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Lawdy, so we will get into it with this storytime... but not without a delicious meal. On today's menu, I am eating two 14oz lobster tails along with a T-bone steak. Join me for this adventure.
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 2 042
Tae AND Lou
Tae AND Lou Month ago
Wassup people! Hope you all enjoyed this storytime. If you want to hear the second part of this story (which was really detailed, comment down below and I got y'all). Also, follow us on IG for more: Tae's Instagram: instagram.com/brklynbreed/ Lou's Instagram: instagram.com/ellemachele/
melinda sutton
Hey can u or have u every posted that sauce ingredients if so which video can I find it on or can u in box it to me love your videos and yall are very beautiful God bless
Takia Kenney
Takia Kenney 23 days ago
Tae AND Lou ok
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson Month ago
I'm embarrassed to mention how many times I've immediately gone to get seafood after watching ya'll videos. Never have I been so impressionable.
Devon Gardner
Devon Gardner Month ago
Tae AND Lou Dat MOUF!
Texas Angie
Texas Angie 15 hours ago
I'm starving and thanks 4 sharing .Texas support u..
Sheridan Branch
Sheridan Branch 22 hours ago
BellyB Day ago
Sauce recipe??? Name of it??? Pleaseeeee!!!
Virginia Dejesus
I love a good conversation while eating! I was so interested , new sub💕💕🥰
Serrinthia Mcgill
🙄U forgot a lil piece on your Chin 🤣
Carlene Hunter
Bring some of that lobster tail for me in Jamaica
Day ago
😂😂😂❤❤love y'all
Day ago
🤩🤩😍😍tea lol
April Keke
April Keke Day ago
I went their on my school trip. I'm a Jamaican btw. Love you Tae and Lou
Alisia Tolisia
Do more sea food boils
Debra Smith
Debra Smith Day ago
Can u do like a video how u cook all of that and the sauce love ya ❤️😘
I'm goin baby on baby
ljariaa 2 days ago
The lobster looks so fake in the beginning of the video 😆but anyways ur so beautiful and I loved this 🥵❤️
Key W.
Key W. 2 days ago
Yes! Can you please show us how to make the hot pot sauce. I got a hot pot and it’s just sitting there because I want to make sure it’s right.
Antoinette Buchanan
That food be looking good you know wear I could get some
Marcia Cowins-Jones
Sea food is expensive! I wish I could eat like that!
Trashy Playz
Trashy Playz 2 days ago
Looks so yummy
Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown 2 days ago
she pretty but she eat like an african refugee
Nerea Telletxea
Nerea Telletxea 2 days ago
Omg you are so beatiful and you look like selena gomez
Judea Townsend
Judea Townsend 2 days ago
omg your so pretty tae
G Fiat 500
G Fiat 500 2 days ago
I get that the food is good. But can u please stop mmm-ing after every. single. bite... it irritates me. Thanks babe
Safiya George
Safiya George 3 days ago
Was anybody else confused by the background like what's going on with the plants
StelianCozma2008 Vasile
Did u ever had a boyfriend
Mallory Chavana
Mallory Chavana 3 days ago
Does anybody elese notice how every single bite of food she takes she closes her eyes😂😂
The_twin Sisters
The_twin Sisters 3 days ago
Eat 30 lobster tails
audrey curtis
audrey curtis 3 days ago
is anyone else thrown off by the wall on the right of tae?
Kecharrea Dunn
Kecharrea Dunn 3 days ago
why is yall called Tae AND Lou when Lou is barely in any video
Jardin Ismael
Jardin Ismael 4 days ago
I ain’t never gonna see her again... She see her the next day Love you guys
Asianface __nessaaa
Omg I love Lou for that xd 22:11 ❤️😭❗️AND TAE ❤️
Asianface __nessaaa
You guys are MAKING my mouth watering AHHH I WANT SOMEE SOOO BADDD AHHH WAAAA xd 😢❤️😭❗️
VIBES WITH YEA 4 days ago
I love herrrr😂♥️♥️♥️♥️
slxgish 4 days ago
Tae on god your fucking beautiful like holy shit youre hella mothafuckin pretty like oh myyy
Lisa-marie Finch
Lisa-marie Finch 4 days ago
That's my Jamaican pepppppper
marli dunn
marli dunn 5 days ago
sauce recipe pleaseeee!
