Husband convicted after begging for wife’s safe return on TV

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A mysterious suspect that acted like a chameleon, charming to the public, different behind closed doors. It all begins in Illinois when a woman goes over to a friend's place to house-sit.
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Comments 100
Jar Head
Jar Head 38 minutes ago
DA women needs to learn how to swing a bat
DanielChias67 Chias
He was bystanding in the surch of his wife ??? I would kick his ass all over the place interrogating him at the same time !!!!
john D W
john D W 3 hours ago
This dumb mutherfucker gps’d his his own crime. You just can’t make this shit up.
GABRIELLE B 4 hours ago
This was in my hometown I think my brother went to school with the victims sister. So sad 😢
pop 80s
pop 80s 11 hours ago
that black lady with a wig , those pple are really mentally retarded. yakk
Islander Child
Islander Child 11 hours ago
I've been heartbroken, depressed and alone. But what I'm actually feeling happy about right now is the fact that I'm single. Let me be single till I'm 50! By then, if whoever I marry wanted to kill me, I'd be old. I don't trust no more😑
Erica Hernandez
Erica Hernandez 12 hours ago
Detective Rick James... Biitch
Cali Rae
Cali Rae 14 hours ago
Katrina was one of my best friends mom’s close friends. The day her body was found was one of the saddest days of my life.
Sílvia Barcellos
Sílvia Barcellos 14 hours ago
Just to think that she was supporting that piece of trash and his three daughters!!!
mariimar 17 hours ago
WHO has that ancient motorola
Shamdy Crook
Shamdy Crook 18 hours ago
Mr. No tears. 😭😭😭
George Harris
George Harris 19 hours ago
Wow the guy he cheated with is ugly asf. Makes no sense.
George Harris
George Harris 20 hours ago
I have no sympathy to cheaters. Get a divorce and then start dating. It could literally save ur life in this kind of situations. Some ppl just can't handle knowing ur wife with another person.
Player 1
Player 1 20 hours ago
So she cheated because he was going broke?...... One question? Did he cheat?
Stephanie Askew
Stephanie Askew 21 hour ago
And surprise NO tears!!!
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 23 hours ago
How did they find her phone and bloody paper towels 2 days later?? Shitty investigating
Cynthia Chanel
OMG !!!!😥😥😥😥
J. Day ago
They look like brother and sister.
Navy XA
Navy XA Day ago
OrangeUp Day ago
At 22:10 „Then a great discovery...“ sigh..
S A Day ago
What a
Phillup_DaCucci-Blackout PS4 !SUBSCRIBE!
That fake crying should have got him arrested. Clearly.
Luca El Buscador
"She did everything she could to protect herself." Except cheating on her husband and shagging another woman's marriage. Ya know, she was sooooo innocent.
Ninef Sargis
Ninef Sargis Day ago
god also said thou shall not kill
Angela79 Day ago
Get this man a razzie for that fine display of acting talent! Also... wtf is this pretty girl doing with these losers? 1 guy is an insecure, deadbeat dad that stalks her. The other is a cheating, wife-beater.
Lynnie Kaye
Lynnie Kaye Day ago
Fake crying by husband
You know how easy it is to take a hard drive out of a computer?... good thing he was a dummy after all!...but was the women a saint?... most certainly not!...did she deserve to die?.. most certainly not.
Faizah H
Faizah H Day ago
He is still saying u got the wrong guy
Hidden Channels
Couldn't he find another pussy?.What's wrong with him for killing someone for nothing. Get a divorce and fucking enjoying sex tourism at least.
Faizah H
Faizah H Day ago
Notice they don't say how fantastic she is
Tony Quigley
Tony Quigley Day ago
4:17 seriously wat the hell is tat on this womans head??? why do all black women wear wigs? and f*CKED UP ones at tat? 0:23 seriously women's eyebrows the last few years... hat the f*CK??
Wes N Alex
Wes N Alex Day ago
Chris Watts
Tanners Even
Tanners Even 2 days ago
Never take anything. Never leave anything.
Vic Ocean
Vic Ocean 2 days ago
Where are the tears buddy
Kirk Rundstrom
Kirk Rundstrom 2 days ago
Whore got what she deserved
Clickbait 2 days ago
That wig should be a crime.
pay me some alimony or do some time
Stupid woman!
