I BEAT A MAN WITH A CINDER BLOCK! - Call of Duty Modern Warfare!

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Feb 14, 2020




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Comments 80
Wiss Tsukaza
Wiss Tsukaza 11 days ago
What pack should I buy to get the cinder block finish?
GLlTCH Month ago
4:30 That’s what we came for.......
Logan Walker
Logan Walker Month ago
wildcat has domascus?
Weston Maria
Weston Maria 3 months ago
How that even kill him
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez 4 months ago
9:46 that was “mike and sully are targets of a hit and run”
Darth Saigō
Darth Saigō 4 months ago
best intro ever
Sean O'Brien Plays
Sean O'Brien Plays 4 months ago
9:45 they couldn't recognize that scream?
TheDeviousassassin 4 months ago
just throw legion in the title, literal hit everytime
Enserric __
Enserric __ 4 months ago
I fucking love Legion. Dude is batshit crazy in all the right ways.
Zero Ichijou
Zero Ichijou 4 months ago
Beastyszn 4 months ago
I think I master ninja defusing🤫
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas 4 months ago
intro...'hoe don't do it...' brain splash...'OMG' lmfao
Danktreesman 4 months ago
I clicked because the thumb nail looked like shroud's
gloria kinzig
gloria kinzig 4 months ago
Break is a country
Noah Bennett
Noah Bennett 4 months ago
Courage’s only bit is pretending to commentate
Noble Kidd
Noble Kidd 4 months ago
Scorpion Immortal
Scorpion Immortal 4 months ago
Bro the funniest thing just happened I was chilling watching this video and exactly at 8:41 I got a notification from basically uploading a new video and it was titled so anyway I just started blasting
rj lomanog
rj lomanog 4 months ago
Ivan DaGr8
Ivan DaGr8 4 months ago
8:20. The pain in his voice is real.
MackSteal YaGurL
MackSteal YaGurL 4 months ago
Might be the funniest cod video lol Courage at the end 😂😂
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter 4 months ago
Wait you can duel yield pistols now? I haven't played in a while. I imagine there are a lot of people running duel snakes shot 357
The Actual Chief Kenwab
Yo, BasicallyIdoWrk has the content for MW. It's 1) funtage style, which is great. 2) censored but secretly not censored after a while. And 3) has the classic RUvidrs we love plus some new people we don't know but grow to make us laugh Real O.G Content here, sir. Thank you
The Actual Chief Kenwab
Oh, and them sick edits. I mean, cmonnnnnn
Charlie Gilmore
Charlie Gilmore 4 months ago
What’s the name of the gun marcel is using at 6:21
The OP Shogun
The OP Shogun 4 months ago
9:46 I'd recognize the sound of Mike Wazowski getting his fingers crunched any day 😂
Cameron Coleman
Cameron Coleman 4 months ago
i thought it was a new video because i watched the video that said title then saw this
Jayjay Balaoro
Jayjay Balaoro 4 months ago
It makes me sad how the UMP isn’t that good in this game, I hope it gets a buff
SpilledJuiceBox 4 months ago
When they have nothing to make fun of so they just brag about their money...
Braeden Dills
Braeden Dills 4 months ago
I played against this Blake sucks kid
Germ Warfare
Germ Warfare 4 months ago
Moo should try to do that glitch with a sniper or akimbo.
Evan052204 4 months ago
Is it just me or does jack voice at the end sound like Cal Chuchesta?
Daniel Isaacs
Daniel Isaacs 4 months ago
Props on that introduction man😂
Dying Ace23
Dying Ace23 4 months ago
These guys aren't the gods of SnD they are the gods of making you regret trash talking
Little Leo
Little Leo 4 months ago
“Mike keep the kid entertained” Mike: 9:45
Ivan Dugan
Ivan Dugan 4 months ago
The Bonk had me😂
Delta 4491
Delta 4491 4 months ago
There was no cinder block execution
Sam Schellhase
Sam Schellhase 4 months ago
3:12 sounds like an Alucard conversation 😂
Wyatt Hanley-Brisnehan
That edit of the soldier going through gardening isle is sweet hahaha
Ethan Brinkmeyer
Ethan Brinkmeyer 4 months ago
4:17 Lando Laugh
Peanut brittle manz30
Let's see what happens if they ever run into dysmo ;)
Digital Gaming
Digital Gaming 4 months ago
The Star Wars was the only reason I was summoned here for
GOG 4 months ago
I didn't even chuckle once during this video, trash ass video
Boro Stepanovic
Boro Stepanovic 4 months ago
Does anyone know how to get that bigfoot/GG calling card at 6:30 ?? 👀
SgtStLou 123
SgtStLou 123 4 months ago
How do you make your akimbo revolver hip spread so small???
