I Became a GOD VILLAIN and SNAPPED THE UNIVERSE with 1,000,000,000 DESTRUCTION (Roblox)

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I AM STRONGER THAN THANOS. Thanos only got half the population BUT I got the whole UNIVERSE! Today we're playing a SECRET game called Super Villain Simulator. Be sure to watch till the end when I get to use the MAX POWER of 1,000,000,000 DESTRUCTION in Roblox!
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TITLE: I Became a GOD VILLAIN and SNAPPED THE UNIVERSE with 1,000,000,000 DESTRUCTION (Roblox)


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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Asher Okonya
Asher Okonya 7 hours ago
What hammer isn't even called Stormbreaker that's his old hammer
Dorothy Nash
Dorothy Nash 2 days ago
Tofuu: its a secret game Me: well its not a secret anymore--
Vihaan Kartik
Vihaan Kartik 2 days ago
You can’t pvp in this game joe…
Dean zubl
Dean zubl 3 days ago
I act too innocent to be a villan but Joe same for me
Dean zubl
Dean zubl 3 days ago
does free people who don't know I'm talking about when Joe says I've always wanted to play the villain part and then I get older and I realized that's that stuff is illegal
Bobaker Elalem
Bobaker Elalem 4 days ago
I love being a vilin
Roman Ibarra
Roman Ibarra 4 days ago
hey tofuu you should like change your armes to like thoes masusles armes
Christopher Ferolino
lol cheese 😂😂😂
Campbell Reilly
Campbell Reilly 5 days ago
phyo min
phyo min 6 days ago
taco bell meat
Family Brysons And Scotts
Tofuuu my colors RUvid Dr
Merandaa Lowe
Merandaa Lowe 6 days ago
Says I hate plants I'm Vegan
Mad Akatsuki
Mad Akatsuki 7 days ago
this is what you wallet says when its drenched: NO PLEASE
Marianne Laplante Dhaiti
I played is game before
Brittany Sobesky
Brittany Sobesky 8 days ago
I saw the guy doing the peeing blast
BEN TEN 8 days ago
Gang Green
Gang Green 8 days ago
I waited till four secs till I hit like button so I am not villain :P
drestry drestry
drestry drestry 8 days ago
135k people are villains
Almothana Almoammar
I disliked not because I hate this because I don’t want to become a Super villain
Dave 10 days ago
its colaed dingating
Nicky M
Nicky M 10 days ago
Use cold tofu in the in a row box shop
Amy Schuebel
Amy Schuebel 10 days ago
Super hero yes plz
Avaneesh Verma
Avaneesh Verma 10 days ago
i can't buy the gamepass i don't have any robux and i liked and subscribed all your vids can you please give me robux i never had any
呂岳勳 11 days ago
Saki Qiokata
Saki Qiokata 11 days ago
Toffu: I'm not gonna spend any robux End: spends 1,000,000 robux
Ivy Talsma
Ivy Talsma 12 days ago
Tofuu:I have been launched in a canon more than you have dropped a like Me:looks at likes Me: says there’s 335k likes
M K 12 days ago
Van I have some robux all of my friends have a lot of robux may I have some robux
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 12 days ago
The creators are getting rich off tofuu
nicholas youtube
nicholas youtube 12 days ago
Joe use sooo many robux use starcode toffu to save joe
Lil-Vince playz gamez
I have played that game
Jeff Klauck
Jeff Klauck 12 days ago
tofuu: okay Deep down here in a new ppI and I will be back
Hshsh Hshshsh
Hshsh Hshshsh 12 days ago
What game is this name
Sifra Kezia
Sifra Kezia 12 days ago
Tofu: im a not gonna spend any robux
DrErrorGaster 9991
DrErrorGaster 9991 13 days ago
I've got rlly powerrfull in just 2 days without any robux
Zain Moolla
Zain Moolla 13 days ago
Joe can u pls play a game on roblox called island royale it's like fortnite but different in some kind of way it's ok if u don't want to play it
Debra Ryerse
Debra Ryerse 14 days ago
Use code tofuu
John Rodden
John Rodden 14 days ago
Joe digging for gamepasses
BNHA NATORO 14 days ago
When tofuu snaped attack on titan music started playing
Gray Kellie
Gray Kellie 14 days ago
every time tofuu sees a game pass :wallet its time to go empty
Severon Flame
Severon Flame 14 days ago
I liked the laser eye and laughed 😂😂
Eduardo Ulloa
Eduardo Ulloa 14 days ago
When I become a villain in that game the owner will give me max power and annihilate the whole map XD
LaQuanda Frederick Carter
yes but I'm broke
ashley barnett
ashley barnett 14 days ago
Joe don't spend robux please were begging you because your wallet is is running out of money
Leighten Guillory
Leighten Guillory 14 days ago
tofuu could of just used 79rs for all spaces of spend 3000 robux for all
Dave Richards
Dave Richards 15 days ago
If any one rosts him I'm disliking your comment.
Karen MacDowall
Karen MacDowall 15 days ago
You are a robux spender
Darrian Turner
Darrian Turner 16 days ago
I am your big fan I don't have any robux my friend do I don't care if I lose
Marisela Rodriguez
Marisela Rodriguez 16 days ago
He said hi is vigan and still distroy s the plants
Olivia Namuhani
Olivia Namuhani 17 days ago
Olivia Namuhani
Olivia Namuhani 17 days ago
Alexander Calvery
Alexander Calvery 17 days ago
Can you put i link blown Scription for super villain Simulator
Yimi Sanchez
Yimi Sanchez 17 days ago
he has 666
keith morgan
keith morgan 17 days ago
Asgard was there aswell
mr pufferfish
mr pufferfish 17 days ago
Thanos has taco meat powers
SkatememeLord Trickster
Robert Perez
Robert Perez 18 days ago
Cool I like video 👍
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed 18 days ago
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed 18 days ago
Iuliia Dimov
Iuliia Dimov 18 days ago
Iuliia Dimov
Iuliia Dimov 18 days ago
Iuliia Dimov
Iuliia Dimov 18 days ago
Iuliia Dimov
Iuliia Dimov 18 days ago
Croi Del Rosario
Croi Del Rosario 19 days ago
The only evil thing about joe is about us is pressing the dislike button
Mey decampur dotcom
Corrupt3d3nder 20 days ago
Name of game pls
Estivaliz Rodriguez
Give everyone game passes
RbxSengPeter RBX
RbxSengPeter RBX 21 day ago
Toffu I never have robux and I Love your video and my roblox name is xxxcoolrobloxplay561
Brandon Young
Brandon Young 21 day ago
Earthworm sally made a guest appearance
Lisi Fraile Dorta
i used code TOFUU
dkem11231986 22 days ago
Get it now!!!
bruna pavic
bruna pavic 22 days ago
Best is to be hero joe if ur villian you feel sad
Cornett Family
Cornett Family 22 days ago
Jo: I always want to be the villain Me: SAME
Mayela Mcclean Haughton
H. Tofu. I. I’m. A. Fan
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 23 days ago
Rip spelling actaul
mero stationery
mero stationery 23 days ago
buy gampasses plese
Janeranin Lu
Janeranin Lu 23 days ago
Tofuu I'm a big fan can you give me 1000 robux my name is ninjanruno313111
Jimmy Jean
Jimmy Jean 23 days ago
In have a RUvid channel about simulator without use robux not this channel it’s the WAR
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