I Became the OWNER after I got this EPIC SWORD.. (Roblox)

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In today's video we basically go undercover and become the fake owner in Roblox Slashing Simulator. I tried to prank all of these players by spending a lot of robux on the best items.. be sure to watch till the end or I'll eat your toes
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TITLE: I Became the OWNER after I got this EPIC SWORD.. (Roblox)


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Dec 7, 2019




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Sean Foale
Sean Foale 7 minutes ago
Name: Not_Foale I've been following you forever I've seen all your vids I've commented on every vid and if you here this drop a like on This vid ; ]
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roblox in real life
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holliemlp22 8 hours ago
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Burak Can
Burak Can 8 hours ago
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xxXGachaZane YTXxx
xxXGachaZane YTXxx 9 hours ago
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Dark Godess
Dark Godess 9 hours ago
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Dark Godess
Dark Godess 9 hours ago
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Dark Godess
Dark Godess 9 hours ago
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Dominic Covington
Dominic Covington 9 hours ago
My username is Domoking701
Emy Plaza
Emy Plaza 10 hours ago
User bludragonninja25 I'm from the Philippines but this place has not amout of robux to buy but it's inportant to wait bye the way I like your vids tofuu team tofuu forever
Laura Neubert
Laura Neubert 10 hours ago
Nova Heat
Nova Heat 10 hours ago
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Jk Plays
Jk Plays 11 hours ago
this is the game where bakugo trained so he could chop alot of stuff with a knife really fast
Andrei Tomoiaga
Andrei Tomoiaga 11 hours ago
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William C
William C 15 hours ago
I love Your Vids And I have no Robux
Andrew Bradbury
Andrew Bradbury 17 hours ago
Irish Bazar
Irish Bazar 18 hours ago
Tofu i've been found when you talk to please help me in the sword simulator
Hazel Samaroo
Hazel Samaroo 21 hour ago
Judith Flowers
Judith Flowers 22 hours ago
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Judith Flowers
Judith Flowers 22 hours ago
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Prince Razon Day ago
Jesusita Haro
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Shadow Cox
Shadow Cox Day ago
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Harley Brown
Harley Brown Day ago
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Harley Brown
Harley Brown Day ago
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Harley Brown
Harley Brown Day ago
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shakya saphu
shakya saphu Day ago
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Derrick Trancoso
13:47 the ogre is tap dancing
Byro Muniz
Byro Muniz Day ago
And I really like all of you're vids
Byro Muniz
Byro Muniz Day ago
I'm youre number #1fan I need robux because I'm broke
sherzad Taha
sherzad Taha Day ago
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sherzad Taha
sherzad Taha Day ago
John Cyrus
John Cyrus Day ago
John Cyrus
John Cyrus Day ago
I like your vidoe
Aj Andreo
Aj Andreo Day ago
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