Hundreds congregate for Sunday service

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Hundreds of worshippers attended services at a Louisiana church on Sunday, flouting a ban on large gatherings, angering neighbors and seemingly turning a deaf ear to their governor, who once again warned that hospitals could soon be overwhelmed with new cases of the coronavirus.
An estimated 500 people of all ages filed inside the mustard-yellow and beige Life Tabernacle Church in Central, a city of nearly 29,000 outside Baton Rouge.
Assistant ministers and worshippers who stood outside the front doors and in the parking lot of Life Tabernacle told news reporters to leave, saying cameras would not be allowed on the property and they had been told not to talk to the news media. They went inside without further comment.
Briefly commenting Sunday in the church's parking lot, Timothy Spell, father of Pastor Tony Spell, said Life Tabernacle has a right to assembly, is not forcing anyone to attend services, is not breaking any laws and will continue to hold services at the church.
More than 3,500 Louisiana residents have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, and more than 150 of them have died, according to state figures released Sunday.
Joseph Kanter, assistant state health officer for the Louisiana Department of Health, says assembling for church in person is not worth the risk with the unpredictability of the virus.

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Apr 4, 2020




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Comments 22
Chet Loves America!
Since the Law suit was filed,,the Attorney has been removed from Law Firm he was working for.---the law firm name & phone # is on Law suit , PUBLIC RECORD,,,but the Attorney has been separated from FIRM ...WHY??...
Hugh Manetty
Hugh Manetty Month ago
Allow me to dispel Tony from Hell He says “death is a welcome friend” And encourages you to get there As quickly as you can “There’s a place better than this Better than God’s creation But first you have to die And only then you’ll find out if I lied If my lack of gratitude toward the Lord Turned out to be the sharpest sword” Says Tony from Hell Who you think is so swell - Truthlicans 1:1
Richard Webb
Richard Webb Month ago
Your genocidal and vindictive god in the Bronze Age biblical text knows you have committed sins (remember, your god knows all - be worried, very worried) - your will not be needing a sweater to keep warm for eternity where you are going! Your god murdered the entire population of the world in a petulant fit of rage, except for Noah and his incestuous family - to show his love. The pastor just wants the money from his gullible cult followers to keep rolling in - he care nothing for you!!! Despicable.
Special Agent Dale Cooper
Death Cult death Cult death cult
Frank Filthyfinger
Tony Spell should be in prison.
Cowlitz Restoration
There is no evidence that any parishioner of Life Tabernacle Church is spreading COVID-19. The First Amendment to the US Constitution gives the right to Freedom of Religion and Freedom to Assemble Peaceably. Most of the commentators are too negative and I wouldn't want to date them, if they were eligible. Tony Spell is going to win this game of wills, whether he wins in court or a biased judge and jury steals it from him.
Shane Z
Shane Z Month ago
"The Bible is a simple book to understand, but when man attempts to add to it, his opinions, interpretations and his feelings, he begins to lose the truth and believe a lie". - Mike Cornwell With parents that were member of an apostolic church for 40 years and witnessing and observing behaviors of congregations, as i studied social psychology being an atheist, Just a man manipulating people, words and false lies and misleading interpretations Rev Tony Spell.. As I sat in a pew when i was 10 year old It was preached in 1979 that it was the end of time and rapture was coming that year due to events around the world that year. Take what events you want and interpret them whatever way you want and lie. The word RAPTURE, Armageddon and " end of world" was used in world war I WWI II, POLIO Plague and other events..............all which were just duds and no rapture or end of world ever happened. These people need guidance and a god and belief as a lot of people do and should have , and i don't condemn any religion. but don't endanger the lives of others and your congregation ! I'm sorry you led a life of low self esteem, no self confidence and self worth with lack of family support and a bad childhood Tony Spell, which i studied about preachers like you in social psychology, but don't endangers others. RESPECTS OTHER PEOPLES RELIGIONS AND RESPECT OTHERS LIVES !
Big Boomer
Big Boomer Month ago
Bye gurl.. just bye!
D Hansel
D Hansel Month ago
Those people are going spread the virus and expect the hospitals to take care of them. Someone needs to take pictures of everyone that goes into that church and when they show up at a hospital send them to the pastor's house and tell him to heal them. That is just ignorance at it's finest. They are tempting God. Mt 4:5 -7: Jesus said unto him, It is written again, You shall not tempt the Lord you God. The pastor(s) will have the blood of the people on their hands of the people that die. I would not want to be in those pastors shoes on judgement day.
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds Month ago
hope they all drown in their own lungs.
dsimpki Month ago
Attention whore.
dsimpki Month ago
Attention whore.
Carl Malone
Carl Malone Month ago
Good riddance.
sonia Richardson
When the first born of Egypt were dying. God gave the commandment that the Israelites were to paint their lintels with the blood of a lamb. God gave them a warning, even though they were God’s people. Stop leaning upon your own understanding, you will incur they wrath of God. The pastor is a man of pride and haughtiness. Was Jesus or Moses like this?
luna Month ago
Let the fucktards worship. Survival of the fittest!!🤣
Michael de Gans
Michael de Gans Month ago
Peaceful assembly != Mass murder. Pastor Tony Spell only cares about his ego.
Rozilyn noneyabusiness
so dumb so dumb we will never get through this if people don't listen and follow them direction stay your ass is at home do not congregate what the f*** about that do you do not understand
Shirley Bocelli
Shirley Bocelli Month ago
This is so wrong!!!
Praise Jesus. You'll never stop the bride of Christ. Just try it. Praise to our God. Covid19 is A LIE.
S J Month ago
You're a sick disgusting vile human!!!!! Nearly 200,000 have died this year from Covid-19!!!! It is not a lie!!!!!!!!!!
jason thomas
jason thomas Month ago
Sick fuck I hope you get the virus and spread it to your loved ones.. good riddens to you
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ok, well, if you get sick, stay home and ask your stupid jesus to heal you. Don't risk anyone else's health.
Victorian Bunyip
Bwaahaha. So many Americans will die because of this kind of thinking.
James Monroe
James Monroe Month ago
Helen Pauls
Helen Pauls Month ago
Why don’t they stay home, isn’t their bloody god everywhere.
Victorian Bunyip
@EXPOSE MAINSTREAM MEDIA'S LIES TRUTH HURTS68 and you're sheep believing in some man made God used to suppress free thought.
Rozilyn noneyabusiness
This is how they kept most black people in slavery with this b*******don't get me wrong I'm a true believer in God but God is not at that sanctuary alone so people should stay they asses at home if they still want give money , write a check use your debit card, cash app
Yeah. ruvid.net/group/PLr9M8Gzu0_GuA-MmsGyyhJ0bLMzK6AvzZ
TECH BLESS Month ago
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