I Adopted EVERY Dog In A Dog Shelter

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This is my favorite video i have ever made, it took me 9 months to film.
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Jul 23, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast 2 months ago
Every family who adopted a dog was vetted and approved by the animal shelter, im so happy these dogs get to live with loving families! :)))))
gamer wolf_izzy
gamer wolf_izzy 19 days ago
i really wanted foxtrot!!
FunXVI 19 days ago
Erin Lockett
Erin Lockett 19 days ago
@Bricks Burger yes
Trinton Hurlston
Trinton Hurlston 23 days ago
MrBeast omg you are the best mrbeast bro
Elise Fairris
Elise Fairris Month ago
Neelesh Pujari
Neelesh Pujari 2 minutes ago
What breed was Foxtrot? He was so cute I just have to know
whiskyTube 6 minutes ago
Chandlers teddy bear is a chew toy for the dog
Kasandra Kohlman
Kasandra Kohlman 12 minutes ago
matteo Robben
matteo Robben 16 minutes ago
i nearly cried
PRØ KĪLLËR 24 minutes ago
I’d vote for this dude if he ever ran for president! 😊✊✌️🇺🇸 Keep doing excellent things guys!
Dale Barnett
Dale Barnett 28 minutes ago
They both WIN
Mee Moua
Mee Moua 33 minutes ago
Keep doing what you love
Owen Czechanski
Owen Czechanski 38 minutes ago
i think foxtrot is more cute
Ileyah 0124
Ileyah 0124 55 minutes ago
Both are cute
johnaedrien moreno
johnaedrien moreno 56 minutes ago
The dogs are so cute!!!
murmur 57 minutes ago
I Just love dogs getting adopted good Job beast
Tammy Ferrell
Tammy Ferrell Hour ago
Letchumy Rajel Subramaniam
hahahahaha you fool karl
sandesh pahari
I dare you to transfer 10 million$ at my account
Gracie Madison
Both are cute
Marcos Perez
Marcos Perez Hour ago
Mr beast what dog breed was foxtrot
Marcos Perez
Marcos Perez Hour ago
Foxtrot is the cutest he is really cute
Caleb Rothholz
Jaxen Edwards
Jaxen Edwards Hour ago
Most definitely VA
I want dog 🐕
Phoenix Flames
Awwww they so cute
Liliannah Sanders
Jive is cuter
ROSE本能 2 hours ago
This is why mebeast videos are lit
Carling Lutecki
Carling Lutecki 2 hours ago
Fox trap
eximius100 2 hours ago
Accept Airrack's challenge
Maulana Yusuf Ghifari
winston i sa overwach character
Maulana Yusuf Ghifari
is a*
Lexerd Fontanilla
Lexerd Fontanilla 2 hours ago
Feud if you die i will miss you bye-bye i'll try if i miss you if you die a course don't just don't just goes me ghost me ghost
Lexerd Fontanilla
Lexerd Fontanilla 2 hours ago
The black dog i want
royal champion
royal champion 2 hours ago
I wish there was a love button
Logan Smith
Logan Smith 2 hours ago
Creative_TRC123 2 hours ago
Please keep doing the dog shelter vids
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 2 hours ago
30 seconds in and I'm already tearing up
HUGE gaming conag
HUGE gaming conag 2 hours ago
ltt011 3 hours ago
Dogs r cute
Esti Rosenfeld
Esti Rosenfeld 3 hours ago
i love dogs their soooooooooooooo cute
XXX_The_Gamer_XXX 3 hours ago
Wow you are soo kind Jimmy you REALY inspire me
Lovevideos Collection
Mr.beast doesnt adopt dogs, he buys a dog shelter, adopts them all and gives them away
Delwyn Sebastian
Delwyn Sebastian 4 hours ago
I need a dog
answer need questions
black one
Finella Amos
Finella Amos 5 hours ago
Foxtrot, sorry Chandler
C J 6 hours ago
Jennifer Bulot
Jennifer Bulot 7 hours ago
I really want a puppy i am just so lonely cause i-i have to stay at hoke everday and it gets so lonely i have aways wanted a dog i want to know where the other places are:(
The Vegan Doggo
The Vegan Doggo 7 hours ago
Woof woof woof! woof bark woof!
Jennifer Bulot
Jennifer Bulot 7 hours ago
AWWW i realky wish i got a dog im so lonely
JAYDEN RANGEL 8 hours ago
GAMEIAZ X 8 hours ago
i think chandler
Joyce Raymundo
Joyce Raymundo 8 hours ago
please visit our country, coz' there is a lady who literally adopted and rescued all dogs that have been abandoned or abuse by their owners, they're raising funds to sustain their pets, please notice this and help them. they would be sooo glaaad if that happens!! thanks. please notice this, i really wanna help them too.
mexican crusader
mexican crusader 3 hours ago
mexican crusader
mexican crusader 3 hours ago
Joyce Raymundo
Joyce Raymundo 8 hours ago
pleasee help me notice this by mr beast.
