Hydraulic Press | Aluminium Foil | From Ball To Solid Piece

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Pressing an entire roll (10m) of alu foil.
We made a big ball from the roll, and kept pressing it till it was a solid block of aluminium :) If we would have pressed further it only would break over and over again.
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Don't try this yourself ! Hydraulic Presses are very powerful and you can get harmed if you don't operate it correctly !
Enjoy !!

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Comments 100
random stuff
random stuff 7 days ago
So u turned I into actual aluminum
Sam Labo
Sam Labo 8 days ago
Add heat it will fuse enough to make a knife
CC Perso
CC Perso 8 days ago
אוריה גואטה
Couldn't you hold that with a stick or something? It's dangerous
therandomdot 11 days ago
Antoine Atallah
Antoine Atallah 11 days ago
Now that its all squished!! Try unfolding it 🤣
MAX 12 days ago
Quelle est la pression ?
Epiphone1978 12 days ago
Thumbs up for those who reminded the scene with Terminator T800 in the hydraulic press....!!!
Steve Lyden-Brown
Steve Lyden-Brown 13 days ago
It May be nonsense,but it’s fascinating nonsense.
Dzun Kecoa
Dzun Kecoa 13 days ago
Kurang kerjaan
MeAffordable 14 days ago
Try tapping it on your head next time it will ring more hollow. Ok. Lets get after this. So mere compression, in the physical state of aluminum foil sheet form, does not mean that on a molecular level the aluminum has become solid as you suggest, evidence of which is audible when you turn the piece vertical and start the compression cycle, you can hear the aluminum separating. It is not the same as a block of solid aluminum so the tensile strength is not there. Don't apply for a job at Boeing they already have enough problems.
MD Saiful
MD Saiful 14 days ago
Foil turn into a metal piece
alberto vieira
alberto vieira 14 days ago
VERY STUPID! lost a subscriber on the channel nor will I talk about putting your hand on an active press, but not wearing gloves and getting contaminated with aluminum with skin contact. I recommend doing a medical examination on your contamination with heavy metals
Annyai Presoski
Annyai Presoski 16 days ago
I just get an ingot via the internet. Saves buying that press and acres of tinfoil.
Jessie James
Jessie James 17 days ago
That's cool. I never thought of using my neihbors hydrolic press before..
Ratty Woof
Ratty Woof 25 days ago
3:30 - remember to remove hand.
Samdabikinman 25 days ago
Add a bit of heat and it will form a solid piece
Grav Bloss
Grav Bloss 25 days ago
Allen Attoni
Allen Attoni 26 days ago
Now do NDT to show us how solid it is :P
Emilio Marino
Emilio Marino 27 days ago
Send that to demolition ranch
blakeyonthebuses 28 days ago
You know why this has over 16 million views, people like seeing things squashed.
czrvs Month ago
3:22 it can't go wrong :D
Lord Hung
Lord Hung Month ago
How about doing a human head? Please!
Northern Alberta
Hydraulic press channel is way better!
Scatterkat jatzen
I like the crunchy sound of foil being crushed.
SavageUnicorn 24
Put me there so I become a skinny legand lmao
Luca Capezio
Luca Capezio 2 months ago
You're terminated fucker!
Mkc g
Mkc g 2 months ago
3:28 are you mad????
Aristidis 29
Aristidis 29 2 months ago
Eisai ellinas
Андрей Гончаренко
Lemontech74 2 months ago
3:29, I'm telling OSHA
Zeke Nellams
Zeke Nellams 2 months ago
I do this with a forklift tire and a soda can when i'm bored...
Пазетивный КекЗ
*О боже! Не может быть! Этот пресс сдавил фольгу! Невероятно вашу мать!*
Andrey Gurov
Andrey Gurov 3 months ago
clik uk
clik uk 3 months ago
just melt it that was boring
Crazycraigy 3 months ago
nearly 17m views for tin foil crush..
Phillip Carter
Phillip Carter 3 months ago
That kid shouldn't put his in that press until it's fully disengaged. Playing with disaster.
Rupinder Kaur
Rupinder Kaur 3 months ago
Try to fold paper more than 7 times using hydraulic...
Michael Böttcher
Michael Böttcher 3 months ago
Linuxdirk 3 months ago
Very imPRESSive.
James Brewitt
James Brewitt 3 months ago
Still proves nothing will fold more than 6 times whatever the size or pressure put on it
五郎熊 3 months ago
jgarrison1309 3 months ago
This is how we defeat the terminators.
Stefan Hundhammer
Stefan Hundhammer 3 months ago
This is pretty much what a blacksmith does, just without the heat and welding the layers together.
wvspeedbump 3 months ago
zero wolf
zero wolf 3 months ago
Please press your hand,it will be fun
shinyshoes 3 months ago
This is the future of youtube content
NacchiCZ 3 months ago
its normal... In my work have press that cask the bearings is pressing into iron prism (full pressing cask inwards to iron). Cask have size diameter cca 25mm x 60mm long and iron prism have 150x150mm (bearings type 22348KW33M - for hard machine)
whylordwhy yeptheysuck
I wouldn't be surprised if they started making cars out of aluminum
nixonsmateruby1 3 months ago
That would be great for my empty beer cans.
