I Ate The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza

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This slice of pizza was expensive...
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Aug 1, 2020




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MrBeast Month ago
WE ARE CURRENTLY LIVE-STREAMING! COME WATCH ruvid.net/video/video-Y-GkTo4Xdck.html
Jean Holdefer
Jean Holdefer 2 days ago
dBOSSYone 12 days ago
MrBeast hewo
lexxnotfound 12 days ago
I think I’m late.
Shayla Simpson
Shayla Simpson 22 days ago
Let gooo Mrbeast
Keriann Shields
Keriann Shields 7 minutes ago
Oh u should of hired me
Oof On Roof
Oof On Roof 30 minutes ago
i could eat that im very hungry
Sude Sude
Sude Sude 42 minutes ago
Kerrin Richmond
Kerrin Richmond 49 minutes ago
clark corrales
MrBeast can you give me a job
Khaled Albanna
Yea i tried to eat fast then after the second bite i was gonna cry and i did i was in pain
i stole jimin's jams to put it on my sugakookie
i was gonna order pizza rn but never mind i guess
Ethan Ramdas
Ethan Ramdas Hour ago
I’m subscribed
Kennedy Guilfoyle
Kennedy Guilfoyle 2 hours ago
Poor joey u called him a monster
Megan Bernheim
Megan Bernheim 2 hours ago
that says 141
Elsa Montalvo
Elsa Montalvo 2 hours ago
thats insane mate
I wish I could get a car for my 16th birthday but I can’t because my parents don’t have a Lotta money
Gen Manabat
Gen Manabat 2 hours ago
I LOVE YOU MR. BEAST! 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pan Inni
Pan Inni 2 hours ago
Girls favorite pizza
Twizzy Frog254
Twizzy Frog254 3 hours ago
Rip joeys toilet
Makaila Marbles
Makaila Marbles 3 hours ago
Day 20 of trying to get mr beast to give me a shoutout or notice me
Dino Nuggy
Dino Nuggy 3 hours ago
Day #3 of trying to get Mr Beast to give me a shout out.
Collier Curtis
Collier Curtis 3 hours ago
Go sub to Caption 22
Dakota Clayton
Dakota Clayton 4 hours ago
Hope you paid him good!
Violeta Kovacheva
Violeta Kovacheva 4 hours ago
2050, world fastest eater eats a whole planet in under 20 seconds
Tony Rivera
Tony Rivera 4 hours ago
Joe Fernandez
Joe Fernandez 4 hours ago
Jhilkar Tv
Jhilkar Tv 4 hours ago
Amazing pizza and amazing eaters!
Mamb 04
Mamb 04 4 hours ago
My favorite toppings is pepperoni and cheese is pepperoni cheese
Mamb 04
Mamb 04 4 hours ago
Ask subscribe I subscribe can I have a giant pizza
Diamond Dust
Diamond Dust 4 hours ago
Now THAT guy is a beast. Holy crap.
Okpala Girls
Okpala Girls 4 hours ago
Gio The octoling
Gio The octoling 5 hours ago
That looks delicious 🤤
subtoytninjagaming 5 hours ago
Mia Miller
Mia Miller 5 hours ago
2:12 my ears hurt
Tamara Hamed
Tamara Hamed 5 hours ago
Plot twist Joey actually stuffed the pizza under his shirt XD
Dr213 _
Dr213 _ 5 hours ago
Joey is the real glizzy gobbler
who cares!
who cares! 5 hours ago
How does that pizza even fit their stomach 😵😵 science explain to us please. ..
EMY SOUNDS 6 hours ago
OMG 😮😮😮😮
Faint_ice YT
Faint_ice YT 6 hours ago
My mind how you oh eat so much food. His digestive system STOP EATING OMG
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 6 hours ago
I was hungry but this is made me full looking at it
kaylee lowe
kaylee lowe 6 hours ago
wow I could never!!!!! I get bloated from eating one to many CHIPS!
Evil Robin
Evil Robin 6 hours ago
Chestnut looks at least 50 years of age, yet ages 36.
paul taylor
paul taylor 6 hours ago
Bruh dude perfect has the most records
Carol Aguilar
Carol Aguilar 6 hours ago
Plz do this with me I love pizza
Carol Aguilar
Carol Aguilar 6 hours ago
This is my Dream
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos 7 hours ago
Mr. Beast isn't just a guy who gives people money or materialistic items! No he's much more than that, he makes everyone's day with the videos he posts. I love your personality MR. Beast and all you have done to make everyone especially mine! Keep up the great work man! Subscribe to Mr. Beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mason Hammond
Mason Hammond 7 hours ago
Joey is the fastest eater I have ever seen
Daniel Sledjeski
Daniel Sledjeski 7 hours ago
2020:I Ate The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza 2027:I ate the worlds supply of food
Michael Wagoner
Michael Wagoner 7 hours ago
Let's go I want to do some eating contests with y'all. It be fun!
