HW News - AMD's Next Console APU, GPU Marketshare, & #RIPDer8auer OC

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This hardware news episode follows-up on next-gen console APU spec rumors. We also talk about Steam's hardware survey, showing GPU and CPU marketshare.
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Show notes: www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3459-hw-news-amd-gonzalo-apu-nvidia-amd-marketshare-rip-der8auer
Our headlining item talks AMD semi-custom APUs that will set the tone for the next-gen consoles. After this, we talk about how Der8auer recently posted his RIP GN results (congrats on the score, Roman) and how we need to respond. You can find that on Der8auer's channel. Intel is also in the news, talking about the Spoiler exploit and H10 SSDs. IDC and Gartner are also talking about Intel CPU shortages (again), this time aligning in their beliefs about the wider impact to market.
Der8auer's video: ruvid.net/video/video-5-x6zsr1UQM.html
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Host: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Andrew Coleman


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Apr 14, 2019

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Comments 667
Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus 3 months ago
Show notes: www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3459-hw-news-amd-gonzalo-apu-nvidia-amd-marketshare-rip-der8auer Buy the GN Medium GPU Modmat here: store.gamersnexus.net/products/medium-modmat-gpu or buy the GN Large Modmat here: store.gamersnexus.net/products/modmat Find Der8auer's video here! ruvid.net/video/video-5-x6zsr1UQM.html
Southeastern777 3 months ago
Gamers Nexus...Lots of CD/DVD users still in the wild.
Warsun 3 months ago
@something1random23 Oh right Prebuilt. Sorry. Thinking processors alone.
Shado Gaming
Shado Gaming 3 months ago
I kinda wish they would allow a setup where 10 series cards in SLI could run better dxr, like one card doing ray tracing and the other doing the rest of the rendering
something1random23 3 months ago
@Warsun AMD might be selling more to enthusiasts right now, but in prebuilt systems and servers Intel still has a commanding lead.
Warsun 3 months ago
OK so. If AMD is shipping more AMD hardware. Then how do you figure Intel is outselling AMD in the other video. Because it sounds like AMD makes the most sales.
Mattia_98 Month ago
Only 1.6 GHz? Poor console gamers..
Linux 101
Linux 101 2 months ago
Why do I keep getting shampoo ads on GN videos ?
Doken Boken
Doken Boken 2 months ago
I can't help but wonder why a vulnerability that requires administrator and physical access to the system is considered a vulnerability at all. You have much bigger problems when you have security issues with a person that has that kind of access.
DeadNoob 2 months ago
Oh man i still remember playing browser games with shockwave. Good times.
Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks 3 months ago
The new IE 11 bug is supposedly allow them to take over your pc. If IE 11 is installed and enabled on your device and even if you use another web browser, they too become affected to that IE 11 bug.
oriongaby 3 months ago
About Intel iGPUs, I own a "dual graphics" (Nvidia Optimus) laptop. If I'm not running anything that wakes up the discrete GPU or have no external monitor plugged in, Steam will only record that I have an HD 630 iGPU because the GTX 1070 is on a sleep state. And even if the GTX 1070 is running it will still show that I also have the HD 630 since it still has to "pipe" the GTX 1070 framebuffer to display it on the laptop's screen. EDIT: I'm pretty wrong, this is the output of Steam's "System Information", and it doesn't even show the GTX 1070 while having two external monitors plugged into mini-DP ports that connect directly to the dGPU (I have the circuit schematics and the only output the HD 630 has is the eDP for the laptop's display): Video Card: Driver Not Detected DirectX Driver Name: igdumdim32.dll Driver Version Not Detected DirectX Driver Version: Driver Date Not Detected OpenGL Version: 4.5 DirectX Card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 VendorID: 0x8086 DeviceID: 0x3e9b Revision Not Detected Number of Monitors: 3 Number of Logical Video Cards: 3 No SLI or Crossfire Detected Primary Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Desktop Resolution: 5760 x 1080 Primary Display Size: 20.00" x 11.26" (22.91" diag) 50.8cm x 28.6cm (58.2cm diag) Primary Bus Type Not Detected Primary VRAM Not Detected Supported MSAA Modes: 2x 4x 8x 16x
Stoner Jesus
Stoner Jesus 3 months ago
What kind of recommendation can gamernexus give on cooling for rtx 2070/2080/2080ti cards? I have a zotac amp 2080, and the cooling is effecticesure, but once those fans pick up more then half their speed they are VERY noisy, I'd like to know if I'd be able to get a decent aftermarket cooler for the card.can we get a video on that?
