I Bought 12 Broken PS4's From eBay - Let's Try to Fix Them!

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I Paid $$$$$$ for 12 Broken PS4's From eBay - Let's Try to Fix Them! - I bought 12 broken PS4s on eBay for $1,093 to see if I can fix them and make money.
👉 TronicsFix PS4 Toolkit: tronicsfixstore.com/collections/frontpage/products/ps4-toolkit
We recommend ShaneFix for all PS4 repairs. He's one of our repair contractors and has started his own business. Check it out: shanefix.com/
10 were PS4 originals and 2 were slims. They had a variety of problems including disk drive issues, a faulty hard drive, a broken HDMI port, the blue light of death (BLOD), and the white light of death (WLOD). Also, a number of them were really dirty. Stick around until the end to see how many I can fix and if I will be able to make a profit.
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Tools I Use (affiliate links):
-Protech Toolkit: Amazon (paid link) geni.us/90il5y
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-Thermal Paste: Amazon (paid link) geni.us/q2Prd
-Canned Air: Amazon (paid link) geni.us/CPYy
Equipment Used (affiliate links):
-Hakko Hot Air Station: Amazon (paid link) geni.us/y2JDR
-Nozzle for hot air station: Amazon (paid link) geni.us/zpEWlT
-Hakko Soldering Station: Amazon (paid link) geni.us/MTL0qb
-Hakko Air Filter: Amazon (paid link) geni.us/Gqznh
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Dec 20, 2019




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Comments 80
TronicsFix 6 months ago
👉 TronicsFix PS4 Toolkit: tronicsfixstore.com/collections/frontpage/products/ps4-toolkit Thank you all so much for the support and watching my videos!
Video Game News
Video Game News 10 days ago
Hi love you
Nathan Yejerla
Nathan Yejerla 19 days ago
You need to mind your own business
Nathan Yejerla
Nathan Yejerla 19 days ago
How did Al Thomas the Train is just a King Kong so don't worry about it
Alicia Shea
Alicia Shea 21 day ago
@zulfi moh bro this video is literally that.
Alicia Shea
Alicia Shea 21 day ago
@saul leyva still having trouble?
ramz 11 hours ago
Freduardo Tayo
Freduardo Tayo 19 hours ago
Guy at an electronics repair shop: Can you fix my ps4, it got struck by lightning! Tech guy: 😰
Freduardo Tayo
Freduardo Tayo 19 hours ago
Guy at an electronics repair shop: Can you fix my ps4, it got struck by lightning! Tech guy: 😰
Johnny Shumway
Do the Cotton swabs have any thing like rubbing alcohol on it? It makes the cleaning look so good.
oopsimdead Day ago
Damn, i want to get in to fixing broken things and re-selling, but that ebay profit... looks like i'm going to have to relocate to a bigger area because there is 0 market around me for electronics fixing.
sally pretorius
sally pretorius 2 days ago
Could you please do a 'How to clean an Xbox one fan for the original Xbox one console" got mine secondhand an I can see it's started to clog a bit still works but I'd like to clean it to avoid further issues. Love your videos their awesome.
loudmarble 3 days ago
thank you so much for this video! thanks to the fault in the first PS4, I was able to fix my cousin's. (one of the rollers was loose, along with the white plastic between the two rollers)
SRG_FLYE 3 days ago
She stupid thousand also all those regular PS4 all those combines like 50,000
Kilo 3 days ago
it really shows consumerism at its finest...instead of cleaning out their machines its easier to buy another one...im still using a generation 1 ps4 because i keep cleaning it.... This guy is smart and knows the craft. used ps4's go for 300 bucks each. times 12. GREAT WORK MAN!!! Subbed.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 4 days ago
Trailer trash, buy a lot of ps4,s.
Paul C
Paul C 4 days ago
Hey. How many times did you break a console when you 1st started playing around dude? Mad skills
Hassan Drizzy
Hassan Drizzy 4 days ago
Since you repair to sell why didn't you put up a link where we can buy the ps4 from you?
Snehankit Shende
Snehankit Shende 5 days ago
I realy enjoy this...I don't know why ....may I also love to do this....repair....👩‍🎓
John Peck
John Peck 6 days ago
For cooling fun cleaning (extreme) I use air condition condenser and air handler cleaner. There is also a Simple Green aluminum safe cleaner too.
