Huge Platter of Sri Lankan Food - ONCE IN A LIFETIME Family Meal in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

Mark Wiens
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COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - Final meal in Sri Lanka, and Ruzaina’s relatives invited us over to their home to eat a once in a lifetime Sri Lankan food. The complexity of the dish, the different layers and dishes that it consisted of, and the love in the cooking and the preparation was the recipe for what made this meal and Sri Lankan food so memorable.
This dish represents Sri Lankan on a single massive platter!
Thank you to Ruzaina (instagram.com/theminoritytaste/) and her amazing family for hosting us and for preparing this outstanding meal for us.
Thank you for watching this Sri Lankan food video! You can watch the entire Sri Lanka food and travel series here: ruvid.net/video/video-4v9G2ArswUs.html
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May 10, 2019

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Comments 1 095
Chandana Weerasuriya
Sorry,,,u r with wrong person ,,,wrong guide
Nazeha Miskin
So sweet Ruzaina.....so happy to c u
Joydratha Sarkar
Joydratha Sarkar 3 days ago
I do not support sri lanka for the atrocities it committed against the Tamil minority.
Nez r s
Nez r s 3 days ago
Am 7 month pregnant and after watching this..I am really craving for this amazing food platter
Dee Dee Moore
Dee Dee Moore 5 days ago
That dish looks very yummy !!!!😋😋
Wasantha Hadunkutti
I am very hungry after this video
Fatima Iwayan
Fatima Iwayan 7 days ago
Zhang Family
Zhang Family 7 days ago
What a wonderful dish, looks like Indian culture dishes, and I do love the curry 🍛
Jessen Adory
Jessen Adory 8 days ago
The matriarch reminds me how special our mum's are and why their food are always the best
Sagar Tomar
Sagar Tomar 8 days ago
It's like south indian food love srilanka from india 😘
danu sandaruwan
danu sandaruwan 11 days ago
තම්බි එකියකද පාර පෙන්නන්නේ
Shanthan S
Shanthan S 13 days ago
No way u can taste the dishes this way. Its all mixed together and going to kill the taste of each dish. Its a common sense but the lady tried to show off for video. The disgusting thing is she sounded like this is the way the traditional way of serving food, so uneducated, sad.
Nivi Rk
Nivi Rk 14 days ago
I’m hungry 😫
Eunice Cavanero
Eunice Cavanero 14 days ago
I love sri lankan food! Its really mouthering!
Sadhana camilasyahoo
Wow super🤗🤗
ThulasiRasan Arulampalam Dr.T
Such a great video 😊 Thank you for showing the beauty and hospitality of my lovely country( all SL videos are awesome) ❤️So much eager to visit my land soon😊 I have watched almost all your videos,this is the best ever food & travel channel😀Keep going😊😊😊
Ahmed Jaffer
Ahmed Jaffer 15 days ago
Looks lovely. That's like 5 separate cooked dinners in one, just imagine how long that would have taken ^_^
Sheeraz Venilia
Sheeraz Venilia 15 days ago
Omg I have to have this platter 💖💖💖
Naazira Banu
Naazira Banu 16 days ago
U eat much and more stil ur slim..y it is so🤔
Paara dige පාර දිගේ
Real Sri Lankan SINHALA people are don’t eating cow meats for respect to the cow. Only Muslims eating like that. And SRI LANKA is a SINHALESE Country.
Ragesh S
Ragesh S 17 days ago
Amazing food💖💖💖
Vajira Abeynayake
Vajira Abeynayake 19 days ago
traditional Sri Lankan muslims
Chaminda Egoda Gedara
Meka lankawe sinhala kema newei weradila api ohoma eka godata kanne neha
Tasnim Rahman
Tasnim Rahman 21 day ago
The curries look delicious separately.. But i am curious if they can get any taste of the curries when everything is mixed..if the mixture spoil the taste of those curries!?
Niloufer Mansoor
Niloufer Mansoor 21 day ago
Pls. Give us d recipe for this.
Rafael Silfarney
Rafael Silfarney 23 days ago
You are like Blippi for adults! 😂 I can watch it for hours!
