Hydropower in a Pipe. Turbines generate electricity from water flowing through municipal pipes.

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Hydropower in a Pipe
Turbines generate electricity from water flowing through municipal pipes.
Beneath Powell Boulevard in Portland, Ore., a newly laid 60-foot section of main carries water downhill from a nearby reservoir. But this is no ordinary water pipe: A series of four turbines spin within the 42-inch main, generating power as the water flows.



22 дек 2015




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Uday Shankar Byri
Uday Shankar Byri 3 месяца назад
My wife and I discovered the toddlers would be hungry because of our electricity bill. My family did not have a penny to our name. The answer is the Papziati Energy online program. It is a great way to produce your own electricity.
Vect0r88 6 месяцев назад
Use your own voice. Derp.
Peg Dimarco
Peg Dimarco 10 месяцев назад
Really enjoyed your video. Let's check Avasva plans also
Shannan Schisler
Shannan Schisler 10 месяцев назад
Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'Avasva' website:)
Gerry K
Gerry K Год назад
Anyone else notice the computer generated voice exaggerates the cost & output of this system. Sounds like someone altered those points!
Jim Hubbard
Jim Hubbard Год назад
This has to be one of the most ignorant videos ever.
Warner Rondelli
Warner Rondelli Год назад
favoloso questo vuole condiviso
Romelia Polly
Romelia Polly 2 года назад
Go to inplix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself
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