I Bought All The AirPods on Wish...

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Keaton and Josh hop on Wish.com to buy every AirPods pair! We ordered over 15+ pairs, do the unboxing and review on a $4 fake pair and every i10 TWS pair that came. How do $35 AirPods compare to $159 Apple AirPods?
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I10 AirPods from Wish: www.wish.com/search/i10/product/5c022508f515af42302f41fc?&source=search
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$995 Louis Vuitton AirPods..Bad Idea? ruvid.net/video/video-tD53k19NHDY.html&list=PLPCx-1KKqYKx_J4fV6alU-LKt6IkWpdzs
$4 Fake AirPods - How Bad Is It? ruvid.net/video/video-pdIAoGNMMA8.html
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The $99 AirPod Killer (Air by crazybaby NANO)
Selling My iPhone XS Max To a Machine at Walmart
Music: Szept - Lunar (Official Audio) ruvid.net/video/video-jVVuoQgNrpQ.html
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Comments 100
TechSmartt 3 months ago
Special episode tomorrow..turn Notifs On for a bonus vid on Saturday's (secret code: 😂📱)
Prashant Mehta
Prashant Mehta Month ago
Was more of a Hero Factory guy myself but bionicals were also great
Øcëån S
Øcëån S Month ago
BETT! 🔥😂📱
Ana Peralta
Ana Peralta Month ago
TechSmartt bro chill dude screaming really stfu
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol 2 months ago
TechSmartt buy I 12s they are so much closer then he I 7s that you bought
Feller Huoomen
Feller Huoomen 2 months ago
TechSmartt you are aware some songs will put audio in different ears at different times so that’s why it was only playing for one of you
Potato Belgium
Potato Belgium 4 hours ago
Luke Feng ATC Expert
buy bose systems
forever vlone
forever vlone 14 hours ago
Yo guys, there’s something wrong with my AirPods, they have this weird wire on them I don’t know what’s wrong please reply
douliss1 22 hours ago
10's are better than the 12s. The i12 TWS sucks
The Volkster
The Volkster Day ago
Can you send me a reply with the link to the i10 Tws for 34$ thank you!!
RosemaryxD11_2 ROBLOX
Can u link those air pods that was just like the real ones?
Tavare's World
Can i have the white airpods my babey girl relly won'ts some and she has cancer
Mirror Day ago
I hate the switching camera angles
Gacha Me
Gacha Me 2 days ago
Jeremy Alsagon
Jeremy Alsagon 2 days ago
I19 TWS and I30 TWS Order That
Reginald Drake
Reginald Drake 2 days ago
idk witch one is real
Ali J
Ali J 2 days ago
You only ordered one of the black ones😂💀
Jennie DaWeirdo
Jennie DaWeirdo 2 days ago
2021 anyone lol
Tech Review Ireland
I would like some earpods, but one pod always falls out,, damn my unusually symmetrical ears :)
Josephine Cecil
Josephine Cecil 2 days ago
My stepdad has the ones at 17:38 in blue
Love Story
Love Story 2 days ago
17:13-17:16 🤣🤣his face was like *When is he finished*
Girl Gamer206
Girl Gamer206 3 days ago
U should do a giveaway
Daan Hengeveld
Daan Hengeveld 3 days ago
I10 tws fit in airpods case and charge?
Pheon 3 days ago
Did anyone else get a wish ad before this video 😂
69696 without any videos
Where is the good one it’s late and i don’t want to wach it all
Oh Wolves
Oh Wolves 4 days ago
josh u fine
DIY tys creative designs
The link is broken I wanted to buy them
Starlight Mk2459
Starlight Mk2459 4 days ago
Like as I am listening with air pods in
B Wolf
B Wolf 4 days ago
Name plis ? 20:27
Hamza Ibrahim
Hamza Ibrahim 4 days ago
The left ine
Edel Navarro
Edel Navarro 4 days ago
I think the left is the real AirPods
SRTStudios 4 days ago
Got a wish ad before this
Leila Mohammad
Leila Mohammad 4 days ago
My dad bought me the I tens before i watch this video and I’m so confident with it ❤️❤️
Burke Moore
Burke Moore 4 days ago
The case on the right is the real one
Bloodbath PP
Bloodbath PP 4 days ago
Black guy in the back White guy: skin color Black guy: ☠️
kk k
kk k 4 days ago
Can I have one please I'm poor and my parents don't want me to get stuff offline
Dhru Chavan
Dhru Chavan 5 days ago
Plz plz plz plz plz give me one
Phantom R3
Phantom R3 5 days ago
Give me one i want to Flex.
