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Today I have our biggest Halo Beauty Announcement Ever!
xo's ~ Tati
😇 CHECK OUT halobeauty.com
- instagram.com/HaloBeauty
- New Packaging starts shipping today!
- Refill Packs Launch on 9/27

✔ S N A P C H A T
✔ I N S T A G R A M
✔ T W I T T E R
✔ F A C E B O O K
✔ E M A I L

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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Amy Yost
Amy Yost Month ago
PLEASE post a link for those beautiful white crystals in the background. I’ve been killing myself searching online for those. Thanks dollface XOXO
Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling Month ago
Came here for Halo Infinite news 0/10 me and the boys dissapointed
Inês Lopes
Inês Lopes 3 months ago
Alguem de Portugal que saiba se o halo fica preso na alfandega?
Waveycake Cake
Waveycake Cake 3 months ago
When you got all of the attention last year
Corinne George
Corinne George 3 months ago
You should definitely make environmentally friendly refill packs
Poppy Ryan
Poppy Ryan 4 months ago
lune cru
lune cru 5 months ago
That is so amazing 🙌🏽
Morogu C
Morogu C 5 months ago
can u make one for tooth?
Jay J
Jay J 5 months ago
Tati, can I take the halo his multi vitamins, kiwi booster, and hsn all in one ? Or would that be too much?
Striker8026 Salvador
I am so proud of you ❤️
CallOfDutyGamingxx 5 months ago
Couldn’t do them 🤢 so I switched and ordered the SugarBearHair 💝
Sabrina King
Sabrina King 6 months ago
This makeup look is gorgeous
Chris 6 months ago
i love the refill packs for the environment but I guess i'm a little sensitive about the plastic bags in general.
Michelle Nolan
Michelle Nolan 7 months ago
Hi I was wondering what product do I buy. My friend has bad spots on her face. Nothing is helping her what product would suit her
sweetox _
sweetox _ 7 months ago
She totally wearing Tati Beauty on her eyes 🥰
Jennifer Ficklin
Jennifer Ficklin 7 months ago
Hey, Tati, I want to start your vitamins on a new subscription, but I want the initial bottle, because I have never tried your supplements yet. Does the 1st bottle come with the subscription? I can’t find anything about this on your website.
Hybhelisse Castillo
Hybhelisse Castillo 7 months ago
Brittany sue
Brittany sue 7 months ago
Is halo beauty the same as the food brand halo??????8
Mk Hunter
Mk Hunter 7 months ago
I love you and your brand. However I have never been able to try Halo because I have never been able to afford it. 😥 I feel alot of people are being left out of this experience due to the high price point. I allways wanted to try it and experience your product, however I can't afford it. I know others are being excluded, due to the same factors. I hope some day this can be remidied so everyone can get involved. You are a great strong woman and I always support you.
Brazilian Girl Channel
She is totally using TATI BEAUTY on this video! I'm so excited for Tati palette that I have been rematching all her most recent videos and noticed she has been using her palette on many of the videos that she did not disclose the makeup. I even asked a few times on some videos what palette was she using and now I know why she never replied. It was her palette. WOW. I just realized I've been eyeing her palette for months now and I kept asking her what is this amazing glitter. I don't have anything like that on my collection. So excited to get it this Friday. Congrats!!!
Sandra Rodon
Sandra Rodon 7 months ago
I am so proud of you for your new launch! Keep going, you're breaking that glass ceiling!
Casey Donovan
Casey Donovan 7 months ago
random observation, probably Tati used her new palette here. no makeup worn section. huuhuuu =)
HollieXo 7 months ago
Would honestly love to try your supplements but shipping and customs :( damn
nicleey 7 months ago
Just received both the kiwi skin and the his booster but both looked and smelt the same. Was I cheated?
Nicola Rawlinson
Nicola Rawlinson 7 months ago
No mention of what Tati is wearing...with hindsight I’m wondering if it’s her new palette?xx
aihfh 7 months ago
Will free international shipping come in the future?
Not Creative Crafter
Can’t hardly wait for you to come out with a skincare line! ❤️
Lisa Parrish
Lisa Parrish 7 months ago
I want to just try for 30 days, can we do that before getting a subscription
rozynmike 7 months ago
😭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖💖💖 YAASSS!!!
