HW News - Ryzen 3000 Release Date, OC Power, PCIe Lanes, & New Intel 5GHz CPU

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Spoiling the AMD Ryzen 3000 series release date, X570 chipset power consumption, and Intel's i9-9900KS CPU at 5GHz.
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Intel is launching a "new" i9-9900KS CPU sometime this year, clocked to 5GHz all-core, and AMD is pushing its new Ryzen 3000 series in the next few months. Today, we talk release date for Ryzen 3000 (July 7, 19), X570, X570 power consumption and cooling, PCIe Gen4 lane allocation, and NVIDIA GeForce Super.
We'll be back shortly with X570 motherboard coverage, AMD keynote coverage, and case coverage from #computex2019.
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Editorial, Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


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May 26, 2019

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Comments 803
Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus 21 day ago
There seem to be some overly ambitious viewers who are not listening to the video fully: We specifically and explicitly said the 16-core CPU can reach upwards of 300W with H2O overclocks. We absolutely did *not* say that's the stock CPU. Please stop spreading misinformation. The video title even says "OC Power," meaning "overclocked power." Not stock. Find our standardized case fan testing update here! ruvid.net/video/video-eVkAXSJeKKM.html Check back for AMD keynote coverage.
LowJack187 20 days ago
Too bad you didn't balance the sound before you killed some ears!
Lie Sandy
Lie Sandy 20 days ago
@blueblade455 dude at that point just upgrade.
SlyNine 20 days ago
@Abigail Patridge I know, "so you're saying" is a meme. It's said right before you ridiculously miss represent someone position. (see Cathy Newman vs Jordan Peterson)
Abigail Patridge
Abigail Patridge 20 days ago
@SlyNine Now that is ridiculous. But it might be able to all-core manual OC to that. Maybe. Even that would be stretching my credulity a fair bit. Something over 5GHz definitely seems plausible, but 5.5GHz? Not quite so much. Definitely not as a stock boost speed. I'm pretty sure Jim of AdoredTV has those pretty close to accurate, which means at most we'll have a few cores boost to 5GHz and stop there precisely in a stock configuration, all while staying within the stated TDPs in his leak.
Marcin I
Marcin I Day ago
Will i9-9900ks works on actual z390 boards?
_J 13 days ago
Can anyone tell me if new AMD laptops will be able to use pcie4 for eGPU?
WailOfDoom 13 days ago
Thanks for the video, especially for all the AMD Ryzen Gen 3 dates. Much appreciated.
Daniel Ladishew
Daniel Ladishew 18 days ago
Random Theory, GeForce Super is PCI Express Gen 4 versions of the 2000s series cards.
Bound4Earth 18 days ago
Who cares about 25w chips?
Cbeddoe19 18 days ago
Can anyone take Intel seriously until they can demonstrate their new hardware isn't riddled with security holes? Multiple new exploits every year. Huge performance losses..🤔
xx xx
xx xx 18 days ago
Okay. I need to build a pc ASAP but also want the new ryzen. Any ideas what I can build now which can be easily upgraded to the new ryzen. Anyone knows which mobo would support this?
cwli1 7 days ago
The first-gen b350 and second-gen b450 motherboards will need a BIOS update to use the 3000 series Ryzens.
Matt Gillis
Matt Gillis 19 days ago
Thank you Steve and team! You are my #1 source for hardware!
Barbrady 19 days ago
3:30 I had to repeat that section several times to get the numbers. Pauses between numbers might help. :P
Coman Norbert
Coman Norbert 19 days ago
I have a i9 9900k destop with RTX 2080ti and a Ryzen 5 2600x with 1080ti. Firs I buy the Ryzen, but is not strong in gaming, but it has a good price. I'm not a fan boy, but Intel in gaming is more better. I wait for 3900x in real world, if is better than my i9 I buy one.
William Hetherington
I'm surprised you found such a quiet road here in noisy Taipei
oracleofottawa 19 days ago
Get a haircut and shave you BUM.....
Keptonrae Pingmi
Keptonrae Pingmi 19 days ago
Andrei Tenea
Andrei Tenea 19 days ago
Is the ryzen 9 good for gaming ? I would love those 12 cores 😍😍😍
cwli1 7 days ago
Games only use 6 cores at most but 12 is needed for running the operating system and other demanding software up to the far future.
