Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes When Ordering Fast Food

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Before you even think about taking a trip to McDonald's, Burger King, or whatever other quick-service restaurant your stomach desires, it’s a good idea to take a minute to commit these common fast food ordering mistakes to memory.
If you’re unable to visit your favorite fast food spot as soon as they open, there’s still an easy way for you to get your food hot and fresh by simply saying, "I'd like that fresh, please."
Yup, it’s really that easy! In a Reddit thread on fast food hacks, workers and former workers from several different fast food chains confirmed as much. One Redditor wrote:

"The Wendy's I worked at always would give fresh anything if it was requested."
Another poster added:
"I work at McDonald's, and people ask for food fresh, which we honor. That may just mean you have to pull up and wait extra time for your food, but it doesn't matter much to us either way."
There are a few other ways to score your fast food as fresh as possible, too. For starters, time your trip right. According to one former fast-food worker, the most reliable way to get fresh food is to go to fast food restaurants that stay busy. The more orders they have, the more often they have to crank out more fresh food.
Watch the video to see more huge mistakes everyone makes when ordering fast food!
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Ordering without saying this | 0:12
Eating a mystery egg | 0:59
Not asking for freebies | 1:40
Forgetting to use the app | 2:26
Waiting to order | 3:19
Overlooking smart substitutions | 4:12
Tossing the receipt | 4:59
Being too timid | 5:39
Hitting the drive-thru every time | 6:47
Lingering at the drive-thru window | 7:55
Buying in bulk | 9:03


