I Am The Only MAN In Town (Animated Story Time)

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I Am The Only MAN In Town (Animated Story Time)! Today we're watching a short story animation that actually happened!! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one ruvid.net/video/video-5z8PWNiNdv8.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Comments 80
SSSniperWolf Month ago
y'all leaving this village???
Jorge Araica Jr
Jorge Araica Jr 10 days ago
chapisaguilar 13 days ago
SSSniperWolf i will get out of that villilge🤮
Fangirl18 81
Fangirl18 81 16 days ago
Well I didn’t chasing him because I’m a gangster! Hahahahaahahahahaah
Deana KMM
Deana KMM 20 days ago
@Luna Moon 있다 있다 있다
Adenike Murele
Adenike Murele 29 days ago
Gonna yeet my horse out the village, oh, I'm gonna leave till I can't no more.
Lovera Kitty
Lovera Kitty Hour ago
Imagine if that guy is gay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Olivia Lewis
Olivia Lewis 2 hours ago
now they can have a 4 way
Olivia Lewis
Olivia Lewis 2 hours ago
they tell them the master plan so they know what's about to happen and they can suffer
IVANHOE EDWARD 2 hours ago
Isnt a man a boi though?😂
Nialovesguineapigs Bing
Maybe it's called I'm the only boy in my village is because all the other males are men, and he is a boy?
Jude Torres
Jude Torres 4 hours ago
Jude Torres
Jude Torres 4 hours ago
Why are the police BOYS
Mckenna Perry
Mckenna Perry 6 hours ago
No he's not the only boy his dad
Shawn Morgan
Shawn Morgan 6 hours ago
How to the women get pregnant
Floating Squirrels
Floating Squirrels 8 hours ago
I am the ONLY man. *Looks to dad, mayor walks past, all the other fathers.* LGBT people: *Chuckles nervously.*
That_one _art_kid
That_one _art_kid 8 hours ago
Only girl village huh? **shows a mom and DAD as his parents**
Emil Eyford
Emil Eyford 10 hours ago
Wait if there is dad's than he is not the only male
Konykid 11 hours ago
Wait isn’t his dad a boy😕
that does not make sens
Quinasia Hardy
Quinasia Hardy 12 hours ago
This is very fun
Elizabeth Smolinski
Elizabeth Smolinski 12 hours ago
How did they have babies before of they’re all girls? 🧐
Jack 666
Jack 666 12 hours ago
Huh he’s the only boy I saw more boy then you there’s a dad sooooo it’s not only him
Bubble Mic Tube
Bubble Mic Tube 13 hours ago
Video: People in my village were not allow to marry people from the outside! Also video: My parentS kept my gender a secret Me: how y'all got pearents?
Jake G
Jake G 13 hours ago
thay kiss his foot?!?sSOOOOOOO GROSS!!!!
Katie Alonso-Ramos
Katie Alonso-Ramos 14 hours ago
If there was one boy in the village how does he have a dad?!
yan fen chen
yan fen chen 15 hours ago
I’m the only man in town Me :Yo dad is a man 🤔🤔🤔
Azretal playz
Azretal playz 16 hours ago
Sure he is the only man in town when his dad is in town anyone think that is strange
Mushfeeqah Galvaan
Mushfeeqah Galvaan 17 hours ago
How is he the only boy where did the father's come from???
Tarkan Akas
Tarkan Akas 19 hours ago
I think the story’s girls are gay
Tarkan Akas
Tarkan Akas 19 hours ago
He is not the first man in the town
Paulie Samantha S. P.
If they aren't able to marry people outside the village why does he have a mom and a DAD
Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones 21 hour ago
I Love your videos do Mor admash
Ahmad Shamil
Ahmad Shamil 21 hour ago
The entire village’s children: all girls All of his kids: boys A new curse has risen
Chucky_ Angel
Chucky_ Angel 21 hour ago
They forgot about the dad
Nadia Kitchens
Nadia Kitchens 21 hour ago
How do does he have a dad 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Alex Cook
Alex Cook 22 hours ago
Now this my children is the definition of f**kboy!
