I Adopted a Child for a Day!

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I adopted a child for a day! I've always said I didn't want kids, but I wanted to at least try, so I took my best friend's 5 year old son to starbucks, swimming, he wanted to do my makeup, and even surprised him with his favorite Tik Tok star, Charli D'Amelio! Enjoy!!
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Aug 18, 2020




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Comments 100
J H 2 minutes ago
cause you can definetly have kids
J H 2 minutes ago
Malak Ebrahim
Malak Ebrahim 4 minutes ago
the video should be called my bestfriends kid bosses me around for a day
Squirrel Han
Squirrel Han 42 minutes ago
the :child your me but worse
Aanya Rekhi
Aanya Rekhi 45 minutes ago
15:17 Elliot: *shy and closes his eyes* Charli: ok i will close my eyes Me: 😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
TS plays!
TS plays! Hour ago
periodt luv❤️-elliot
Mehbuba Khalid
This is the most zoomer five year old omg
The cool Bros
The cool Bros Hour ago
viki_ bow
viki_ bow 2 hours ago
Is it your child? No. So shut up🥰 he is amazing
Scooch Pascucci
Scooch Pascucci 2 hours ago
Paanya -
Paanya - 2 hours ago
Aw i love the skipping scene so cute
kaleah grider
kaleah grider 2 hours ago
period love
Keyshia Johnson
Keyshia Johnson 2 hours ago
Can u adopt me.?
Happyteal 2 hours ago
Oof- madds
Oof- madds 2 hours ago
sayali kadam
sayali kadam 2 hours ago
Pls do part 2
TM vlog
TM vlog 3 hours ago
I really love your smile james
Ashe army for life
Ashe army for life 3 hours ago
me in 2002 when I was five: **uses banana to pretend its a cellphone** five year olds in 2020: is there a plug so I can use my phone on the charger? me: DAYYYUMM SON! you even have a phone??
Sxftiie Sunset
Sxftiie Sunset 3 hours ago
Eliot : has a phone when he’s 4 years old Me: got a phone in 6 grade
Abdul Jamil
Abdul Jamil 3 hours ago
James : do you no what it’s for Him: ya your face
Ashe army for life
Ashe army for life 3 hours ago
I think I know Elliot, he is like the cutest thing ever!!!, he has a family youtube channel thats defenetly him
Unicorn Gacha Life Maker
Chase Carter
Chase Carter 3 hours ago
The Elliot and Charli part was so cute
Unicorn Gacha Life Maker
Oh ok
Unicorn Gacha Life Maker
Oh I know now
Unicorn Gacha Life Maker
Wow it doesn’t
game marvin
game marvin 3 hours ago
I whis i meet carli i like carli demilio
Unicorn Gacha Life Maker
Vine zone
Unicorn Gacha Life Maker
I need to see if this works
Unicorn Gacha Life Maker
I’m going to and I’m talking so much
Unicorn Gacha Life Maker
Ummmm I can make videos on chat so
Peyton Collette
Peyton Collette 3 hours ago
U are at 24m subs
Tatiana M.
Tatiana M. 3 hours ago
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 3 hours ago
this is the most savage 5 year old ever
April Princess Dizon
he got starbucks-
Amizyth Smiley face
money life
money life 3 hours ago
aww so cute
Mr. pigums
Mr. pigums 3 hours ago
I’m sorry, a 5 yr has a I phone 11?! Wat 😱
xxgachagirlxx Kelly
james charles dickionson
Alice Cervantes
Alice Cervantes 4 hours ago
You paint your face in makeup I can’t tell the difference between you and the Monalisa
xD moments xD
xD moments xD 4 hours ago
Elliot is so smart..✨❤️
Shukla Ragani
Shukla Ragani 4 hours ago
James I have q do you no hindi
Abigail Ziegler
Abigail Ziegler 4 hours ago
Omg hi *please answer*
Sydney Walker
Sydney Walker 4 hours ago
Me"Reads Tittle "I Adopted a Child for a Day" Yt channel James Charles My thoughts: IM A CHILD ADOPT ME
adorexello .
adorexello . 4 hours ago
That kid is funny I replayed it SO many times when he said I know to cover that beard 😂 and his eyes
Crystal pop
Crystal pop 5 hours ago
I want to be that child so I can meet him I really want to meet James Charles
dark void
dark void 5 hours ago
2 days later TITLE: i upducted a child for a day👶!
Aleczana vance
Aleczana vance 5 hours ago
I'm a kid adopt me
Kateresa Reedy
Kateresa Reedy 5 hours ago
I'm a kid I'm 4 but wat is 10 + 10
Gacha GirlyGal
Gacha GirlyGal 5 hours ago
Is it just me or does Elliot look like a little Alex Wassabi????