Anastasia Beaverhausen
White kids do t go to jail for the shit they do then they turn into murderers.
Angelina Albano
Angelina Albano 2 days ago
I don't understand why these people kill, I mean seriously, have you never heard of getting a divorce??? Why kill??? You know you're going to get caught and then live the rest of your life behind bars. I think a divorce would have been easier. You would have been rid of them and then would be able to go about your life and move on but killing them is just so stupid because like I said, you're definitely going to get caught and then you have to spend the rest of your life in prison not even mentioning all the people you're hurting by doing that. I just don't understand. The only way I would kill someone is in self defense or if someone did me really, really wrong and I felt it was worth it to spend the rest of my life in prison for killing them. But to replace a divorce??? Really though???? That's so stupid and now besides hurting sooooo many people, now you have to spend the rest of your life behind bars so, good luck with that.
1Americanatlarge 2 days ago
Lauren Christie
Lauren Christie 2 days ago
Christ. That wig
Ulysses Jimenez
Ulysses Jimenez 2 days ago
This happened 20 mins from me
colonel Angus
colonel Angus 2 days ago
Play paradise by the dashboard light.meatloaf explaind how he just wants to play Ball!!
colonel Angus
colonel Angus 2 days ago
I believe he was just trying to get a hold of this batty situation. He struck out. Loser.!!
jj 2 days ago
Free todd
Aaliyah Hall
Aaliyah Hall 2 days ago
Moral of the story ... Don't cheat cause people who finds out their spouses chea kills...
MGB 2 days ago
There were no tears anytime he made a TV appearance. Too bad, they made a cute couple. She really knows how to pick them, yuk!
bowhunter 4 life
bowhunter 4 life 2 days ago
I knew this mutha was guilty way before this was over......it said it on the thumbnail!
Atrix 3 days ago
Guy Gabriel looks like thanos
Donic Chamboko
Donic Chamboko 3 days ago
why do people cheat.just leave the person if you dont want them anymore.and find another person after
IRON60 BITCH 3 days ago
White woman marries a man who has three children from another woman
V S 3 days ago
Was gone girl movie inspired by this murder?
Brenda Paduch
Brenda Paduch 3 days ago
I’m surprised they didn’t suspect the husband immediately. He didn’t get worried after she didn’t respond to his text all day, he waited until evening to call her sister, and that “crying” looked really fake.
sterneis1 3 days ago
colin lobo
colin lobo 3 days ago
That Prosecutor looks like Donna Summers .
Jerry Marshall
Jerry Marshall 3 days ago
Damn norman bates had a son and donna summers became a prosecutor
Jerry Marshall
Jerry Marshall 3 days ago
Love u to death,cant live without you,I'll do whatever it takes,sounds like the lyrics to about a million love songs. Bitch theyll find u in the river,I'll kill u then blow my brains out,and if i cant have u then ill smoke you and ur new man,thats some subtle threats.ha ha
John Hinsely
John Hinsely 3 days ago
Lol well he loved her clearly
sweetie pie
sweetie pie 3 days ago
She's cheating on her husband with a married men...how she become a good person..
sweetie pie
sweetie pie 3 days ago
Lesson learned...if your not happy and there is no love anymore ..just leave !!! Don't commit adultery... Stop hurting someone heart...
Savagemo 2
Savagemo 2 3 days ago
Wow y’all so cruel tf she is dead!!! And y’all talking abt how oh she knows how to pick them... like damn show some Respect ✊🏾 RT she is someone’s daughter tf!!! Some of y’all are pathetic asf!!!
Jania Kirkland
Jania Kirkland 3 days ago
Pron shouldn't have been cheating on her husband with a married man. A married man who was in fact an abuser. Then she was killed by her own husband. Crazy. She was not very good at choosing men. Sad she died tho but she dug her own grave.
Uncle Downer
Uncle Downer 3 days ago
Women be wanting that clitourous tapped. It gets them in trouble most times. Looking for the bad dude that taps it good, then later complains he is mean. It's sad. Find a good boy why also has a decent sized wang who also has a good work ethic. That's all you need ladies.