Giovanni Remolado
Im not leavin the Village cause i want to watch more sssniper wolf😋
Kyle Horace
Kyle Horace Day ago
Me there's this girl so beautiful Like an angel her name was Mariah And I'm kyle I had a crush on her She (acted) like if she liked Me too but that's never gonna be True
Lycanroc roc roc
Lycanroc roc roc 35 minutes ago
cool story bro
Kali Whitmore
How is his mom Prego if he is the only boy in the village
Jay RP
Jay RP Day ago
Does anyone else notice that the guy looks like Gilgamesh
Akhyzhia Badinas
Sssniperwolf 🐍🐈🐕
purple blossom
And why are there so many boys in the story but you're the only boy in town
purple blossom
Is it your dad a boy
Paige Donaldson
How are the women giving birth when there are no men?? ESPECIALLY IF THEY AREN'T ALLOWED TO DATE OUTSIDE MEN
Hailey Jones
Hailey Jones Day ago
So everyone is girls and their all lesbians
Lopez Gonzales
Gandol f
B3X Bullseye
B3X Bullseye Day ago
This is a lie they say I’m the only boy what about the mayor and the dads huh
Johnny Ortiz
Johnny Ortiz Day ago
Crafty craft
Crafty craft Day ago
How is there. A dad if no boys!?!?
Fun with Jessie
How are they’re people if they’re aren’t men?!?!
Anastasia Hall
There aren’t one boy there’s lots of boys
Angelina N.
Angelina N. Day ago
He is not the only boy because they’re dads are all boys I thing if they are just dressed up as boys
Samantha Shine
this is a lye if there is a dad BUSTED!!!! OMG
Emily Smith
Emily Smith Day ago
Wait....he says he is the only boy in town....but his dad and the Mare are boys.....
Olly woodlock
If theres only girls in the town then how do they have a baby without that one boy ....... ON NAH !!!
Yelena Gruy
Yelena Gruy Day ago
I don’t get it how are there dads
Maya Zaleski
Maya Zaleski Day ago
Where did the dad come from?
Lee Roubique
Lee Roubique Day ago
Samyah Awas
Samyah Awas Day ago
They said 20 years
Abby Murphy
Abby Murphy Day ago
This village is like quarantine
Hope Griffin
Hope Griffin Day ago
Do you think you have a senior mine is not an every day
Lizzy's Channel
20 years is 2 decades
Penelope Polimenakos
Oh yes ma’am
soph Day ago
I’m just wondering how two women had a kid together
Rati Letlalo
Rati Letlalo Day ago
Bella Ro
Bella Ro Day ago
MarieFitzy09 Playz
Me if I went there:yall why yes fighting over this one dude,just come with me and move to America!
nebula Zulema
If he's the only boy than how are people having kids??? :/ and it said they weren't allowed to marry anyone outside the village... this is so weird...
DS Vega
DS Vega Day ago
Jared:I’m the only boy in town Me: how the hell was ur dad born if they can’t accept having $3X with the people outside their Village
melissa meza
melissa meza Day ago
I’m actually a girl sooooo ya
melissa meza
melissa meza Day ago
Mom : I’m sick Son : I don’t wanna Me : I like turkey not girls 🤣🤣🤣
Jenny Beyer
Jenny Beyer Day ago
It's really sad because he needs his kids and they need him
Jacob Howsare
I would pick one girl and leave the country.
Lisa Williams
How come he is the only boy but the mayore is a boy???
lol, then how would they populate the city for 20 YEARS!? when its only girls?
Jesse Dolling
Jesse Dolling 2 days ago
This is not what I want to watch that’s uploaded on my birthday...
then where did they get the father ?
Dog queen love 1122
How do they produce people without Men? Makes no sense!!!!
Angel_of_art 2 days ago
omg its teh isle of lesbos O-O
Nevaeh Wheeler
Nevaeh Wheeler 2 days ago
like duh who wouldnt leave and plus like would you share ur mans or nah cuz idk for me i lay claim on my dude and well ya lmao!
Hello People
Hello People 2 days ago
Wait if there’s only girls are they marring each other. 🧐
Cxntai 2 days ago
But how tf did they have babies?
ANA Games
ANA Games 2 days ago
Is a boy
ANA Games
ANA Games 2 days ago
But The Moror ia a boy
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