I’m Not Allowed To Go To FaZe Rug’s Party Unless I DO THIS...

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Nov 21, 2019




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Comments 100
Tabassum Yasmin
Tabassum Yasmin Month ago
lesssss gooooooooooooo brandon nice dubbbbbbbbb
just sophia
just sophia Month ago
6x2=12 6x3=18 6x4=24 7x2=14 7x3=21 7x4=28
sebhel2005 Month ago
Brandon when he makes the nba... Brandon: I know I scored 105 points but it’s not about me, it was all the team. 😂😂
sponge 2 months ago
we not gon talk about the frog😂
MysticEdge 4
MysticEdge 4 2 months ago
Brawadis is happy there is rain and I’m here like why r u excited about rain I live in Vancouver That’s on the west coast and we get so much rain
Jake Hanlon
Jake Hanlon 2 months ago
In England it rains like that every day
Feroz Zeb
Feroz Zeb 2 months ago
Brandon Is clickbater
Slixyy FN
Slixyy FN 4 months ago
Brandon said we got this dub but his hand was an L
Blanca Luna
Blanca Luna 9 months ago
The old team needs to return
Wolf_y 1
Wolf_y 1 9 months ago
mvmonterrosa07 9 months ago
1:00 ah only if he knew what it was like down south in Texas...
Mr snap Your ankles
Mr snap Your ankles 10 months ago
They were competing for the first seed Brandon would’ve killed them in their sleep
YAAA BOIII ___ 10 months ago
“It’s like Romi rain
souhaila bensaid
souhaila bensaid 10 months ago
Tristan Williamson
Tristan Williamson 10 months ago
The ref threw it up closer to the other team
Bunny boys tube hd Vlogs
My sweet bro but can you make with me I am from
Ashton Granados
Ashton Granados 11 months ago
Why does he think he’s cold when he plays bums😭he swears like he’s in the nba taking it all serious 🤣🤣
2wxvy NC
2wxvy NC 11 months ago
I don’t even get rain I get snow
Danaa ghazl
Danaa ghazl 11 months ago
Ernesto Munoz Olivares
Go suns 💩🤢
Dominic Johnson
What was the final score
Alex Avendano
Alex Avendano Year ago
Who’s here still missing Dennis 😭
Canon Z
Canon Z Year ago
I rains so fricking much in Michigan, you won’t believe it
Cain D
Cain D Year ago
Who is here when everybody is suffering
Hello People
Hello People 10 months ago
Cain D why the word “suffering” ??
Sqooky Year ago
rug look high
Sqooky Year ago
im in michigan and its weird cuz its storming right now outside and it was for you when u recorded this
Brandon is a professional basketball player and cuz of him I'm starting to get interested in basket ball
Abel Becerril
Abel Becerril Year ago
Fuck you
emily chant
emily chant Year ago
wow that's summer in manchester
emily chant
emily chant Year ago
i live in manchester that's just everyday weather 😂😂😂
Ruskey Year ago
Not the best way to self isolate bud - is it now ?
Super Gamer Vlogs
19:28 Brandon:we got the dubs His hand:👆
Agbarca10 SSB
Agbarca10 SSB Year ago
You're the G.O.A.T Brandon💪🏀🏆
LF Sway
LF Sway Year ago
Is it me or does that guy look like Dwayne wade
Bryan Jimenez
Bryan Jimenez Year ago
If you can sleep through that alarm you are not human 😂
Barret Hamilton
Anthony on the camera is somfunny
Emily Griffin B
I love your vido❤️💛💙💜♥️😎
Dude Anything2
Take a shot everytime Brandon says "Talk Shit" 😂
Heather Lathus
Dam I live in Chicago and ya I know what rain feels like 😶
Ori'yon Morgan
Yo what's up bro brawdis
Nisrin Sari
Nisrin Sari Year ago
Otis if you don't win this that I'm going to unsubscribe to you
Gabriel Morales
Brandon:if we win this I'll pay dinner. Brian:shouldn't you do that anyway it's my birthday 😂😂😅
Cam DeLong
Cam DeLong Year ago
For me it is yes there is sun
Off-road outlaw Off road
Air ball 11:54
Off-road outlaw Off road
That was air ball 22:31
Mia Ortega14
Mia Ortega14 Year ago
I live in San Marcos
epictenser Year ago
Dude looked up flop😂😳
Jaygwaup Year ago
Who is here in 2020 btw now there is a thing called WW3
bazooka Year ago
Santiago ppl: omg this rain is crazy *uses wind shield wipers once every 1 min* Texas ppl: OMG this rain is crazy *cant see a car length in-front of them with windshield wipers at highest rate*.