Pikuto Aka
Pikuto Aka 23 days ago
I bet the potato was untouched....what a waste😄
Savou Tuivaga
Savou Tuivaga 25 days ago
Larissa Ninja
Larissa Ninja 25 days ago
Where the spoon and forks
Dhananjaya Adhikari
But one opinion I have to say in Sri Lanka..the foods over here weather Sinhala , Tamil , Muslim and Christians all the comunity the foods are so delicious and they all has there own style of making it...really delicious and very different
Adarsh Chand
Adarsh Chand 27 days ago
Why don't you come to India
Romeo Cadatal Aquio
Wow sarap bro..
disanayaka samitha
disanayaka samitha 28 days ago
april 28 days ago
Oh.. they do. I accidentally cooked them with shells and they were terrible, my poor spouse.
april 28 days ago
Do the 🍤 have shells?
maitree kar
maitree kar 29 days ago
Hey man you inspire me so much
Janet Gron
Janet Gron 29 days ago
why does caste matters its derogatory
Seema Prasad
Seema Prasad 29 days ago
If I watch Mark anymore I will get fat, makes me want to raid the refrigerator.
Riya Dey
Riya Dey 29 days ago
They wearing sharees like indians 😱😱😱 I feel I watched a 2nd india
Preciousgem Stylez
Preciousgem Stylez 29 days ago
Beautiful family❤️ Such lovely looking food.
Anonymous Secret
Anonymous Secret 29 days ago
Sri Lanka is known for amazing seafood.
Anonymous Secret
Anonymous Secret 29 days ago
Need to visit Sri Lanka for this amazing food. Sri Lankan food looks very delicious and the people are amazing.
Steph Carlo
Steph Carlo 29 days ago
What a beautiful country with beautiful people and culture. Love the hospitality that was shown here. I bet you enjoyed your time in Sri Lanka Mark!!
saba chaudhry
saba chaudhry Month ago
Mark weins u are use to eat delicious food and visit the world.Enjoys your tour, earn money through videos.But what we can do is just watch your videos & like them.😔😝
Anandaraman Melodious and soothing
Brindleberry an amalgamation of so many vegetables Cocoanut salads Apart from variety of seafoods such as tuna, shrimp, seafish combined with spices and condiments is extremely fantastic quite amazing making mouth watery the dainty food smaking the lips and tasty buds sweety and atracious indeed. Thanks Mark Wiens for a. Wonderful and precious video .May the Almighty shower his benign blessings for your generosity and magnitude of your inspiration in the interest of public at large.
Rasanga Wijesinghe
Dude, What`s the deal with this girl? You & food ranger got a good deal? Other than that, no convincing reason to hire her. She has zero knowledge about Sri Lankan food.
Sabby S
Sabby S Month ago
The food looked amazing as always but did you guys notice the plates?? They were beautiful as well! Perfect plates to showcase the amazing food!! ❤️
Amit Das
Amit Das Month ago
Awesome food plates u have shown @Merck....I feel these Sri Lankan foods r much better than thai foods which u share....I hope u don't mind Merck😀
All I saw was vile, foul #PIGSLOP
HamXa Rajpoot
HamXa Rajpoot Month ago
Love srilanka from Pakistan ❤️
Neil Neil
Neil Neil Month ago
Oh yeah eat at people home but never invited to your home. Hypocrite. Chilli junkie.
*kelli f*
*kelli f* Month ago
Wow what a nice warm welcoming family.the food looked so delicious
Mark Wiens, where are you from?
dboimagic781 Month ago
"Oh Wow 😮" - Mark Weins after feasting his taste buds on a steaming hot pile of fecal matter
Kakashi Jr
Kakashi Jr Month ago
thats a big platter. this would fill goku up
R and M
R and M Month ago
This looks so yummy omg what a treat to watch but I bet it was amazing to eat!!!
Gayan Wijeratne
Gayan Wijeratne Month ago
look please proper Sri Lankan Muslim Lady Wear Sari , very proud of that Madam.
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams Month ago
Ok I am seriously hungry. That looks so amazing.
Jr Neri
Jr Neri Month ago
YSV Rao Month ago
You must have a serious shoulder sprain holding the camera up all the time.
Beautiful Australia
Welcome everyone ❤️😘
Annmarie Buchholz
This looks EPIC!!! are you using a company Mark? if so can you give me her contact information, maybe we can use her agency during our visit in the next few months
laishram tombisana
Why do I feel like I could eat the whole platter which I know I wouldn't be able to ?
