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26 янв 2011





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petrol devo
petrol devo Месяц назад
I like how it has a shopping cart scraper.
NAVEEN SND 2 месяца назад
Not explained it properly
HwaJeong Jeon
HwaJeong Jeon 4 месяца назад
Ho my god, if i fall in there, my body would be cut and spread in a piece of conflake fucking like a male chick
Anthony Agnelneri
Anthony Agnelneri 5 месяцев назад
Massively ANNOYING BACKGROUND noise@@!!
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali 6 месяцев назад
godzillasballs 6 месяцев назад
I got nothing out of this.
STT Security Team
STT Security Team 7 месяцев назад
What music is this I love it
Shannon Amend
Shannon Amend 8 месяцев назад
working with an energy has become much simpler with Avasva plans.
Shannon Gibson
Shannon Gibson 8 месяцев назад
Go to Avasva page if you want to learn how to build it yourself
Owen Messenger
Owen Messenger 9 месяцев назад
This music can suck a fat one.
Spanky Harland
Spanky Harland 10 месяцев назад
ah, the sewer has a turbo poop compressor.....just like my racing car !
I had to SIGN IN to DISLIKE this video. But it was worth it! Very confusing and boring video. Nothing is clearly explained. And on top of all, 'The background music', which annoys you further.
santosh thombare
santosh thombare Год назад
Tushar Dhayia
Tushar Dhayia Год назад
like. music. of. this
Charles Edward Renshaw
Charles Edward Renshaw Год назад
Music made me feel as though I was covered in spiders - all busy trussing me up
Dave Hughes Farm
Dave Hughes Farm Год назад
Well that was pretty uneventful...I thought I would see someone caught in turbine..
Taylor Trepanier
Taylor Trepanier Год назад
PursuitTV Год назад
Am I just the only person here who is just like duhhhhhhhhhhh the entire video xD
Amp YouTube
Amp YouTube Год назад
ㅇ ㅍㅈ
Naphatsorn Ngamchan
Naphatsorn Ngamchan Год назад
INVENTION About my “ water turbine invention . About its advantage & feature : let me compare between an original water turbine an invention and my water turbine an invention, If the water power have a speed are 20 Kilometer per hour the original water turbine shall produce output the electricity at about 50 KW per station(estimation) , while my water turbine an invention shall produce output the an electricity at about 80 MW to 400 MW per station, per 24 hours. Including if that area do not have any water speeds it (or my water turbine an invention) still produce output the an electricity for electric an appliance any time ( 24 hours) : (you just have it a station can enough produce electricity out for your province or state) : IMPORTANT NOTE. I thought that, I have an investor can back up with my project. For what? For invest in your country. THIS IS MY AIM TO YOU, both of us will be cooperated this water turbine owner, and to patent at the PCT patent, and share mutual benefit at 68 % for you, and 32% for me. Are you agreed with me?
SURENDRA BHANDARI 4 месяца назад
Please enlighten more send your response to Surendra Bhandari email : bhandari2005@gmail.com
Anthony Agnelneri
Anthony Agnelneri 5 месяцев назад
Naphatsorn Ngamchan RUSSIAN???
shyam kankala
shyam kankala 5 месяцев назад
Hi, please mail me on samkurma66@gmail.com about your invention, and how it's effective for low head and water flow rate?
R Graham
R Graham Год назад
Thumbs down for the music . Terrible
aaron abel
aaron abel Год назад
music sucked
toch sisovan
toch sisovan 2 года назад
do you have conpany name and email of hydro turbine?
hackinblack Год назад
thanks i email you now in regardings to building 8 of these turbines. Please reply to by inquiry
monkehbitch 2 года назад
toch sisovan Darude@sandstorm.net
alisher1984 2 года назад
Thumbs down for the ultra-annoying music.
Ovitch Tarik
Ovitch Tarik 4 месяца назад
+Bug milenáticode
Bug milenático
Bug milenático Год назад
Believe me, electronics musics are much more annoying than this
-ArtieFlowerr -
-ArtieFlowerr - Год назад
alisher1984 you could just turn the volume down dipshit
rdgk1se3019 2 года назад
Yeah the music really sucks ass.
Lobsang Yolmoo
Lobsang Yolmoo 2 года назад
Stefano Piraino
Stefano Piraino 2 года назад
nice Ewa
chamberbembebs 2 года назад
Hi Sir, this is Eillen Babon from GMA News TV 11. Can we use this video as one of our reference for our segment about solar energy? Thank you very much and have a blessed day ahead.
Syed Wali
Syed Wali 2 года назад
Mani no your work mani
Benito Guevara
Benito Guevara Год назад
Syed Wali 😆
Sean Breheny
Sean Breheny 2 года назад
Would be much better with some explanation of what we are looking at
Wang Chung
Wang Chung Год назад
+WestEnd Inventor I'm not english and I speak English. Step up your game and quit making excuses.
WestEnd Inventor
WestEnd Inventor Год назад
Nathan Weston not everyone is English idiot.
alexis henry
alexis henry Год назад
"dont fall in it"
Wang Chung
Wang Chung 2 года назад
+aוτimgamr Maybe if it was in proper english.
Baem Lagend
Baem Lagend 3 года назад
Do it anything ,, live your life,
Anthony Pambrick
Anthony Pambrick 4 года назад
Craig silta smart
S B 4 года назад
Погремушка для не большой деревни :)
craig silta
craig silta 4 года назад
Just a thought but ocean currents are a reliable constant source of energy that could be captured with some sort of turbine or paddle wheel design.
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson 3 года назад
Experimental wave power. It's like a long tube separated into individual moving sections. when they move they crank a piston which pumps a liquid into a turbine generating electricity. I believe one of the few in the world is in Scotland
Holdden 4 года назад
Travis Eddy
Travis Eddy 4 года назад
i love this song what is it?
STT Security Team
STT Security Team 7 месяцев назад
Music really sucks ass though
panda44r 5 лет назад
It's so sad that yavan211's computer doesn't have a volume control. Upgrade your computer dude. Join the 21st century.
maciasd83 5 лет назад
Mute speakers then.
yavan211 5 лет назад
nice project stupid music
Zattoo20 5 лет назад
WTF what is this for bullshit, bad video
Rino Federzoni
Rino Federzoni 5 лет назад
sono interessato a ricevere i dati tecnici della turbina
maciasd83 5 лет назад
That's right, VLH stands for 'Very Low Head'.
Railgap Esoterica
Railgap Esoterica 5 лет назад
VLH - Very Low Head?
Charles Flaherty
Charles Flaherty 5 лет назад
...lens baby...look it up, all will be revealed
John Silverman
John Silverman 6 лет назад
I love the tilt shift photography at the end. I have never gotten it to work right for me. Do you use a bellows?
londonalicante 6 лет назад
For operation: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering. For design and construction, civil engineering is obviously also very important in addition to electrical & mechanical.
Spacekake 6 лет назад
Who was the musical artist in this presentation? It was very chill.
Kirrie CC
Kirrie CC 6 лет назад
I'd like to work in a hydro electric power station, what subjects should I study to help get into it?
douro20 6 лет назад
That's a pretty interesting plant. Never seen one like it before...
maciasd83 6 лет назад
The output of 500 kW is shown in the 7th second of the movie.
jacob Varley
jacob Varley 6 лет назад
Tilt shift?
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