Huge Platter of Sri Lankan Food - ONCE IN A LIFETIME Family Meal in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

Mark Wiens
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COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - Final meal in Sri Lanka, and Ruzaina’s relatives invited us over to their home to eat a once in a lifetime Sri Lankan food. The complexity of the dish, the different layers and dishes that it consisted of, and the love in the cooking and the preparation was the recipe for what made this meal and Sri Lankan food so memorable.
This dish represents Sri Lankan on a single massive platter!
Thank you to Ruzaina (instagram.com/theminoritytaste/) and her amazing family for hosting us and for preparing this outstanding meal for us.
Thank you for watching this Sri Lankan food video! You can watch the entire Sri Lanka food and travel series here: ruvid.net/video/video-4v9G2ArswUs.html
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May 10, 2019




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Comments 1 173
Hamdu salawath Hafee
Ceylon moor dish 😂
Minh Tien Tran
Minh Tien Tran 6 days ago
Sorry, I don't want to eat impulsively.
It's call kattu soru you have to put the all hot cooked dishes in fresh banana leaf and fold and bind and leave to 4 to 5 hours then you guys eat it's a another level great Tamil food and eggplant must cook with shrimp
リサ・デニス Lisa Zinser
I just can’t look at people eating with hands
cathal mcwilliams
cathal mcwilliams 14 days ago
I'm from Ireland and that looks sooo good. (Then again I do smoke) would love to try this..
Aishath Saushan
Aishath Saushan 14 days ago
Mark love all the videos of you. I have been to srilanka so many times and love the food there. But I have never had an experience like you getting to try all types of food. My next trip would be trying out the foods and places you went on the video. It’s amazing I love food, and so passionate about it. Makes me so happy and fulfilling. It would be great if Rozaina can show us around these places when I get to srilanka next. It will be my dream come true. Just amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😘
Shakira Shajahan
Shakira Shajahan 15 days ago
This menu is vatti rice .
Tara Lalla
Tara Lalla 21 day ago
Sorry shri lanka is so far fron where i love thousands of miles apart or else i would visit.Beautiful country. Tje food looks amazing even though i an vegan im sure i will be able to get a platter of all types of food.
Rekha Pons
Rekha Pons 24 days ago
Hemjith MC
Hemjith MC 25 days ago
She’s such a lovely aunt. We get to see such aunts in our KERALA india who is epitome of hospitality. Lovely aunty. God bless her
Hemjith MC
Hemjith MC 25 days ago
Yummy.. I can feel our South Indian style in the food served..
Asha Kuldip
Asha Kuldip 27 days ago
I hope to visit Sri Lanka one day; everyone is so friendly.
Alexandraa Myers
Alexandraa Myers 27 days ago
Don’t you use utensils?
Lohoruf Seyaduwappu
Ruzaina you have done a good job. Your ma'am is nice cooking.
Lohoruf Seyaduwappu
Alveena Babar
Alveena Babar Month ago
4:42 bugs crawling on the food.
ameet pawar
ameet pawar Month ago
But the tounge curry u eat its so horrible
ameet pawar
ameet pawar Month ago
Wow this food is very nice
Aishwarya Paithankar
Mark why u r always in the same black T shirt?
Kamarun Nissa
Kamarun Nissa Month ago
I would love to order this while in colombo, can you please let me know where I can get it from ( of they are doing it for orders)
Chammi Meewanage
Your program is very beautiful . My name is chammi nilmini priyangika . My country is sri lanka . god bless you .
Akila M
Akila M Month ago
Come to Tamilnadu India
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Month ago
That meal looked incredibly delicious.
Bonita J
Bonita J Month ago
It's been a while since the last time I watched videos from this channel. And earlier this night I've been watching Mark's random videos and fell into the same old trap...it led me to the kitchen. 🍧🥘🍲
Shobana Shobana
Shobana Shobana Month ago
smoka joka
smoka joka Month ago
Feeding pigs 🐖?