Andy Aldrich
Andy Aldrich 3 months ago
Shockwave...now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time
Hudson Jackson II
Hudson Jackson II 3 months ago
Every day, I find something in the news that gives me yet one more reason to avoid Intel.
kn00tcn 3 months ago
shockwave is NOT flash & was extremely rare to see on websites, it was originally used for gpu+storage access
Cnn is Fakenews
Cnn is Fakenews 3 months ago
Windows 10 has lower adoption rates because it is still GARBAGE!. Garbage Tiles designed for touchscreens, because that what desktop users want.
Qardo 3 months ago
CPU "Shortage" yeah...shortage. Sure.
Ariel Velasquez
Ariel Velasquez 3 months ago
What about MSI and AMD problem with zen 2 support for X370 and B350 Motherboards?
Sean Crees
Sean Crees 3 months ago
I mean, why get the 9990XE now when we can just wait for the 9999XXX?
Michael Mast
Michael Mast 3 months ago
I ordered some small form factor PCs last year, got them last month thanks to Intel. The AMD variant uses old A9 APUs and they have problems with Igel OS and VMware BLAST :-(
Royameadow 3 months ago
Two topics this time around: ~ RTX Functionality on Pascal: As I do not have a Pascal series Quadro at my disposal to test with the new drivers, it would be nice to know if RTX functionality is capable of working with the Tesla P100 and Quadro P4000 to P6000 and GP100 cards, for if it does and it works extremely well, this might help out in prolonging their lifespan deep into the point where Nvidia, PNY, and Hewlett~Packard are no longer selling Pascal series Quadro and Tesla GPUs, effectively giving them purpose to purchase over their GeForce counterparts from that generation if money is not an obstacle and consumers don't want to get an RTX 4000 or Tesla T4 for the time being. ~ 9990XE: To know now that the 9990XE is no longer confined to the Auction Only market truly shows how important having 05 Gigahertz (Stable) on all cores is to the Consumer and Enthusiast base, this chip is easily one of the hottest and most brutally power consuming that Intel has released (after all, it is simply a heavily overclocked 9940X with extreme wattage and heating issues; wishfully Ice and Meteor Lake X will be significantly more bearable on the power draw here, Skylake was easily the worst of the current era when it came to ridiculous temps and TDP) and will be what'll hold over many people while they wait for Ice/Tiger/Alder and Meteor Lake to come along; the only problem that I worry about with the 9990XE though will be its overall supply, not because of the chip shortage at Intel, but because of Prebuilt Desktops that will have it, I can only imagine how much of these Intel will be pumping out on a normal basis before Skylake X is retired outright and if my worries on this are justifiably proven true, then the 9990XE could remain in a similar spot as the 5775C on Amazon at this time: Reasonably priced at launch, but only badly spiking in cost as it ages over time, effectively making it pointless to purchase when compared to a modern alternative (I can see the Meteor Lake~based 13900K and 13990XE easily being able to deliver far better results than the 9990XE in this regard, come 2023 and '24), it would be a shame if this were to happen but that is a very firm possibility under the current circumstances.
Martin Schou
Martin Schou 3 months ago
The €12,999 is INCLUDING taxes but likely not shipping. EU companies that sell to consumers are required by law to include taxes in the prices they show.
Mr AMD 3 months ago
Christ, Steam survey..... That is giving false info, it counts all PC's also the ones no longer in use. Even 10 year old systems are accounted for, no good representative of current systems.
