i became a TAXI DRIVER

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woo very epic taxi driving memes
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Aug 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Ryan Weaver
Ryan Weaver 10 hours ago
When the customers go too far that you have to rate them 0 stars ???
Alexandra Jedrzejowski
Elle O'Donoughoe
Mohadaily Day ago
Hiiii !
koidex 2 days ago
Imagine getting stalked by a taxi.
Om Guin
Om Guin 2 days ago
2:13 "You are getting a 0 star review" he says You are the taxi driver, you should be the one getting a 0 star review
KD 3 days ago
I'm watching you in class
Paris Ivory
Paris Ivory 4 days ago
Hope you got your license
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I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life ....
SuperQB7 2 days ago
Thank you, here’s a sub to help you with your goal
1 Sub Before 2021?
In this video are a Lot of coments and if You are seeing this i wish You the best luck and see my name
Uzi Drip
Uzi Drip 5 days ago
yeet chain
Kayden Johnson
Kayden Johnson 4 days ago
Kayden Johnson
Kayden Johnson 4 days ago
Htfuutfffyygg 5 days ago
Nobody: Lazarbeam: tried to give his passenger a review
Thememegod Anonymous
Can he do it again but with cars because you can do it on team rumble
King Snake
King Snake 6 days ago
If you want to drive Uber we’ll play gta 5 and steal the taxi and honk
fellow weeb
fellow weeb 6 days ago
“Fill me up” “Pee on me”
Abigail Bean
Abigail Bean 7 days ago
bruv is so funny
Raihan Khan
Raihan Khan 7 days ago
8:02: fake taxi😏
Ashly Cox
Ashly Cox 7 days ago
I my
GC PlaYZ 9 days ago
Lazer said to the customer:your getting a 1 star review Me:Uhhhhh what
Dr Dank
Dr Dank 10 days ago
Just stop playing fortnite it isnt fun anymore
KELTON WALSH 10 days ago
OneJediBoi 11 days ago
Please play madden again
nightskies ツ
nightskies ツ 11 days ago
I didn’t even know season 3 came by. Last time I played it was chapter 2 season 2 now it’s season 4?
mr gamer3030
mr gamer3030 11 days ago
Hopefully this isn't a FAKE TAXI type of viedo
Katie Smyth
Katie Smyth 12 days ago
Im in my mums car vroom vroom
Matin Syed
Matin Syed 12 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand 5:34 yup there it is
Hayden B
Hayden B 12 days ago
How was he driving?!
Hayden B
Hayden B 12 days ago
Um there was a launch pad in it?!
Rayne Arnold
Rayne Arnold 12 days ago
Kinda funny how they did this then the taxi gameode came out
Noah Fitzgerald
Noah Fitzgerald 13 days ago
Jacqueline Licitra
Jacqueline Licitra 13 days ago
Add me please my name is Stacey1868
Rey Voorhees
Rey Voorhees 13 days ago
I have the demogorgan skin
lacey robb
lacey robb 13 days ago
Laser beam scrotum for RUvid laser beams word that uses
lacey robb
lacey robb 13 days ago
Laser beam
Karma Key
Karma Key 13 days ago
Kassem Ajami
Kassem Ajami 13 days ago
That kid doesn’t know how to respect taxi
Dj Man
Dj Man 13 days ago
RUvid: you know sense. Cars are in Fortnite let’s put laserbeam on Strike! where he can’t upload or live stream The fans : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RUvid:wa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!
Marissa Ortiz
Marissa Ortiz 13 days ago
XBI 007
XBI 007 14 days ago
He reminds me of trevor when he gets betrayed by the players
The young Notorious BIG
Yes I am at the best way
McBungus 14 days ago
Fun fact: 1 More Strike and his channel is gone Yes he has 2 strikes already
xd JoeY
xd JoeY 14 days ago
Imagine lazer beam joined xd cause I can do that
marcus0814525044 andarza
Go in the bush fresh for a favor 😂
Robber Kitten
Robber Kitten 15 days ago
Lazarbeam simping for a random player
Mia Sharwin
Mia Sharwin 15 days ago
I’m in me mums car vroom vroom
The Ben
The Ben 15 days ago
Me when I'm 5: is that a plant in the car
YMC_Cello TTV 15 days ago
Do cars all game
imuronlygirl 77
imuronlygirl 77 15 days ago
Hugo Moylan
Hugo Moylan 16 days ago
Ninja/thanos: you can’t defeat me lazar/captain America: I know I can’t but he can (pointing to a volcano) volcano/fresh yo gone
Mishinga Seyuba
Mishinga Seyuba 16 days ago
I have load. Shedding
mazen emad
mazen emad 16 days ago
"pee on me real quick"
Katelynn C
Katelynn C 16 days ago
Vroum vroum.. vrum...vrum..
