping his enthusiasm alive.)
geddyleefan 3 days ago
still use the same gear I had when I was in high school, Marshall JCM900 4102 combo with a Gibson LP Classic. I swapped the ceramic hbs to seymour duncan Alnico II and jumped from 9s to 11s but that's pretty much the same
Craig Hepworth
Craig Hepworth 3 days ago
I still have my spider3 🤣 and the entry level jackson king v my dad bought me for my 18th birthday! Never getting rid of that bad boy 😅
therewasascene 3 days ago
First amp that wasn’t a 5w piece of cardboard was a Fender Princeton 65 solid state. I was 16? 34 now. Still use it at really low volume with my Classic 30 to Fender up my clean but I sure do want it to evolve into a 65 RI one day :3 I started with classical too man! Figured out drop D on it learning RATM riffs and later found out that Tom Morello used to quietly jam on them a lot. Those box riffs do feel really good with the wide string spacing.
Vincent Van Ghool
From the age of 12 til about 18, I had a Takamine Jasmine. Everything about that guitar suited me. My roommate at school knocked it over and snapped the headstock clean off. That's the one that got away. Now I have a Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat acoustic/electric. I CANNOT imagine myself without that. It's become my most cherished piece.
Payton Zepczyk
Payton Zepczyk 3 days ago
did we all have a knockoff strat as our first guitar?
Mike 3 days ago
Fender London Reverb!!
James Orcutt
James Orcutt 3 days ago
Kramer....violet ...V....wide neck. Alessis quadraverb.... Randel...two speaker...100 amp. Pull out badass compressor. Thee" Walkman"...soukd like Boston....doin laundry
Rowen Schut
Rowen Schut 3 days ago
I have a Squier Affinity Series Tele Lefty an a LINE 6 SPIDER V20 AMP
Sophie Chaplin Music
I have saved up and have bought myself a Gibson Sg!!
8runie 4 days ago
I worked at Guitar Center for 3 years. This video really took me back... Don't do it again.
Jordan Martin
Jordan Martin 4 days ago
Yooo musicgoround minnesota! Where we at
Art Pereira
Art Pereira 4 days ago
Also wish I kept the PDP Platinum series maple drum kit. Was the best sounding kit I ever owned
Art Pereira
Art Pereira 4 days ago
I wish I kept my black Ibanez Gio GAXB150 bass guitar. Sounded so good
felix drolet
felix drolet 4 days ago
15 year later i still use the same guitar the only thing i dont have is the amp :( and i do miss it
GrumpSkull 4 days ago
Unless you bought a second hand Melos echo chamber and later bought a new tape to find that it still sounded like crap, you know nuffin son.
I had a squire as an 18 year old, with a 5 pound amplifier
Jack Colacino
Jack Colacino 4 days ago
When no nut November ends. 8:33
Christian Noyes
Christian Noyes 4 days ago
I live 5 minutes away from the place you ordered the nylon string acoustic from xD!!!
Dylan Young
Dylan Young 4 days ago
oooooh the line 6 spider III. I too had the 75w version as a teenager, that and a Peavey Raptor plus exp in bright red. Such a garbage guitar that I cherished for years. A humbucker and 2 single coils paired with all the settings on the line 6 gave me a ton of tone options (all of which sound flat as hell now compared to my twin reverb) but it was enough for teenage me to rock my nuts off in my parents basement without being so loud that I pissed everyone off.
Brian Alercia
Brian Alercia 5 days ago
Zoom 505, Zoom 508, the mid 90's DOD gimmick pedals, my old '88 Bullet Tele guitar (which I actually miss, it had a star on the headstock), Digitech RP 7, running guitar thru a 120 watt GK bass head, VHT cabinets .... So many bad pedals and dollars poorly invested. Have to admit, it was so fun back then. Being a budding guitar player in the early to mid 90's was a fun time and it taught a lesson in the long run; less pedals, more practice.