Sir Tinley-Knot
Sir Tinley-Knot 3 months ago
please don't put your hand in there 😱
Logan Tyler
Logan Tyler 3 months ago
Mad Respect for this guy jumping right into what he was advertising
Darkmatter2134 3 months ago
And thats how you make Aluminum Damascus.
Aaron Cochrane
Aaron Cochrane 3 months ago
send it to Edwin Sarkissian
Ad TV 3 months ago
And that’s how they make me lose my time for watching this video
Александр Богданов
И нахуя ????
Bms_quix 3 months ago
Kein Deutscher hier? ... Ok;(
Nevermore 3 months ago
This is ridiculously satisfying...
Gera _409
Gera _409 3 months ago
Not flat enough
Jeff Spicolli
Jeff Spicolli 3 months ago
This is the most oddly satisfying video I’ve seen on RUvid in a while...👍🏻
Bman 1970
Bman 1970 3 months ago
The hydraulic press channel is way better. This video is boreing.
Mike Menace
Mike Menace 3 months ago
Episode four of why this is on my recommend list
Dirk Pitt
Dirk Pitt 3 months ago
Next, an unfaithful woman's breasts........
Cobalt 3 months ago
The only way to unfold it is with a Nokia 3310.
Jean Clifton
Jean Clifton 3 months ago
Stop putting your hands in that machine & use something els before you regret it.
Ronan Dixon
Ronan Dixon 3 months ago
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh 3 months ago
One of a punishment in hell
自由吗 3 months ago
not hot?
Jet Fire
Jet Fire 3 months ago
This is a video I will see straight to the point no ads and no intro thank you
Qamar Muhammad
Qamar Muhammad 3 months ago
While watching this, the movie " The Fly " starring Vincent Price comes to mind."
Muder 112
Muder 112 3 months ago
New way to make body armor put a bunch of pieces of tin foil in a hydraulic press
Teddles Peddles
Teddles Peddles 3 months ago
Can you try this on the heads of Muslims? 😁😁
X__RAY 3 months ago
you so original mate
john smith
john smith 3 months ago
Older video but if you're still answering questions I was wondering if it was warm after being pressed?
Jeff Hartwig
Jeff Hartwig 3 months ago
I think I hear mom in the background asking for her foil to bake cookies....
Paul Henry
Paul Henry 3 months ago
I bet u can't fold a piece of paper 7 times
guinness77100 3 months ago
Safety is an alien concept to these people.
swaziboy1 3 months ago
Put your head in there.
Shin Sho
Shin Sho 3 months ago
Wtf was the whole point to this? That’s 4:43 I’ll never get back
PressTube 3 months ago
So you watched the entire video without skipping a single second? Must be pretty interesting then! 🤣
fly one
fly one 3 months ago
I want to melt down aluminum cans and make roof panels for a house, to be used like shingles. light weight, deflect heat..
Chris Junior
Chris Junior 3 months ago
Watch in 2x, thank me later
Kiana Kaslana
Kiana Kaslana 3 months ago
But why?
Cableguy818 3 months ago
That may be the most satisfying video I have ever watched in my life. That’s the kind of stuff I do
Mauro Modica
Mauro Modica 3 months ago
Che cagata
Andi J
Andi J 3 months ago
Press it more and you'll get aluminum foil again
Mike Carmean
Mike Carmean 3 months ago
Crush some coal and see if you get a Diamond... 💥💥💥
0 3 months ago
You're putting your hand in there while the machine is on...lol
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett 3 months ago
same stuff that $1.00 tools are made of lmao
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett 3 months ago
I want more pressure lol
DukeFishron 16
DukeFishron 16 3 months ago
*World's sharpest knife wants to know your location*
Anand Mahesh
Anand Mahesh 3 months ago
Impressive. Try making orange juice next!
Baquar Hussain
Baquar Hussain 3 months ago
3:26 i would never have done that thing.. Imagine someone's hand getting crushed under the press.
Vishal Thakral
Vishal Thakral 3 months ago
3:22 are u f stupid?
Dread Knot
Dread Knot 3 months ago
Next video do Hydraulic vs earth
Tran Sistor
Tran Sistor 3 months ago
there's no units on the gauge , so whats the pressure?
Tran Sistor
Tran Sistor 3 months ago
funny how it was still frangible?
Alexander Fedorychev
Ah I can finnaly use my foil for something useful
Chippy 3 months ago
First guy I’ve ever seen to put his hand inside a hydraulic press
Rodney Settle
Rodney Settle 3 months ago
Pretty cool.
Italo Magos
Italo Magos 3 months ago
Gregory Sell
Gregory Sell 3 months ago
No fair, you moved.
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