HYBRID TURNS GOOD?! *NEW SEASON 8* (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Voice Actors:
Abigail Turner - abigailturnervo.com/
Ariel Hack - twitter.com/arielhck
Adam Odeh - ruvid.net/u-BandigoPlays
Lynx and Master Key are locked in The Prisoner's volcanic jail. One of the guards, a young Stage 1 Hybrid, is called upon to complete a ritual and turn into Stage 2. But after seeing the transformation take place, the young Hybrid runs away.
The Prisoner sends his minions after him as Hybrid frees Lynx and Master Key from their cells. The three run away only to be forced to jump off a waterfall. They have escaped The Fire King...for now...


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Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 80
LongcatGamer Year ago
I loved the video, your awesome NEWSCAPEPRO! *USE CODE* : newscapepro
Shekera Saunders
Shekera Saunders 4 months ago
@Nebue ykyhu😎
Shekera Saunders
Shekera Saunders 4 months ago
@Shyquasia Wisdom3hkh3h🙄😎 ehfuhye
Shekera Saunders
Shekera Saunders 4 months ago
@SF gizzy tdm
Synergy R3per
Synergy R3per 7 months ago
I do
DylanTheSlime 9 months ago
Richard Arrington me to
Landon Berken
Landon Berken 20 hours ago
Who’s watching in covid?
Mike Luis
Mike Luis 3 days ago
I love key
Satyendrra Dwivedi
I love your videos and I subbed and I liked everyone like to video and sub the video for more!!
Etl24 5 days ago
I loved this series sadly it's over and I wish chapter two season two was like this.
Lin Thomas-Sachindran
Are you real
Fh0enix 15 days ago
I’m Crazative
I’m Crazative 23 days ago
5:46 where and how the hell did he get a minigun???
KING NARSINGH 23 days ago
Hybrid is not a bad guy he is a good guy
Ibrahim Sheriff
Ibrahim Sheriff Month ago
Hello your friend in real
Ng Marty
Ng Marty Month ago
minecraft fox adventure
i hope you bleeed in pain
Stephanie Pulido
I like Fortnite story
Legostudio 82
Legostudio 82 Month ago
My first and favourite episode
Asher Plank
Asher Plank Month ago
Lightning 2 months ago
Rogue is such a good character and you have so much to expand on him...like he knocked down the fire king, he’s literally one of the strongest characters in the series I hope you expand on his golden power and his relationship with tia because Rogue is the best character in the series and my favorite character and skin.
Rapiddragon_yt 3 months ago
I am speaker english
Tiffany Stewart
Tiffany Stewart 4 months ago
I love you
Irina & Andrey Yakimovich
Use code Andrey in the item shop ;)
Doobler Pickle
Doobler Pickle 4 months ago
Key: I think you know my brother, drift. Lynx: WE ARE FAM-ILY!
Banana EVD
Banana EVD 5 months ago
6:33 okay dat way so funny
gaming with danny
gaming with danny 5 months ago
if black heart sold lynx that means it's slavery
TINA MORRISON 6 months ago
hibrid is my good luck charm;)
MayonakaCore142 6 months ago
Still a good episode
Rea Aguirre
Rea Aguirre 6 months ago
he fire king right so why the hell did he step on the water on 8:01
Tree Boy
Tree Boy 6 months ago
Hybrid came out in season 9
Natsu 6 months ago
Just squeeze trough the bars
TTV CCRAIG2k 6 months ago
I wish fortnite was as interesting as this😢
binky bunky
binky bunky 6 months ago
7:58 thefire king is standing in water
Helen Hutchcraft
Helen Hutchcraft 6 months ago
Yo dude send me hybrid skin #Galexyrapter TFL
Fried Fries
Fried Fries 6 months ago
9:10 Didn’t expect the ice king to come out
Fried Fries
Fried Fries 6 months ago
5:05 that was so good
CoolBoyGamer 6 months ago
Hybrids speak in parsel toungue
Charlie Awesome
Charlie Awesome 6 months ago
Chapter 2
Charlie Awesome
Charlie Awesome 6 months ago
I like season 11 more
Inko_ Gacha
Inko_ Gacha 7 months ago
If you listen closely he said *NOOOOOo*
M8X101playz 7 months ago
Back in the goog o’l days
Pokemonland 123
Pokemonland 123 7 months ago
Don’t make fun of blue is amazing
Ace _wolf
Ace _wolf 7 months ago
木下圭弘 7 months ago
NovaBearBear 7 months ago
I dunno why you making fire king and the hybrids the bad people even after that one time the ice king put us through a whole snowstorm and made us fight a whole ice legion Now I'm done
Lightning 2 months ago
NovaBearBear well there good now.
Zachary Pattison
Zachary Pattison 7 months ago
God damn fortnite is garbage
Jhoulys Poole
Jhoulys Poole 7 months ago
Fight to the death fight fight fight fight fight to the death
xRel3NTLess 7 months ago
coming from oct 2 2019 Hybrid and Lynx are always my favorite
The Dootsterr
The Dootsterr 7 months ago
Epic Games
Epic Games 8 months ago
Epic Games
Epic Games 8 months ago
Helen Dyck
Helen Dyck 8 months ago
I love the ninjas
Zargoul 12
Zargoul 12 8 months ago
Oath 8 months ago
Rxeve fortxnite
Rxeve fortxnite 9 months ago
Love the videos keyboard all the good work
Andre Chan
Andre Chan 9 months ago
R.I.P Rogue Hybrid You will always be remembered
canal cassio tuga
canal cassio tuga 10 months ago
nao juque a aparensia
JaCkyisCracky {Gaming}
You stupid Drift girlfriend is Brite Bomber not LYNX you dumb boy
Mr randoms Randomness
Mr randoms Randomness 10 months ago
Hybrid:shhhh dont tell Mutated hybrid:-roars really loud- Hybrid:sO yOu HaVe ChOsEn DEATH
Kalem Lodge
Kalem Lodge 5 days ago
Mr randoms Randomness fire melted then he turned blue
NinjaEfor YTッ
NinjaEfor YTッ 10 months ago
RIP Rouge Hybird
Dk 10 months ago
How here is after rough is gone
Sambaroto xd
Sambaroto xd 10 months ago
F for rouge
Mau Ba
Mau Ba 10 months ago
R.I.P hybrid you will always be in our hearths
Vin Pheff
Vin Pheff Month ago
BTW Ghost
BTW Ghost 10 months ago
Who is here season 9
Shahmir 10 months ago
Hi fat girls and boys
bigb426. yfn
bigb426. yfn 10 months ago
Am i the only one who cries
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
zz. Z.
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
zZ z- z\. Zxzzz. ZZ xcZX z
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
z %- z. Z zZ.
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
Zzc Z
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
Z. Z. Z -
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
%§ § -
Maribel Portillo
Maribel Portillo 10 months ago
%§ § -
Nayak Ramkumar
Nayak Ramkumar 10 months ago
Game. Name
Dila Kent ailesi
Dila Kent ailesi 10 months ago
Im cikolata
Alejandro Fuentes
Alejandro Fuentes 10 months ago
bigalex100 10 months ago
Lynx never dies!!
Tonya Hoppe
Tonya Hoppe 10 months ago
Ibra Sed
Ibra Sed 10 months ago
Smurf Fin
Smurf Fin 10 months ago
Youre video it’s awesome!
dfpigg 10 months ago
5:20 rrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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