Kyle Temple
Kyle Temple 8 hours ago
Plenty Pain
Plenty Pain 8 hours ago
i love your all videos. keep it up your best
Joyce Raymundo
Joyce Raymundo 8 hours ago
please keep doing this.❤️❤️❤️
PxndaLovxr 8 hours ago
13:09 omg Karl
gab gab
gab gab 9 hours ago
Can you do cat to
samurai gamer
samurai gamer 9 hours ago
If you are in the cage and you out from cage after years you also happy
Preetam Mk
Preetam Mk 9 hours ago
Can I vote for mr beast in the upcoming elections?
Jonah Barney
Jonah Barney 9 hours ago
Analog trading
Analog trading 10 hours ago
gO To tHe medical bills and pay for the childrens hospital@@!!!!!
Jack Standish
Jack Standish 10 hours ago
That was so wholesome
kent gaming YT
kent gaming YT 11 hours ago
Imagine that 1st adopt a dog Tell his friends to adopt and to get money....
kent gaming YT
kent gaming YT 11 hours ago
9:40 Chandler wants too POOP!
kent gaming YT
kent gaming YT 11 hours ago
The Cute is Fox
Unicorn Annalie
Unicorn Annalie 11 hours ago
Oh my God I wish I had a dog😞🙁😢😭😭
Monica Franco
Monica Franco 11 hours ago
One punch AMV
One punch AMV 11 hours ago
The black one is cuter.
Smug Russian Weeb
Smug Russian Weeb 11 hours ago
I don’t know how this doesn’t have 1Billion likes
Tony Cooper
Tony Cooper 11 hours ago
Car I get a car
Sandy Rose
Sandy Rose 12 hours ago
Liana G
Liana G 12 hours ago
3 Hype
3 Hype 12 hours ago
My name is zeplin so cute
LynSze Khoo
LynSze Khoo 12 hours ago
I'm so happy those dogs got adopted!
W_izard_Outlaw 12 hours ago
F 10
F 10 12 hours ago
ill pay really no lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll your alllt thweeeeeeee besssssssssttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Cartøøn Gamer
Cartøøn Gamer 12 hours ago
Good man that *J I M M Y*
Can we just adore Foxtrot's cuteness?
Andre Danial
Andre Danial 12 hours ago
Mr beast in 2050: Today I’m going to destroy America and surprise them with a new one.
Hi Me
Hi Me 12 hours ago
You should do another one of these
Brayden DeGreef
Brayden DeGreef 12 hours ago
they adopted me.
The Cravey Train
The Cravey Train 12 hours ago
G2C sidd
G2C sidd 12 hours ago
Wingo Asher
Wingo Asher 13 hours ago
they are both so CUTE.
David Altice
David Altice 13 hours ago
i love dogs to
Name Saint Joanna
Name Saint Joanna 13 hours ago
Elizabeth Purnell
Elizabeth Purnell 13 hours ago
You look cute
Elizabeth Purnell
Elizabeth Purnell 13 hours ago
Thank you for thank you Mr. beast you’re the best I love you ❤️
Bearclaw Chris Lapp
Bearclaw Chris Lapp 13 hours ago
*hates being called a good person* is literally one of the nicest and generous people in the world
R Coffey
R Coffey 13 hours ago
the dodo is happy
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres 13 hours ago
Mind me if you suspect everything
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres 13 hours ago
Pick a black 🐕 It’s
Zachary Kozlowski
Zachary Kozlowski 13 hours ago
Devil Turtle12
Devil Turtle12 13 hours ago
Foxtrot is the cutest dog ever
Jaymie Matilsky
Jaymie Matilsky 13 hours ago
Who else crying watching this?
TKelly Music
TKelly Music 13 hours ago
I respect everything this man has done so far....tryna watch all MrBeast vids
Raylon Brelsford
Raylon Brelsford 14 hours ago
aw the dogs so cute
Siarra Pond
Siarra Pond 14 hours ago
My mom said if I get good grades this year I can get a dog so I’m happy
Thiago Gonzalez
Thiago Gonzalez 14 hours ago
ghy is cuter
Korbin Williams
Korbin Williams 14 hours ago
nini_playz sisi1345
nini_playz sisi1345 14 hours ago
i love kelly
Aubrey Gilliland
Aubrey Gilliland 14 hours ago
That’s is awesome I would love another dog and that all the dogs go into an home is awesome for all those dogs be safe and happy. Thank you Mr beast it’s very kind of you and every one out there be safe and healthy during these pandemic times. ❤️
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