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I Hope you guys Loveddddd todays video!! I feel so blessed to be able to help a lot of you people out, May God bless each and every one of you !
Here is a list of all the businesses !
Miglou's Boutique
Necas Nail wraps NNWraps20
Oc lash boutique
Baby B Lashes
Lash addiction
Ms Beauty Essentials
Visible Lashes
Lukitas Candy
Beauty creations
Genesis lashes
Licious Shoetique
Bonita Lashes
Natalie Cosmetics
Lashed By Cat
Out lashed by Adi
Beautifly Cosmetics2
Wish you all the best!
Don't forget to wash your hands and keep clean this virus is no joke and super scary ! be safe I love you guys
Shop the aguilars ~ shoptheaguilars.com/
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Jul 27, 2020




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Comments 100
Diva Cosmetics
Diva Cosmetics 4 days ago
You are so kind hearted! Supporting all small businesses💗. Let me know when you do a pt 2 ! Follow me IG @divacosmetics1000
ayesha yazzie
ayesha yazzie 25 days ago
New subscriber! Love you already.. 🤪😘😘
old Acc
old Acc Month ago
Nikki is that an evil eye bracelet? If it is pls be careful it could be very dangerous and it doesn't really work
Alyson Guillen
Alyson Guillen Month ago
No way I was there August 15 2020 I’m a big fan I wanted to see you guys so bad
Sujey and Daely
Sujey and Daely Month ago
Hey Nicole which camera do you use ?
Ana Cisneros
Ana Cisneros Month ago
Love ur hair color. what colot is it?
St3lla's Life
St3lla's Life Month ago
I love watching your videos I met you once at my job
Star Bara
Star Bara Month ago
Hey love your videos , can you do a car tour ??💓
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia Month ago
July 8 was my bday ! Team Cancer ♋️
Nayeli Rodriguez
what color band does nikki have on her braces !
Nikki V.
Nikki V. Month ago
Light pink💖
Cynthia Villalobos
Nikki we love you soo much ! These were a lot of things you received that you deserved we love that you support so many people with there business 💗💗💗
norma manzo
norma manzo Month ago
how tall is nikki
R M Month ago
U are so beautiful n no kind😐😍❤❤🙌❤💗💗💗💗😊
Melanie Perez
Melanie Perez Month ago
Who think she should do an extreme waxing challenge?
Nina Sal
Nina Sal Month ago
Who else thinks she should do it
Nina Sal
Nina Sal Month ago
Melanie Perez Fr she should
Lizbeth Diosdado
She’s so pretty !!!
Milli Month ago
For some reason I been having you on my snap for the longest I didn’t know she was a RUvidr this my first time here 🥰✨
Julie Contreras
Julie Contreras Month ago
You should make merch saying Ill see you guys next yr
Serah Lyn
Serah Lyn Month ago
You should go to CEECK
Daniela Luis
Daniela Luis Month ago
I swear! Nikki is the most humble & down to earth person ever ! She’s really going out of her way to promote all these small businesses! Other people wouldn’t even do this not unless it’s sponsor. Keep being the amazing person you are nikki! much love❤️
FadedAlee Month ago
hey to anyone scrolling through the comments, i just uploaded my first video yesterday! Please check it out and subscribe💗
Avelina Ruiz
Avelina Ruiz Month ago
I literally went to go follow all of y’all I loved everything & I for sure will buying from y’all 😍❤️❤️
Vanessa Month ago
Please never stop being humble & a good person 🥺💗✨
Nereida Lizbeth
Nereida Lizbeth Month ago
Hey what camera do you use ??🥰
Elvia Pina
Elvia Pina Month ago
She only did this to get free stuff lmao 😂 she couldn’t even put effort to link their business
ruby meza
ruby meza Month ago
Your PR Box’s are mostly Lashes 🥺
slimeyy monsters2
If only I had an 100 dollar bill for every time you say CUTE 😂😂😂😂
Natalia Mata
Natalia Mata Month ago
totally wished I could’ve sent her something! We have a small business that needs help! @ms_glamorousbeauty on IG Btw nikki ur an amazing person! ✨God bless you for trying to help out small businesses!💗
Angela Navarro
Angela Navarro Month ago
Me having one pair of lashes 😂💀 love you Nikki V😚💛
Melissa Lucas
Melissa Lucas Month ago
Brnsod BP db bbn als. ra er
Destiney Marie
Destiney Marie Month ago
you're so beautiful 🥰
Luis D
Luis D Month ago
Why the quality look bad
Isa garcia
Isa garcia Month ago
Wow 😬👍 new subscriber 💁‍♀️ you're so pretty.
