"I Am Up Against a Three-Headed Wedding Monster!” | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress
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Bridesmaids consultant Courtney will have her hands full with an entourage full of bridesmaids who want to have the final say.

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Jul 26, 2019




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Comments 622
N R Day ago
Clowns like these should be simply kicked out from the wedding everyone's peace
Michael S.
Michael S. Day ago
Lori but you're the one who's going to have these pictures forever was perfect.
Country Gal
Country Gal 5 days ago
What a group. Thank goodness they pulled the bride aside and had pick a dress
Qyese Mayers
Qyese Mayers 12 days ago
We do everything as family… that’s cool… but damn what’s your thoughts your opinions your identity for that matter
Little Oddities Studios
Our three favorite consultants: Courtney, Brandon and Flo.
Sarah Doak
Sarah Doak 13 days ago
Chanel keep your comments to yourself and felicia it your choice
Aliyah 🎓🎓🟢🟢💚💚
Oh No! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Tmw 17 days ago
The first consultant was quite hostile.
Melanin Queen
Melanin Queen 19 days ago
This is why I’m going to pick the bridesmaid dresses myself without any of the bridesmaids when I get married . That’s just too much drama. It’s your wedding not theirs.
Kerry Larry
Kerry Larry 20 days ago
Can I have a drink please because if it's my wedding why does the frieds get a say so smdh
Sarah Knutson
Sarah Knutson 22 days ago
"We do everything as a family"..... so does that mean when she and hubby decide to try for kids the rest of the family is going to join in?
snowbird 26 days ago
I always feel better hearing the ages in the intro. Idk makes me remember that finding your person takes time and to treat it like a marathon vs a sprint.
The Struggle Is Real
She was so rude to Lori
He never foresakes me
I feel sorry for the groom...
Yazmin Austin
Yazmin Austin Month ago
It pissed me off that she got an attitude against Lori, who is trying to help her
Summer breeze and pink roses
So they gonna be sister wives? Since it's "their wedding" and they do everything together as a family?
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson Month ago
What a potential nightmare for the bridal salon!!!
LL Tort
LL Tort Month ago
Wow! I sure have sympathy for the man she's marrying. He's going to marry not only have a wife, but her "family unit" as well.
Akhlia Wilson’s Reading Parrot
One lesson that learn from this show is ... You Can't Please Everybody!!!!
debi sybesma
debi sybesma Month ago
she got quite "tuddy" with lori----just in looks alone! you can say a lot without sayin' nothin'.....
Katie Rose
Katie Rose Month ago
I did not like her attitude towards lori honey shes trying to help you and you went to HER SHOP.
Gilda Olsen
Gilda Olsen Month ago
I was so glad the bride got to hear and see all viewpoints and after that she could join them and then picked up the right dress. She really didn't want anyone pissed or bypassed. She stayed pan-determined until the end. 👏🏼
SW Game
SW Game Month ago
Are you marrying your fiance are is it all of you marrying your fiance? Oh and she has a bossy attitude......one of those people I'd hate to encounter.
MLMLW Month ago
I have 2 daughters that had weddings where they picked their own bridesmaid's dresses. They didn't care what the bridesmaids thought about the dresses because they had a vision for their wedding. Nowadays, however, a lot of brides are letting their bridesmaids pick their own dresses as long as they're all the same color & the same length as the bride has specified. That probably works better for most bridesmaids.
Radhika Pundir
Radhika Pundir Month ago
I like how the background music just starts playing and suddenly she says no and then it stops😂
a697ag 2 months ago
HAAAA! The look on Gerine's face when she came out in that bubble dress was hilarious. In her defense, that was one fugly dress
Katrina Wall
Katrina Wall 2 months ago
Um i think they should go with both
heda gabriel
heda gabriel 2 months ago
lets make it clear...it wasnt the bride who lost control of the appointment..it was the sales girl who wasnt efficient enough from start.she was making no effort or attempts to help make their visions a reality cuz she wanted to prove a point...but i get why she did it.its suppose to be about the bride wants & desires.
court529 2 months ago
I do not understand the bridesmaids on this show. I've been in several weddings. We all wore what the bride picked whether we liked it or not.
Vernice Smith
Vernice Smith 2 months ago
Her mom’s face....every time someone says mom🤣 Mom seems like she just wants it over.
Peggy Todd
Peggy Todd 2 months ago
Throw them all out 🤣
The music....🔥🔥🔥
Barbara Dyson
Barbara Dyson 2 months ago
What a wally, bride is an idiot.