Isaiah Cousins
Isaiah Cousins 5 days ago
Me and my cousin bought some air pods from wish and they was good
Taherul Islam
Taherul Islam 5 days ago
best youtubers
790757 6743
790757 6743 5 days ago
China pretty much earned their reputation of being con artists lol.
Nienke Janssen
Nienke Janssen 6 days ago
the best fake airpods are the i10 tws. periodt. :))))))
Alyssa Morris
Alyssa Morris 6 days ago
Mine sucks it good for everything but RUvid it doesn’t work I hate them I wish my f phone had a headphone jack it sucks
Brandyn Sturgill
Brandyn Sturgill 6 days ago
I never had an iPhone or airpods😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nicole Arledge
Nicole Arledge 6 days ago
I bought the i10tws
Jasmyn Vlogs
Jasmyn Vlogs 7 days ago
the real ones are one the right
Park Lee
Park Lee 7 days ago
Josh is cheap
whatdo uknow
whatdo uknow 7 days ago
the thing i dont like about wish is people review them and they havent got the items yet
FLORAL JAYLA 7 days ago
I ordered the black ones and their not bad
TheSpookyBoi 7 days ago
BULLSHIT! Then why do they still sell them?
TOXIC ROCKETS 7 days ago
Sonata Shinome
Sonata Shinome 7 days ago
6:44 Lol I actually had them before the Airpods were even born. Mine lit up blue an red which I sorta got used to but it just go embarrassing tbh, they were alright sound wise not drowning but not clean either. Base was emphasised and they did make my ears sore after a while. Can go quite a distance away from my phone long as there's nothing in between us, however if there was a wall or bookcase then yh...it gets hella jumpy.
Heяø GaMeR
Heяø GaMeR 8 days ago
I have i60 airpod clones with lightning cable and the replica w1 chip
Aayan YT
Aayan YT 8 days ago
I have have AirPods… AirPods with wires 😂😂😂 Like if have AirPods with wires
Tucker Mccoin
Tucker Mccoin 8 days ago
I’m a sub to your Chanel can I get a pare if I get my friends at school to sub
MARV STUDIO 8 days ago
Do airpods only work on IPhone? bc i dont know😂
Luca Powell
Luca Powell 8 days ago
Real ones are iPhone only
Niyaaz Ahmed
Niyaaz Ahmed 9 days ago
XD as I was watching this vid I had an ad by wish XD
Trudi Russian
Trudi Russian 9 days ago
I got fake airpods
crln_ 9 days ago
does anyone bought the i11?
thecool1zSTUDIOS 10 days ago
Oh this is getting sexual now huh?
KillerAlpha 10 days ago
you should try the i12 fake airpods
Code_Name_ Buddies
Code_Name_ Buddies 10 days ago
Mary Sultana
Mary Sultana 11 days ago
see i bought a pair before for like 20 and then i dropped one andddd it stopped working
Louise Johnson
Louise Johnson 11 days ago
bye apple watches
Maria Maria
Maria Maria 12 days ago
All of these look cool but what happens if they fall of your ear and someone crashes them with their foot when they step on them weird flex but okay
Max Mälarberg
Max Mälarberg 12 days ago
That air pod to left
NaomizCoverz 34
NaomizCoverz 34 12 days ago
I’m legit watching this with the i10s
xd GodlyIsHere
xd GodlyIsHere 12 days ago
Mr. Panda
Mr. Panda 12 days ago
Josh looks and sounds stoned
Shannon Bennie
Shannon Bennie 13 days ago
AlanMix 13 days ago
the i7s worked for me
LIL-T-Gamer 13 days ago
I got the i10 tws and everyone thought they were real AirPods. I think the i10 tws is a great deal because real AirPods are too much money. And you can get something almost just as good for half the price. If your looking to save money the i10 tws is great.