LeilaPaniniLinguini 7 months ago
I would love to buy it, but my mom doesn’t know how good the product is, and I haven’t been able to convince you, because I have acne and I know that it will really help with it 😞
Betina Cahue
Betina Cahue 7 months ago
Idc about your anoccment
Betina Cahue
Betina Cahue 7 months ago
But le coarse im here seeing it
Zahra Saghir
Zahra Saghir 7 months ago
Afterpay please ❤️❤️❤️
Christine Loganbill
Christine Loganbill 7 months ago
Cosmo+Wanda I see you!
Valeria Sigarrostegui
Your makeup is flawless!
Zeevs 7 months ago
Shannon Sim
Shannon Sim 7 months ago
what foundation are you wearing in this video?
Hyein Lim
Hyein Lim 7 months ago
Pleaaaaaaassee come out with skin care products!
DanielJacksonx 7 months ago
5%/10% hun? Really? Considering you said about global footprint and environment. That discount is nothing to improve the environment like you mentioned. Surely it should be 15%/20%. Or is not really improving the environment so that’s why you putting low discount on? Like I just don’t get it haha
Elfie Eleza
Elfie Eleza 7 months ago
Tati, I have been using Halo and I'm from Singapore , I hope in future the shipping could enjoy free shipping
Morgan Greenwood
Morgan Greenwood 7 months ago
I loveeee the refillable packaging idea! I just wish it were cheaper than a 5% discount. That barely makes a difference lol. I was expecting it to be literally half the cost.
Marina Step
Marina Step 7 months ago
iHerb would be a great place to sell your products! I would love so much to try your vitamins, but 10$ shipping is a lot... it’s almost half of the price(
Tessa Kostas
Tessa Kostas 7 months ago
wow who cares
Athena P
Athena P 7 months ago
I mean I randomly stumbled across this video too but like... you cared enough to comment 😂
Brianna Taylor
Brianna Taylor 7 months ago
Please do A video with dr.mike about halo ! Love you so much !
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn 7 months ago
I would love to have PR from the Halo beauty! I’ve been wanting to try it and I’m so excited about the new formulation!!!! My skin is so in need of the kiwi and would love the HSN to rotate out with because my hair and nails need some love. I think you’re absolutely amazing as a business woman. I love how you dressed up in business attire for this video. So professional and so proud of you for making your brand on its own. ❤️ be proud girl!
Piña Piña
Piña Piña 7 months ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Me: what’s up with that one hair in the front, it triggers me
Achtzehn 7 months ago
What is this? It's in my recommended. Is she playing Cortana in Halo movie?!
J Scott
J Scott 8 months ago
Good job Tati. You did this. You’re doing this. You’re my inspiration 💕💪🏻🙌🏼
LanaCole 8 months ago
Why not say it was coming when people asked? I dont u understand the need for secrecy if this was your plan all along? It wouldve been more cost effective to do this from the start. Either that isn't true, or it's for your gain. I really enjoy your content, and I'm happy for your business but I'm going to be honest here. Doesn't make sense. I avoided trying these for all the reasons mentioned above.
Jessica Gronowski
Jessica Gronowski 8 months ago
What are the bottles in the back?
Jeannelise Martinez
Jeannelise Martinez 8 months ago
Please never stop making Halo beauty! The HSN has changed my life! My skin has never looked better! Thank you!!!🥰
Anna Charlotte
Anna Charlotte 8 months ago
Hey Tati! How about making also 3- month packs and 6 months packs to reduce shipping costs and it's influence on the environment? ... if the capsules are fine that long?
Chays Love
Chays Love 8 months ago
So excited for you Tati! This is a great move 💖
Organic Design
Organic Design 8 months ago
I should include shipping to Oman we want to try your products
Naiomy Martinez
Naiomy Martinez 8 months ago
Tried kiwi skin booster for my skin and it did absolutely nothing. It was just a waste of money
Jenessa Waite
Jenessa Waite 8 months ago
Just received my kiwi!!! Can’t wait to get started! Can you do an updated skincare routine??
Johana Huerta
Johana Huerta 7 months ago
I know it's only been 2 weeks but have you seen any changes? I wanna buy kiwi too, mostly for texture on my skin
Valerie Nazario
Valerie Nazario 8 months ago
Chelsea Pavone
Chelsea Pavone 8 months ago
We support you Tati!
Courtney Hyde
Courtney Hyde 8 months ago
Should 100% look into face wash/lotions/toner etc...