Fezeka Matotyeni
Fezeka Matotyeni 5 days ago
I clicked onto this video and when I heard your voice, I immediately liked and subscribed 😂 Best decision so far
Lulbabby. Zhani
Lulbabby. Zhani 5 days ago
I love y’all mukbangs🥰🥰🥰
Aphrodite Ares
Aphrodite Ares 5 days ago
She makin me hungry asf & I've been craving lobster and crab for the longest because of them lol mmmm
Harlem Money
Harlem Money 6 days ago
Not trying to be rude but do you have a mic in your throat because I hear when you seollie
Ciarra Lonzo
Ciarra Lonzo 6 days ago
you're so pretty
Love Brandi Ari
Love Brandi Ari 6 days ago
You are gorgeous. I love you guys videos!
Jalyssa Love
Jalyssa Love 7 days ago
You remind me sm of Kehlani 😍makes no sense
Zi'Rihanna White
Zi'Rihanna White 7 days ago
INEED THAT SAUSE!!lol I just started watching u guys and I subbed right away!i luv u guys so much,keep going❤️
ICandy Themodel
ICandy Themodel 7 days ago
Tae you are so SEXY!!💜
Taniya Townsend
Taniya Townsend 7 days ago
Lou in the background is a mood 😂
Deborah Michael
Deborah Michael 8 days ago
What kind of sauce is that it looks good
Slimm Liaa
Slimm Liaa 8 days ago
Lmfaooo I hate Louuuu😭😭😂😂
Cindy B
Cindy B 8 days ago
What’s the recipe for the sauce please I need it like yesterday.
chelsea williams
chelsea williams 8 days ago
Ayeee 🇯🇲🇯🇲
Too Much Funny
Too Much Funny 8 days ago
the way tae had jumped it scared me lol
cswan1296 9 days ago
mom2kaylee 10 days ago
Yeeeees Lou is hilarious in the back “UHMMMM WHEEEW CHILE” 😂😂😂
Kaila Lanae
Kaila Lanae 10 days ago
I wanna see y’all have a dance competition lol all old school dances
Destiny Smith
Destiny Smith 10 days ago
I want to be like yall. Yall relationship is so cute
Zakiya Clarke
Zakiya Clarke 10 days ago
U are nice why are u a lesbian
De Andre Pitts
De Andre Pitts 10 days ago
Famous CNoteLive
Famous CNoteLive 10 days ago
I wanna Fucc 🙊👅👅👅
Deshanti Lewis
Deshanti Lewis 11 days ago
Where lou
Nae A Queen
Nae A Queen 11 days ago
I looooove yall
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez 11 days ago
Wow she’s gorgeous 😂😂 I mean yeah so is the food but wow great skin care too 🤟🏽🤟🏽but damn... this story is nuts I’m sitting like nooooo fuckin way 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jazzy Marie
Jazzy Marie 11 days ago
What ethnicity’s are you Tae and ur really pretty
Angel Cho
Angel Cho 11 days ago
Tae is so cute
Melanie 11 days ago
Why dose Lou travel so much
yagirl boo
yagirl boo 11 days ago
Am i the only one who only watches the videos of only tae??
Chantell Hunter
Chantell Hunter 12 days ago
That food looks good as sex
J Hernnadez2222
J Hernnadez2222 12 days ago
Yessssss! Plzz teach us how to make that hot pot sauce
Natalie Navarro
Natalie Navarro 12 days ago
Can y’all tell that when tae takes a bite of food she always closes her eyes!!!?
Princess Kennedy
Princess Kennedy 12 days ago
I love watching you and the bae you guys are so real and so cool 🥰🥰 and yes i need the tea on the sauce
This Isn't My Real Name Google.
Whats the sauce?