BakaOppai -
BakaOppai - 19 days ago
Why do people keep forgetting about the I7 8086 that was pushing 5ghz for awhile now. Mine is clocked @ 5.3Ghz
Nathan Bonds
Nathan Bonds 19 days ago
You should shoot more episodes of HW News outside, great change from everything we see on youtube.
Mr Lunatic
Mr Lunatic 19 days ago
amd is not ginna be beter than intel for gaming lol
2a 19 days ago
I9 9900 ks price?
Cupcakable 19 days ago
Hello Steve, You forgot to mention in the Icelake vs Picasso benchmark the were running both systems with the fastest configurable ram on both systems which according to intel is LPDDR4X-3733 for icelake and DDR4-2400 for picasso. Its was mentioned here in this anandtech article www.anandtech.com/show/14405/intel-teases-ice-lake-integrated-graphics-performance and references page 59 of the configuration disclosure set out by I think by Ryan Shrout I don't know what the performance difference between LPDDR4X and DDR4.
ice bread
ice bread 19 days ago
Ahhhh a 60fps video, wonderful
Frank De Belder
Frank De Belder 20 days ago
Nice 4Ghz all core www.pcworld.com/article/3397823/intels-reveals-the-beastly-core-i9-9900ks-likely-its-fastest-gaming-chip-for-real.html
Everytime I hear this Super thing all I can think about is Big Gay Al from south park....*super thanks for asking*
RandomUser221 20 days ago
It's time to switch from Shintel to AyyMD LMAO!
KW0311 USMC 20 days ago
Why is only one side of the HD6xx hooked up?
고태욱 20 days ago
R.I.P Intel.
Fenix Ryzen
Fenix Ryzen 20 days ago
Great content and noticeably great video quality. The step back and spin away with the GN logo at the end was perfectly timed - great job to the editor.
heyguyslol GAMING
heyguyslol GAMING 20 days ago
Can't wait to see Principled Technologies benchmarks for the NEW Intel chips...
Paweł Phon
Paweł Phon 20 days ago
Intel responded to amd 3000 series > 9900ks special edition 5ghz ;) tdp 95w ofc? (joke) and price will be just 999$ (special selected cpu = special selected price) and special selected new socket :D
3800Tech 20 days ago
to block AMD, they just used 5000 series. I guess nvidia can keep 3000 and 4000?
ram64man 20 days ago
I just hope the 3900x doesn’t cripple the processor like threadripper with its 12core on single thread games
jogurcik13 20 days ago
Will ryzen 5 3600 run on b450 chipset?
cwli1 7 days ago
It would need a BIOS update
A T 20 days ago
The Ryzen9 3900X have 70MB Cache, that is 12x L2 + 16x L3 = 12x .5MB + 16x 4MB = 6MB + 64MB = 70MB. That means that 3900X is a cutdown 16 cores to a 12 cores. The Ryzen 7 3800x have 36MB, that is 8x .5MB + 8x 4MB = 36MB. That means that 3700X and 3800X is just one 8Core Chiplet and I/0, when 3900X is a 2x 8core chiplets and I/O chiplet.
Talha Hussain
Talha Hussain 20 days ago
*Intel.exe* has stopped working
Joe shmoe
Joe shmoe 20 days ago
YET AGAIN. Intel SEGREGATE the best $500 cpu's,and call them something else. Thats all they have? And the fan boys accept this? A 'scewing' (or SKU-ING) of the silicon lottery? Completely indefensible b/s. I hope their balls turn cuboid and get gangrene on all 16 corners.
ulhurusurf club
ulhurusurf club 20 days ago
ryzen 12 cores 24 thread..$499 ...thats for me..
Inconspicious Fellow White Man
Intel : Introducing first 9900KS (Kinda Slow)... AMD: I'm about to end this mans career.
TechGoggles 20 days ago
will 9900Ks will be 5GHZ on air cooled?
WarHawk427 20 days ago
Steve, AMD's website states "Is Your System PCIe® 4.0 Ready? Only with 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ AND an X570 motherboard." Yet my X470 Gigabyte Gaming 7 Wifi has Gen 4 in the BIOS after a recent update, could you find out if gen 4 will be possible on x470 motherboards w/zen2, this seems to conflict with the AMD website.
John Callanan
John Callanan 20 days ago
fran 20 days ago
Have they sold all their turing cards? are they really ready for a refresh? lol
Danny Vo
Danny Vo 20 days ago
Got some explaining to do Steve!
