I Bought All The AirPods on Wish...

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Keaton and Josh hop on Wish.com to buy every AirPods pair! We ordered over 15+ pairs, do the unboxing and review on a $4 fake pair and every i10 TWS pair that came. How do $35 AirPods compare to $159 Apple AirPods?
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Music: Szept - Lunar (Official Audio) ruvid.net/video/video-jVVuoQgNrpQ.html
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Feb 15, 2019

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Comments 7 046
TechSmartt 5 months ago
Special episode tomorrow..turn Notifs On for a bonus vid on Saturday's (secret code: 😂📱)
bobby payne
bobby payne 13 days ago
for all the ones that only one plays you have to pair the earbuds together then pair the lead bud to your phone. otherwise you can just connect one at a time.
Emily The Unicorn
Emily The Unicorn 19 days ago
110 heh
Vintage X
Vintage X Month ago
may chan
may chan Month ago
Still Cringey
Still Cringey Month ago
im trishas penis number one fan!...
Ninja Gamers
Ninja Gamers 6 hours ago
its so ironic i just got an ad from wish 😂
joy muller
joy muller 6 hours ago
Can you please get me a i phone xr
ZACHARY MASKAL 9 hours ago
Third airpod
Joey Starcher
Joey Starcher 12 hours ago
Was that song like see me in the London
OverBoost__NITRO 14 hours ago
Btw you didn't get clickbaited the airpods that you ordered were the i7s
xxGamingShowxx 20 hours ago
12:39 “I gOt Us SkIn CoLoR” damn that’s pretty racist
Who’s watching with AirPods
Default Icon
Default Icon Day ago
I got a wish ad
MAARZ iOS 2 days ago
Alexis Tremblay
Alexis Tremblay 2 days ago
I have real airpods
Lexie Grady
Lexie Grady 2 days ago
They seem fine..
krazzysu 2 days ago
You guys are all over the place, need to be more organized in rating the stuff you buy. So now I don't even know which one to get if I wanted one.
Ashley Elle
Ashley Elle 2 days ago
Sam Stevenson
Sam Stevenson 2 days ago
Bionicles were mad with those little slime rubber shooter things
Miyuki Donald
Miyuki Donald 3 days ago
Can I have the i10s AirPods please
Miyuki Donald
Miyuki Donald 3 days ago
Can I have the i10s AirPods please
Tyson hampel
Tyson hampel 3 days ago
right are the real air pods eeeeeeeeee
Zingy The Lemon
Zingy The Lemon 3 days ago
Could you buy all or a few of action camera or Gopro from wish even if they have any real/fake and try them out just to see if any good or a waste of money. It will help the world of people who love camera's and not sure if any good or a waste of time please.
Graace x.
Graace x. 3 days ago
There it goes wish ad
TNM KING 3 days ago
You where listening to my favorite song Space Cadet
music world
music world 3 days ago
9:18 your welcome
Lara Aljerjawi
Lara Aljerjawi 3 days ago
the real ones dont charge in the fake
Marshmallow_lover Lover
When u opens the second one they actually work I have them too but my dad bought them from somewhere else they are so good I love them too like the apple ones they work good!!!
RedStone Ninja Pro
it is the right
Tal Glazunov
Tal Glazunov 4 days ago
The right one
Takailyn Howard
Takailyn Howard 4 days ago
My mom has those earphones for work the ones that they don’t like the design
Jeremy Savva
Jeremy Savva 4 days ago
When you don't know how to pair stuff, you shouldn't say it doesn't work. I cringed through the whole video!
CJ IrishLez
CJ IrishLez 4 days ago
You did this already.
Prancūziskas batons
Quality is ugly
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick 5 days ago
Windows Tutorials
Elijuah Israel
Elijuah Israel 5 days ago
Damn I’m in the wrong video I’m supposed to be on the rich side
Akio Black
Akio Black 5 days ago
I got a *wish* ad.😂
Bonnie Maher
Bonnie Maher 5 days ago
Normal people: mermaid pencil case 🧜🏻‍♀️ Wish: great fish scale mermaid pretty school silver bag pencil case stores pencils and more happiness looks good many colours great case pencils
Bonnie Maher
Bonnie Maher 4 days ago
Evelyn with the Uzi oh no,awww thank u this means a lot 🤧👏🏻😂
Molly Davis
Molly Davis 5 days ago
Normal people: trendy pearl necklace 😁 Wish: cool cute shiny string pearl long stores white trendy buy pretty black see leather necklace
Evelyn with the Uzi oh no
Bonnie Maher this needs more likes 🤣
BeautyandLifestyle and let's plays Michi Kramer!
i got airpods from wish. everything was okay then i wanted to charge them and they melted haha
YunShih Huang
YunShih Huang 5 days ago
Omg I got an wish ad before this video
The channel that is no More
These dudes are lowkey sponsored by wish.
Kayla Vlogs
Kayla Vlogs 6 days ago
Find em, buy em, try em!
C Mogan
C Mogan 6 days ago
I’m not being funny but people say *airpods are for rich people* but the device you are watching this on probably costs more than AirPods. Most people have £160 it’s just how they choose to spend that money.
Musical Gamer212
Musical Gamer212 6 days ago
3rd airpod was real cause I was comparing it with mine
kayla marshall
kayla marshall 6 days ago
For Real
kayla marshall
kayla marshall 6 days ago
How much money do you have
DolanxAri xoxo
DolanxAri xoxo 6 days ago
K this has nothing to do with the video, but their is these Smule ads and they are so bad and annoying. Thank you. I needed to get that off my chest.
nelio jardim
nelio jardim 6 days ago
Can I have airpods please
Annette and Wes’s world
I can’t stop watching your channel
Hanne Nyhus
Hanne Nyhus 6 days ago
The one’s on the right
Midnight Dog
Midnight Dog 7 days ago
I have the i10 airpods they have built in LED lights and are wireless charging and they are brilliant
cool truper
cool truper 7 days ago
I had a wish ad before the video.
Bernice leftwich
Bernice leftwich 7 days ago
Can i get one
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