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For the third time, @Noah Beck is officially on the show. I always enjoy filming with Noah! We have a lot of fun together and it was great for him to come to check out the new set!! Write in the comments what you'd like to see us eat next time we do this segment! Thanks to Chef Aaron May for helping us get through it! Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!

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Thank you to Chef Aaron May for joining us for this segment!

We love our Tov chairs!

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Comments 3 154
Nailah Muhammad
Nailah Muhammad 12 days ago
Dixie:are we have a lot of this to talk about (you look nice) Noah:yeah a outfit and a dress you look beautiful Dixie:awww thank you Noah:yeah ah nah I got to go I (need )to hoop after with some of the boys You don’t neeeeeeeeed to you want to
gymnastdancerstuff 13 days ago
Ariana Calvillo
Ariana Calvillo 14 days ago
Are people now gonna lash on Noah for disliking the chef's food too? Love u Dixie! ❤❤❤
Evaleen Chavez
Evaleen Chavez 19 days ago
It's simple food I don't understand why it seem so difficult for them and he's a chef why so simple I don't get it😑
azura 21 day ago
i luv noah jajajajja
Iam autmn
Iam autmn Month ago
Imagine that vegan react to Noah beck diet she would scream like maniac
Amelie G
Amelie G Month ago
“Orange caviar” is not a thing. There is caviar and then there are salmon eggs. Americans have no food culture.
jennet Month ago
They are so cute couple🥰
Sierra M 💐
Sierra M 💐 Month ago
they are so cute together. it's so adorable to see dixie react to Noah's compliments
Libby Davies
Libby Davies Month ago
Does she have a weak stomach from her ed
Edits de todo
Edits de todo Month ago
ashleyhere Month ago
Is this a show? How is she a host? It's so boring!!!!!
Awan Simon
Awan Simon Month ago
Dixie really hates loss I can tell dets wai she always winning
Joy Ibeh
Joy Ibeh Month ago
Dixie: I'm not a fish person Nobidy: Dixie also eating sardines 😥😂😂🤧
Urska Štor
Urska Štor Month ago
dixie the whole time confidetnt im gonna winn cause you are a pick eater then the canned ham comes in im gonna lose
Cezelia C
Cezelia C 2 months ago
Why did Dixies Family give the Dog to Noah's Family
EsC 2 months ago
I feel bad for dixie because she gets so much hate for no reason like let her live her life. She gets made fun of for the stupidest things. But she is actually a good person even though i havent rlly met her but like its obvious and yk if u dont like the content she makes or if u just dont like her keep it to urself and get off her page??
celexia 2 months ago
Ariana Lopez
Ariana Lopez 2 months ago
Lol Dixie almost made me throw up on the Easter fish thing 😂
Coco & Deedee Updates
I feel like Dixie And Noah are the only couple that is not dramatic and is chill.
Emma Singline
Emma Singline 2 months ago
*I was born that way* Noah *2021*
Pari Desai
Pari Desai 2 months ago
Oop I thought the title was I ate Noah
sameer nazari
sameer nazari 2 months ago
Honesty Noah is a cool guy he can do way better than Dixie she’s mean to him
Libby Davies
Libby Davies 2 months ago
U make me smile
Autum _shy
Autum _shy 2 months ago
This is so cute
Riley 2 months ago
Saadat 2 months ago
1:13 Am I the only one who found this so funny 😂
Harlow Farley
Harlow Farley 3 months ago
Whatttttt is Noah pan???
Zara’s Adventure
Zara’s Adventure 3 months ago
Dixie should go on beck-seat driver
ep zurie
ep zurie 3 months ago
None of these foods were disgusting.
AJ 3 months ago
*dixie*: “were we dating at the time” *noah being shy and looking at the couch*: nooo 😂😂🤣
Kaylee Sagastizado
Kaylee Sagastizado 3 months ago
grommitt 3 months ago
bruh 0:40....the laughing was so unnecessary smh
Shreyanshi Kunsh
Shreyanshi Kunsh 3 months ago
Start Dixie: you look good Noah:you look beautiful Me:already flirting?
Linn Fahlman
Linn Fahlman 3 months ago
Noah like to say: LiKe
reginatrasht 3 months ago
why is the camera so far 🥴
Levayas Life
Levayas Life 3 months ago
Omg!Noahs wink at the start!🤣
Danica_ woah
Danica_ woah 3 months ago
she looks so happy with Noah 🥺
Addie Hoier-Mathey
Addie Hoier-Mathey 3 months ago
I’m a carnitarian so this video made me nauseous. A carnitarian is someone who doesn’t eat seafood.
JEEYA 3 months ago
noah is such a goofball i love them together literally the bestt
Ameka Sykes
Ameka Sykes 3 months ago
y r they saying lychee like that
Talitha Warren
Talitha Warren 3 months ago
Super funny explanation for saying they were together but not. 🤣💕
Talitha Warren
Talitha Warren 3 months ago
Very cool couple they seem pretty real and sweet. I hope you guys are are doing good. 😁✨
Marie joe Abou fadel
doah >
MADISON D 3 months ago
words can not describe how proud I am of dixie!! she has worked so hard for this show! keep up the great work queen!!! 🤍✨
Johnrovi Navales
Johnrovi Navales 3 months ago
It's pronounced li-chee not leechee
Andrew Futterman
Andrew Futterman 3 months ago
