I Asked Fedor Emelianenko If He Could Beat Aleksandr Karelin In a Fight...

Chael Sonnen
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Chael Sonnen talks Fedor Emelianenko and Fedor Emelianenko on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 96
in a fight i believe fedor would win .karelin had an mma match in japan and he one but he didn't look any good just like garcia sucked in his mma match
Slabber Cabbage
Slabber Cabbage 4 days ago
I remember reading an interview with him. Was asked who his most difficult opponent was. He said something about it being his new fridge which he had to carry by himself up however many flights of stairs to his apartment
Eric Deaton
Eric Deaton 4 days ago
The clinch rule was not only for that olympic cycle. The same Rulon won a bronze metal in the next olympic cycle when his opponent broke his clinch.
Karate&MMA 5 days ago
last emperor would smash him
Christophe Bonhoeffer of Belgravia
“When I train, I train like a madman” ..Aleksandr Karelin.
ryanmillerart 6 days ago
I love story time with old man Chael.
pedrao420 6 days ago
and everyone was juiced back on the day.....come on.
pedrao420 6 days ago
he is the GOAT
First name Last name
Ehh karelin was never a combat fighter. He only wrestled. Love Chaels CTE mind and inability to tell facts, which would make him a perfect Republican lawmaker.
M F 7 days ago
The answer is yes. Alexander was a absolute unit, but he was strictly a wrestler, never had any grappling or striking training, never trained in combat sports. Fedor was a fucking killer, super explosive and very very good on the ground. Dude got hard slammed on his head by Kevin Randleman and acted like nothing happened and submitted him
Shawn Whalen
Shawn Whalen 10 days ago
If you wrestled or know anything about wrestling...you know who Karelin is! The best Heavyweight wrestler period. And a total Beast! "The Experiment" super strength! His training is legandary! A ripped 280lb+ man-beast! The Rulan match was B.S. Rulan did nothing but defend...no offense, Karelin lifts Rulan off the ground multiple times but doesn't score. The fact he could lift Rulan is impressive. Karelin would throw 300lb pound olympic wrestlers like baby children! Most feared man in olympic wrestling! He hurt people! Scary thing there's a picture out there of Fedor and Karelin at a event in suits And you can see just how big Karelin is, alot bigger than Fedor, his hands are the size of a human head . I would Put my Money on Karelin against Fedor. I like Fedor, felt he should have stayed retired, But Karelin is going to get his hands on you...and it's over! Fedor is a legandary, as a fighter you want to go out on your shield, on your terms. I think Fedor finally realized after years of injury, he couldn't take a punch anymore, the game had changed, time to stop. But Karelin is just a different kinda human!!!
jcs css
jcs css 10 days ago
No matter how much steroids karelin used mma is a whole different animal
jcs css
jcs css 10 days ago
No matter how much steroids karelin used mma is a whole different animal
I Back
I Back 11 days ago
Karelin never had a point scored against him in 6 years
Paul Asia
Paul Asia 11 days ago
887-2 not 60-0
Brearin Land
Brearin Land 11 days ago
Babushka v babushka to find the goat
Felix K
Felix K 14 days ago
Video could have started at about 8:35
Gen X Time Machine (Mullets & Musclecars)
Great vid Chael!