UMC Vlogs
UMC Vlogs Month ago
When you will come in India again ???
Muhammad Mamoon
Muhammad Mamoon Month ago
I am imagining if Mark would had a beard !
Wow! Wonderful people and amazing food. 😍😍😍
kissmyass007 Month ago
i would recommend using a spoon.
vinod chiluka
vinod chiluka Month ago
I am regular viewer of your videos keep it up! and god bless your son!old video from sri lanka jaffna too...And god bless aunty..she legen in cooking i can sense...
Gregory Miller
Gregory Miller Month ago
my eyes to the world bro i watch a majority of your videos
Flordeliza Cabading
Hello Mark Wiens, just recently moved back to my native country Philippines and I have been fallowing your good and delicious show. Just by watching the shows feels me up hahaha,,,, by the way I watched the video, you came to visit Philippines also. Again thank you for exploring different types of food and people for that matter.
Sharmil Raj
Sharmil Raj Month ago
Srilankan Muslims sucks... Terrorist who killed countless of humans on easter
Jose Macias
Jose Macias Month ago
The Traveling Triplets
This food looks so amazing! Thank you Mark!
Tony Davis
Tony Davis Month ago
Jump to 6:33
Franklin MacGillacuddy
Thanks Mark and to that family for sharing all this.
Franklin MacGillacuddy
That huge platter reminds me of a Sri Lankan version of the Spanish dish paella.
Schmambo Month ago
I’m missing my mums cooking after this! 😭 It’s great to see the food and culture is appreciated Mark! This makes me proud to have such rich diversity!
Kaja Vazhikkadavu
When you coming in India ?
Evelyn Ortega
Evelyn Ortega Month ago
Looks delicious 😋
Prabaharan Prabhu
Mark as usual its a great video and im wondering how could you manage to eat all kinds of food all over the world with smiling face. Lots of love from Prabaharan Coimbatore Tamilnadu India.
Tammy McCeig
Tammy McCeig Month ago
Sitting here eating a microwave pot pie hoping it was the Aunt's meal.. 😟 Nope...tastes like commercial food stuff.. Great video. Awesome looking dish..
Brian Baxter
Brian Baxter Month ago
That dish looked so awesome and wishing I could of tried that. The bucket list is growing
Donghwi Yeom
Donghwi Yeom Month ago
I want that dish so bad right now. looks perfect!
Aarush puthenkudy saneesh
😍😍😍,,,love..it...from oman
Jerome Pickus
Jerome Pickus Month ago
That is one mother of a plate of food! YUM
Dani clark
Dani clark Month ago
Cprian Florin
Cprian Florin Month ago
Miriam Ait
Miriam Ait Month ago
Who’s watching this during Ramadan 😂
Jet M
Jet M Month ago
Miriam Ait me 🤤
owen omorogbe
owen omorogbe Month ago
please how can i eat this food without traveling to Sri Lanka .. i can almost taste it by just looking at this video , i envy you Mark
Lekhya Ravuru
Lekhya Ravuru Month ago
I love watching u r vedioes 😍
Armchair Analyst
-vedio- *video
khan afzal
khan afzal Month ago
mark just love dis srilanka tour of urs man you r best
khan afzal
khan afzal Month ago
mark just love dis srilanka tour of urs man you r best
khan afzal
khan afzal Month ago
mark just love dis srilanka tour of urs man you r best
khan afzal
khan afzal Month ago
mark just love dis srilanka tour of urs man you r best
khan afzal
khan afzal Month ago
mark just love dis srilanka tour of urs man you r best
Nekoda Phillip
Nekoda Phillip Month ago
Awesome as always!👍🏽 Thanks for letting us in, on your food journey and yummy experiences Mark!🙋🏽 Thank God for the lovely people that make delicious and special food and share it willingly with others!🥘😋
About The World
About The World Month ago
Ini rumahnya kok kaya dibogor gitu 😂
Travel Addict
Travel Addict Month ago
How do you digest all that food
Jocelyn Staats
Jocelyn Staats Month ago
At 3:23, yucky wall. Use Mr. Clean white scrub .
Phoenix Legion
Phoenix Legion Month ago
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