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis 8 months ago
Hey Tati.... You don't need to do Kiwi if you are doing HSN right? And can you take the body and brain booster with the HSN? Also can your boosters be taken with prescription meds given by a doctor that are needed for other alignments? Thank you
Willow Lawton
Willow Lawton 8 months ago
Kerim Gutiérrez
Kerim Gutiérrez 8 months ago
We should also be able to send back the extra bottles we have. So that you can either reuse or recycle. What do you think?
N N 8 months ago
Makes very likely little sense to her from an economic perspective at this point I suppose.
Julissa V
Julissa V 8 months ago
Your customer service sucks I tried contacting your customer service but you have never responded.
Heidi Swart
Heidi Swart 8 months ago
Hi Tati, Love your RUvid videos, and I learn so much from you. I want to find out, how can I order your Halo supplements, I live in South Africa. I would like to try them out, and at the same time support your brand.🤗
Ashley Vairo
Ashley Vairo 8 months ago
This has persuaded me to purchase these vitamins! I have wanted to try them but I couldn't bring myself to buy the bottle of plastic and now I don't have to! And free shipping THANK YOU! Great job, Tati
OwO HasAwoken
OwO HasAwoken 8 months ago
Wtf this isn’t halo 5
Leslie Penney
Leslie Penney 8 months ago
Has anyone who eats really healthy had results with this?
hdb80 8 months ago
5 and 10 percent? That's it?
Running Bear
Running Bear 8 months ago
omg everyone buy my product help make me richer! I absolutely love love love your money.
stillnotstill 8 months ago
Exploring with Running Bear I'm someone who recognizes if someone makes the original statement you did and they're not a socialist/communist there might be a bit of cognitive dissonance going on.
Running Bear
Running Bear 8 months ago
@stillnotstill No I'm a free loving hippie :D What are you?
stillnotstill 8 months ago
Are you a socialist?
Natalie Corrine
Natalie Corrine 8 months ago
Are the packets recyclable or biodegradable though? (Sorry if I missed this) I feel like if they’re made of paper they may have plastic lining.... wish there would’ve been a closer look
cloe 8 months ago
5% discount 😂😂
Peace.Love.Respect 8 months ago
Jamie Mardino
Jamie Mardino 8 months ago
I’m so excited about this!!! I haven’t taken them in months cause of $ and other things going on in my life... the subscription and free shipping is AWSOME!
Amarah C
Amarah C 8 months ago
This video was a week ago but I just looked on the site and no refills are listed... Not only is this video one big ego stroke to yourself, but 5%? You took the pretty part away, I can get the correct/tested amount of these ingredients in other supplements for $10 cheaper, its like you think because your name is put to it it's worth more... What a fuckin narcassist
stillnotstill 8 months ago
Amarah C that's not what narcissism is
Evelyn Kay
Evelyn Kay 8 months ago
When is it launching today? Its 9/27
Des B
Des B 8 months ago
I’m VERY happy that you have implemented refill packets and a subscription with free shipping option, but I can’t help but still be concerned about the plastic you are still producing for the refill packs, it doesn’t seem like you’re really creating less plastic at all. It would be great if the refill packets were compostable (instead of “recyclable” because most plastic does not actually get recycled and just ends up at the landfill) . Just a thought! ♥️
cloe 8 months ago
Des B it looks like the refill pack is made of paper though!
Farhee 2003
Farhee 2003 8 months ago
What time will the refills be available online today!?!?!
Laura Jenkins
Laura Jenkins 8 months ago
How do you do the subscription?
Liv Julian_0827
Liv Julian_0827 8 months ago
So can we take both kiwi and the HSN one? Or are these products meant to be used individually with nothing else?
hadeelhimmo07 8 months ago
Liv Julian_0827 you can use both but not on the same day. so basically rotate days take HSN today, kiwi tomorrow, HSN the day after that etc..
Ozgar Thunderhammer
Ozgar Thunderhammer 8 months ago
I think I clicked the wrong Halo.
Natalie Cloarec
Natalie Cloarec 8 months ago
It’s amazing how many people still complain even when she adds new options for the customers. Tati advocates for beauty and wellness and that in of itself IS an investment. If you want to use her wellness care products, fine. If you want to use drugstore or personalized care products, also fine. This is all about what works for YOU and makes YOU feel amazing.
H I 8 months ago
A prenatal would be greatly appreciated if you ever find the time. I love Halo, but can't take it while pregnant with the saw palmetto.
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