Unone 15 days ago
@Chael Sonnen I'm from Russia, 27 years old, loved sports always, had attention on forst football then combat sports, ofc watched a lot of MMA, watched with analysing kinda actually as deep as it should be maybe even enough to train for some serious matches, but simply because just enjoying analysis, the intention of keeping my brain from bouncing in a brainbox have won by miles after all. But I've seen a lot of Karelin, a lot of you(I'm a big fan, from Wandy and Anderson trashtalk to the classic Chael "make this look so easy when it's really not" double leg takedowns and overall fighting style, maybe even copied your accent halfway), and a lot of Fedor. What I feel, is that Karelin and probably the discipline he was in are just higher evolved, despite MMA being limitless due all styles and stuff, it, being not a sport, but A Promotion, still slows down the pace it improves as a discipline, and Karelin was a maximally serious man that went to the maximally deep thing, the sport, with system to find and forge the best, train with the proven methods and stuff, and so there were many different levels of mastery, each super high level and super deep. I've seen his some lectures and practice coaching, he's, as you've said, a man, made of stone, with genuinely serious attention to the training, and even if there was some will to look more alpha, 99% of alpha was generated already, automatically, because he was just that gifted and serious about what he's doing. It's like me, when I'm all bipolar all over the place, having crazy fun and being mechanically good, argueing with some man in the computer esportive game of DotA, after he does most stuff wrong, but then tells me something like "yes I do stuff wrong, but you also did this thing wrong, work on it", and I realise that, despite me, carrying doesn't matter how hard, he's still able of adding something, he's able to find this pure information unit that I lack in the way to increasing my power level. *And Carelin is WOVEN from information units and natural gifts. He's just The Unit. Fedor, as great as he is, comes only after him, and at some significant distance.*
Stephen Novakowski
Stephen Novakowski 16 days ago
Karelin was 43 when he wrestled Gardner in his 4th Olympic gold match
Max Mazourov
Max Mazourov 25 days ago
We were moving into the same apartment block in Novosibirsk (I was about 11 at the time), he had a flat on the 5th floor and the elevator was out. The guy loaded a double “American-style” fridge freezer on his back and walked it up the stairs... Nice man though, used to chat with my granny all the time.
JonesTonesGuitar 27 days ago
Karelin went 6 years without getting a point scored on him......let that sink in
Micah J Hoffman
Micah J Hoffman Month ago
thats why i rock the asic rulons
Freaka Zoid
Freaka Zoid Month ago
Prime Brock Lesnar was an athletic freak and a real specimen. Prime Karelin would eat him for breakfast.
Osman Deyak
Osman Deyak Month ago
We have never seen his punches but I have no doubt he can generate a punching power more than Francis Nganu
Davy Pig
Davy Pig Month ago
I can’t take the two different woods meeting.
Dima Кот
Dima Кот Month ago
Karelin could have won anyone in MMA without any problems. Moreover, he does not consider MMA a sport. He has over 800 victories, just think about this astronomical figure. 8:05 This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard 🤦‍♂️. You just do not understand how physically strong Karelin was, you have never seen such strength in MMA. In his best shape, Karelin would have broken Emelianenko like a twig.
Tr3s17 1990
Tr3s17 1990 Month ago
He is a unlockable wrestler on Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 n his deadlift Gutwrench suplexes equal death on that video game. He is an monster in A.O.S_VPW2: Grappling Division. Its part of my Ai simulation Promotion for Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. On my Pumpa001 RUvid channel
Bronk Month ago
56 inch chest not 86
Amida Buddha
Amida Buddha Month ago
Chael to Fedor: Who pays for drinks? Karelin to Chael and Fedor: America.
Keith Aipperspach
Aleksandr Karelin is the most Dominate Athlete in History.... all sports.
Keith Aipperspach
Karelin won the 1993 World Championships despite breaking two ribs in the opening bout against Matt Ghaffari. At the 1996 European Championships in Budapest, he had torn the right pectoralis major muscle so badly that doctors predicted he would not be able to use his right hand for several months. Karelin won the Championships, but had to be urgently operated on in Budapest. He recovered within three months to compete at the 1996 Olympics.
Keith Aipperspach
I will say this ........... Aleksandr Karelin did not get beat his final match. He lost the match due to a newly implemented rule and lost because his opponent was fat won the coin toss. Gardner did NOT ONE offensive move the ENTIRE match.... His only strategy was to stall, stall and stall more and hope that he won the coin toss before the "Clinch" .... that was it... Rulon Gardner did NOT BEAT Aleksandr Karelin
Heroes Of Might and Magic 3
Maybe for us normal people who dont contest this type of question are cool...but to ask true warrior will he loose against someone is disrespectful. If you are fighter you should never think about will you loose, this is no option you must win to survive! And Chael knows that because he never loose fight ;).
solnasonen Month ago
He would have dominate MMA for decades!
Keranu Month ago
Karelin's record is like an exagerrated version of Charlie Zelenoff's, but somehow actually real. 887-2...
Craig Code
Craig Code Month ago
I'm not an Olympic wrestling fan but that rule that was added sounds really stupid.
