Husband convicted after begging for wife’s safe return on TV

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A mysterious suspect that acted like a chameleon, charming to the public, different behind closed doors. It all begins in Illinois when a woman goes over to a friend's place to house-sit.
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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Simpsons Love
Simpsons Love Hour ago
Dead thot finally gots what she deserves.
Da. Bi.
Da. Bi. 2 hours ago
get marlyn a proper wig please!
Brenda Perez
Brenda Perez 3 hours ago
He should have gotten an Ass Ka.
Jennyblake Blake
Jennyblake Blake 3 hours ago
oh god so obvious the husband he looks so guilty>the husbndz found out
Latavia Adams
Latavia Adams 3 hours ago
He did all that crying and putting on for the news cameras and he killed her. Smdh
Binary-Technique 4 hours ago
I feel no pity for her. Matter of fact I'm glad she got smoked lol
Krystle Barnes
Krystle Barnes 4 hours ago
If you can't fake cry properly on TV, don't kill anyone.
Shirajai 6 hours ago
Cheating doesn’t justify death!
Mélinda Bas
Mélinda Bas 10 hours ago
Todd the turd had too much time on his hands
Tony Haddad
Tony Haddad 14 hours ago
these crime watch episodes are timed so right lol
Blake About mine
Blake About mine 17 hours ago
Todd was such a horrible actor!
Cosette Frost
Cosette Frost 18 hours ago
When you cheated on your husband but you don't know he's a murderer and a bad actor.
HHH 19 hours ago
Can't the lady get a better wig ? i mean HOLY SHIT!
Da. Bi.
Da. Bi. 2 hours ago
100% AGREE
Perah 20 hours ago
This makes me so mad because there are so many cases of men killing their wives and going on news outlets pretending they want them back and the flip side to that is all the ACTUAL MISSING BLACK GIRLS who don’t even get the time of day yet alone the news to even report their stories
Steven Leblanc
Steven Leblanc 22 hours ago
And king Solomon said I'm going to the big house and I will need my panties and bra so I can get my CHEECKS busted wide open and proclaim the name jesus Christ that hurts hallelujah do it again my big dog
nambalirwa esther
The black woman looks like Donna Summer
Mercedes Ghretlli
Sounds like her too🎤
Ezzy Day ago
What in the laura lee crying was that 💀
Alyssa Day ago
why does everyone from true crime shows have phones legit from 2008???
Lana Johnson
Lana Johnson Day ago
I've been watching this so much..I'll get away with murder. (Don't @me) 🥴🙏🏾🥴😣
Susanne Raynard
How can you be required to get a voluntary drug screening?
Shelley Fitch
Crying like that with no tears?
I4got 2pull0ut
Oo she cheated, now I know why she died
kham777 2 days ago
His bible 🙄🙄🙄
kham777 2 days ago
What a puny, pathetic creep!
Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes 2 days ago
Wtffff i accidentally clicked on this and it’s takin place in my town 😂😂
kham777 2 days ago
I wish there was a test for crocodile tears 😒
gold school
gold school 2 days ago
The husband might be a LL Cool J fan.
Santana 2 days ago
Brooklyn1203 2 days ago
Why do they send the fake text messages after they killed the person haha....Good luck on your interview!
Quuu Oli
Quuu Oli 3 days ago
Rachel Ruffley
Rachel Ruffley 3 days ago
Not one single tear left his eyes
D Skelton
D Skelton 3 days ago
How he thought anyone would buy that dreadful, cringeworthy effort at acting when he was pleading for Katrina's return is beyond me.
Stanna 3 days ago
So here’s what I’ve learned watching True Crime Daily. The person that lights up a room, full of energy, happy, tons of friends and special is always the one that gets murdered. Glad I’m none of the above.
hoosierhiver 3 days ago
Has a televised plea ever done any good?
ludwigrx 3 days ago
Gone Girl with a twist.
just a guy
just a guy 3 days ago
I’m not justifying murder but someone that has an affair while they have children is not a “good person”
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez 3 days ago
He literally acts suspicious and his tears are fake! 😪
BO BON 3 days ago
She's the prosecutor ?? God I can't imagine how dumb the defense lawyers must be to have lost this case .. Todd dumb the two bitches defending you ..🤦‍♂️😜😂
Raul Ramirez
Raul Ramirez Day ago
BO BON hey he might be innocent!
Shishir Pradhan
Shishir Pradhan 3 days ago
That black lady's wig is insane!!!
Tiffany Short
Tiffany Short 3 days ago
Covert Narcissist.... very scary shit...
Breanna Waldrop
Breanna Waldrop 3 days ago
not knocking any female but my fight or flight kicks in way too quick grew up with shady ass men i would kick this skinny weasels ass
Patrice Le Roux
Patrice Le Roux 3 days ago
Konig 3 days ago
6:25 is this detective wearing the same Wig that Dave Chappell wore as Rick James?
SteveMadeTv 3 days ago
5:18 Idk what happened or who did what but that was the worst act I’ve seen
Lord Inquisitor Darkhammer
Why don't you take a seat over there?