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Jun 15, 2019

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Comments 494
Mashed 28 days ago
What tips do you have to share for fast food adventures?
Nero Day ago
If you want to have fresh food from a fast food place: please, please, come inside. Also if you have a huge order call it in as well. You have no idea how annoying it is to be in a rush and have someone come in wanting 20 or 30 something burgers. Also please understand that if you are ordering fresh food that it does take time and a few thing may not be coming straight from the frier. Most hamburgers take 3-5 minutes, chicken 6 or more and the cashier will more than likely drop extra fries for you when you make your order. Without the burgers having a timer (being either a griddle top with a press or the charbroiler of burger) it's hard to guess that when it'll come up for meat on your sandwich. On the timers of the drive thru, the BK I worked at had 2 minutes 15 seconds for drive. We were always pushed for under 1 minute during non-peak hours. If you want to check your food pull up in front of the building, there's usually a door right by the drive thru that if something comes up wrong you can step inside real quick and it'll be fixed. Sometimes if something's wrong when you get home call the store the same night/day you made the order and they may take your name down and you can get the order corrected the next day or later on.
Jason S
Jason S 18 days ago
For those in Australia, Red Rooster have a very generous rewards card that is worthwhile! And there is an excellent chance that McDonald's will have a secret meal that is heavily discounted that you won't find on the menu, but can ask for. More than likely this secret meal will only cost $5.00 and will be a burger, small fries and small drink.
Soda King
Soda King 22 days ago
Yes don't fuck yourself up with the drink machine I do not recommended getting a refill but if you do plz pick the same drink or you will understand
gobbi dimerda
gobbi dimerda 24 days ago
Don't go
Deadzio 24 days ago
Just order extra ingriedient and thats it.
N0T CL!VE 4 hours ago
1. wasting an entire hour saying “UUUMMMMMMMMM....”
Mike Someone
Mike Someone 6 hours ago
1:17 It's called a french omelette...
Jack V
Jack V 10 hours ago
*in this video we teach you how to get an employee to spit in your food*
Random Person
Random Person 16 hours ago
1:47 wtf everyone knows that
adonxi plays games
adonxi plays games 22 hours ago
Wish I had chick fil a in Britain and also wendys
Cody Mann
Cody Mann 22 hours ago
I learned absolutely nothing from this. Mostly common sense tips
Ditches 23 hours ago
I miss lava sauce 😩
Synystershy Day ago
I've just been walking up to the cashier and giving them my order... Don't I feel stupid now.
Lukas Aydin
Lukas Aydin 2 days ago
How many fucking ads are in this video
Green and Blue loser
in Canada we can't even buy mcnuggets in groups of 4, let alone for one dollar. here they're 6 for $5.69, 10 for $6.89, and 20 for $10.29
caleb baldwin
caleb baldwin 3 days ago
Why did i just watch this most people arent gonna give a damn about giving you"fresh" they arent gonna go out of there way to make something fresh lol they are just saying its fresh so you can be happy and to get you to shutup trust me
HUUUUUURRRR 4 days ago
"Straight Pride Parade" = Drive-Thru at Chik-Fi-La
Wojak Feels
Wojak Feels 5 days ago
Ehh buying 4 nuggets for $1 and not 6 nugget for $2.5 is not a "hack" or being "savvy". It's people being idiots and can't figure out the price is higher.
My mouth is watering 🤤🤯
magaman 5 days ago
Fast-food workers might respect your special request if it's not busy, but if it's really busy I doubt they will.
John Haywood
John Haywood 5 days ago
Here's what I do with available options, Jersey Mike's---Firehouse Subs---Jimmy John's---Arby's---Publix Deli (wraps)---Subway
Michael Lykke
Michael Lykke 6 days ago
Jesus Christ, we are talking about fast food. Not real foods. Use it less.
fartwrangler 6 days ago
A Big Mac always costs more than two cheeseburgers, which it essentially is, minus one bun. When you get a Big Mac you are essentially paying twice as much to get a wilted piece of lettuce and a shot of ranch dressing. Always order your soft drink WITHOUT ice at fast food places -- especially if you're going through the drive through. The drinks are already cold without ice, ice just takes up room in the cup so you get less soft drink, and drinks already have the most over-inflated prices of any item on the menu.
American5585 7 days ago
are you retarder? where in hell did you see that 4 nuggets are 1 dollar and 6 are 2.49? Dont spread false info because you want to make your stupid video
L Chapman
L Chapman 7 days ago
Did Mashed really imply that I shouldn't check the accuracy of my drive-thru order to pacify a manager's drive-thru timetable? Um, sorry, not happening. People sometimes make mistakes, so I always do a quick check on dark soda's and bag item counts.
Shaun Mattice
Shaun Mattice 8 days ago
*Fresh at McDonalds* Frozen isn't fresh..
arnaud vaugeois
arnaud vaugeois 9 days ago
Buy more bad food and get even more bad food free, how do you expect poor people not to be obese
mira m
mira m 9 days ago
Easy solution : home cooking
AdrianJayeOnline 10 days ago
fact of life... ASK a busy.. low paid worker... for something "NOT" standard, expect.... errrm well.. just don't....
epic beardface
epic beardface 10 days ago
Australian maccas are the best and fresh. Also if you don't know what you want get the fuck out of the drive through.
Nick Carlson
Nick Carlson 10 days ago
Five Guys is good but EXPENSIVE. Cheeseburger with 2 patties, smallest fries and smallest drink cost me $17.47
Fred Munoz
Fred Munoz 10 days ago
I'll tell you what the huge mistake is. ORDERING FAST FOOD PERIOD!
Jared Smith
Jared Smith 11 days ago
Guess I like it simple, go in and dine. Despite being young I like it old fashioned. But I'll keep these tips in mind if I go out of town.
Peter 12 days ago
Really! Smh okay so I say it at Portillo's I like my Italian Beef fresh when they cook the beef perfectly 🤔🤔🤔 lol
Abby Lowe
Abby Lowe 12 days ago
I usually ask big mac sauce on my mcdouble anyway. I swear the patties for the mcdouble are different than the big mac patties. Idk what it is but they’re jucier. Whereas the big mac patties are dry like the sahara.
Vlado Vladimirovich
you dont say you want fresh food you say i want burger without pickles and they will have to prepair it fresh for you you might wait a bit but you will get it good and great hah
007coleyfoley 14 days ago
Princess Rainbow swirls aka beyeza fernandez
When I was 6 I had a cheeseburger from my happy meal and to make a Big Mac I just asked my sister if I can have her meat and then put that In my cheeseburger XD
Twostones00 16 days ago
The very best advice is NEVER eat fast food. Cook at home with the best ingredients. It’s cheaper and better for you.
jacqueliney32 17 days ago
The Big Mac one @ around 4:35, all you have to say is that you want a mcdouble dressed like a Mac. They should know what that means.
Julia Ester
Julia Ester 17 days ago
I always ask for fresh and I watch them too
Volenzy 13 days ago
Good god you’re one of those people 🙄
Lost Comma
Lost Comma 18 days ago
I know that in Edmonton the drive-thru at Barf-donalds is dramatically faster. Service inside is glacial by comparison.
Jason S
Jason S 18 days ago
For those in Australia, Red Rooster have a very generous rewards card that is worthwhile! And there is an excellent chance that McDonald's will have a secret meal that is heavily discounted that you won't find on the menu, but can ask for. More than likely this secret meal will only cost $5.00 and will be a burger, small fries and small drink.
Emiwoofz Gaming
Emiwoofz Gaming 18 days ago
Oooh 5:23 Danish ad finally Denmark gets some love 🥳🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 18 days ago
Your voice sounds familiar
Mark Raphaelson
Mark Raphaelson 19 days ago
So what am I supposed to do when I check my order after I've pulled away, and it's wrong? Wait back in line? Go inside, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place? No, thanks. I'll take the 10 seconds to make sure it's right before I pull away.
beektormaing 19 days ago
McDouble like a Mac
David Conde
David Conde 19 days ago
Freshest food you will ever get is at home
vctjkhme 19 days ago
not buying value meals is one i only recently figured out. a) i like free water better than calorie loaded soda b) the fries are empty calories. water and a burger for me please.
Alex Muse survival
Alex Muse survival 19 days ago
3:47 me and my teachers
Tom 19 days ago
My fat ass knew all of these lol
Sione Tielu
Sione Tielu 20 days ago
Biggest mistake is ordering fast food.
Raul Baeza
Raul Baeza 20 days ago
They put chemicals in that stuff thats why you get hungry quickly and come back!! Its funny how they tell us what is illegal to sell and what is legal. Wake up!!
Wraithburn The leader
I work at a KFC and the way mine is set up is they try their best to get faster at the drive thru window. They do it really well too. However if they see an easy order up front they fly through it sometimes before customers even finish at the register which really puts a smile on diners faces when they say wow that was quick
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