I Became a GOD TITAN with 1,000,000,000 POWER.. (Roblox)

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Have you ever wanted to know what a GOD TITAN looks like in Roblox? Today we're answering that question in the game Giant Simulator Roblox. You're not going to believe this but I also got 1 billion POWER, isn't that just crazy? Be sure you guys watch till the end because I am literally not even human
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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 4 657
Carl Volk
Carl Volk Day ago
I like poke more and Preston
Mohamed Olad Olad
Mohamed Olad Olad 10 days ago
Manita Khadka
Manita Khadka 13 days ago
Give us 10000 robux no I will don't like your video
frank samko
frank samko 13 days ago
I belive in you #1 is yours
noamy par tha fang
noamy par tha fang 16 days ago
Is it going to Cave just going to get smarter something never blessed you
Wesra Opsao
Wesra Opsao 16 days ago
Alia music
Kuba 17 days ago
What is game
gemma Duffy
gemma Duffy 18 days ago
Tofu tire to make 1000 lvls
Alex_bumblebee Le
Alex_bumblebee Le 19 days ago
ur the fake one
Kash Thompson
Kash Thompson 20 days ago
Caps 😓😓😓😓
Kash Thompson
Kash Thompson 20 days ago
Kash Thompson
Kash Thompson 20 days ago
When you go in it
Kash Thompson
Kash Thompson 20 days ago
You shrink in the cave
Paula Joy Alejandro
Lol he dosent know the cave makes him tiny
Janet dela Cruz
Janet dela Cruz 23 days ago
That was me
Danielle Grabenschroer
i thought i was going to get 10k robux plzzzzzzzzz
paco ortega
paco ortega 23 days ago
666 is not cursed it is lucky
Faisal shaeer
Faisal shaeer 24 days ago
Actually play game ones and I can come number one game so I am a little kid he sell you already passed you but I think Sue passed me
Terraria 24 days ago
Hey You! Yeah you,Have Fafe
Tony Tamer
Tony Tamer 24 days ago
Your the most one that use is rubux
Joshua Nicholas
Joshua Nicholas 24 days ago
Only people who play roblox can like this comment
Username:SissyMaNissy just friend me and comment your account so I can see if I have your request but I have the legendary skin here! I’ll prove it!
Mario Pavlov
Mario Pavlov 27 days ago
Mr Crumbke 138
Mr Crumbke 138 28 days ago
This is alot of robux 1 Like = 10,000,000 Robux
Dylan Eksteen
Dylan Eksteen 28 days ago
Your my now favret lol jk your the best
Unii 28 days ago
giggle_outloud 29 days ago
When you get out of the cave you go back to normals
giggle_outloud 29 days ago
When you go in the cave you get small
sniperboy100 k
sniperboy100 k 29 days ago
On my othere account i have my name as Tofuu daddy
Alven CCHHEENN 29 days ago
You spend so many robux
Lorenza Micarsos
Bou can you delete it its so nutty
Warren Meyer
Warren Meyer Month ago
Use code tofu!
HydreigonFX Month ago
what game is that
kantaporn phromwijit
newtcracer116 115
Oh come on who dosen't like squash
Simon Olbinski
Simon Olbinski Month ago
MigsMc -Adventure
And tofuu the thing egypt thing is the strongest and the green sword
MigsMc -Adventure
Tofuy if you go to the safe zone or the cave you will be tiny if your not there your gonna be big
Benish10 Month ago
What is this game called??
Jorge Cabello
Jorge Cabello Month ago
finally someone says woman are important
Bonnie Coetzee
Bonnie Coetzee Month ago
Kan you give me 5000 robux plz
paydithyoypay hshhvhj
tofuu is a cheater
Great Greater
Great Greater Month ago
you said save as much as you can
Omolara Ogunsola
Like pls
Yuyu Morales
Yuyu Morales Month ago
What's this game called?
Green skull Gamer
Oh I got an epic from a common chest in less then 5 chest : )
mangubhai patel
mangubhai patel Month ago
Which place it is
daniel vinson
daniel vinson Month ago
the reason it cost 777 robux is because 7 is a lucky number also yeah there's gambling which also has 777
66x66 66x66
66x66 66x66 Month ago
I'm lvl 80 [15 Robux Spent]
Bobby Sta.cruz
Bobby Sta.cruz Month ago
Lol Sonic 13:56
oliver pierce
oliver pierce Month ago
I love the videos tofuu I think your the bests RUvidr on the planet
A King
A King Month ago
Wayne Magpayo
Wayne Magpayo Month ago
Did you know that 7 is a lucky numbe
thao tran
thao tran Month ago
Tofuu, you only grow when you are out of the cave and off of the stairway of stone
Ruel reyes
Ruel reyes Month ago
Tofuu my best friend of roblox in booga booga
carlos villafuerte
YetiTubbyGaming Month ago
9999 like= 9,942,341 robux
Dave Raymund
Dave Raymund Month ago
Lol I'm more Big then that hahahah btw I'm YOUR HATER ok im lieing
Kegan Hill
Kegan Hill Month ago
She was worst than the mech golem
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