Elyse Middleton
Elyse Middleton 5 hours ago
I'm your biggest fan
Jackson Stallings
Jackson Stallings 5 hours ago
hes the best kid ever
jamjam nefalar
jamjam nefalar 5 hours ago
Noemi Marquez
Noemi Marquez 5 hours ago
Get a kid now ok James now do it ok
Isabella Carter
Isabella Carter 5 hours ago
I think James Charles got pregnant because she's spending a lot of makeup and I think she had a little boy
I'm mad at disny
I'm mad at disny 5 hours ago
n a t s u i
n a t s u i 5 hours ago
James: okay let’s do my makeup Also James: okay do you wanna start off with my makeup? Me: ??? 😂
Lulu Mac11
Lulu Mac11 5 hours ago
If I saw Charli I would run away so fast then if she tried to come near me I dunno why but I would try to bite her😂
Mia S4027
Mia S4027 5 hours ago
Thanks james, : )
Landen Scheibe
Landen Scheibe 6 hours ago
It kinda looked like James was annoyed
3E29 6 hours ago
He...he has a phone...I'M 12 AND I GOT NO PHONE
Wes Liu
Wes Liu 6 hours ago
Good intentions but please keep in mind adoption is complicated.
Harlow Egland
Harlow Egland 6 hours ago
Okay but like Elliot is an absolute icon 😂
Layla Q
Layla Q 6 hours ago
This kid is so cute 🥰😘😍 I want to do HIS make up 👁👄👁
Sarah Marsi
Sarah Marsi 6 hours ago
Love you James Charles don't worry it doesn't mean like I love you as my boyfriend or something but my friend loves you so much her name is Nevaeh by the way and I love you so much too so maybe we can meet each other sometime if we just randomly see someone and I love you so so much love you bye
sydney hayden
sydney hayden 6 hours ago
Anytime I’m sad I just watch this vid and it makes me laugh every time!! Thanks for making my day James!! Love you sister!!
Michelle Korver
Michelle Korver 6 hours ago
imagine if James did have a child and ended up having a girl ---- periodt
wendy young
wendy young 6 hours ago
Already dont like vids!!!
roblox vibes
roblox vibes 6 hours ago
:james looking at him like what is rong with you. :the child keeps saying period love Im dying when he was doing his eye shadow
wendy young
wendy young 6 hours ago
5 IM TEN THATS SO COOL 5 ive never watch charli so yeah should i exspact this?
Gavin Wkeys
Gavin Wkeys 6 hours ago
What is period love ❤️ hahahahahah
Boriana Nedkova
Boriana Nedkova 6 hours ago
good luck James ha cute
Amanda Van Dyk
Amanda Van Dyk 6 hours ago
Girl ima fan and I am 9 and you are so cool😆😆
Jude’s Game world
I dare you to say a bad word
Xx_RichXx Noob
Xx_RichXx Noob 7 hours ago
Megan Howell
Megan Howell 7 hours ago
SISTER VIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
havannah 7 hours ago
Bruh, I wish I could meet Charli D'Amelio- I love her so much. Asahsjklaghbsda-
Fidel Uriegas
Fidel Uriegas 7 hours ago
Wish that was me im 8/7 in a half i AM Still child
Yoon_gi Min
Yoon_gi Min 8 hours ago
when he said foundation itwas so funny
Lara Maria Taala
Lara Maria Taala 8 hours ago
Thats a savage kid there.
jimena ramos
jimena ramos 8 hours ago
im a kid. im nine. i wont do anything to mess up the kicthen....
Owo Potato 123
Owo Potato 123 8 hours ago
The boy that was taking there order be like uhm 😐 that boy Actually gonnna get that?
Gisel Martinez27
Gisel Martinez27 8 hours ago
I want James to adopt a girl to see how it goes
anjali.arjun shah
anjali.arjun shah 8 hours ago
awwwwww made my heart melt
Kien Thang
Kien Thang 9 hours ago
“I get a pink drink!” Me having a pink drink right next to me-
Auklet _the_Octoling
Elliot knows as much as I do about makeup; absolutely nothing
Gabriella fabiola Gieskes
✨ PeRiOd LoVe ✨
Joell Grinage
Joell Grinage 9 hours ago
why cant u adopted me james i sub to you long time from you are at 10 millon sub and i dont get a shout out or in a give away.
Emily bryant
Emily bryant 9 hours ago
how many times james laughed
Uniquan !
Uniquan ! 10 hours ago
when james asked eliot if he thought james wearing makeup was cool, why did i expect eliot to go: “yeah, people say makeup is just for girls but i think boys should be able to want to feel pretty too” i think my expectations for 5yo kids are too high
creative channel
creative channel 10 hours ago
Audrey Snellman
Audrey Snellman 10 hours ago
James should totally have a child!!
Valeria Ortega Carrillo
And why just one day? :(
Narmin Chowdhury
Narmin Chowdhury 10 hours ago
6:11 Elliot: I wanna do it right away or else I won’t be famous James: oh yea let’s do James makeup Me: damnmm practice before-
Cats And fortnite Meow
James: you have to shut it and run😂😂
Cats And fortnite Meow
James: you have to shut it and run😂😂
Cats And fortnite Meow
James: you have to shut it and run😂😂
GAMER FORLIFE09 10 hours ago
hdjdkd djdj
hdjdkd djdj 10 hours ago
i love you daddy
Bigbumsweat 123
Bigbumsweat 123 10 hours ago
How els is named Finn ?
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