Okuyasu Nijimura
Okuyasu Nijimura 4 months ago
Marcel = Mordicai OOOHHHHHHHHHH
Es Trella's Vidyas
Es Trella's Vidyas 4 months ago
6:44 "This is the second time we've been called that"
Viktor Valdez
Viktor Valdez 4 months ago
when Title make me *HARD* " Hard To not Watch!"
Quan Trotman
Quan Trotman 4 months ago
The spit returns
Brady 4 months ago
Courage is just a way less flamboyant Legiqn lmao
kira64 4 months ago
When you take the title "The Lord of Cinder" a bit too literally.
Icedra 4444
Icedra 4444 4 months ago
The cuts in editing weren't as good as usual. You ok?
747Chewy 4 months ago
Anyone know the camo he uses??
Trent Atherton
Trent Atherton 4 months ago
DIESEL460 4 months ago
That noise was mike wazowski
Kaeveon Washington
Kaeveon Washington 4 months ago
Beaklessduck Gaming
Beaklessduck Gaming 4 months ago
COD should makes maps out of the outside of maps and then Rotate for a week or a month
Beaklessduck Gaming
Beaklessduck Gaming 4 months ago
Or even make the map bigger or smaller depending on player amount but makeing it the same map
VaSTeK 4 months ago
Outro song still lit
This video was hilarious...I love you guys
Epyonwings 4 months ago
So basically a Road Block!
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 4 months ago
What youtube money? RUvid don't pay nobody no more what is this 2011
gusti rizal
gusti rizal 4 months ago
Nick Zakrath
Nick Zakrath 4 months ago
4:45 "Basically used Brick Break!" *BONK* "It was super effective!"
Krayzeeful Noclue
Krayzeeful Noclue 4 months ago
Aw man he changed the title I liked it when it was literally TITLE
PezzaHando 4 months ago
That perk switch was not a nerf at all. Now you can run overkill with double time or hardline with kill chain
E H173
E H173 4 months ago
Finish Zelda already!!!! RR RRR R RR RRR RR RRRR RRR 😠
grxn 4 months ago
Mr Savage
Mr Savage 4 months ago
Yo does Marcel have a new editor or is this still puffer
wiiehsan123 4 months ago
I can't play this game with horrible internet
chaos 213
chaos 213 4 months ago
The title reminds me of the time my father beat me with a stick
shu sakamaki
shu sakamaki 4 months ago
Ppl are really gonna start unsubscribing from courage if he keeps boasting bout money
Jose Dominguez
Jose Dominguez 4 months ago
I’m in a sauna watching this😂
so what
so what 4 months ago
this is the second time this week I’ve seen a video with the title *”TITLE”*
Oh pjs. Ew
NotSpiffy YT
NotSpiffy YT 4 months ago
I pulled the exact same thing Tyler did with the bomb
Some Body
Some Body 4 months ago
Ngl but what ever your editor is doing, I like it
Elite cobra
Elite cobra 4 months ago
Im in the soup isle!!!
Apex _
Apex _ 4 months ago
I love Marcel rage, it's special, but Wildcat on Call of Duty is just a whole other level.
Michael MacVittie
Michael MacVittie 4 months ago
To Basically's editor: that line was "The end of the limelight of our opponents".
Kaiden XD
Kaiden XD 4 months ago
Ngl I like TITLE better
Levi Womack
Levi Womack 4 months ago
WILDCAT is going insane with all that big chode chi, final kill and defusing with 2 seconds left
Danny Lapadat
Danny Lapadat 4 months ago
If legion is in the video I will watch it, keep him in the videos
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