John Smith
John Smith 6 days ago
This is what right to repair is all about. If manufacturers had it their way, they could manufacture products that would not be supported for refurbishing or repairing, forcing us to throw our stuff away and buy their new products. It's wasteful. Apple does this best and I don't understand why people continue to support them aside from the market hold standardization. Support these people who keep these products running. When in the market for a used PS4, you know you're getting a well refurbished one from people like Tronix. Keep up the great work!
Eric Paul
Eric Paul 6 days ago
bro do you know how to do a tutorial to fix lag stutter and slow on on my ps4
Yung Pato
Yung Pato 8 days ago
so just buy “broken” ps4s, take them apart, clean them and they fixed!?
Haris Saqib
Haris Saqib 8 days ago
lack of gloves at the start is disturbing
Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris 9 days ago
I wished they designed these consoles with easy access cleaning areas to allow for dust removal.
K M 9 days ago
Dude looks like a skinnier Dave Bautista
PugZ 9 days ago
I need a PS4
Saeli Gutierrez
Saeli Gutierrez 10 days ago
Does he sell them for a lower price??
Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi
Wish I could buy broken consoles like these in bulk here.
Pixe Sukola
Pixe Sukola 11 days ago
He paid 91 dls for each PS4 and he says he sells them for 140, so the profit is 49 dls for each fixed console, he fixed 9 the profit is 441 dls. He can still sell the 3 he couldn't repair for 90 dls on ebay, which he has done with other consoles like the switch, he said the switches he couldn't fix he would sell them again on ebay to recuperate what he originally paid for. When he says he only made 166 dls he is not taking into account the 270 dls that he can get from the 3 broken consoles, unless he is just gonna throw them in the garbage, his numbers are wrong. The video is great tho' and I'll keep watching more of these for sure.
Moosenhagen 11 days ago
The first ps4 was defo from a crackhouse
Milton Ferreira
Milton Ferreira 9 days ago
why lmao
Alan Hancock
Alan Hancock 11 days ago
got a PS4 that has no video but the screen does recognize there is something connected.any suggestions
kabii 11 days ago
7:20 just from watching you touch the filth with your bare hands i nearly get my allergies, gross 😆
1465chard 11 days ago
I always wonder where the hell people store it in order to have cockroaches inside.
Conner Allen
Conner Allen 12 days ago
I didn't know sony sold vacuums
Astian Prakoso
Astian Prakoso 12 days ago
I want one
Murad Hussain
Murad Hussain 12 days ago
Geezer touches dirt with out glove but puts the disk in with gloves on What a joker 🤣🤣
Cole Smith
Cole Smith 13 days ago
I hope you sold it back to the people that sold it to him that would have been nice
Giovanni Revels
Giovanni Revels 14 days ago
How do these ps4 consoles get so nasty 🤢 even mine doesn’t get like that😂
Lloyd Isaacs
Lloyd Isaacs 14 days ago
I appreciate you know what you are doing but do you have to clean everything over the main internal components laser i know its where you have your camera but I'm sure you can clean the bit and pieces to one side apart from that i think your great
Alex Wardle
Alex Wardle 14 days ago
Where do you buy parts from? Or do you just cannabalise broken consoles?
Youssef Soultan
Youssef Soultan 15 days ago
I do not have one of the Plastyschit only gives one one despite the era of the important works
jeff shearon
jeff shearon 15 days ago
7:00 can you imagine the rest of the house of these disgusting pigs.
Tiago Castro *mïrąñdā*
the thumbnail should be the new PogU emote
Sofi Wolde
Sofi Wolde 16 days ago
Great job, it’d have been awsome if you gave away those ps4s to fans, but selling them also works.
ipeedmybutt 16 days ago
how do you make sure cockroaches don’t enter your system? i’ve seen it happen so often especially with ps4s
Tom Jacoby
Tom Jacoby 16 days ago
Awesome video, but lol potential profit. Revenue, my man, top line. Difference between out and in is net income or profit
Metiiin 17 days ago
Hey! I love all your videos, became obsessed during the quarantine especially. I just got my PS4 Pro back from repair and they fixed the problem but now it wont recognize discs. It accepts the disk and you can hear it winding up, makes a click sound after a minute and winds down, then says the disc cant be read. Do you know what I can do to fix it?