Nick Palumbo
Nick Palumbo Month ago
Fedor in his prime wins because that Fedor found a way to beat everyone. In my eyes he’s the goat. I miss Pride
Heikki Eronen
Heikki Eronen Month ago
Ok😷. I know Andrei... But Who the Fuck are you even say hes name....?
Julesgio Month ago
Karelin mma match is a 100% a work. Karelin was being very nice with the out of shape japanese pro wrestler that he was messing around with.
I am not sure Fedor could win though. Karelin was huge and in top shape. Fedor never fought someone like him.
MrGoodDeeds3 Month ago
You know what? I didn’t expect to subscribe to you but you were sooo spot on with this story that I had no choice. You’re a great orator and story teller and I really enjoy that. Thanks.
Blake Arruda
Blake Arruda Month ago
Chael watch again he gained that clinch point in regular time. Because no one had 3 points they had to go to overtime
stefan andersson
Always gotta lower the volume when chael is speaking, cause he is kinda yelling
Asgeir Nilsen
Asgeir Nilsen Month ago
Wrestling is the basis in MMA. But today you have to do more than just wrestling. But if you put a young 130 kg Karelin in the UFC-cage and teach him some striking, then I do not think anyone could have stopped him.
cancontrl Month ago
Karelin was amazing. Could he transition to MMA, depends on his temperament. Lots of wrestlers are amazing, but dont have that KILL INSTINCT that is needed to ground and pound to oblivion.
Scott Allen
Scott Allen Month ago
Here's how I know Karelin is the best athlete of all time, when there is a promising young wrestler nobody says "this guy could be the next Karelin". It never occurs to anybody that that could be a possibility.
JoMomma239 Month ago
Holy shit, that is a fucking sick comment.
AxeMastersINC Month ago
Aleksandr Karelin 887 wins.
TrapperTV Month ago
I’m so glad you point out the rule change that lead to Karelins loss
Mahavir Grewal
Mahavir Grewal Month ago
Lol juiced? He passed multiple drug tests... stop hating.
klatau barad
klatau barad Month ago
That wasn't in overtime.
FOR-SAGE. INFO Month ago
Karelin is a Wrestling God!
alpha omega
alpha omega Month ago
12 European Championships, 2 World cup championships, 9 World championships, 3 Olympic championships, 2 World Junior championships, 1 Junior European championship. Final wrestling record 887 wins 2 losses. 13 straight years undefeated and 6 years straight without giving up a point.
unkownboi67 is_unavailable68
If Karelin did Mma his only possible Opponent would be Romero but i still think hed ragdoll Romero but Romero might have the best chance on the feet and much better Takedwon defense than any other guy.
Matt West Cigar Reviews
This was the most useless video I have ever watched. This could have been summed up in 10 seconds. "I asked Fedor, and he wouldn't give me a real answer." Done
Michel Exler
Michel Exler Month ago
11 minutes for a diplomatic answer?
TheRaokenx Month ago
Who would win Karelin or Mijain Lopez?
Cesar Gomringer
Cesar Gomringer Month ago
WHIMP !!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 mini Rogan
Terrance V
Terrance V Month ago
“Fedor had very good English”
Evan Monast
Evan Monast Month ago
I’ve watched Karelin’s matches and read all the comments about how scary he was.. I don’t see it. Wrestling looks so soft it’s just dudes hugging and taking turns mounting each other. Fedor would have given him an 8 piece nugget and sent him packing within a single round.
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker Month ago
Nice troll 👍
Saqib Sarker
Saqib Sarker Month ago
Lesson learned from the video: one of the greatest athletes and all-time great wrestler from Russia is widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes and all-time great wrestler from Russia.
SuB SONiC Month ago
Huh? I never heard Karelin was juicing. Also, Gardner may have technically won over a point difference, but he really won due to being a great big fat guy. He had nothing on Karelin in terms of skill.
Brent z
Brent z 2 months ago
A guy I wrestled with in high school named Ernie was stellar..placed first in CIF and wrestled in college and was always good. Went into MMA and lost 4 fights in a row...couldn't land a punch or take one. Its hard to say if someone can transition and be successful.
kiezer sosay
kiezer sosay 2 months ago
You know I'm all about that cake, bout that cake, and chicken.
garic 2 months ago
Stupid question by the way, but that's okay for an american.