K Harris
K Harris 3 months ago
This bride got on my nerves.
Renee Newton
Renee Newton 3 months ago
OMG I wish the bride would stop being such a people pleaser🙄
Glasses 3 months ago
Some of you women make my eyes roll so hard with your hypocrisy. On every one of these videos you all scream to the heavens "It'S hEr Day! LeT ThE bRiDe Do WhAt ShE wAnTs!!!!!!" Then you completly disregard her wishes on wanting the bridesmaids to be happy with their dresses that I'm sure they're paying for. So which is it? The bride's wishes matter only when it falls in line with your beliefs or whatever she wants, even if we wouldn't do it ourselves, is okay. I personally would choose the dresses but I wouldn't sit up here and call her stupid because she wants to include them in the process like I see with some of these comments that I'm sure were screetching in other SYTTD videos about respecting what the bride wants.This just shows how selfish some people are.
Mel Robertson
Mel Robertson 3 months ago
I just don't understand the bubble skirt, it makes people who are tiny look 15-20 pounds heavier
Ri Ri
Ri Ri 3 months ago
The bride should really speak up
Marianna P
Marianna P 3 months ago
That "bubble" dress was just ugly.
Pzycho Delic
Pzycho Delic 4 months ago
"BUBBLE?!" the way she said it in the beginning had me cackling for a minute 🤣🤣
Sydney Miller
Sydney Miller 4 months ago
is this the same bride from SYTTD w Randy who let her sisters pick out her wedding dress?
hrvoje svaty
hrvoje svaty 4 months ago
Omg they were already on this show 🤣😂
Najat Ahmed
Najat Ahmed 4 months ago
Ok but the bride looks gorgeous , she looks so much younger than her age too
Layla M
Layla M 4 months ago
This same family was on SYTTD New York when the bride's twin Arlicia was getting married. They were just as chaotic about picking things "as a family" on that one, so they didn't learn their lesson between one show and the next.
Ka Ma
Ka Ma 4 months ago
What’s with twin sisters on this show thinking its about them also
Lu Lu
Lu Lu 4 months ago
The bride is such a bitch, she’s probably gonna get divorced with that poor attitude of hers.
TomboyMJR 4 months ago
Oh lawd the bride’s name is a meme >_>
Shamarra Challenor
Shamarra Challenor 4 months ago
Weren't these sisters also on SYTTD New York as well? ruvid.net/video/video-MPnmtPM1LPs.html How did she get on both shows?
Susneha Damavarapu
Susneha Damavarapu 5 months ago
These r the twins from the latest uploaded video of kleinfeld’s...but it’s the other twin’s wedding😂
Julianna Blaine
Julianna Blaine 5 months ago
Omg the bride is STUNNINGGGGG
H London
H London 5 months ago
Are you kidding???? 🙉🙈🙊
Nikol Ert
Nikol Ert 5 months ago
Shaii Holden
Shaii Holden 5 months ago
Tina is my spirit animal...
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace 5 months ago
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Bumi Indah
Bumi Indah 5 months ago
what a serious 'we do things like family' hang up. she is annoying
Michelle Haschka
Michelle Haschka 6 months ago
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Sully23 6 months ago
Why is the bridge giving attitude because they’re trying to help her for HER wedding day?! They’re on your side, it’s your wedding! You should’ve just gotten wedding dresses for all your bridesmaids so they can marry your man on y’all’s wedding day
Jazzyy Ella
Jazzyy Ella 6 months ago
Wow the bride and her twin are stunning 😍
ghxstix 6 months ago
I've never understood the whole bridsmade dress things being picked out by the bride and it having so much pressure like jeesss
Wanda Robinson
Wanda Robinson 6 months ago
You CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE...that’s with LIFE in General 🤷🏽‍♀️...just saying 🤦🏾‍♀️
Barbara T
Barbara T 6 months ago
That's not a "family."
Ella Satterwhite
Ella Satterwhite 6 months ago
This is Crazy! I wouldn’t let my bridesmaids come in there and take over my appointment! They wouldn’t be my bridesmaids! First she got to many people and a lot of them have different body shapes so they don’t feel comfortable! But don’t let the take over your day!
missy Sanz
missy Sanz 6 months ago
So is everyone going on the honeymoon also ?
pinkprincess 6 months ago
Can i just say that the bride's hairdo is beautiful ~~ :3!
noah jameson
noah jameson 6 months ago
They all do everything together... really? Did they all meet her husband together? Did they all go on dates together? All that time she spent with her husband is hers and his alone. Not theirs. What is this? The Soviet Union??
