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Lawdy, so we will get into it with this storytime... but not without a delicious meal. On today's menu, I am eating two 14oz lobster tails along with a T-bone steak. Join me for this adventure.
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Mar 20, 2019

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Comments 2 261
Tae AND Lou
Tae AND Lou 4 months ago
Wassup people! Hope you all enjoyed this storytime. If you want to hear the second part of this story (which was really detailed, comment down below and I got y'all). Also, follow us on IG for more: Tae's Instagram: instagram.com/brklynbreed/ Lou's Instagram: instagram.com/ellemachele/
TiaraMarieTV Day ago
Do a hair tutorial Taee
Monica Murphy
Monica Murphy 7 days ago
Shadow Blizy
Shadow Blizy 18 days ago
Tae And Lou ❤️❤️❤️💯
Doctor Emerald
Doctor Emerald 20 days ago
I want to hear it
Teza Miller
Teza Miller Month ago
What is the lobster seasoned with? I have had lobster tail and did not like it due to no flavor!
nancy lee
nancy lee 52 minutes ago
The first part is an awesome speech can't anyone agree?
Chrissie A
Chrissie A Hour ago
I def need to know how to make that sauce!!! 🔥
Ashley Whittington
Ashley Whittington 2 hours ago
I want you guys to do a video of different types of pizza!!
Jazzmine Khan
Jazzmine Khan 9 hours ago
Tiana Robinson
Tiana Robinson 11 hours ago
You’re Making me soooo hungry!
Madison Falco
Madison Falco 22 hours ago
I know Tae put it DOWN for that girl to be in love😂
I love u guys so much ❤️💙❤️💙
Esther Salinas
you and lou are so pretty No homo
Megan Parks
Megan Parks Day ago
how do you make that sauce?
Bella B
Bella B Day ago
YAAAAAS 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾we all need the recipe🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Monique Hammond
Love the video......so what's in the sauce 🤔😁.....ur rite NOTHING is 4 free. Keep the video coming 💯🥰
TiaraMarieTV Day ago
I think Tae should do some hair tutorials 😍
Kylie Weiddo
Kylie Weiddo Day ago
I love tae Bc number 1she’s a real one💯 2: she gets drip drip sauce on her mouth here and there but at least she eats like a civilized person and doesn’t go in front of a cam and chew with her mouth open like wtf👀🙃🙌🏾
Girl what is your skincare routine
K P 2 days ago
Shit der bek is zo groott eet kleinere stukkn mann
Melanie Rodriguez
am i the only one thinking she looks like kehlani ?? if you don’t know who she is look her up
Raysea And Devin
Raysea And Devin 2 days ago
I have never had lobster or any other sea food besides shrimp but your really giving me the seafood vibes
Miniimah Shabazz
Miniimah Shabazz 3 days ago
Stop bragging
Seleanigh Montuiah
Lou scared the living daylights out of me
cevy 3 days ago
I've been to that hotel once since i live in the country with my mama ,_, and plenty other hotels there
Sheyanna Garcia
Sheyanna Garcia 3 days ago
So hungry
Ashley Robles
Ashley Robles 3 days ago
What’s the sauce recipe????🙏🏼
Let’s get N 2 it!
Omg look at that tail 🤭
Baby Chey
Baby Chey 4 days ago
Lemon sounds bomb on that
Melanie Sermeno
Melanie Sermeno 4 days ago
You should definitely do a skin care routine video! Your skin is glowing 👌🏼
kimari McKenzie
kimari McKenzie 4 days ago
Wanna what's in that's sauce
Dierdre Smith
Dierdre Smith 4 days ago
Yal need to do a soul food Mukbang.. Greens, homemade mac and cheese, fries pork chops cornbread, potatoe salad, lima beans
kari licious
kari licious 4 days ago
Pls do a Mexican food mukbang
AlonaRoberta Manoharan
Hi Tae and Lou how are you I love holidays and hotels
Heather Koop
Heather Koop 5 days ago
Just started watching you two I love it your love for each other and devotion is beautiful
Lafrosh Johnson
Lafrosh Johnson 5 days ago
Where Did You Get Those Lobster Tails From And How Much
prissay 5 days ago
New subscriber here! And idk why but I can’t stand people eating or the sound but for some reason I can’t stop watching you guys eat this type of food! I can imagine why your skin is so beautiful and flawless! All that seafood oil is great for skin care!
Kriyative Kulcha
Kriyative Kulcha 5 days ago
This is funny
Danielle Pearson
Danielle Pearson 6 days ago
Umm can you tell me what the sauce is made of
Sierra Locklear
Sierra Locklear 6 days ago
Your skin is amazing!!!!
neurologic 6 days ago
This is so fucking funny
Delicia Stafford
Delicia Stafford 8 days ago
Definitely share that hot pot sauce
Nickeitha Pruitt
Nickeitha Pruitt 9 days ago
I liked the video
Tiffanahh22 10 days ago
I love you gals!!!
Dawn Cousins
Dawn Cousins 10 days ago
I’m so happy that the two of you found each other! What a cute couple. I’m so happy that my husband after 18 years still look at me like I’m so beautiful and he still to this day makes me blush and my heart raises with excitement! He’s truly my best friend and I love him so much... oh well, that’s enough about my boo thang. I mention this to the both of you because you reminded me of us! I wish the both of you great happiness and joy...
Dawn Cousins
Dawn Cousins 10 days ago
Lil Jay
Lil Jay 10 days ago
Eat a shark
Daliah Grady
Daliah Grady 11 days ago
I discovered you guys yesterday and I'm already watch like 15 videos of your huge Lobster videos and stuff like that
Brandy Palm
Brandy Palm 11 days ago
This video is a little too much on the sounds but I just found you guys and I’m so happy I did. You influenced me to try lobster for the first time!!!
withApinchofSTEPH 12 days ago
This was cute all the way through. Your girlfriend is me 😭😭💪🏾 yall keep being cute, glad I stumbled across this page 💃
Corey Franklin
Corey Franklin 13 days ago
Do how noise tae B Better
sharon cates
sharon cates 14 days ago
Love these two good energy
KitKat 14 days ago
i think i saw ur bae next to the door on the left side bc i saw hair 😂😂😂
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