Dear Nvidia, Please release a gpu with 2080ti performance for $150 next year and call it 3050ti. Thank you, - a hopeful idiot
Greg Lindstrom
Greg Lindstrom 20 days ago
so 300w could a noctua cooler dissapate that???? or do u need a custom loop?
Eddie 20 days ago
Hey Steve I just wanna say thanks for the informative video. What size shirt are you wearing? I just recently bought that same one from your store.
shane eslick
shane eslick 20 days ago
G'day Steve, I watched Dr Lisa Su's address, definate release Date of 7/7 for 8cores & 12cores with core clocks & pricing, Is the Intel new i9-9900KSuper, oops that's nVidia, Is nVidia's Marketing Team on Holidays, 'Super' is Lame just like 'It just works'
Kaknbools 20 days ago
looks like you have puffy nipples... whats that like?
jay chen
jay chen 20 days ago
Lol nothing's spoiled u POS.
Jps78 20 days ago
You ain't tech jesus anymore
Seb E
Seb E 20 days ago
might want to put an addendum annotation into this video at the relevant moments.
q8_vip2 20 days ago
why 3800x 105w boost 4.5ghz \ while 3700x 4.4ghz 65w ? and same cores both 8 core and 12 threads ?
NerdyPi 20 days ago
Looks like we got all the specs and prices, can't wait to hear your thoughts on them.
TheTargetlockon 20 days ago
Natural set :)
jzilla1234 20 days ago
Now we know Steve has shit sources, following amd comptex
khrom 18 days ago
They've had shit sources since before CES. Embarrassing.
Yair Sollel
Yair Sollel 20 days ago
No 5Ghz yet... Intel still has the higher clocks which in a lot of games still mean higher fps
LT Ang
LT Ang 20 days ago
It's quite painful to see you reading off a phone. You might want to get a tablet while you are in Taiwan; they are super cheap there.
saiyangodbroly26 20 days ago
Well this video aged poorly.
khrom 18 days ago
Yeah, GamersNexus also said Navi wouldn't release until late 2019 when it was very, very obvious to anyone with knowledge of AMD that they would release late summer. Bad judgement on their part. You don't need leaks to know that Navi was going to release in June/July 2019.
A C 20 days ago
I've been saying... 16gb 20XX refresh is the "super"
Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray 20 days ago
A C i would buy that in a flash. Sci computing stuffs
Weaver Games
Weaver Games 20 days ago
They announced us some juicy Ryzen bits after all
bitbat9 20 days ago
ademar9988 20 days ago
thisissang 20 days ago
Jon P Ybanez
Jon P Ybanez 20 days ago
the s stands for ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssspeed
Demonos3 20 days ago
Thanks for the news. I was just getting curious about some AMD news.
Greg Lindstrom
Greg Lindstrom 20 days ago
Really wish I could see performance metrics before pre ordering.
tiladx 20 days ago
Regarding Nvidia trying to trademark 3080, 4080, and 5080 - the Patent and Trademark Office won't allow trademarks composed solely of numbers. "RTX 3080" would be allowed, for example, but not just "3080."
Mabobber 20 days ago
Akkbar 20 days ago
GN! The most prestigious outlet in enthusiast PC tech news. Most professional. Lucky to have ya Steve. Thx!
Zarcondeegrissom 20 days ago
graphics decelerators, nice, lol. the HD600 is how old now, mhhh.
TylertheGeek28 20 days ago
16 lanes? Come on AMD..
yusuf omran
yusuf omran 20 days ago
Amd:turbos to 5ghz Gamers nexus: overclock to 7 ghz
franzb69 20 days ago
the super ones are gonna be the ones with the better a dies
Lord Ba'al
Lord Ba'al 20 days ago
You cannot trademark numbers or works.
Sebastian Jug
Sebastian Jug 20 days ago
Hey Steve, looks like you have shit sources. Stay out of the rumor mill, epic fail.
Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad 20 days ago
I love how he didn't stretch the video out a couple more seconds to make it 10 minutes
Christian Grey
Christian Grey 19 days ago
LegendarySkypenis 20 days ago
looking swole tech jesus.
mdd1963 20 days ago
2:24 so they are not announcing the assorted processors w/ clock speeds and actual performance until 'effin 10 June? Shit! 7 July? That blows.....big chunks..
mdd1963 20 days ago
'6xx'..that really rolls right off the 'ole tongue, does it not?
