I asked my Subscribers to build a knock-off Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft

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Welcome to Bogwarts, school of Twitchcraft and Misery.
Special thanks to Nitrous Networks for hosting our Minecraft server. See their site for quality server hosting across a variety of games: nitrous-networks.com/
This video was recorded on my Twitch Subscriber server, and is a server run exclusively for Twitch Subscribers. You can find the login information you need by heading to my Twitch channel and typing !server in the chat.
~Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/rtgamecrowd
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~Discord: discord.gg/rtgame
~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~
Music is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Post Town.
Everything you see in my videos is edited livestream highlights taken from my Twitch channel. My schedule is Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm - all times based in Ireland.

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Comments 100
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa 5 hours ago
Huff and puff is where the kids go to do drugs after hours
GD Nautilus 2
GD Nautilus 2 5 hours ago
James is James Charles conformed
MIKO MIKO 7 hours ago
Bog's warts- the shhool of bitchcraft and misery. Pipidough Smitherin'
Spicy Boi
Spicy Boi 9 hours ago
Bogwarts™: School of Twitchcraft and Misery
Was I Supposed to care
Slitherin gang where you at?
Bgirl_ Local_cringe
Bgirl_ Local_cringe 15 hours ago
Proud Hufflepuff!!!
Chaucey Thomas
Chaucey Thomas 15 hours ago
Bogwarts, school of bitchcraft and misery
dinthe elbers
dinthe elbers 16 hours ago
Omg the music im the intro....I remember that, pokemon mistery dungeon...the nostalgia..... Also, Bogwarts gets attacked by Boldmort and his followers. And I guess I'm a smith now, I'm smytherin. I'm not afraid to admit I'm evil.
Xander Nasworthy
Xander Nasworthy 18 hours ago
In the title, u put "I asked" but I think u mean "I Forced"
Hamilton.Is.Life 18 hours ago
I thought I was hufflepuff, wanted to be ravenclaw, didn’t want ravenclaw, I am a slitherin
I am a person
I am a person 18 hours ago
If RT makes another one of these soon he should force his subscribers to build a theme park
Tony Armada
Tony Armada 20 hours ago
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon gang wya
GeekachuIChooseYou 21 hour ago
Should have been Clogwarts, school of witch crap and buzzardry. With the houses Biffindorf, Cravenblah, Snufflebutt and Blatherin.
hope and nightmare
Martin Otervik
If you asked your subs. Should t we know about this
Bob Coffee Filter
I’m actually a raven claw... My friend is a gryffindor, but she wants to be a raven claw.. And I’m like why, you actually seem like gryffindor. I see what you mean (I keep repeating words)
ash lynx
ash lynx Day ago
elgnairtatsuj 2 days ago
Sweden has it's own school. It's connected to Bogwarts, but it's better.
Super Red Boi
Super Red Boi 2 days ago
next Minecraft vid: make a knock-off SCP facility with anomalies as players
HartSickle 2 days ago
Wizards don't acknowledge Brexit.
HartSickle 2 days ago
JK Rowling is writing fan fiction about her own books? Interesting.
Javi 2 days ago
11:16 that voice crack!
Chockmoos 2 days ago
Hagrids Crack Shack should feature in all future streams
FoxinFire 27
FoxinFire 27 2 days ago
7:10 "ur dad is lesbian" ~Anon 2019
An Average Pichu
An Average Pichu 2 days ago
I appreciate that you appreciate Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and its music. Also I respect the music from Gates. Just because it’s the low point in the series doesn’t mean it’s bad, but most people pretend it didn’t exist.
Katie Young
Katie Young 2 days ago
Force them to build a death star! That would be pretty rad :)
Gabbi Durham
Gabbi Durham 2 days ago
Force them to build a giant IKEA and the rest of Sweden around it
pancakegeorge 2 days ago
Leviosa is actually a spell for lesbians that's why hermione is so good at it
BurningCenturion 2 days ago
Not all slitherins are evil, were just fucked up people.