ScottieMC Year ago
"If you lose it's not going on youtube" Just spoiled the whole video for us lol.
numbskull Year ago
if you actually watch the videos you know he post them no matter what dumbass
ScottieMC Year ago
But good thing we won!!!!!!
Jaylen To cool
I’m dead he caught a Frog
Daniel Alvarez
“It’s like Romi Rain” 😂
AngelTheRican_ 216
0:50 he read my mind 😂 Like if you’re a Clevelander 😁✌️
Valerie Rodriguez
What was the final score I miss when you kept us updated with the scores
Meghan Vando
Meghan Vando Year ago
Boston for life
emchilol Year ago
wow im in michigan its not snowing and its christmas eve
Emil Seirup
Emil Seirup Year ago
If you are so glad at Rain take to Denmark it rains all the time
abhaaass Mishra
0:30 its like romi rain 😂😂(google romi rain)
Gage Sanchez
Gage Sanchez Year ago
At 19:28 he put up the L sign and said got the dub lol 😂😂😂
Chantal Macias
20:33 when he doesn’t wanna get up. that’s meeeeeee when i don’t wanna get up for school 😂
Leilani Mayorga
Leilani Mayorga
I miss denis
Nathan Arellano
the frog on the court had me dead bro that was so random
Tw00zY Year ago
good d
Lea I vaha
Lea I vaha Year ago
Yo in New Zealand pshhhhhh all the rain aye
Sergio Rocha
Sergio Rocha Year ago
Bryan looks high don’t lie
talented samara
Much love from Suriname 🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷❤
Jadean Warburton
You said Chicago my sister lives there
Isaias Aguirre
Brandon what’s up with the hiv ads lol 😂😂
JY Vlogs
JY Vlogs Year ago
You should move to phoenix
First Name
First Name Year ago
wh is that guy next to rug I always see him 6:09
R0ad K1ll
R0ad K1ll Year ago
You should see Illinois 😂😂
puthyhoh Year ago
I live in Oregon and it rain hella just wait till it snow here
wendy serrano.
no one : brian: i can go for some in n out after dis
Ye I am from east coast we get this at least once a week
Redux Year ago
What happened to dennis
Myka Dy
Myka Dy Year ago
soooo who was the guy with brian and Anthony
WorserTrash1 Year ago
Did that hurt anyone else when he drove his McLean’s in rain?
brandon dont rush your shots.
Call9ine11 Year ago
"My wrist is kinda wet" -anthony 2019
Blake Unger
Blake Unger Year ago
This is how much people watch faze rug
Emerson Campbell
We don’t get rain we get SNOW
SoccerPk HD
SoccerPk HD Year ago
What he promoting crack?🤣🤣
Johnathon Esparza
This nigga acts like he is the nba💀💀
Fernado Alvarez
Us in Chicago it's like a whole day for the rain to stop
BlueFire6-HD Year ago
I love when people think of rain they first think of Michigan. No honey we get snow the east coast and Florida gets rain LOL
GT Swervin
GT Swervin Year ago
“Come on now”😂😂
TheAceG _
TheAceG _ Year ago
13:50 i felt it i felt the win.......😂🔥💯, when those 3P were in i was jumping like crazy bruh🔥🔥🤣
Junior Villanueva
They lose in championships tho lmao
Junior Villanueva
Put a lengthy guy on brandon out on the perimeter you can shut him down, then take him dow low in the paint and cook him up for lunch lmao trash ass team and competition
Junior Villanueva
Brandon is trash in basketball too lmao thinking he's good. Come to texas for some real competition
Junior Villanueva
My gosh what kind of league do they play in lmao. So damn 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑 the teams they play have nothing but lengthy guys who can't shoot,dribble ot create shots for themselves lmao 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑
Ayleen Rosales
YOOOOO LMFAOOOOO exactly at 0;50 i was like brooo this is an everyday thing and you literally said it after i was like yup he knows !!!
Ya boi Connor
Ya boi Connor Year ago
Why doesn’t he tell us the score every time like he used to
Ya boi Connor
Ya boi Connor Year ago
Damien Abney it’s not hard you just type the score on the bottom after every couple of buckets
Damien Abney
Damien Abney Year ago
Its alot of work you just need to watch
Ya boi Connor
Ya boi Connor Year ago
I want Brian back in the team
baybeegirlb_ Year ago
I dead ass always have to skip the basketball part n that shits like almost the whole video smh
Hunter Yacht Carrero
Anyone remember when Brawadis dropped 50
Cesar Hernandez
Go suns go suns
Jonathan Montes
Brandon says they are trash talkers he is a fucking trash talker
MADDOX Brasfield
Bro great win keep making good content plz love he vids
this is not what it looks like