Helping Hand
Helping Hand Month ago
මට කන්න ඔන 🤣😂
Helping Hand
Helping Hand Month ago
My country
Aunty is awesome.Traditional wearing yet very elegant in her speech.
Shiroza Nadheem
Shiroza Nadheem Month ago
Love you so much mark wiens. ❤️❤️😍😍🤗🤗 yummm
PM NM Success
PM NM Success Month ago
"कट्टू सोरु"'...एकाच प्लेट मध्ये सर्व काही!😊 मस्त!👌👌👌
Meranda Chavira
Meranda Chavira Month ago
Mark, all your videos are great! I love seeing how passionate you're about food. I miss watching your videos. I've been so busy now I'm catching up on them.
kumara ravi
kumara ravi 2 months ago
~ * * * * * ~
Cake Custombrado
Cake Custombrado 2 months ago
Cake Custombrado
Cake Custombrado 2 months ago
Quiet Place
Quiet Place 2 months ago
It will be a waste if you cant finish it. I would rather not mix all of them out but serve it separately..atleast I could refrigiate the left over dishes and not waste it.
Jue Amit
Jue Amit 2 months ago
Do they call kampung too like we in Malaysia?
Aemon Satti
Aemon Satti 2 months ago
Who is she !!! She’s explaining that dish with so much love. Lots of respect to her. And awesome food
sudha rajesh
sudha rajesh 2 months ago
Ur intestine should mix all those things..but not like this
sudha rajesh
sudha rajesh 2 months ago
Srilankans do good food but don't know how to eat..mix everything...!!!
Lana Ban
Lana Ban 2 months ago
Can you upload that rice dish receipe plz
vitor xavier
vitor xavier 2 months ago
se eu tivesse ai eu queria pegar essa morena Linda, tô apaxionado por ela
Kawsalya P
Kawsalya P 2 months ago
So delicious. Where can I find the recipes for this plater?
Gregorio Vegas
Gregorio Vegas 2 months ago
How can you do it travel all over the world?
Saranya Aadhav
Saranya Aadhav 2 months ago
Why mixing the foods.....so many items have then why not serve separately....taste is mingling so sad....
Mahawish Khan
Mahawish Khan 2 months ago
Wowww Sooo yummy💖👌 Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰💖
Rani Jhansi Jhansi
Rani Jhansi Jhansi 2 months ago
What did u have for desserts ? Srilankan dessert is Wattalappam . Must try
SONIA DEVI 2 months ago
I,m vegetarian yet see the food my mouth watered love from India
Tory Beckford
Tory Beckford 2 months ago
Anyone high watching this
Anandaraman Melodious and soothing
Wonderful dish which I have not come across. Delicious and amazing
Ciri Danis
Ciri Danis 2 months ago
I have lot of srilankan friends and they're lovely people.. I love lankasoy that they prepare with spice and stuff
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 2 months ago
Shirish Thakkar
Shirish Thakkar 2 months ago
Awesome video bro.......
Sakthivel Vajjiravel
Kattu soru nalla iruku amma
BELIEVE THAT 2 months ago
What makes mark different from other food channel is that he respect the food culture of every country equally.
Cholerou Rozhemai
Cholerou Rozhemai 3 months ago
Ruzaina smile is indeed very lovely 😊
Chris Kadawathage
Chris Kadawathage 3 months ago
Great job Mark. I left Sri Lanka about 30 yrs ago but I still miss my country. So grateful showing the great hospitality of my country through wonderful typical Sri Lankan family. Well done for telling the world not to fear to travel to Sri Lanka and embrace the beautiful and friendly culture.
jayathissa lihini
jayathissa lihini 3 months ago
Hey mark you welcomed Sri Lanka as 🇱🇰 a Sri Lankan from Japan 🇯🇵
Selva Siva
Selva Siva 3 months ago
Mixing You are culture also
Selva Siva
Selva Siva 3 months ago
Next videos