Mr AMD 3 months ago
Talking about AMD making a add for Gigabyte Aorus Intel Z390 MoBo???
Eden 3 months ago
16:37 In addition to taxes? Are you sure about that? Or do you mean when importing to the US?
Scott Andes
Scott Andes 3 months ago
Hey Steve, why do consoles use APU chips?
Peter Connell
Peter Connell 3 months ago
It's the cheapest solution they could go with instead of separate components.
StraightupGamer 3 months ago
.....did u get a perm?
smakusdod 3 months ago
Base clock 1.6 ghz? No.
Daniel Downs
Daniel Downs 3 months ago
AMD all the way! Screw intellonyou!
Steven Arvizu
Steven Arvizu 3 months ago
Steve pls I beg, just a tiny bit of inflection in your voice? You sound like a substitute teacher reading the teachers lesson plans out loud because he has no idea what subject this class is
saultube44 3 months ago
More BS Intel CPU shortages, to keep reminding people they need them, and their demand is higher than the offer to keep prices high for their greedy stockholders; BS, Intel is simply not making enough CPUs, limiting production o purpose to remain exclusive and rare Capitalist BS as usual, but some people like to keep repeating it isn't so like Steve, for personal reasons or whatever, maybe eve legal reasons you can't replace 1 CPU for another could e looked like fraud. Another contention point: How do we know sales are being affected in Capitalism, Consumerism dictates and ever growing production regardless of the demand on the false hope that population will increase and demand will increase, despite market saturation, not all people will upgrade to the latest because they don't need to, computers are very fast and capable, Intel is trying to artificially counter this y creating shortages AKA Speculation of Prices, this should be illegal. Intel is building Fabs and developing a GPU, money is not a problem, they could have anticipated this but they didn't, want to swallow this BS, be my guest. What in the actual fuck? i9-9990XE=2,800$?
Johannes 3 months ago
12 999eur is including taxes. So only shipping and import toll will be due additionally. Sales tax may be higher in Europe, but usually it hides pretty well :p
cracklingice 3 months ago
Pretty sure Puget could have gotten more than one if they wanted more than one. Pretty sure they just wanted to evaluate it and decided that the limited availability outweighed the benefits of offering the CPU.
cracklingice 3 months ago
These H10 drives could be interesting for laptops that feature the H10 and spinning rust. Otherwise, it's completely useless.
man rom
man rom 3 months ago
Steve: the biggest item #RIPDer8auer...fixed
dr. whet farts
dr. whet farts 3 months ago
we need next gen fast. xbox one x is weak as fck. seeing rdr2 on it made me laugh. sluggish 20-30 fps gameplay with forced motion blur. horrible experience. i'll play it for real when pc version comes out, or when it launches for ps5.
Brolivia Wilde
Brolivia Wilde 3 months ago
I tried DXR... I've got a 2600k OC to 4.6Ghz and a 1080ti, and on my system running BFV at 1440p with maxed settings WITH dxr, it ran pretty much at perf level of what GN's chart shows, except, and this is a big EXCEPT, it was a stuttery mess., not even gsync could save it. Whether 'single player' mode or multiplayer, it was stuttering very frequently to hte point where it was distracting me from actuallly looking at the RT reflections. with DXR off, it's buttery smooth, wiht dxr on and I want to turn the game off.
Minimal MO
Minimal MO 3 months ago
0:14 Lol, what a burn^^ xD This video got me laughing even before the intro, not bad Steve, not bad.
