I asked my Subscribers to build a knock-off Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft

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Welcome to Bogwarts, school of Twitchcraft and Misery.
Special thanks to Nitrous Networks for hosting our Minecraft server. See their site for quality server hosting across a variety of games: nitrous-networks.com/
This video was recorded on my Twitch Subscriber server, and is a server run exclusively for Twitch Subscribers. You can find the login information you need by heading to my Twitch channel and typing !server in the chat.
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~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~
Music is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Post Town.
Everything you see in my videos is edited livestream highlights taken from my Twitch channel. My schedule is Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm - all times based in Ireland.


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Apr 13, 2019

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Comments 4 544
Macy Gurden
Macy Gurden 9 hours ago
I am a Hufflepuff and always wanted to be :)
•Ellie blue•
•Ellie blue• 17 hours ago
I'm a ravenclaw lol.
Justin govak
Justin govak 21 hour ago
looks like bullsworth hogwarts combo
Spyros Giantsoulis
And how you called it, BACKWARDS??🤣🤣🤣🤣
e m m a j e n s e n
I'm an actual Slytherin lmao, and I'm cackling at the fact that he said they were mean, cause its true-
Maya Francis
Maya Francis 2 days ago
Nazek42 2 days ago
A RUvid video titled "I asked my Subscribers to build a knock-off Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft" is not a place where I expected to hear about The Death of the Author.
Nonapus 3 days ago
I did the taste and i'm Ravenclaw correction: Grapeflaw
spook touqe
spook touqe 3 days ago
i would go to that school
Roundabout 3 days ago
before the video I watched a Harry Potter Ad
KorliWolf 4 days ago
Buffleduff Ravenflaw Smitherin Griefindoor What do you think?
[Deleted] 4 days ago
Hey what is the server's IP?
jemima chan
jemima chan 4 days ago
Me : *watches this in bed I'm my hufflepuff pj's with my pigmepuff and bowtruckle (search it up)* hummmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I'm a buffleduff
jemima chan
jemima chan 4 days ago
Hufflepuff. They rule bogwarts
Dumb Gamer Moments
nobody: pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity music (yes I recognize that music anywhere):
Kernel Korn
Kernel Korn 4 days ago
Somebody needs to write a fanfic about this school and the people that go here. All the students are just flat out lunatics and RT is the headmaster that only cares about people try to escape
Chill Music
Chill Music 5 days ago
Socially Undead
Socially Undead 6 days ago
I'm so glad J.K. Rowling picked me to be gay!
Socially Undead
Socially Undead 6 days ago
"Only ten students of Hogwarts died!" Honestly that's probably a record considering how many students canonically died.
derick pickard
derick pickard 6 days ago
With the potion teacher Walter White
Heisted 7 days ago
Treasure town memories :/
A Character
A Character 7 days ago
I despise the seventh Harry Potter book
Gardevoir 282
Gardevoir 282 7 days ago
Just saying, the Deathly Hollows was mentioned in the Tales of Beatle and Bard, which is a small collection of short stories which parents told to their kids in the wizarding world. My favorite story is The Wizard and the Hopping Pot.
Inner Umbra
Inner Umbra 8 days ago
~~storytime~~ tbh HP never really had a chance for me because several years back i had a teacher in GT/TAG who was obsessed with it and made it the theme for an entire year. She literally forced us to do different activities, made us buy/bring brooms and decorate, play Quidditch*, eat the different flavored beanss (and film our reactions while laughing), buy/bring robes for the houses she sorted us into, etc. it was mandatory, and it was not fun :( *although I volunteered to be a referee (yes I was trying to get out of running around while holding a broom okay) the hoops she had put up wouldn't stay up, so she had us referees stand and hold the hoops up. I got hit on the head so many times-- and keep in mind that I was about 8/9, too, lol
Fletcher Welsh
Fletcher Welsh 8 days ago
Hey guys, JK, it was all Harry’s imagination.
Briana GregoryHowe
I'm a hufflepuff...
Salem Wolf4506
Salem Wolf4506 8 days ago
RT: no one wants to be slytherin cause they’re evil Me, a slytherin: :(
Carson Hutcherson
Slytherin is not evil #not all slytherins #end the stereotype
flamewolf 1127
flamewolf 1127 10 days ago
*jaygay Rowling*
cart1270 cart1270
cart1270 cart1270 10 days ago
Hallows were there from the start. Dumbledore’s wand is the Elder Wand, Harry’s Cloak is Death’s Invisibility Cloak, and Marvolo’s ring was a Horcrux and a Hallow.