Igor Almeida
Igor Almeida 3 days ago
Donna Summer did a good job in this case
Suzy cue
Suzy cue 3 days ago
being single.. you have control over your life and your peace. at any point a married partner may turn on you... hate you because they meet someone else, want something different than their life with you and you are dead. snuffed out.
adventure Times
adventure Times 3 days ago
i haven’t herd this. i use to live next to there i stayed in rockford
Jasmine Washington
That prosecutors wig is HORRIBLE!!
johnny bartle
johnny bartle 3 days ago
So what she liked dick who cares
johnny bartle
johnny bartle 4 days ago
What a little bitch I hope bubba takes good care of him
johnny bartle
johnny bartle 4 days ago
Give that mother fucker a piece of cheese
Broken Silence
Broken Silence 4 days ago
RIP Katrina. On another note that wig Marylin is wearing is awful.
Lani Baby
Lani Baby 4 days ago
Crocodile tears 😭
HIVE777 4 days ago
Why don’t they bitch about abortion just as much. That murder. Half the women in the US should be in prison for murder for abortion
Jon 4 days ago
Jesus wtf is wrong with those 3 girls they're all faceless is their dad an etch a Sketch ?
HIVE777 4 days ago
Convicting someone on wether or not they are convincing is what’s wrong with America
Gerhard Symons
Gerhard Symons 4 days ago
Hypergamous, cheating woman. AWALT. Todd was wrong to kill her, should have gone MGTOW.
Richard _
Richard _ 4 days ago
This is what filthy cheaters get! I hope this happens to ProJared!
Christine Njoroge
Preciously these murders are not going to heaven
funitude 4 days ago
The sister has creepy voice fry while talking about her murdered sister, and then she laughs.
David Mathes
David Mathes 4 days ago
I worked with her, she was Hr i was Heath and Safety Coordinator she was soo sweet.....very sad.
David Mathes
David Mathes 4 days ago
+Gerhard Symons completely besides the point but she was great at her job
Gerhard Symons
Gerhard Symons 4 days ago
Women were made for HR.
Bettina 4 days ago
Why are we women so stupid sometimes when it comes to men?!? And some men are victims too,. Why can't the good ones get with the good ones? I refuse to date anymore. I never understood how a person that could say "I love you" do such awful things, even just during divorce!? Just end the relationship, chalk it up and move on, you once LOVED that person so you said?! It's about control, not love.
Gerhard Symons
Gerhard Symons 4 days ago
Money. Resources. That's why women are with men.
wesh MAMMADOU 4 days ago
He did too much it was clear he was the killer
Kurgat Kiprop
Kurgat Kiprop 4 days ago
Who is watching today?
dara tak
dara tak 4 days ago
they both guilty , no empathy for neither of them its just too bad that one died its what u get why not just divorce first
John Hinsely
John Hinsely 3 days ago
Matt Harrelson
Matt Harrelson 5 days ago
That was nice of the mother to dress up for court.
Kate Quinn
Kate Quinn 5 days ago
Dude if you wanna fake tears have onion or something else irritating to eyes on your fingers.. Still, nobody's gonna believe your fake show, bc you're a slimeball
Kate Quinn
Kate Quinn 5 days ago
my Chris Hanson fix
Losted Roster
Losted Roster 5 days ago
murder is never ok but I have a hard time feeling sympathy for a cheater.
r B
r B 5 days ago
Why he even marry her?
Belly Dancer
Belly Dancer 5 days ago
Bastard 😢 RIP angel the nasty little bastard!!! Bastard little Todd!
Liala Liala
Liala Liala 5 days ago
Married woman have boyfriends? She should devise first then go with boyfriend
Tara Jan
Tara Jan 5 days ago
I thought this was gonna be the Colorado guy who killed his pregnant wife and 2 girls. He begged on TV too.
Gloria Feliciano
Gloria Feliciano 5 days ago
Really crocodile tears
Don Don
Don Don 5 days ago
She a ho let her go Fatass
Nathan Zelly
Nathan Zelly 5 days ago
Shouldn’t cheat in marriage 🤗
Mustbnice 6 days ago
Doubt it
vbhg mbnjhj
vbhg mbnjhj 6 days ago
Such fake tears
Korah Meneus
Korah Meneus 6 days ago
Chris Watt and Todd Smith should be best friend because they are both fake ass killers that participated in the media but not the search parties. Both shed fake tears and Both will die in prison.
Betapunk Films
Betapunk Films 6 days ago
Wow, she was cheating on him with Thanos
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