R Dyer
R Dyer 3 months ago
VESA Standard??? Bottomline first: Do you know of any efforts to standardize the placement of VESA mounts on the backs of monitors? I don't like most manufacturers' monitor mounting stands. They're never tall enough, and whatever I put them on is always in the way on my desk, or even worse, unstable. So when possible I like to use wall, or sometimes table, mounting brackets. Fortunately, most monitors now seem to come with VESA mount mounting holes. And while luckily they are centered horizontally, you never know where the manufacturer is going to put them vertically. I just finished wall-mounting two different monitors next to one another. One had a nicely centered VESA mount, but the other's was 13cm higher than center. Besides making the marking and drilling on the wall more complicated, it's nearly impossible to use that monitor in "portrait" orientation. Background (aka: extraneous blah, blah, blah...) I've been doing electronics of one form or another, professionally and personally, for about 40 years. But in all that time I had never built a PC from the ground up...until last month. With the help of several RUvid channels such as yours, it was extremely fun, and almost too simple. One of the things that made it so, was all the standards that manufacturers are using to the benefit of themselves and their customer base. e.g. If I buy (from reputable vendors) an ATX case and an ATX motherboard, I can logically assume they'll work together. I really liked that, and it made component selection and assembly a breeze. Not so for VESA!! (End of rant.) Thanks for your time. (MCP: End of Line.)
PredatoryQQmber 3 months ago
I wonder if there are any SSD manufacturers other than Intel that have no shame in peddling QLC trash…
Roman Nasuti
Roman Nasuti 3 months ago
Wait, I share a name with Der8auer??
aceous99 3 months ago
looks like Tech Jesus fell hard of his bike over the weekend :*(
ThisIsBunny Gaming
ThisIsBunny Gaming 3 months ago
3000€ aint 2800$...
Chris Bresson
Chris Bresson 3 months ago
Just ordered my modmat, thanks Steve. It will be perfect for my nephews and his first build
AFNacapella 3 months ago
btw someone had the 13k € lying around, it's not listed anymore
HawkFest 3 months ago
About Optane amd then the i9-9990XE.. Optane, and mostly proprietary bootable M.2 RAID0 via VROC only allowing Intel's SSD? Yeah right Intel LMAO! If I'd need this I'd go AMD (which allows bootable M.2 RAID via whatever M.2 brand on the market, and without having to pay some fee to Intel in order to have a bootable M.2 RAID array via some VROC key while seeding confusion), period. As I did in a build last year using a Threadripper 1950X CPU (on an MSI X399 Carbon AC with BIOS updates). I don't see the point of having an i9-9940X... sorry, an i9-9990XE, at such a price! Although I don't understand German, on Caseking's site they say (please confirm) that It *_only has 14 cores,_* still 14nm, same cache as the 9940X... The difference being the base stock clock at 4GHz (boost at 5GHz) rather than 3.3GHz (boost at 4.4GHz)... I don't see the point except for throwing your money through a Window! Just buy a 9940X with a good cooling solution and OC the CPU if those higher frequencies are desired, or better yet, a 18 cores 9980XE if it's used for anything else than Adobe Premiere...
b00stedrust 3 months ago
Use some damn conditioner, hair out of control.
Deimios 3 months ago
Wait a sec. I thought PC was dead as a platform. What do you mean CPU shortages?!
Ingo.Tzebadich 3 months ago
when bauer die ?? for u lying titel dislike
no name
no name 3 months ago
LOL "der8auer finally responded to OC challenge couple of months late, he needed to wait for ASUS to help him" . Brilliant :D
Michel van Briemen
Michel van Briemen 3 months ago
The way you mentioned "waiting for certain new videocards" made me think Navi's imminent. I mean, Nvidia wouldn't release a meme RTX card that's only a bit better than the Titan RTX would they? Not so soon anyway
CanonFirefly 3 months ago
Why are OEM's so slow to put out Zen based mobile solutions? Zen based laptops are very thin on the ground.
Nocturnal101 Ravenous
I believe there was an official statement a year ago from either Sony or Microsoft saying 2021 was the target for the next generation consoles, with that being said I don't think anyone should be shocked enough to call this a leak as it probably should be near completion for the APU, Id expect release in the spring after a CES or E3 announcement and demo. AMD right now just represents the best overall value, sure it won't give the top tier performance in most games, but the value beyond that is extensive, people could be betting on Core counts outweighing frequency in the near future, there are also the massive security leaks in the Intel arch. so that may be a driving factor for enterprise as well.
Daniel Woodland
Daniel Woodland 3 months ago
what happened too your face?
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