Tom O'Connor Ntep
Tom O'Connor Ntep 7 hours ago
I just wonder how he felt in the bathroom
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia 7 hours ago
I wonna eat that much pizza 😍😍😍
Adrian Cumarat
Adrian Cumarat 7 hours ago
I wonder how much time they spent in the bathroom
Jaedyn Loper
Jaedyn Loper 8 hours ago
mee fly meeeeeeeee
Black FF
Black FF 8 hours ago
Matt stonie can eat fast than that guy i think🙄
Doomic Castiello
Doomic Castiello 8 hours ago
This vid makes me hungry
rafael cruel
rafael cruel 8 hours ago
Contento never aburio 😁
mothra godzilla
mothra godzilla 8 hours ago
lets get mrbeast to 50 mil yeah
subbing for every one who subs to me
Who will get hungry of pizza
Gamers Henderson
Gamers Henderson 9 hours ago
Joey goes home and his roommate asks "What ya been up to Joey?" and he responds "Oh I just ate 10 pounds of pizza
axalia 9 hours ago
i was about to barf looking at yall eaat that pizza XD
Brandon Gibson
Brandon Gibson 9 hours ago
I can imagine how bad his health is gonna be in the future
Christopher htown
Christopher htown 9 hours ago
For my b day im gona ask for mrbeast merch
imnotwarmedupkid 9 hours ago
Matt stonie would have been cooler but ok
JA Len
JA Len 10 hours ago
Ohhhhh brunnnn
Madison Cariker
Madison Cariker 10 hours ago
Lego Car
Lego Car 10 hours ago
How did they microwave it?
الياس غالب
*Good question*
Darryl Richardson
Darryl Richardson 10 hours ago
R.I.P xxxtentacion
R.I.P xxxtentacion 10 hours ago
Did sombody hear when jimmy speaking joe and sombody 🤮🤮🤮
Rajaplays143 _3
Rajaplays143 _3 10 hours ago
I could eat 2 of those😋😋😋😋 IM GETTING HUNGRY
Kara Turtlesky
Kara Turtlesky 10 hours ago
Mr beast: Joey you literally gained 21 pounds, Me: So 9 pounds of pizza and 12 pounds of water? also me: *wow* 😶😨😱
DogPowerGaming 10 hours ago
Can I compete in that I am a fast eater
Abdullah Mangrio
Abdullah Mangrio 10 hours ago
My fav Chris and karl
Travis Talkings
Travis Talkings 11 hours ago
Jimmy was foreshadowing about Joey beating ten people
Adrimal28 11 hours ago
The man is barely made of 10% of pizza
Meme Central
Meme Central 11 hours ago
Matt Stonie: Hold my cookie bowl
Shadolz 11 hours ago
glizzy gladiator
Umesh Jha
Umesh Jha 12 hours ago
I love his vedios
DK’s World
DK’s World 12 hours ago
martinovicg 13 hours ago
Allo Ghose
Allo Ghose 13 hours ago
Mrbeast your a savage
Blanca W
Blanca W 13 hours ago
I can only imagine the constipation Joey must have experienced after eating that much cheese!
Hetgaming Yt
Hetgaming Yt 13 hours ago
This is making me eat pizza
nick gurr
nick gurr 13 hours ago
I honestly want to eat this entire pizza
HyperSiege ATLQ
HyperSiege ATLQ 14 hours ago
He isn’t that the dude who lost to Matt stonie 😂 chicken wings
Jamal.M 14 hours ago
am a monter in cant it the eat the pizza
Carlos Campos
Carlos Campos 14 hours ago
Carlos Campos
Carlos Campos 14 hours ago
i liekyou gies
katcheyz 14 hours ago
*laughs in Matt Stonie*
Mikkel Fuglsang
Mikkel Fuglsang 15 hours ago
Mikkel Fuglsang
Mikkel Fuglsang 15 hours ago
Why am i wathing this im SO HUNGRY NOW!!!! 🤤🍕 I WANT A PUZZA
Zeze's future Galaxy
Is everyone ok
Ranju prabhu
Ranju prabhu 16 hours ago
All the way from India..... MrBeast Rocks 👍👍👍
Denise Martinez
Denise Martinez 16 hours ago
Rickerts Rañola
Rickerts Rañola 16 hours ago
That was dope dude. Oww man. Are you a human? 😱🔥❤️
WolfpackPanda 16 hours ago
So good!!! Hahaha
Jrivera Riveri
Jrivera Riveri 16 hours ago
Can you please buy a low Rider
Chris Herodotou
Chris Herodotou 16 hours ago
Mr. Beast: "He is the best competitive eater in the world" Matt Stonie: Hold my 10 ft. Chicken nugget
nexy breezy
nexy breezy 16 hours ago
And me
Zukku 7
Zukku 7 17 hours ago
Usman 17 hours ago
Taha Taha
Taha Taha 17 hours ago
Mushtaba Qasimi
Mushtaba Qasimi 17 hours ago
Just eat the pizza and then pewk it simple if your aloud to do that don’t judge my spelling I’m bad at it
Florejane Mahusay
Florejane Mahusay 17 hours ago
Love your vedios
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