I Became a GOD TITAN with 1,000,000,000 POWER.. (Roblox)

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Have you ever wanted to know what a GOD TITAN looks like in Roblox? Today we're answering that question in the game Giant Simulator Roblox. You're not going to believe this but I also got 1 billion POWER, isn't that just crazy? Be sure you guys watch till the end because I am literally not even human
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Comments 80
Nicole Jadron
Nicole Jadron 2 days ago
Mani Kumar Tamang
Tofuu can you give me 5,000 robux I have no robux user name: Booyah3413H PLZZZ🙏🙏
silver saber
silver saber 4 days ago
0:25 : there is a very large giant over there Me: THEN MEANING FOR GIANT IS VERY LARGE.
ROLANDO MUNOZ 5 days ago
idk how to play giant simulator
Rebecca Edgar
Rebecca Edgar 5 days ago
Use code TOFUU
Evan Flipper123
Evan Flipper123 6 days ago
In the cave you get smaller
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen 8 days ago
He said twiking me out
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen 8 days ago
Dude I’m bigger then him
Carter Dittus
Carter Dittus 8 days ago
Women are awesome xd😝
ALL AGES 12 days ago
Im hacking for robux
Cyrus Baker
Cyrus Baker 12 days ago
7:03 - 7:08 it's 600 away :)
Abdul Qayyum Abdul Rahman
When my friend beauwup played the game he killed me now I’m high lvl then him
connor summers
connor summers 13 days ago
im very big in this game i stronger then him
Jonathan Ermo
Jonathan Ermo 14 days ago
I have faith in u
Camilla wåhlander
Camilla wåhlander 15 days ago
666 is the devils
Asildas Kaan
Asildas Kaan 17 days ago
I'm lvl 250
Martina Gonzalez
Martina Gonzalez 17 days ago
You got big because in the safe zone they make you short when u get out u go to ur normal size btw its me usernsme: manny_super20 please can I have robux this is a new acc so I am sub to ur channel In all my 19 accountd(:
shyfen1 18 days ago
Nobody: Litaraly nobody: Joe: let’s spend 600,000 robux
BrianSchmitt 18 days ago
Tofuu: 66 IS 1 AWAY FROM 666! Me: He knows math, right?
Dim Nimiish Casas
Dim Nimiish Casas 18 days ago
1:53 Did Toffu said 'Steak'? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kleppe Opsahl
Kleppe Opsahl 19 days ago
Hi Tofuu i love all your videos, you are so funny and you make boring games very funny games. I Just vant to sead that that i want to Christmas is to see you!🤗 user name: Sucramguy.
keegan matthews
keegan matthews 20 days ago
Joes wallet💶💶💶 after 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen 20 days ago
Only people play adopt me in roblox can like this
Yaya Weisel
Yaya Weisel 20 days ago
You are OP
Adrian Marasigan
Adrian Marasigan 21 day ago
olga bautista
olga bautista 21 day ago
It’s because 7 is a Lucky 🍀 number
rapid destroyer
rapid destroyer 22 days ago
I heard 777 is gods number
King Hill
King Hill 22 days ago
That’s sus when he said women are awesome 😲
King Hill
King Hill 22 days ago
Barb the barbarian has better stats than the knight of strength
shadow_puncher 123
shadow_puncher 123 23 days ago
Tofuu/forstaken what is the real name of that game?and add me on roblox pls my name is shadow_puncher123 im your no.1 fan pls
Chrus 23 days ago
I love your vids
relaxgab20 29
relaxgab20 29 23 days ago
Robux pls
JustGrillz 25 days ago
Oh yea I am por in Roblox and I whish I saw you in giant simulater but I mean my brother nixybird and I want to be your friend
JustGrillz 25 days ago
I love this video so mhuch I was a dicked i from me 😍😻🥰😍😘😻
Newtuber 25 days ago
I was A giant There are giant giants though
Raze Brock
Raze Brock 26 days ago
Love you
Konrad Kaminski
Konrad Kaminski 27 days ago
ALL people are best
Konrad Kaminski
Konrad Kaminski 27 days ago
Konrad Kaminski
Konrad Kaminski 27 days ago
Konrad Kaminski
Konrad Kaminski 27 days ago
I like no one can get SQWASH
Hayhay death
Hayhay death Month ago
Tofuu:I'll spend a insy ect bit of robux Me:RIGHT
Brent Dixon
Brent Dixon Month ago
Btw look at the stats that's why you get killed easily
Brithaneya Lewis
Tofuu cool lol
Brent Dixon
Brent Dixon Month ago
The cave makes you small
Sotji Month ago
Em Tofuu u can actully buy a thing in the game so u can choose size and speed
1k subs with vids with vids Chalenge
I like your fieaos
One Kid Funtastic Videos
Ben_IIWII YT Month ago
gi mi robux bica you r da best youtober en word
Time to Smile
Time to Smile Month ago
This game does not show up. How do I find it
MrChickenBrave MickChicken
this just annoys me that he equips the worst skins
Rohan Fortifaes
Rohan Fortifaes Month ago
The code is pets
Amanda Peppard
Amanda Peppard Month ago
777 is japans lucky number
Catalin Stochita
tofu the mec golem avt mor hp
Melanie Partridge
me too I hate squash
Reyna Cambal
Reyna Cambal Month ago
Tofuu is the best youtuber subcribe pls
GoingEternal Month ago
Becoming Hokage was dad's story My story starts now.....
Gabriel Aguilar
Gabriel Aguilar Month ago
I’m only 10 and I’m 5 foot 3
Ng Sophia
Ng Sophia Month ago
Ng Sophia
Ng Sophia Month ago
Like plz for the tofuu
Lindita Mukuri
Lindita Mukuri Month ago
Yor 100000 robox
Rjay Ebrona
Rjay Ebrona Month ago
Hi Tofuu idc if you don't give me robux I only care about your vids cuz I love your video username:rjaygwapo30
oscar Smith
oscar Smith Month ago
Lula Hayes
Lula Hayes Month ago
Someone in the vid said "awwww he's soo tiny"
Lula Hayes
Lula Hayes Month ago
I also don't like squash : P
João Pedro De Sousa
I try to use code tofuu on roblox but I’m in iPad so it doesn’t work
V Nova
V Nova 2 months ago
Cool music
HANNAH CAUILAN 2 months ago
am more power full hahajajahahahhaha
Ryder Sargent
Ryder Sargent 2 months ago
Rachel Toledo
Rachel Toledo 2 months ago
I like your videos my is Zion 👍👇🙂
Ashton Sings
Ashton Sings 2 months ago
There is a new update wher you can fight bosses
Ashton Sings
Ashton Sings 2 months ago
I wish you still played this game I did not spend any robux and I am level 71 but I love your videos
Ellison Sharpe
Ellison Sharpe 2 months ago
I never had robux I love your chanal😉😉😎
Lasanga 2 months ago
What game is this because i really want to play it! Thanks if whoever helps me 😁
Moira Valerio
Moira Valerio 2 months ago
I love any ting all off your vidoe usernane:moira08082
Ryder Sargent
Ryder Sargent 2 months ago
#women are awesome
Joe Villalobos
Joe Villalobos 2 months ago
I like that game
Lovely Buggs
Lovely Buggs 2 months ago
Level 19B
polarbear 1003
polarbear 1003 2 months ago
When your in the cave you get smaler6
polarbear 1003
polarbear 1003 2 months ago
I meant smaller
Mihic Turk
Mihic Turk 2 months ago
1 like 1m robux
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