Farrah Johnson
Farrah Johnson 12 days ago
I just started watching ur videos and ur already my favorite RUvidr😀
I’m Zay
I’m Zay 12 days ago
You remind me so much of Kehlani
Fiona Cupples
Fiona Cupples 12 days ago
(Recipe included please try!)YES, more on this story PLEASE! Makes such good conversation to listen to while watching you grub. (I love that your dad is cool with your sexuality.) My daughter is 12 going on 13 and loves you guys as much as I love ya! She understands it all and loves the way you both talk. So, I actually have a butter recipe, for seafood, even though you wanta give butter a break maybe you can make this real quick before you do that and eat it with lobster or fresh water shrimp, if you like it please let me know.🌿💜🌿 Recipe for butter W/ onions sauce. No name for it yet but it was good with my shrimp today! : 1 tbsp olive oil Garlic paste(2tbsp) 3 bundles of green onions chopped A quarter of red onion sliced 1 tsp of chicken powder 2 Sticks of butter Simmer the garlic paste first until it sizzles, keep heat real low,then add everything else, plus one stick of butter, in the order written until onions become soft then add last butter stick , simmer until melted stir well then eat! (I added some Thai chillies for spicyness, completely optional)☺ I WAS CRACKIN UP HEARING LOU IN THE BACKGROUND!💜
razzle channel
razzle channel 13 days ago
That looks so good!!!! Girl I would eat y'alls food and sauce looks like the bomb! And that steak oh girls! Delicious! And always love story time! Just started following yall!
Katrina Marie
Katrina Marie 13 days ago
15:40 -15:50 😂
larene judan
larene judan 13 days ago
New subscriber here ❤️ love from 🇬🇧
anthony Torres
anthony Torres 14 days ago
Lvcid Dreams
Lvcid Dreams 14 days ago
Gave me a raging boner xD did d d d d d d d
rinnah frank
rinnah frank 15 days ago
What’s in the dipping sauce yo!!!!
gedged forsyth
gedged forsyth 15 days ago
Your amazing you rock 💕👍
Xavion Durden
Xavion Durden 15 days ago
Look just like ella mai
Kimberly Cunningham
Can you guys make a video where you are tasting different fruits from different countries/states
QB VC OF THE LOWER 15 days ago
You got a good speaker lol I can hear u swallow 😂
natasjtjaha djnfassjsMungon
How do you make you sauce
Nathan Desmarais
Nathan Desmarais 15 days ago
Do a video on how you make your sauces
Natalie Brathwaite
Natalie Brathwaite 16 days ago
Why do you dance when you eat
Foul Reaper
Foul Reaper 16 days ago
While it is very sad to see two beautiful young woman date the same sex n not allow the men to endure you we glady understand your choice n understamd that u gone do you 😆wat am I talking about
Official Kynnedi
Official Kynnedi 17 days ago
All I wanna see from you guys is shine
David Johnson
David Johnson 17 days ago
You a good story teller 💯
Delilah Apodaca
Delilah Apodaca 17 days ago
Lalacorn 1
Lalacorn 1 18 days ago
What is in your sauce
marissa nicole
marissa nicole 18 days ago
I LOVE STORY TIME WITH YOU AND LOU!! Ya’ll make me so hungry 😭😭
Mary46033 18 days ago
Yes please! Sauce recipe!!! 😊😛
Mad Max
Mad Max 18 days ago
If u always eat this much I’m pretty sure u run a lot I’m not trynna be rude can someone answer my question pls
Mad Max
Mad Max 18 days ago
Question can a boy say to a girl I love u nohomo or is it only if a boy says it to a boy or girl says in to a girl
Makayla Miller
Makayla Miller 18 days ago
You are beautiful I’m sure read it backwards 😁
Andfggx Psksbr
Andfggx Psksbr 18 days ago
The way she close her eyes when she chews. Best asmr ever. So pretty !
BlessedLuv1 18 days ago
That steak looks like it's hittin!! Makes me wanna go buy a Tbone and tear into it. Lol
rae sunshine
rae sunshine 15 days ago
BlessedLuv1 I know,I can almost taste it
Nevaeh Fanfair
Nevaeh Fanfair 18 days ago
what’s the recipe😩
JasTheMua 18 days ago
What’s in that sauce 👀
Quan _Yt
Quan _Yt 18 days ago
You be teasing us😂😂😤
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