I 1v1'd This Weird Girl's Ex-Boyfriend for her Phone Number... HE RAGED!

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To BE Continuted...
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Apr 16, 2019

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Comments 4 143
Rygod_tv 7 days ago
6:21 6:21 I’m selling play buttons
How many times he said wassup😂😂😂😂
KoG 24 days ago
how r u not mad when he keeps saying the N word
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Are you messed up in the head
Glorimar Mateo Gonzalez
P2 1v1
JustinNova 13
JustinNova 13 Month ago
This guy is white as papar and saying the n word im sleep
Godzilla 9999
Godzilla 9999 Month ago
This guy is so toxic. No wonder why his girl left him.
xXJTSXx Gaming
xXJTSXx Gaming Month ago
Goddam he is such a bot the ex boyfriend always so far from the high ground, and always boxing up, then doesnt even know how to build battle the most basic thing in fortnite, like it feels like he wants to be dumb,
bee035hysterical shark
Real name jalaya sanford
bee035hysterical shark
P2 plaese 1v1 my brother so he can stop waching you on tv and saying your trash user name bee035hysterical
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores 2 months ago
I don't get it its fortnite that's all lol
xxIronSniper Xx
xxIronSniper Xx 2 months ago
I mean sometimes people play different because me and my friends just go at it but other is a different the normal 1v1believe me he's right he is a bot tho
basketball all day every day
Why he say nigga
Shia Johnson
Shia Johnson 2 months ago
I would have beat him up in real life because he a white dude saying nigga
jaylin mckinley
jaylin mckinley 2 months ago
P2 gone buss his dumb ass
taylor jackson
taylor jackson 2 months ago
Mr thoitans ex girlfriend is a frakin retired
Bryce Demoura
Bryce Demoura 2 months ago
If I was with you I would do it right
Bryce Demoura
Bryce Demoura 2 months ago
The ex boyfriend is a bot and he is a noob and he is a trash talker because he doesn't know how to 1vs1
Bryce Demoura
Bryce Demoura 2 months ago
Dude don't try to marry thotina because he might get really made
That One Neighbor
That One Neighbor 2 months ago
Look at the views😳
christina soto
christina soto 3 months ago
When your a BOT
tech man
tech man 3 months ago
I suck but he's trash like he should be in a DUMP YARD
Ghxst Beast
Ghxst Beast 3 months ago
Why. He. Is saying. N word When. He is mexican or white
sqwae 3 months ago
Youngheem1253 The goat
Could we play Fortnite I play on Xbox and I’m super good with 500 wons
KANYE East 3 months ago
"Aye Stupid" -P2istheName 😂😂😭
m_umix 3 months ago
P2 number:(559)911-THOT
Dashieboi 3 months ago
Doesn’t matter how unorganized this 1v1 was still would have clapped this retard
Divine Nwokenaka
Divine Nwokenaka 3 months ago
His not even black like if u don't take ur fat ass ugly boy
Divine Nwokenaka
Divine Nwokenaka 3 months ago
Why is he saying nigga
greasy lemon
greasy lemon 3 months ago
Anyone else think fe4rless 1v1 p2
ITYOURBOIKEVIN :D 3 months ago
It’s not call AIMBOT it’s call AIMASSIST
DrvppyTypical 3 months ago
P2 lemme. 1v1 him I’ll send you the footage
Chad Loveall
Chad Loveall 3 months ago
DrvppyTypical sameeee I would beat tf outta him
Draken Play's
Draken Play's 3 months ago
Bro if u fly me to LA I'll fuck him up hw cant be saying nigga fuck that
Dorian Mahone
Dorian Mahone 3 months ago
High key ill merk you
TBR Will
TBR Will 3 months ago
He does not have an N word pass
Harrel Evangelista
Harrel Evangelista 3 months ago
P2 why waste your time with a retarded bot
Terianna Kingston
Terianna Kingston 3 months ago
add me ufo_terry2036
Myko Loko007
Myko Loko007 3 months ago
7:02 P2: " Are u retarded?!?!" Me: " No, he's just high."