God is An Awesome God He Reigns on Heaven and Earth
she kind of has claudia reglados accent
Adriana Flores
Adriana Flores Month ago
You’re so humble , never change 🥺❤️❤️❤️
Abigail Xoxo
Abigail Xoxo Month ago
Love you girl !!! ❤️🔥
Lava Girl
Lava Girl Month ago
Where is ur blusa from😍😍😍
J.G.C Month ago
Does anyone knows if she had a code for beauty creations
sophia barbosa
sophia barbosa Month ago
sophia barbosa
sophia barbosa Month ago
natali Queen
natali Queen Month ago
Edelyn Month ago
Keep doing these videos i enjoy watching these🥺
Mayra y Raul Family Vlogs
Saludos bendiciones 🙏🏻
Cindy Loeza
Cindy Loeza Month ago
Can someone tell me the ig name of who sales the butterfly top please 😭 I cant find it with babyomg on ig ☹️
Abigail Chavera
Abigail Chavera Month ago
You should make some merch with your name!!! I would totally buy all of it!! Btw I love your videos 😭💗💗💗💗
Glo’s Glo
Glo’s Glo Month ago
Lashes giveaway soon 🤣 lol jk all the lashes are so freaking cute 😩💕
Michelle Santos
Michelle Santos Month ago
God bless you Nikki V. Btw love ur top looks so cute!😍
J P Month ago
@Gelicayvettelashes @Miglou'sBoutique @Babyomg @Vialashes @NNWraps20 @Oclashboutique @BabyBLashes @Lashaddiction @Eyeadorelashes @MsBeautyEssentials @VisibleLashes @Jazzy.sjewels @LukitasCandy @STQCOSMETICS @Cualtzinlashes @Genesis lashes @LiciousShoetique @shop.bonitalashes @NatalieCosmetix @LashedByCat @OutlashedbyAdi @Beautifly Cosmetics2 @TamelessMe @Er.Glosses @Mreezyco @GoldenCartel
Kelly H
Kelly H Month ago
whats her po box???
lakimbibaby donava
I liked the toxica
Ericka Jimenez
Ericka Jimenez Month ago
You have lashes for life 😭😭😭 all of them super cute !!!! Idk who to buy from lol you’re so beautiful Nikki 💜 Lov u Amiga
Cristina Rosas
Cristina Rosas Month ago
The worst at PR promoting🤣🤣
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza Month ago
Great thing you’re doing to support small businesses! Also, how many times does Nikki say “little”? LOL
Cinthia Mercado
Cinthia Mercado Month ago
You got more than a year worth of lashes 😍
Sky Cervantes
Sky Cervantes Month ago
Your beautiful 😍❤ love watching your videos ❤❤
Chocolate Cupcake13
Can someone put the Instagram of the businesses here 🤔😁 plz 👉🏻
J P Month ago
@Gelicayvettelashes @Miglou'sBoutique @Babyomg @Vialashes @NNWraps20 @Oclashboutique @BabyBLashes @Lashaddiction @Eyeadorelashes @MsBeautyEssentials @VisibleLashes @Jazzy.sjewels @LukitasCandy @STQCOSMETICS @Cualtzinlashes @Genesis lashes @LiciousShoetique @shop.bonitalashes @NatalieCosmetix @LashedByCat @OutlashedbyAdi @Beautifly Cosmetics2 @TamelessMe @Er.Glosses @Mreezyco @GoldenCartel
goddessgaby •
goddessgaby • Month ago
She’s trying to hard “uh like thank you so much” “uh you wanna be friends” doesn’t exactly sound grateful I would be happy to receive so many pr’s...
Destiney Marie
Destiney Marie Month ago
yall still watching her videos 😭😂thoooo
Destiney Marie
Destiney Marie Month ago
@goddessgaby • thats how she is yall just hating
goddessgaby •
goddessgaby • Month ago
Hating? Nope, just stating the truth.
joanna Nunez
joanna Nunez Month ago
Why are you hating ?
Mimi 21
Mimi 21 Month ago
And your just looking for something to hate on her 😌
Paulina Cortez
Paulina Cortez Month ago
I might be broke after this video🤣😭 i loved so many of the lashes😍🥰
Bridget Maradiaga
Making me look poor poor 😭😔😔 all the lashes are beautiful
Betty Rosa Obregon Muñoz
Tesany Torres
Tesany Torres Month ago
my birthday was on July 14 💞
julianna hernandez
I love watching your channel girl 😍😍 and you should do an updated makeup collection!