Wendy Worsley
Wendy Worsley 16 days ago
Yeet has spoken
Dancarlos Montano
Dancarlos Montano 17 days ago
Stranger things 4
Fir G
Fir G 17 days ago
Charles Denton
Charles Denton 17 days ago
Caleb Hojnowski
Caleb Hojnowski 17 days ago
joey van der pol
joey van der pol 17 days ago
why is no one respecting the taxi driver "sad villager noice"
Pankaj Patel
Pankaj Patel 17 days ago
Alfie Marshall
Alfie Marshall 17 days ago
Independent Wireless
I hope they add thicc skins that have BIG asses in the game
Sabrina Black
Sabrina Black 18 days ago
SandyG *
SandyG * 18 days ago
Why he get striked?
Coolnawesome Memelover87
Taxi? Hello? I need a taxi!
Shade 18 days ago
Fortnite liked this video so much they added a taxi LTM.
Lazerbeam fan Subscribe to lazerbeam
I have a job for you
a random y0utuber
a random y0utuber 18 days ago
i dont even use the taxi i just kill wich is good cuz they drop so many stars
Seamus McKeon
Seamus McKeon 18 days ago
Car kills only
Malek Chehab
Malek Chehab 18 days ago
TristnGoated TristnGoated
You missed a llama
fire flam
fire flam 19 days ago
Richie Hosmer
Richie Hosmer 19 days ago
This was almost a month ago!! Dang time flys by
Mr. GamerX20
Mr. GamerX20 19 days ago
Your dream has come true new gamode
ShotZ Clan
ShotZ Clan 19 days ago
My. Franklin? God damn!
jj Yu
jj Yu 19 days ago
Victor Carrera
Victor Carrera 19 days ago
Btw the supply had a charge
Michigan Mis
Michigan Mis 19 days ago
I like you’re new mustache👌. Italian
Justin Arthur
Justin Arthur 19 days ago
Mount Franklin god damn
flat pancake
flat pancake 19 days ago
Bruh they added this as a gamemode
Varun Ponnala
Varun Ponnala 19 days ago
Jack Butler
Jack Butler 19 days ago
I thought the thumbnail was fake taxi
Eva Harriet
Eva Harriet 19 days ago
Lazar treats women better in a game than some men do in real life Am I wrong?
TheBlackBeltGamer 19 days ago
7:38 Hello There!
twenty1_Yeet_st Gta
Bro Lazar itz 2020 and you drove a 1905 pick up truck I can see y knowone gave you a 5 star rating.
Beasty Cooper
Beasty Cooper 20 days ago
1:17 There’s a taxi right there!
Shaheena Karbanee
Shaheena Karbanee 20 days ago
Jeannine Gardipy
Jeannine Gardipy 20 days ago
That’s sad that his RUvid channel got strike’t
Blaydz 20 days ago
Fake taxi😅*
Miya Mineer
Miya Mineer 20 days ago
does anyone else get life, from watching LazarBeam?
Lil foot Og
Lil foot Og 20 days ago
Do more
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 20 days ago
God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Olivia 4C-Sweeny
Olivia 4C-Sweeny 20 days ago
Leave a like if you like Lazarbeam
Tyler George Miller
Hi Laserbeam can you add me my name is Sharkboy110313
NCGANG gang 20 days ago
its fortnite you kill or get killed
Trent Blog
Trent Blog 20 days ago
Sofia Revelo
Sofia Revelo 20 days ago
I thought the point of being a taxi driver was to help people 🤔🤔🤔
Maksymilian Gołąbek
Fortnite is dead
jacob stuart
jacob stuart 21 day ago
Lazarbeam I ask for personal favors also fresh o god
San Francisco 49er fan
just think fortnite went from golf carts to airplanes to helicopters to cars
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