Lilli L'amour
Lilli L'amour 6 months ago
Girl, only you're sleep with the husband. Tell them to let go and live their own lives.
Amber 6 months ago
the consultant is so beautiful ❤️
Chrystal sexydiabetic
omg... so did your family decided who you were going to marry? OMG... she is letting them run her over.. does she have a back bone.
kitty62862 6 months ago
I think she was on when she picked her wedding dress. Same thing. “As a family” Baby Girl, it’s beautiful how you love your sisters and your mom, don’t change that. That being said, it’s time to grow up and make your own choices. I’m sure your family didn’t choose your fiance?! Being a close knit group is essential, but that does not preclude individuality. Ever.
LoriMinnesota 6 months ago
WHY would you find your bridesmaids dresses before you find your wedding gown?!!
Gena Clark
Gena Clark 6 months ago
Did anyone else notice this same group on "Say Yes to the Dress" at Kleinfeld's?
Destini Defense
Destini Defense 6 months ago
Her attitude kind of ugly
solitairedoll 7 months ago
The bride needs to put HERSELF first and find her gown. Let the bridesmaids fend for themselves.
Itsa90sVibe !
Itsa90sVibe ! 7 months ago
I pray for the Groom.. dealing with this girl and her family shenanigans
Yolonda M Browm
Yolonda M Browm 7 months ago
She sounded like a straight FOOL talking about we do everything as a family! It’s your day and your decision!
Kade BebeSis
Kade BebeSis 7 months ago
You can’t “make choices as a family” when it’s YOUR wedding. I’m pretty sure that if the roles were reversed, they wouldn’t treat you the same.
Jone Hodge
Jone Hodge 7 months ago
With that attitude her marriage isn't gonna last long
Joan Broad
Joan Broad 7 months ago
Wow what a change in attitude from that bride to be towards Lori! Nasty under the surface!!
Eileen Lee
Eileen Lee 7 months ago
The bride is a people pleaser. Since the do things as a family, will the go on the honeymoon too?
Blake West
Blake West 7 months ago
That "we do everything as a family" philosophy has GOT TO GO!!
cat 7 months ago
Didn't the bride want a yellow dress tho
TheLeigha72 7 months ago
I admire her commitment to family and also do not believe that it means she can not claim her opinion. I think this was a good lesson in balance for this bride.
cin george
cin george 7 months ago
Elizabeth notyourbusiness
we do everything as a family.....until it comes to their wedding and you don't have a say
Erioth Keruma
Erioth Keruma 7 months ago
Love twins
perrine h
perrine h 7 months ago
the doors
______I Love you
______I Love you 7 months ago
I know what it's like to be that angry and have no idea that I am. Complete denial. I feel for her.
Victoria McGrath
Victoria McGrath 7 months ago
The moment that Lori got the bride to start having a backbone was when she said, "But you're the one who is going to have these pictures forever", and the look on the brides' face was "Uh oh . . . Didn't think about that . . . " 😆😊
Caylee Hodges
Caylee Hodges 7 months ago
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MrQbenDanny 7 months ago
Wtf was all this craziness for a prom dress?
mike wilson
mike wilson 8 months ago
kanye west
criminallyvulgar 8 months ago
I really dislike when brides put the decisions in someone else hands. Like girl, it's your wedding!
Barbara Eifler
Barbara Eifler 8 months ago
“It’s not just MY Wedding” is the stupidest thing I ever heard,,,,,,,,honey, IT IS ONLY YOUR WEDDING! How many people will be in your marriage ?.????
Island Girl
Island Girl 8 months ago
Where is her wedding gown? That was it? I am comfused!
Island Girl
Island Girl 8 months ago
Why is everyone trying on dresses except her? Very ODD
Lawstidentity 8 months ago
Those first three dresses... Looked like something I would wear for sleep. YUCK
Sharon Paige
Sharon Paige 8 months ago
this is why I picked all my dresses for my wedding lol!! Mine, all 8 bridesmaids, maid of honor, matron of honor, flower girls and all hostess dresses!! Didn't ask for anyone's opinion's, never heard a word of complaint, and everyone looked beautiful. A wedding is about the BRIDE and GROOM! and everyone involved needs to understand that. It doesn't take away from the life and relationships you have with family and close friends, but you're starting a new chapter.
Cinesia Harris
Cinesia Harris 8 months ago
The title had me dead😂😂😂
elvis rodas jaramillo
frank ocean
Terry Gassner
Terry Gassner 9 months ago
Tall listen up..you were graciously asked to be in someone's wedding. Especially someone...not yours
End for now
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