the tea sis
the tea sis 10 days ago
but I'm a ravenclaw...
Stick Kid
Stick Kid 10 days ago
“The huff and puff room sounds like where people go to do drugs...” Why do you think the Hufflepuffs are so chill?
Sunset The Sabertooth-Cat Werewolf
something I though for no reason tat doesn’t make any sense with the video sonic unleashed in a couple sentences eggman nad sonic fight sonic turns into a furry chaos emeralds go dead world blows up sonic has to become a fur suit at night someone forgot who they are idk I don’t wanna explain the 1:10:00 min tire story sonic the fur suit dies sonic lost his fursuit and now the world is better
Aimeeuwu 11 days ago
I took a bogwarts test online and im Peter Griffindor Fuming
Dark Yoda
Dark Yoda 11 days ago
Slitherin master race
Scooter_ Junky
Scooter_ Junky 11 days ago
xCall of Lolzx
xCall of Lolzx 12 days ago
14:7 youll thank me later
Finn Walker
Finn Walker 12 days ago
This is actually quite good
Xx YeahItzPolar xX
Xx YeahItzPolar xX 12 days ago
i don't think i'm a ravenclaw i KNOW i'm a ravenclaw
Walking Furret
Walking Furret 13 days ago
Welcome to bogwarts, school of twitch craft and misery
Ethan Akery
Ethan Akery 13 days ago
The hat dubs thy to the Huff and Puff house. Now go to the class and witness all the "magic" that is to be seen. You even get to make special potions with your partner Juan.
Troll Trump
Troll Trump 13 days ago
12:00 The leaning tower of Bogwarts ;D
Commisar-nigga 14 days ago
Birch raft and jizzardry
Flare foxy
Flare foxy 14 days ago
n o
n o 14 days ago
RT: nobody wants to be slytherin, cause they're all evil. *_TAKES DAGGER IN SLYTHERIN_* _wait_
ELECTRO HALO8 14 days ago
I want to be in peter grifindor
Draw with Payal
Draw with Payal 14 days ago
The Sweden flag is probably because of PewDiePie
Samus Victoria
Samus Victoria 14 days ago
JK Rowling is a TERF. So, she is, in fact, a dumpster fire.
Ethan Limb
Ethan Limb 15 days ago
Unfortunately, I don't think any of us are cool enough for Hufflepuff either.
Daniel mead
Daniel mead 15 days ago
This is BogHarts
Elsa Frost
Elsa Frost 15 days ago
R u kidding me, I wanna be Hufflepuff They have round doors, what else in my life would I ever wish for? Screw magic, just give me the fucken doors
Steven Naumovski
Steven Naumovski 15 days ago
I love when straight people dont understand why its important to have queer representation. It's because you are already represented. Shit like her saying characters are gay literally saves depressed kids lives just ignore it if you dont like it.
KxK xKx
KxK xKx 16 days ago
Harris Gregory
Harris Gregory 16 days ago
Is it strange that I got a Harry Potter add
A Stupid Bitch
A Stupid Bitch 16 days ago
Why is nobody talking about the Pokemon mystery dungeon music in the beginning????
Pie Guy
Pie Guy 17 days ago
Welcome to Bogwarts School of Twitch Chat n' Misery
Dean Willis
Dean Willis 17 days ago
Hufflepuff is nearest to the kitchen
The Real Panda Dan
The Real Panda Dan 17 days ago
Im hufflepuff, hufflepuff is good
Nylox 17 days ago
Make a hunger games map
stainless steel pan
Sierra Garcia
Sierra Garcia 18 days ago
I love slytherin and I am slytherin :)
Bob the Destroyer
Bob the Destroyer 19 days ago
My favorite house is sweden for sure
bigbootyrudie 19 days ago
Officially I’m ravenclaw
Awesome Smalls
Awesome Smalls 20 days ago
The music at the start is treasure town from explorers of sky mystery dungeon
MarbleSwan666 20 days ago
The four houses: Slurp, Butt, Bird, and the harry
Curly-Fries2006 20 days ago
Thing is I'm actually a ravenclaw so I'm better than you you hufflepuff huff and puffers
Clover Hall
Clover Hall 21 day ago
Twitchcraft and Misery
Frog Jog
Frog Jog 21 day ago
harry botted in the deathly gallows.
Mr. Monkey46
Mr. Monkey46 21 day ago
My friend took the test 11 times until he got ravenclaw
LargeUpset 21 day ago
Can we get a shoutout to the EOS background music
Tunakann 22 days ago
3:45 *scared otter noises*
GRaquel OrtegaH
GRaquel OrtegaH 22 days ago
Nearly headless snake!!!!!
FulguroBoy 22 days ago
Post Town theme is also in Gates to Infinity???
harry blockser
harry blockser 22 days ago
Fucl u im HOUSE sweedin
Nerd Cassie
Nerd Cassie 22 days ago
Hey rt what if your subscribers built instagram in Minecraft?
Thor the ginger
Thor the ginger 23 days ago
I am in the norway house.
Mikey Wardenaar
Mikey Wardenaar 23 days ago
Swinestine sounds better
RaggedCoffee94 23 days ago
“Wait Guys it’s not Sweden” - RT gaming 2019
Tarkan Ertugrul
Tarkan Ertugrul 23 days ago
12:46 Did I saw a... * D R A G O N* ? I love dragons.
Evie couldn’t think of a username
My mum calls him Harry Pothead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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