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia 5 days ago
As a kid I loved my Boss Metal Zone pedal. Had is for many years and it got lost in translation somewhere. Fast forward about 25 years and I saw one at my friend's garage sale and I asked her how much for it. She said "Um, I dunno, what do you have in your pocket?" I dug in my pocket and I pulled out 58¢. She said "ok, that'll work". SCORE!
Joe Manning
Joe Manning 5 days ago
For me it's a 1985 Tokai F-55 Super Edition Random Star in a wine red burst. Super rare. Not worth a lot. They go for around $350 - $650.00 but the color was apparently the most rare. I find them for sale in white and black all the time. Blue and solid red from time to time but in six years of searching I have never seen the wine red burst come up for sale. I want my guitar back!
MusicMan0716 5 days ago
Yep had that amp too. I knew it was a mistake shortly after buying it at 16 y/o lol.
My last 4 Brain cells
I’m a beginner so my favorite piece of equipment is my guitar that’s all I have :l
Matty C.
Matty C. 5 days ago
A wall of milky goodness....🤣🤣
Gilligan Island
Gilligan Island 5 days ago
Who the hell is this Dork anyway?
Dan Miller
Dan Miller 5 days ago
1996 made Yamaha MD 4 minidisc recorder
Alfonso Morales
Alfonso Morales 5 days ago
Is that a line 6 spider ll 75wts ?? If so,,i have a question ,the pod has all of those sounds as presets rigth?100% that works? Just Like that??
Randy Stites
Randy Stites 5 days ago
GREAT video
Risick 6 days ago
Ah yes my gear a shitty 10 year old yamaha guitar with rusted strings that my brother bought when he was 8
Marc S
Marc S 6 days ago
The older stuff just sounds better for the most part. I'm a bass player I've been in Guitar Center and Sam Ash lately. You can't buy anything half as good as what I had for twice the price.
paiz 6 days ago
what the hell is wrong with shipping costs in the US. my country is smaller i know but i can ship a guitar for 10$
OverLord Opps
OverLord Opps 6 days ago
Rich ass dude right here...
They call me Woodstock
Glenn had a heart attack
Tadeo Morales
Tadeo Morales 6 days ago
my dads bluetooth amp $60 strat from ebay and my uncles multy sound pedal (I only used the destortion)
Ehu Bear
Ehu Bear 6 days ago
tyler: "look at all this cool equipment i had when i was 15!" me: wow, wish i had that also me: *looks over at my bass, speaker and amp from the seventies* i'm never getting rid of you..
Red_Car_Records_ 6 days ago
11:53 the smile of pure satisfaction 😁
Malcolm Rowe
Malcolm Rowe 6 days ago
I have a line 6 vetta, by mixing and blending two different types of amps, cabs and tones you could get some great sounds, mixing a low volume clean sound under a distorted sound gives much more clarity to the sound
Kenneth Meek
Kenneth Meek 6 days ago
I had this DOD Grind/ IT practice amp and I must say, for a beginners ear, I could get reasonably close to all of the popular rock and metal tunes i loved at the time! For a little cheapy, beginner, practice amp combined with my entry level Ibanez RG model and a Digitech Grunge distortion, in my mind was a wonderfully dirty yet versatile little beginner rig! For a beginner Rocker/Metaller(?) I'd probably still recommend it
Wailin Calin
Wailin Calin 7 days ago
Peavey bandit 65 combo was my first cherished amp
a sharp b flat
a sharp b flat 7 days ago
"Something just possesed me to go to drop D" :-D Man! I'm not watching a lot of guitar-youtube, but I came across this video because it had a cool title and that line made my day. I also had multi-fx-pedals at that age - first one was a DOD in 1998 (loved it), then one of the very first zooms in 2000 (programming sounds on it was fun and it looked ugly, lol). For the longest time I had no other amp than one my dad built by himself in the 70's. It sounded pretty thick, untill it broke and my dad had no idea about the circuit anymore.
aaron collier
aaron collier 7 days ago
18:12 i could hear NO QUARTER just for a split second with that sound.