Jon Icenhour
Jon Icenhour 20 days ago
Anyone remember Intel's same lawsuit for nomenclature on 386, 486 processors? The result was that number sequences were not protected under law, hence i586 became Pentium and AMD adopted K5. How old are the developers and legal department members of Nvidia, anyway?
Wu Li
Wu Li 20 days ago
Nvidia's legal department has to justify their existence to the accountants, who would love to copyright the laws of nature, but don't have the technology yet.
Osillius 20 days ago
You should consider the colored (non black) electrical tape instead of the black for all your uses. I use 3M/Scotch brand for work and the black is the only one that leaves that nasty residue. I don't know if this holds true for other brands but it's worth finding out.
ForkKnifeSux 20 days ago
Ya this doesn't spoil anything.
Lars Passic
Lars Passic 20 days ago
Missed opportunity for Intel to release the "Intel Core i9-9999KS"
Pedro Soares
Pedro Soares 20 days ago
We need fans to cool a 11w chipset that already has an heatsink? That doesn't seem that much power
Scooby Dooby
Scooby Dooby 20 days ago
I *BADLY* want 8 core Ryzen 2 to be at least on par with a 9900K in gaming. I HOPE it's available in the initial launch too. It's been two or three generations, depending on how you look at it, since I bought my 7700K, itself an upgrade from a 6600K on the Z170 chipset (So, maybe 4 generations...). Certain games have shown that more than 4 cores and 8 threads are of value, plus Intel's security flaws are mounting... Intel could have given us an i7 9900K, but chose not to ($350-ish). AMD might offer us an R5 9900K equivalent...
Tim Carpenter
Tim Carpenter 20 days ago
Whomsoever set up the shot did a great job. I love the light / lighting in the street and of you. Elegant, subtle, signifying a journey. I have a preference for the crepuscular.
TheStigma 20 days ago
Oh no... we really have to wait until E3 to get solid info? Well fuck me... all that excitement for nothing :( And also, isn't it a very curious choice to announce a new CPU architecture at E3 over computex? I could understand if they did Navi at E3 (given that it's such a gaming-focused event), but Zen2? ... I suspect that AMD are still having some last minute delays and they just weren't confident to have it all ready for Computex despite that being the original plan. Otherwise it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me why they would choose to do it like this.
James Mastroianni
James Mastroianni 20 days ago
"Time to spread misinformation because I'm too lazy to watch the video" -half your viewers
Mason Hil
Mason Hil 18 days ago
2Fast4Mellow 20 days ago
The Nvidia move is quite smart actually as AMD already parodied already the Intel mainline chipset series Intel already had the Z170 when AMD suddenly came with the X270 and when Intel launches the Z270 there was confusion everywhere.. So I am not suprised that NVidia trademarked their lineup for the upcoming generations. I for one would not be suprised as the upcoming RX680 (successor of the RX580) suddenly was renamed to RX3080 and suddenly AMD has a name that is every close to the RTX3080 line..
pawnslinger1 20 days ago
AMD paper launch! Disappointing. By the way, your video looking very good crisp clear... did you make some changes?
MrYaxalot 20 days ago
......how do you copyright the number 3080
Zonker Harris
Zonker Harris 20 days ago
Quarnozian 20 days ago
8:29 Now I'm expecting an AMD 3180 to compete with the Nvidia 3080. Because 3100 is bigger than 3000 obviously
Vismyname Freemen
Vismyname Freemen 20 days ago
After watching the roast of Linus I thought I'd give this guy a try but nope boring
Tye Roberts
Tye Roberts 20 days ago
Get a load of that DoF & Bokeh! Wowee!
Dana Vixen
Dana Vixen 20 days ago
Silly Nvidia, you cant copyright numbers like 3080, 4080 or 5080 for the same reason why Intel legally lost when AMD also called their chips 386 and 486 and Intel had to change to Pentium
Aguinaldo Rubio
Aguinaldo Rubio 20 days ago
fly joins chat fly says: for i am the fly king!
Lewis Scott
Lewis Scott 20 days ago
You look tired Steve, make sure to get some sleep.
MetalGearMk3 20 days ago
Nvidia Super Resolution technology.
Sina Madani
Sina Madani 20 days ago
So hyped for Ryzen 3000. Been waiting over 6 years to upgrade
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