Hugh Grant Discusses His New Role In ‘A Very English Scandal' | TODAY

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For his new three-part Amazon series, “A Very English Scandal,” Hugh Grant will take on the role of Jeremy Thorpe, a member of the British Parliament in the 1960s who found himself on trial for allegedly plotting to kill his former lover. Hoda Kotb and Mel B have lots of questions about the scandalous story - and also congratulate him on his new and “surprisingly lovely” marriage.
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Hugh Grant Discusses His New Role In ‘A Very English Scandal' | TODAY

Published on


Jun 27, 2018




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Comments 18
Andrew Deakin
Andrew Deakin 5 months ago
I’ve just watched this television series. I tuned in because I like the director’s films (Philomena, The Queen, etc), but Hugh Grant’s performance quickly became the real draw card. Grant communicates the complexity of the main character (20th century UK politician Jeremy Thorpe) flawlessly. A story that if it were fiction would be dismissed as unbelievable becomes a very accurate refection of what did happen. Grant, like everything associated with this series, delivers his role with the comedy that comes with reflecting on the true story with the benefit of hindsight. What could have been a simple historical recreation becomes instead a very entertaining insight into the manners and morals of a certain type of life in the UK 50 years ago. Oddly, I’ve never really ‘got’ Grant before in the films of his that I’ve seen, but now I fully understand and appreciate his undoubted talented.
Spring Hernandez
Spring Hernandez 11 months ago
Congratulations in order Mr Hugh Grant!
Marinoudu22 11 months ago
After "Maurice" movie, there is "the very English scandal" 😆
Hugh: '.... at the trial, the guy giving evidence, saying "I had to bite the pillow"...' Mel B: 'so, did he actually get killed?'
Justine Gail Gumalo
It's beautiful...
Caterina Rivanor
EXCELLENT job Sir! I was impressed by this mini series. And I love him in every one of his films and interviews, just brilliant!
ernesto Year ago
These 2 broads come out as outrageously ignorant. (I bet they don't even have any idea how to spell the word "outrageously" in the first place!) Thery came to this interview (the older one seems just rushed from her bed after a casual night of booze or drugs) with a piece of paper handed out to them by the show producer or whoever else might have been on the set that early (way too early for either of them!) morning. Disgusting.
Resqwec Year ago
Couldn’t have gone to the best university as he went to Oxford....
seilanemsei Year ago
What a hammy performance 😂😂.
Ms Shiny
Ms Shiny Year ago
That's what upper class politicians were like back in the day.
Sandra Naylor
Sandra Naylor 2 years ago
It's a great series with Hugh's best performance ever
Riddhi Verma
Riddhi Verma 2 years ago
hugh grant=sky blue shirt..... i love him in this color...
Efstathios Dimopoulos
I like Hugh describing how Rasputin was killed.... The original inspiration for this speech.
Kinza Jow
Kinza Jow 2 years ago
Hugh if you read this comment, I LOVE YOU.
Jenny Midori
Jenny Midori 2 years ago
Kinza Jow Me too!
tony james
tony james 2 years ago
Mel B just showing everyone how dum she really is.
parkviewmo 2 years ago
AVES is fabulous and Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw give excellent performances. Despite being based on a true story about an attempted murder, it is VERY funny.
Peter Neate
Peter Neate 2 years ago
It is an excellent drama, a dark comedy. Hugh is excellent, so against his normal RomCom roles. Mel B not knowing about this isn't a surprise. Can't listen to her without thinking of Keith Lemon's impression of her :)
Karina Bailey
Karina Bailey 2 years ago
It's excellent! I watched it when it was on the TV over here.
Steven Cassidy
Steven Cassidy 2 years ago
So Mel B's never heard of it......theres a ringing endorsement
Buffalo 66
Buffalo 66 9 months ago
Just because Mel B never heard of it doesnt mean she is dumb I am 49 and I never heard the Jeremy Thorpe trial either.
Greg Norman
Greg Norman Year ago
Mel B parents never talked.
Aurelia Ansah
Aurelia Ansah 2 years ago
But, I'd never heard of it either & I'd say I'm quite intelligent. :D As Hugh implied, it really has a lot to do with when you were born. Under 45yr olds (like her) are excused. My parents, however, knew & told me about this epic scandal of its time.
Paul Devonian
Paul Devonian 2 years ago
You have a point. She’s not the brightest “star”
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