DiggyB 4 days ago
shit if your SO is having an affair, just divorce them. Don't kill them.
matt nelson
matt nelson 4 days ago
LOL these people "but I clicked the 'delete' button" no you cheap-ass! You need to drill a hole through that shit, dissolve it in acid, and dump the remnants in a river if you want to ensure you deleted something that could fuck you over. I'm glad he didn't, bc he's a POS, but just wow, hope saving $80 was worth it.
Lurking Crass Zero
Sounds like her adulterous new boyfriend may have killed her eventually anyways. Lies and deceit never end well.
QueenOfTheClouds 4 days ago
All these husbands who kill their wives are terrible at faking grief. Reminds of Chris Watts
Michael Panitch
Michael Panitch 4 days ago
Damn! And I was so sure it was the puppy. I'm no good at this crime fighting stuff :(
TESS YVONNE 4 days ago
Anyone else notice that when is the partner they are horrible actors this evil scum then the scum watts etc
Fred Egg
Fred Egg 4 days ago
The real crime here is the prosecutor's wig....
ApoTayCary 4 days ago
I fucked Guy Gabriel
Jazmine Price
Jazmine Price 4 days ago
This story is so confusing. It’s just too much going on!
Ari G
Ari G 4 days ago
Wow, they really painted this girl to be a sweetheart. Oh just because her husband wasn't the super bread winner that he is, they're justifying her mischief and cheating to be ok.
Judy Everist
Judy Everist 4 days ago
The newslady is scary!
Judy Everist
Judy Everist 4 days ago
You can tell he's faking!
mia Acosta
mia Acosta 4 days ago
I've been watching true crime daily for two weeks now cause there ain't nothing else to watch
Tropic-Al 4 days ago
If you too are a good person,inside and out, don't have an affair. Leave and divorce your spouse first.It's the honorable thing to do.
Tom Reed
Tom Reed 4 days ago
I used to say if my wife cheats on me I will kill her. Well I got married she cheated and I couldn't do it. I can't take someone's life. I may be crazy but not dangerous crazy
Tom Reed
Tom Reed 4 days ago
His phony cry no tears
Cuyler Jones22
Cuyler Jones22 4 days ago
Todd our here looking like Steve Buscemi
Rumpel Felt
Rumpel Felt 4 days ago
I can't tell who I hate more: this scraggly meth-head looking fake crier or Chris Watts and his laughable lack of emotion about killing his whole family. Also at this point I'm convinced anyone who suddenly finds religion is guilty. Yeah it's real easy to find forgiveness from an imaginary being because you make it up yourself.
Mincy Clarke
Mincy Clarke 4 days ago
Hollywood is in trouble because people like Todd are becoming great actors of lies, deceit and dangerous murderer by staging, directing and acting their crimes so easily.
greg johnson
greg johnson 5 days ago
another christian..whats up with that
Yami Wyman
Yami Wyman 5 days ago
F2f 5gtrre35
Victoria Dlamini
Victoria Dlamini 5 days ago
"Yes! Todd's perfect murder is being perfectly recorded". That was hilarious.
5 days ago
cheaters deserve death, no empathy for that whore
Mr. Defiled
Mr. Defiled 5 days ago
Kinda looks like that Anthony Wiener guy.
Mr. Defiled
Mr. Defiled 5 days ago
An anniversary trip in DC? Lmfao. Where did he propose to her, South Central Los Angeles?
Nomo 5 days ago
Once you find out or even suspect a spouse is cheating...be alert ,aware and on guard. They can get really nasty especially when they have a vicious lover. Nothing is too low when they get desperate. Even if you have been together for many years. I had one who tried to threaten me and arrogantly offered to "give me the children if I gave him the property and money " once he realized that was not legal...he went into full war. Believe me I was scared.
MaGuffintop 5 days ago
Hmmm. She didn’t have any enemies. Nah, just a couple stalkers, a arsonist, criminal husband with an alias, & a married boyfriend who beats his wife. What could go wrong?
positive vibes
positive vibes 2 days ago
Alec Hall
Alec Hall 2 days ago
eh if someone had to get killed...never feel too bad for cheaters
M G 3 days ago
True Blue
True Blue 5 days ago
Is that investigator or reporter Rick James Brother?
Govind Ramesh
Govind Ramesh 5 days ago
Man, you guys gotta stop giving it away in the title. Gotta Let that broth of mystery simmer 🤣
Panda Boy
Panda Boy 5 days ago
Damn bitch cheated wow who cares what happened to her
Panda Boy
Panda Boy 5 days ago
Being in debt is bad but not cheating thats fucking stupid
Panda Boy
Panda Boy 5 days ago
Wow they making catrina seem like the good person
Maximum Inc.
Maximum Inc. 6 days ago
Its hard to feel sorry for her dt @ me
Zeynab Uthman
Zeynab Uthman 6 days ago
If she hadn’t been a cheating whore she’d still be alive.
Absolutely Ridiculous
Holy...this is close to my residence!
Wanda Strickland
Wanda Strickland 6 days ago
I don't undeestand. When murders are committed, these dummies turn into actors or actresses. An most of the time fail in their first audition. 😉😅 Sheesh that fake crying. These dum dums go straight for the cameras. Uugh
Wanda Strickland
Wanda Strickland 6 days ago
understand** 😥
ai papi
ai papi 6 days ago
Gone Girl x Mr. & Mrs. Smith...
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