Malli Karjuna
Malli Karjuna 17 days ago
Hello I think you like playstation and video games come to me I love the playing games and would you like to give me a ps4 I think it's very silly by asking like this😔😔😔
Davis Davis
Davis Davis 17 days ago
Can I use a used or new ps4 slim blueray disc drive to replace the broken on in the ps4 or are the married to the mother bord
bigness boost
bigness boost 17 days ago
I'm scared to clean mine now
skoopzy 17 days ago
Were can I buy one of your ps4
Cliff Glines
Cliff Glines 18 days ago
Can't you re flow the apu/cpu with your hot air gun? I remember fixing Xbox 360s using a re flow station back in the day, but since the solder was crap it didn't stay fixed long.
Cliff Glines
Cliff Glines 18 days ago
If you are going to sell stuff online you need to find suppliers that can keep up. On Amazon about half the stuff is out of stock or no longer available.
Tyrone Dela Cruz
Tyrone Dela Cruz 18 days ago
man can you give me one of those even though its broken i will try to fix it that's my dream toy i want to continue God of War timeline on that, i completed only the previous God of War in arcade shops thanks man
rice 18 days ago
So now we know how he makes money lol
James Jack
James Jack 18 days ago
All of the videos i have seen none of them makes money for him but why he always tell like hes going to earn million after this yeah lets see if you can make money.
Sartori 18 days ago
tldr ps4 slims are trash
diogenes 19 days ago
That first PS4 seems to be brought directly from Chernobyl
PaNoS StaMa Tiou
PaNoS StaMa Tiou 19 days ago
How much will it cost to send me in Greece? I don't have many to offer and I want it for my son
ZerokillerOppel1 19 days ago
Oh man!!! You need gloves dude!!! The filth!! Good video btw!!
Ashik Chowdhury
Ashik Chowdhury 19 days ago
Okay, I will take care of my PS4 from now on
cazacu florin
cazacu florin 19 days ago
why is so similar with voice of project farm guy
Hameed Hassan
Hameed Hassan 19 days ago
I am new subscriber 😁😁😁
Nathan Yejerla
Nathan Yejerla 19 days ago
I'm getting a PS4
JCD 20 days ago
Imagine how unlucky you gotta be for your ps4 to get hit by lightning
Anele Ngubane
Anele Ngubane 20 days ago
Could you please give some away😓
Y O 20 days ago
This video made me go and clean my ps4....
Flam 20 days ago
Have you tried turn it off and on again?
shane Ang
shane Ang 20 days ago
Seller: I want it back!!!
Moto4 Life
Moto4 Life 20 days ago
that was slick advertising / marketing his product. makes me wanna buy the kit and a ps4 , then break the ps4 so i can whip out my handy dandy ps4 repair tool kit. hahahaha
John Robert Bertillo
Six years from now you should buy 12 broken PS5’s and repair them
Pickles Galaxy
Pickles Galaxy 20 days ago
too fiddley
Mason Searfoss
Mason Searfoss 21 day ago
Can you fix mine
Med zakaria
Med zakaria 21 day ago
Dust seems the enemy
Fps_kiff 22 days ago
I still have a ps3 and it doesn't work
Rowan M
Rowan M 22 days ago
Nooo the things are sold out
Michael 22 days ago
Dude, you put the gloves before you start cleaning! Eww
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 22 days ago
I wonder if the PS5 and/or Xbox Series x have a "Next-Gen" error indicator ( red ring of death?
Russ Paradero
Russ Paradero 23 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks that he sounds the same with the guy on "Ripley's Believe It or Not"? 😅
Sheikh Dayyan
Sheikh Dayyan 23 days ago
Love from pakistan broo
Lonely Souls
Lonely Souls 23 days ago
Hey I need some help and everywhere I've looked it doesnt help I recently brought a broken ps4 I've fixed it up so it works but now I'm having a stranger controller is where it locks out my inputs and shuts off my ps4 controller even when its plugged in could please get some advice
CrYpTiC_ 24 days ago
I thought u couldn’t manually spin ur fan cuz mine stopped working after I did
exiled møe
exiled møe 24 days ago
im just thinking about if this guy sells a ps4 between £250-£300 he will make between 2-3 grand or maybe more lol
Ryad lbabidi
Ryad lbabidi 24 days ago
my ps4 is not starting plz help
Abhijith A
Abhijith A 24 days ago
My ps4 fan is not working can you help ❓
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