Brenton Taylor
Brenton Taylor 3 days ago
Brenton Taylor
Brenton Taylor 3 days ago
Make Italy in Minecraft but everyone has to wield a Jojo's Bizzare Adventure skin
General Turkey
General Turkey 3 days ago
i really hope you and skeppy team up and host an event like this I wonder how that would go
waferr 3 days ago
Spoiler: God creates the universe in the Bible
Asger Maar
Asger Maar 3 days ago
What do you mean by “ask”
The DrunkDuck
The DrunkDuck 3 days ago
Where are my fellow Slytherins at?
xavier davis
xavier davis 3 days ago
No one... Literally no one... Professor Rape
ShadowHunter 3 days ago
how does he give the blocks to all the people
Squishy Liam
Squishy Liam 3 days ago
Everyone wants to be Ravenclaw? I am twelve and I’m in Ravenclaw because I have 6 brain cells and not 4 Edit: please don’t take the brain cell thing as an insult and if everyone wants to be in Ravenclaw than that means that I am in the greatest house and so is my girlfriend
Lucina Nohriana
Lucina Nohriana 3 days ago
Gotta love that Mystery Dungeon music!
XxX_D3AD P001_XxX
who saw the enderman going around the castle?
Jorge Rims
Jorge Rims 4 days ago
I loved you until you said family guy isn’t funny...
80swalsh 4 days ago
*”ur dad is lesbian”* *deletes sign*
Tim's tekeningen
Tim's tekeningen 4 days ago
i am ravenclaw
Keelay He
Keelay He 4 days ago
Shoro Chan
Shoro Chan 4 days ago
Nami Lithe
Nami Lithe 4 days ago
My whole family is each of the houses... And yet I'm all four houses combined Sister 1: Slytherin Sister 2: Ravenclaw Dad: Hufflepuff Mom: Gryffindor Me: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor (me in side brain: what the actual Fuck I took the official test four times and I answered each question as similar as I could for each of like the actual fuck. How is that possible!!)
The Chatty Blue Roost
Do I hear some *_POKEMON MSTERY DUNGEON EXPLORERS OF DARKNESS TOWN THEME_* in the beginning. Game was amazing.
Kanto Raticate The Big Boi
PMD music, i see you're a man of culture as well.
Aaron Quock
Aaron Quock 5 days ago
Huh, the beginning intro music is from Pokemon mystery dungeons. Even more nostalgia
Penturos 5 days ago
I got Ravenclaw, get on my level
Hernan Castillo
Hernan Castillo 5 days ago
Can you ask your subscribers to build a city in the nether
You Don't Know Jack
Hold on, that's the theme tune for Pokémon Mystery Dungeons: Explorers of Darkness and Time. DEMOITIZATION
kyleminer 2016
kyleminer 2016 5 days ago
You should put 100 people in a single chunk with barrier blocks around it and see what will happen
Jakey Quackk
Jakey Quackk 5 days ago
I wanna be slitheren, the green looks clean
_T0b14s_ 5 days ago
Scandinavia always makes it way into the minecraft streams for some reason.
DJ Steed
DJ Steed 6 days ago
Details like wizards don't use bathrooms and just shit anywhere, then they use their want to obliterate it
Sinnamon bonbon
Sinnamon bonbon 6 days ago
Got a Harry Potter ad before this.
Andrea Gallant
Andrea Gallant 6 days ago
Im a slytherin
Loli Raviolli
Loli Raviolli 6 days ago
"we only had like 10 students of hogwarts die" rtgames and probably dumbledore
Viking Nation
Viking Nation 6 days ago
WHY IS THERE SO MANY SWEDISH FLAGS!? WHY ARE THEY THERE? I’m sorry if I’m sounding like I hate Sweden, they are very nice, but seriously, what does Sweden have to do in RT’s Bogwarts? Maybe there’s just so many Swedes that are fans of RT, but for some reason they’re there, and I am asking why. Also: SWEDEN ISN’T THE FIFTH HOUSE OF BOGWARTS OKAY?