mauhmama Month ago
mauhmama Month ago
Love this video!! Can you do a tutorial on your makeup look?😃😍🔥
Marieli Vasquez
Marieli Vasquez Month ago
Where can I send you PR from my lash collections? My insta is @_lashesbymari if anyone is interested! Support small businesses 🥺❤️
Karina Marias
Karina Marias Month ago
I love the fact that your so humble love your personality keep doing you girl
Isabella Capetillo
omg you did deserve to get all this boxes 📦 from different people cause you a really nice person 😊
Ellena Simpson
Ellena Simpson Month ago
Check out my Ali express try on haul if you liked this vid!!! Got some CUTE clothes 🥺 xox
PatriciaPluss 3
PatriciaPluss 3 Month ago
You and my son have the same birthday he turned 2! 💕💕🙏🏼♥️
t_ atn
t_ atn Month ago
I love your videos, it’s been a stressful Quarantine lol ❤️❤️❤️
Las Chingonas
Las Chingonas Month ago
I will love to send you some of my products ❤️ please get to me asap 🦋
Jarely Cabrera
Jarely Cabrera Month ago
Nikki V is stacked up with lashes!😂 love you and god bless you and ur family!🥰❤
خوخة خوخة
yadira garcia
yadira garcia Month ago
nikki v la bonita 🥺🥺🥺
PD x2
PD x2 Month ago
Nikki you have so many lashes I think you need to send me some 😂❤️❤️🙏
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez Month ago
I wish nothing but blessings for you Nikki , and anyone else out there that may need it💕💕 stay positive and motivated ! Also never give up on your dreams !✨ my dream is to hit 1k this year 🥺🥺.
Diana Perez
Diana Perez Month ago
you’re so humble Nikki for doing this!! Not much influencers do things like this and you’ll get a lot of these small buisness a lot of buisness for this!!! bless ur beautiful soul! 💜
Minerva R
Minerva R Month ago
There is so many people selling lashes that I didnt even know existed
Astrid Andreaaa
Astrid Andreaaa Month ago
Nikki is the sweetest 😭 ugh love her!
elizabeth Contreras
Mbn to get a lot of lashes 🥺❤️
Susan Who
Susan Who Month ago
So pretty 😍
Noemi Vazquez
Noemi Vazquez Month ago
So humble and sweet I love u so muchh ❤️✨😍👑
Letiicciiaaa Month ago
Who is she posting more then one video in a month????😂😂❤️
carla ontiveros
carla ontiveros Month ago
You are stocked on lashes now girl lol must be nice 😭😭😭
Rhino Rhino
Rhino Rhino Month ago
U weren’t wearing gloves or anything but u are an Arizonion so...
Mirka Vidal
Mirka Vidal Month ago
Mbn to have all those pretty lashes, I’m running low on 2 already used lashes I need to get more 😭😭 I don’t know when tho 😫
Lynette V
Lynette V Month ago
I’m watching this at 2 in the morning 😂😂 I loved everything you got! You got so many lashes 😳😂💗
Faqeha Zahir
Faqeha Zahir Month ago
That’s a whole shit load of lashes Lmao 😂
Yelitza Renteria
Nikki literally has the sweetest heart , god bless her so much , god has opened her up to so many good things ! And hopefully more to come ‼️🤍 she deserves everything
Naomi Ruiz
Naomi Ruiz Month ago
Your so genuine and humble!! You truly made my day my brand is Eyeadorelashess 💜🥺 this was everything girl! Keep being amazing!!
Emely Leon
Emely Leon Month ago
I would be so happy with all those lashes 😭😍😍😍
Emely Leon
Emely Leon Month ago
I have my own lash brand as well and I would love for you to try them out 🥺🙏🏻😩 if u could please check out my ig @_emscosmetics_
Emely Leon
Emely Leon Month ago
It would mean the world to me 😭🙏🏻
Mitzy Hernandez
Mitzy Hernandez Month ago
Most humble person I know, ily bby❤️
Jennifer Saldaña
Tú voz es muy tranquilizante y eres tan linda y sencilla me encantan tus videos 🥺💞🌟
Jenni8377 Month ago
Next year?
Priscilla Colosio
I love her she’s so cute with her lisp lol 💞
Emerald Vara
Emerald Vara Month ago
Ev.glosses* love but thank you so much 💕 our Instagram is @ev.glosses
You put Er glosses instead of ev. Ty for sharing. I’ll be looking into all of their social media’s
SimplyD Month ago
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Nikki V sinceramente eres grande ! What you doing for the small business 💛 May God bless you !! Nunca cambies
Paola Rios
Paola Rios Month ago
Girlll where did you get the black bracelet you’re wearing with the 🧿🧿🧿
Lluviaa Macias
Lluviaa Macias Month ago
“And I’ll see you guys next year” 😂💀
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