Justin Nardine
Justin Nardine 2 months ago
Karelin vs Fedor wowow
Psychologie Nerd
Psychologie Nerd 2 months ago
This Karelin guy even has a PhD and a habilitation plus an additional degree in law. Holy f..
Michael Heaton
Michael Heaton 2 months ago
Karelin was a product of steroids and nothing will ever change my mind on that.
Johan Ström
Johan Ström 2 months ago
64 inch chest. Not 86 inch. Andre the giant had 80 inches.
J B 2 months ago
I’d take Karelin down.
brian Time
brian Time 2 months ago
Well fedor would win, his stand is light years better and his ground game is just as good . Fedor can take a punch question is can karelin
highjim 2 months ago
in an mma match and actual fight, yes, prime fedor was unstoppable. in pure grapping Karelin beats anybody who has ever lived.
Se7enth Unknown
Se7enth Unknown 2 months ago
340,000th view....just saying
Uroš Raca
Uroš Raca 2 months ago
Both the UFC and Bellator work for Uncle Chael Sonnen.
Cal Ripson
Cal Ripson 2 months ago
Karelin was the greatest athlete in his discipline of all time.
Osman Deyak
Osman Deyak 2 months ago
Karalin was as powerful as like a grizzly bear and he usd to run 10 miles every day in syberia even in winter. He is smart if he could adabt nobody stop him in mma too.be sure about that syberian people's power isn't joke
Dr. Steven Horwitz DC
I was the chiropractor on the US Olympic Team's medical staff for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. I was in the warm-up room with Aleksandr and Matt Ghaffari. Holy crap! He was one scary dude. Just jogged around the yellow ring line on the wrestling matt with a sweat jacket and towel around his neck. Matt had no fear of Karelin, but lost 1 - 0. What a match. My 2-cents on the 2000 Games. No disrespect to Rulon, but having seen Karelin up close in 1996, something wasn't right with him in 2000. Rulon won fair and square.
pooria 2 months ago
Karelin could beat anybody . all these mma ufc would be a joke for him.
Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar 2 months ago
Americans like always missing the facts, and spouting shit. Like a lot of this is actually wrong
Lord Hegel
Lord Hegel 2 months ago
AK would hold his own in MMA but Fedor would'nt stand a chance in greco roman. And Fedor knows.
Lean 2 months ago
-God: Tell me Russia, how many god-fighters do you wish to have? -Russia: YES
slaterbug2010 2 months ago
I so remember this.
Taika YTT
Taika YTT 2 months ago
Greatest athlete of our time.
Srinaath Anbudurai
Srinaath Anbudurai 2 months ago
So Fedor had a detailed conversation in English just before his fight with his opponent in said fight..... Only Uncle Chael can make he believe this.
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus 2 months ago
Fedor would probably knock him out because he is younger and has more varied skills.
Johnbo Forsyth
Johnbo Forsyth 2 months ago
People on the steroid nonsense.... why do people compete in in combat sports? Because they enjoy it, love it, want to make something of it. Well if you want to be a champion you better be willing and able to beat someone that is on steroids.
anonymous 2 months ago
4:52 = 86inch chest??????
Tmoney 1823
Tmoney 1823 2 months ago
Imagine if Karelin did steroids...............
Ricky Rampage
Ricky Rampage 2 months ago
damn that description tells it all Fedor and Fedor
FR010ijsselmonde 2 months ago
Chael you suck
El Presidente
El Presidente 2 months ago
Ahem, sorry for bringing it up, but what about doping in both these fellas cases. At the time EVERYONE did it, so...
dannynmelissa57 2 months ago
Best wrestler ever.
John Buccheri
John Buccheri 2 months ago
It was sad to watch Karelin lose, especially when Gardner did nothing to earn the winning point.
Angelcruise 2 months ago
Karelin & Fedor both had Very-Long WIN-Streaks>10yrs or +
James Harry
James Harry 2 months ago
He is Russian Bear
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 2 months ago
Prime fedor beats him in mma
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