Cypher Virus
Cypher Virus 7 days ago
7:03 *Silently puts in a sign that says "Your dad lesbian" but erases it after*
Mr. Game And Watch Boi
kanalith viper
kanalith viper 7 days ago
What did JK Rowling say after reveal the reader was gay? She didn’t say JK, she was serious
Screaming Rowlet
Screaming Rowlet 8 days ago
Bogwarts is actually Hogwarts after Brexit
J.K Rowling: everyone reading this is gay uwu
SpringyStudios 44
I’m a raven claw 😎
Pengu 8 days ago
thanks james
A Person With a Name
14:48 hi im steve i drive a car its in a tree just kidding my names not steve
Powerboy Idonnu
Powerboy Idonnu 8 days ago
I’m not complaining because I’m Swedish
Powerboy Idonnu
Powerboy Idonnu 8 days ago
Why was there a Swedish flag?
Viking Nation
Viking Nation 6 days ago
Powerboy Idonnu IDK!!
brianna 666
brianna 666 9 days ago
I'm Slytherin :/
jeremiah davis
jeremiah davis 9 days ago
Debt of teh otter
Theimportance709 9 days ago
I took the Pottermore test and got Ravenclaw ._.
Laura Worsfold
Laura Worsfold 9 days ago
'it feels like bad writing' - yes because it is ;)
Zamasu 9 days ago
Gets universal Harry Potter ad
The Treyceratops
The Treyceratops 10 days ago
Everybody: JK Rowling reveals that... Me: is thAT POKÉMON MYSTERY DUNGEON MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND
303 10 days ago
"Welcome to Bogwarts school of Twitchcraft and Misery" RTGame in a nutshell
FOT_ 10 days ago
Look like fortnite s9
RKU Legend
RKU Legend 10 days ago
The recommended video below this was Harry Potter being sassy for five minutes
Mark Near
Mark Near 10 days ago
I actually would want to be Hufflepuff
Lobsters Pasta
Lobsters Pasta 10 days ago
You’re not born gay, J.K. Rowling decides if you’re gay
Jacob G-Funk
Jacob G-Funk 10 days ago
make them build a theme park or carnival
Jimmie Eakins
Jimmie Eakins 10 days ago
Nobody J.K Rowling: everything you see is gay Blind Person: but I can't see J.K: 😓
Soulless 10 days ago
Its not really an RT minecraft video without at least one "Guys this isn't Sweden"
Danny Rose O'Malley
"school of twitchcraft and misery" just describes this entire channel
brigadier-tc 11 days ago
If I dislike... it becomes 420 dislikes... the cruelty of choice.
The Living Graveyard
*No guys, it's not Sweden!" Öh, thåt flåg lööks gööd tö me
Ethereal413 11 days ago
Pogwarts: School of Twitchcraft & Thottery
Oskar Kej
Oskar Kej 11 days ago
hey Jesus dies in the middle
Lightning ZedRies
Lightning ZedRies 11 days ago
Can you do a stream where your making Pewdiepie statue to beat tseris
La Cause M
La Cause M 11 days ago
Nerds are Ravenclaws. Hufflepuff are wholesome stoners. (Gryffindor being jocks and Slytherin edgy memelords)
Smexywolf Boi
Smexywolf Boi 11 days ago
Ur mum got rowlinged
Karoliina Mikkonen
Karoliina Mikkonen 11 days ago
”What’s your house?” ”Sweden.”
Mr. Ludio
Mr. Ludio 11 days ago
Pliz! Do the avengers tower or mansion or something about marvel : D
Alex Shafer
Alex Shafer 11 days ago
I have spent nearly the entire week between my B.Sc. graduation and the start of my Masters summer work watching RTGame. Time well spent.
Ved Sharma
Ved Sharma 11 days ago
What he said: Death of the Author What I heard through the thick Irish accent: Debt of the Otter
Patryk Dudzik
Patryk Dudzik 11 days ago
Oh God its glitchwart: shool of misery
Alpha Spaghet
Alpha Spaghet 11 days ago
next theme is sweden
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