You Gay
You Gay 7 days ago
i was half asleep when u turned on red insane mode i fell out of my bed :(
Mattie Mitts
Mattie Mitts 7 days ago
Face he made dropped d when he switched on green metal $
Samuel Schreiber
Samuel Schreiber 7 days ago
How's the Song at 9:20 called?
Mojo Bone
Mojo Bone 7 days ago
Dudes, the stuff I started on is so vintage I can no longer afford it. I still have most of my first 'pro' rig, though; a Roland CE1 chorus split the signal to two 4X10 combos. Ampeg VT40 with 6550s and Fender Super Reverb with 6L6s, a Boss DS1 I stepped on for solos, and a Dunlop wah I eventually gifted to a stranger on the internet.
I have this exact amp as a home amp. Need a proper amp soon, i still like it tho but the clean sounds are terrible.
ReadySetVirtual 7 days ago
Was anyone else disappointed Tyler didn't play "Classical Gas" ?
Kirk WAHmmett
Kirk WAHmmett 7 days ago
A 40$ acoustic guitar
eric dye
eric dye 7 days ago
I wanna see a Howard the Dane channel now
MrKitchenknives 7 days ago
I’m 51 and still got the same line 6 I got when I was in my 40s. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade🤔
MrKitchenknives 7 days ago
Did you manage to learn the rest of Mediterranean Sundance?
Matt Voran
Matt Voran 8 days ago
Johnson J-Station was FIRE. Had one like 20 years ago, and I just bought one on reverb a couple months ago just for fun. Still rocks.
that amp is hot
Mine Peavy Classic 2-12 inch speakers 2 channels with Phase Shifter and Reverb , Ibanez Iceman guitar , graduated to Marshall JCM 800 half stack ( 4x12 ) ,.Morely.Volume Wah Boost , Heil Sound Talkbox ....
@Kenneth Meek haha yeh man I want to go buy that rig set up again . The JCM 800 rig set up was when I started playing real gigs as a teenager. I bought all my stuff with my own dough , I worked in a European restaurant and then a high volume franchise restaurant as a cook all through high school , paid well , Chefs were / are cool and many are musicians too. I am now approaching 60 , still cooking as a Master Chef and still playing gigs! LOL
Kenneth Meek
Kenneth Meek 6 days ago
Shit buddy, that's a fuckin BEAST beginner rig! I'd love to have that setup NOW and I'm a solid... let's say slightly above average, seasoned player! Nice job! Lol
Moses Larios
Moses Larios 8 days ago
Bro I stll got all my earlier gear, got an old Rickebocker amp and a Spider Line 6 practice amp, and Digi Tech multi effect peddle..lol
Sean DeGayner
Sean DeGayner 8 days ago
Maybe try a factory reset on the Korg?
hoawer 8 days ago
My first electric was given as a gift for free by a neighbour and my acoustic was bought for $12 in a thrift store lol. My best investment in 2 years of playing is an audio interface $200 but so worth it.
Bil Irving
Bil Irving 8 days ago
My most nostalgic gear I have is a Cimar dreadnaut acoustic that was bought for me by my late Dad in 1983 after months of 11-year-old pouting & whining. As best as I can tell, it's an Ibanez rip-off from the 70s. As an instrument, it's a piece of . that has definitely seen better days. But to me, it's the Most Precious. Everything else I own can burn. But not that guitar.
Kenneth Meek
Kenneth Meek 6 days ago
Nah, Cimar is like a budget level sister company of Ibanez. Their version of Squier by Fender. I had an RG style one back in the 90's that actually said "Cimar by Ibanez" on the headstock and i LOVED that thing! Beginner Metal gold! Lol
wsigned 8 days ago
I had a digitech Grunge pedal, I miss that thing.
yellow tomtom
yellow tomtom 8 days ago
I'm tryna save up for the new trouble maker
foxlinker16 8 days ago
I bought a Line 6 spider II 120 watt in 2004. Still have it. I rarely use the insane settings. Thanks for the fun video.
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