i’ve never seen tydus cry before..

Jake Paul
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i’ve never seen tydus cry before..
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Thumbs up if you love Rudy’s it was so sad when he cryed
Martieri Acosta
Martieri Acosta 19 hours ago
Titus is a crybaby Titus is a crybaby
Martieri Acosta
Martieri Acosta 19 hours ago
Titus is a crybaby Titus is a crybaby Such a weirdo
Damien Dogbe
Damien Dogbe Day ago
Tracey Jarvis
Tracey Jarvis
Kat Douglas
Kat Douglas Day ago
That's sad
Mya Jenner
Mya Jenner Day ago
Tydus is so cute bmess him
Mya Jenner
Mya Jenner Day ago
Bless him
Amberlyn Frey
Someone count how many times he said Jojo Siwa
Estela Lopez
Estela Lopez Day ago
Aww i was crying to becuase he cry😭😭😭😭
Hoa Nguyen
Hoa Nguyen Day ago
Where dose JoJo live I want to see her I am a huge fan
Carl Opinion
Carl Opinion 2 days ago
When Jake says he punched someone in the head Jojo's face is like *WOW OK*
Jeremiah Dumars
Jeremiah Dumars 2 days ago
Kaylee Quinlan
Kaylee Quinlan 2 days ago
I literally started crying😭😢it made me so sad but I watched the other video on
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Rodriguez 2 days ago
how is it jake fault he did nothing so why are u telling someone that he did nothing
Loaqe Neanna
Loaqe Neanna 2 days ago
Images of a RUvidr named tight
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon 3 days ago
Natalie Chamberlain
Jake cares so much about tydus
Natalie Chamberlain
He is so sad 😭
Renu Arvind kumar
No crying Tydus
Renu Arvind kumar
Tydus both cry he come back to you
Laura O’Sullivan
Hey jake can you call 0562067923
Ryan Hibbett
Ryan Hibbett 3 days ago
When I first saw it I thought tydus was crying becuse he was scared of the rollercoaster
Noah Bradley
Noah Bradley 4 days ago
Ebony Egan
Ebony Egan 4 days ago
Your really cool
Parker Guth
Parker Guth 4 days ago
So sad
he cried because he couldnt go on the roller coaster
Mel Lockyer
Mel Lockyer 4 days ago
rod s
rod s 4 days ago
Oh well im still here ok
Arion Devezin
Arion Devezin 4 days ago
Why why why
Nolan Alday
Nolan Alday 4 days ago
1=one prayer for Tudus
sad kid sad
sad kid sad 5 days ago
Kayela Morris
Kayela Morris 5 days ago
I never saw jake Paul Cuss before 0:52 Only when he cussed is on bounty hunters with Patty mayo.
exquizit whyte
exquizit whyte 5 days ago
Aww i feel so bad 😢
Chloe louise Gritt
Did you have fun Jake Paul mini jake Paul
Manha Ali
Manha Ali 5 days ago
Whoah I’ve never seen this much subscriber in jakepauk
I G 5 days ago
Did you kids a girl that hot
Keenan Brenning
Keenan Brenning 6 days ago
Im so sorry , I didn't mean too WE HAVE TO CHECK HIS HIGHT WE HAVE TO wtf do u mean your so sorry?????
Dylan Riley
Dylan Riley 6 days ago
Poor Tydus
Eric Platon
Eric Platon 7 days ago
Why do you say this video that he was going to 😭 so disappointed
Eric Platon
Eric Platon 7 days ago
Tightest didn’t even cry
Taliah Williams (Student)
Taliah Williams (Student)
hi titis im a big fan
Makayla Hall
Makayla Hall 7 days ago
poor thing
hindouch 8 days ago
I’m crying when tydus is crying 😢
Pawan Aery
Pawan Aery 8 days ago
jake is so nice Hes gonna be a good dad one day
Alexandra Frazer
Alexandra Frazer 8 days ago
Alexandra Frazer
Alexandra Frazer 8 days ago
I started crying when I saw this video I'm crying right now
Asenaca Baleinadi
Then he is happy
Asenaca Baleinadi
Tydus is so lonley
Will Spann
Will Spann 8 days ago
Hey I just want to FaceTime you because you seem so nice but I can’t my parents won’t let me😭
Sophia Bugg
Sophia Bugg 8 days ago
Baidaa Mohommed
Baidaa Mohommed 8 days ago
中国中国 9 days ago
Jake new name:jojo jake
Queensly Imafidon
When he was crying I was to😭😭
Yunus Ahmadzai
Yunus Ahmadzai 9 days ago
Erick Goeddert
Erick Goeddert 9 days ago
Why don’t you keep on making a Fortnite video start making formulate videos again OK bye
Erick Goeddert
Erick Goeddert 9 days ago
My bad I thought you were my brother
Seipati Coreen Motsima
he looks so cute when he cries
Gloria Assenga
Gloria Assenga 9 days ago
Azora Burbridge
Azora Burbridge 9 days ago
I don't like Jojo siwa any more
Dana Al-Janahi
Dana Al-Janahi 9 days ago
I never see him cry
Crew Russell
Crew Russell 10 days ago
Legionbus 10 days ago
Wow that woman was doing her job and jake was like WHY DIS YOU MAKE HIM CRY If she didn't get him of the ride he woulda flung off the ride then oof
dogey1 kanoby
dogey1 kanoby 10 days ago
Peter Obrien
Peter Obrien 10 days ago
Donato Tuano
Donato Tuano 10 days ago
Tydus is cute but I don't want tydus to cry I feel so bad😭😭😭😭😭
Leeland Pone
Leeland Pone 10 days ago
was she talking about erika costel
Leeland Pone
Leeland Pone 10 days ago
look a five year old at 4:43
What’up Mel
What’up Mel 10 days ago
Did Tydus 😢 or I 😭
Katrina 10 days ago
He tells kids don’t do drugs yet 1 year later he is really 🤦🏼‍♀️
Dante Sussen
Dante Sussen 11 days ago
I feel so bad for tydus
Aurora Jauregui
Aurora Jauregui 11 days ago
When tidus was crying I started crying a lil
Cianne Punzalan
Cianne Punzalan 11 days ago
Awwww. poor tydus. He's so cute.
Cianne Punzalan
Cianne Punzalan 11 days ago
I just wanna. Hug him. I like it when. He smiled again at. The other roller coaster.😃😃😃
Jadys Corner
Jadys Corner 11 days ago
I was crying
Kyleigh Harksen
Kyleigh Harksen 12 days ago
That is sad!!!!love u guyes
Kyleigh Harksen
Kyleigh Harksen 12 days ago
Angela Crosby
Angela Crosby 12 days ago
Keykey 12 Ayee
Keykey 12 Ayee 12 days ago
Tydus made me cry so hard 😭😭😭😭😄
Fortnite Station
Fortnite Station 12 days ago
I think JoJo Siwa should do a song for featuring jake Paul it would be sick
PhoebeT 12 days ago
have fun
PhoebeT 12 days ago
that broke my heart 💔 I am crying 😭
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