Flame_Cyclone 3 months ago
Where is hack lord and hack God there so funny
Mighty Jail881
Mighty Jail881 3 months ago
Idc about the video 1v1 me later
Fortnite King
Fortnite King 3 months ago
He's not black stop saying nigga
Fortnite King
Fortnite King 3 months ago
Let's play together
Fire Flames
Fire Flames 3 months ago
Naww he just hating p2 do what u do💯💯
Ralph V Gallegos
Ralph V Gallegos 3 months ago
she lowkey sound fat
Aqua Nii
Aqua Nii 3 months ago
He sounds like a redneck
DeaT Hgod
DeaT Hgod 3 months ago
if ur trash this is how to 1v1 someone
RGKing121 3 months ago
How many times did p2 say “bro” or “brah” in this video
YNW Melly
YNW Melly 3 months ago
P2 my guy ima huge fan and all but I bet u can’t beat me. I play on Xbox. HMU if u want smoke🤷🏾‍♂️ Epic:Pu55NBoot5
Smokey 420
Smokey 420 3 months ago
Bro p2 is ass like if you agree
ANTHONY'S WORLD 3 months ago
Can he stop saying nigga for once
Dragons Light
Dragons Light 3 months ago
I will destroy you in Fortnite
Lil Butthole Butthole Jr
My username is SORRY txt
Lil Butthole Butthole Jr
Don’t 1v1 him 1v1 me dog
yousef mohammad
yousef mohammad 4 months ago
kbju 4 months ago
he must be weak he put so much force into the push
Firing Guns
Firing Guns 4 months ago
The only reason why he’s talking is because he can’t get an actual girl
Just Me
Just Me 4 months ago
Her ex is stupid and a f****** b**** 1like for p2
Caramel Ramos
Caramel Ramos 4 months ago
Hey stupid listen to me lol
TJ-TV 4 months ago
Damn he lost and he put it On his life 9:33 and he gave p2 a fake number 🤦🏾‍♂️🤭 like if he going to hell 👇🏾 👇🏾
Lama Go crazy
Lama Go crazy 4 months ago
This guy don't know how to 1v1
noob 3
noob 3 4 months ago
you not black of mixed stop saying nigga on god
Brandon dizon_1211270
11:30 how a bot runs
Ryan Robertson
Ryan Robertson 4 months ago
Big lose shiny queen overlords and a chocolate bunny for shiny 2018 over Queen overlord is more rare and it way better
Comic 4 months ago
neither one of them are good 😭
Dripxbean dripxclan
Dripxbean dripxclan 4 months ago
P2 he is trash your better
VIIX CLAN 4 months ago
Yo p2 I play on Xbox 1v1 me yosefzilla
David Florent Jr
David Florent Jr 4 months ago
Fuck him
Corey Etheridge
Corey Etheridge 4 months ago
Ask her for a number on fortnight
Mya Jones
Mya Jones 4 months ago
iPhone mya dani
Zyro_Drako AM
Zyro_Drako AM 4 months ago
Esperanza Pacheco
Esperanza Pacheco 4 months ago
that faty the one that says nigga block him and its so funny
boyz 843
boyz 843 4 months ago
Lets all clap that p3 made the game
Crzydrgon Mobile
Crzydrgon Mobile 4 months ago
Yo p2 just box him like it’s getting annoying that how your letting him say that he’s gonna pull up
jamarre barber
jamarre barber 4 months ago
Tatiana is a hoe
aka_cripflakes69 JUST FOR FUN
1v1 me username is aka_cripflakes69
Pro Memer
Pro Memer 4 months ago
Aye yo p2 her ex has a problem
Gerald Rodriguez
Gerald Rodriguez 4 months ago
Fallow me on insta fallow you back gerald_spam2 insta
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