I should do this challenge. I'm pretty sure Dixie would beat me (I don't eat fruits and most vegetables). 😂
GrixJay 3 months ago
Ah.. booger eater lol.
Mary Watters
Mary Watters 3 months ago
God loves you and will never stop loving you! Repent of your sins and want to give your life to God. God sent his only Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. John 3:16 tells us how much God loves us.❤❤❤🙏🏾
dudao fegoo
dudao fegoo 3 months ago
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Morgan Harris
Morgan Harris 3 months ago
I’m soo glad they brought the nice chef back! And they r sooo cute!!!
Aya Haviv Buck
Aya Haviv Buck 3 months ago
I hate gelitefish just as much as dixie
Aya Haviv Buck
Aya Haviv Buck 3 months ago
In THAILAND you buy lychee in the street and then peel it and eat for like 1 dollar
Alex Beliebs
Alex Beliebs 3 months ago
Why are these so awkward
Cozxybellq C
Cozxybellq C 3 months ago
co-rona 3 months ago
fuck me this is boring
RapidCyclone 3 months ago
The steady dragonfly distinctively ask because suit emotionally cheat following a handy supply. massive, flashy lobster
Nawt Mo
Nawt Mo 4 months ago
13:54 I love that she really tried this time.
KKDIY234 4 months ago
To tell y'all the truth there is no audience at the back..
Jill 4 months ago
this is like the most awkward couple ever and i can’t quite put my finger onto why lol
Brianna Wilson
Brianna Wilson 3 months ago
lol I don't think its awkward its just dixie laughs, blushes, and giggles at anything he does. She just gets shy. its annoying to some people but some think its cute
Master Scope
Master Scope 4 months ago
Not a fish person but likes sardines 🐟👍
41kils 4 months ago
She isnt attracted to him
ashyr dingfelder
ashyr dingfelder 4 months ago
When her eyes started watering hahaha
Fatima Inuwa Ya'u
Fatima Inuwa Ya'u 4 months ago
delicate byK
delicate byK 4 months ago
Noah beck what the heck why you with that big fat neck
tChiego 4 months ago
Why does this girl look like James Charel as a "female"??
Maylin Lopez
Maylin Lopez 4 months ago
honestly I was waiting for him to bring out a snail lmaoo
Noah Norris
Noah Norris 4 months ago
I thought yall started dating sep 25 that's what yall said in the who knows me better
Mélanie 18
Mélanie 18 4 months ago
She looks like she's in her 30s lol
Angela Flores
Angela Flores 4 months ago
“I am a picky eater I didn’t choose to be born this way” Noah Beck 😂😂
Charli 𝑩𝒆𝒃𝒆 ☀︎︎
Friend: who’s your fave ship? me: Dixie and Noah 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻💕💕💕
Rylee Nguyen
Rylee Nguyen 4 months ago
I love her little giggle when he kissed her, they are so adorable 🥰
Kimberly Pompey
Kimberly Pompey 4 months ago
Noah trying to get her to throw up is killing me😂😂😂😂😂
magic giraffes
magic giraffes 4 months ago
I wish we can get more Dixie and Noah content because they’re so funny together
Isabelle Arguelles
Isabelle Arguelles 4 months ago
they’re literally the pickiest eaters
4 months ago
who else clicked and was like “snails 😏”
Moises Bautista
Moises Bautista 4 months ago
i like how theres a bucket near dixie at 3:47
Moises Bautista
Moises Bautista 4 months ago
Moises Bautista
Moises Bautista 4 months ago
i meant 13;47
ambreen waheed
ambreen waheed 4 months ago
Noah is the only guy that I like from there the hype house if he’s part of it 😂he has common sense and limits
sarah tamayo
sarah tamayo 4 months ago
I was waiting for the snail
Kenzie 4 months ago
I fr thought he was gonna bring out snails
billieswife😊 4 months ago
when i eat unseasoned chicken i think of this video
Esther Mariana
Esther Mariana 4 months ago
jaydah 4 months ago
noah is crazy🤣🤣
Mahnoor Khan
Mahnoor Khan 4 months ago
I love leeches
Jayjay 4 months ago
What's lychee?
ava 4 months ago
Bruh charli and dixies laughes are so cute
Cassie Zapata
Cassie Zapata 4 months ago
Omg 😂
Addison Bourgoie
Addison Bourgoie 4 months ago
I love this show especially aw cause I would not eat that food 🥘
Aoife Ryan
Aoife Ryan 4 months ago
I love dixie so much omg she is so butifull
Yulissa Zamora
Yulissa Zamora 4 months ago
So cute ☺️
xoxo 4 months ago
me waiting for the snails: 🧍‍♀️
Emily Bennett
Emily Bennett 4 months ago
Ahhhhhh is it me ummmmmmm the chemistry isn't there. but I ship😍😍
gabby's world
gabby's world 4 months ago
Dixie and Noah make Nixie and doah💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Arlette Payams
Arlette Payams 4 months ago
as in, host a talking show like dixie? or as in, b a guest on the show like noah? either one, you'd do GR8 SWEETHEART *kris kardashian voice* 😭😂💛
Reece Kelly
Reece Kelly 4 months ago
i love how she has charlis book
Tarik Husic
Tarik Husic 4 months ago
Dixie I'll get panic attack if u put heart
Marcos dufrene
Marcos dufrene 4 months ago
Congrats on the video you did very good,
Nicholas Powell
Nicholas Powell 4 months ago
M.S.K.P VLOGS 4 months ago
Noah won
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor 4 months ago
Noah makes Dixie so happy it’s so cute. She has a cute little giggle when he comes 🥺🥰😍