LIL-T-Gamer 9 days ago
I got mine on eBay for about 28 dollars
LIL-T-Gamer 9 days ago
Oh. Then maybe you could try i12 tws
NaomizCoverz 34
NaomizCoverz 34 12 days ago
LIL-T-Gamer same but then people were coming on to ke
Marilou Lopez
Marilou Lopez 13 days ago
oh fuck
oh fuck 13 days ago
Me: oh shit.. that's cheap... I don't trust it... Me: Me: Me: Me: Me: *add to cart*
XboxPlayer123 Classified
the right is real
Miss Asmr Queen
Miss Asmr Queen 13 days ago
I have airpods! They just have some weird wires attachedto them for some reason.. Idk
Katherine Amo
Katherine Amo 12 days ago
Miss Asmr Queen 😂😂😂😂😂
Sarah-Manhave 13 days ago
I got wish reclame on this video
kboy1114 Amathist
kboy1114 Amathist 13 days ago
I got airpods
ian tierney
ian tierney 14 days ago
Right now i m using airpods for some reason lol
Anaka Ovalle
Anaka Ovalle 14 days ago
I don’t have AirPods bc I can actually afford a wire 😂
Anijah Dawson
Anijah Dawson 14 days ago
Please try sond pods
Bargatron 14 days ago
I watched this with my AirPods They thought I was cheating on them
Bargatron 11 days ago
Mercedes Levesque for some reason they left me too
Mercedes Levesque
Mercedes Levesque 12 days ago
Bargatron same 😂
Bloomy 14 days ago
Ima just buy some for 5 bucks and look rich 😏
JayZtunning 14 days ago
15:50 blue/green shirt dude must not know about LG hbs-900
Sexi Lexi
Sexi Lexi 15 days ago
Lol bionicals i used to love those things x)
I'm awesome
I'm awesome 15 days ago
Who skeped all the talking and watched the review
The Peupe
The Peupe 15 days ago
The > one
fuzz beed
fuzz beed 15 days ago
Ugh Keaton is so mean to Josh it’s so annoying and disgusting
bruh its adrian
bruh its adrian 15 days ago
1:22 cheating on a test
The Tepero Show
The Tepero Show 16 days ago
I’m watching with AirPods 😂
Ayah Elkharouf
Ayah Elkharouf 17 days ago
Who is watching this with i7s two Airbods 👇🏽
Its Just Madi
Its Just Madi 17 days ago
For wish Buster's can you try the tablets?
bts Tae
bts Tae 17 days ago
I’m broke and need some earphones 😂 guess I’m getting fake ass AirPods from wish.
Elijah Boyd
Elijah Boyd 18 days ago
That noice is delicious 😋😋the
-Leah- -Duh-
-Leah- -Duh- 18 days ago
you should try doing give away's for like everyone who would like the stuff your doesn't have one.
Visual Audio
Visual Audio 18 days ago
I honestly want the link to the airpod listing that gave you one airpod!!!!! For me being deaf in my right ear one airpod would deffinetly work for me
Talia Coleman
Talia Coleman 18 days ago
I brought some apple airpods knockoffs from wish and they don't work.... I've tried pairing them and it only worked one at a time... I've paired them once but then I had to charge them and now they won't pair again... I've turned off the bluetooth and the buds and turned them back on again and they still don't want to pair properly...
Arvingil Nicolas
Arvingil Nicolas 19 days ago
Thank wish 😍🥰😘
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff 19 days ago
@3:02 the Bluetooth 5.0 headphones for 25$ are literally the best bt headphones for the price! I’ve had mine for like 7 months and they’re better then Bose headphones, and about as good as beats trust me you won’t regret it!! 👌🏻🤘🏼👍🏼❤️
Yadid Ortiz
Yadid Ortiz 19 days ago
The ones on the right are the real ones
KeeKee love
KeeKee love 19 days ago
I honestly think fake airport are better than the real ones because they connect to any type of phone or tablet well mine do it's amazing 😃😃😃😄😄😁😅😅😅😅😅😅
bts Tae
bts Tae 17 days ago
KeeKee love does it sound okay ?
JASON BUSHIKA 19 days ago
The right on e
Andrew Marsden
Andrew Marsden 19 days ago
Just think I'll stick to wired headphones
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