Huge Fried Prawns Mukbang from Great Alaska Seafood

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Hey Y'all we had fun & this food was delicious! I got the prawns from Great Alaska Seafood. Go check out their fresh seafood at www.great-alaska-seafood.com/
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Jun 16, 2019




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Comments 2 509
The girly Girl
The girly Girl 5 days ago
She needs to close her mouth when she eats. Disgusting noises and smacking
The girly Girl
The girly Girl 5 days ago
I cannot for the life of me see why she has so many subscribers. Obnoxious
sharon cates
sharon cates 19 days ago
Love seafood could eat it everyday now taking chemotherapy I am trying to still eat you make my day God bless you and family
Irine P
Irine P 22 days ago
Too much Salt too much smacking too much everything. I'm out of here. Sorry 🤮
Bonnie Somerville
OMG 🤦🏾‍♀️😱that salt....🙊
Little Lady
Little Lady Month ago
Best intro ever
zenra 2001
zenra 2001 2 months ago
When he say fast I be like 😵. But I make sure I get it in.
Dej Je
Dej Je 2 months ago
Blove was the food still hot when y'all ate
Kidney Warrior
Kidney Warrior 2 months ago
Tripe is the lining of cattle or sheep...not intestines.
Monica Ivy
Monica Ivy 2 months ago
BLove u could have cooked Dalvin Some
Monica Shamburger Ivy
That looks sooo good BLove... hey Nate....I really Love Y'all 😜☺️☺️
Ms Cth Stnl
Ms Cth Stnl 3 months ago
That is right Nate...that's 80...82 1/2 ...💯
Bo 3 months ago
Enjoyed this video! Especially the kitchen with everyone singing jingles. That's me and my family singing loud, off key and don't know the words 😂 I honestly love watching these types of videos. It's shows your authentic selves, no filters and just keeping it real. I appreciate that. Thanks Fam Bam!
Vivian Ruffin
Vivian Ruffin 3 months ago
Yesss!! Loving the seafood prawns ❤❤❤❤ and love you Nate and Belove ❤❤❤ heyy Dalvin Zaddy 😎😎
Makesha Hankins
Makesha Hankins 3 months ago
I was watching
Raised2Bless *
Raised2Bless * 3 months ago
It was called ICIES
Raised2Bless *
Raised2Bless * 3 months ago
It happened to me with SHRIMP 🍤 and LOBSTER 🦞. When I was younger my mom would cook it every Wednesday and now I am allergic to it.
ป้าใจ Thailand ไทยแลนด์
Hello I liked videos you very good
Saxena brothers zone
Dear u look beautiful 😘 n ur husband's smile is wow ,, innocent ,God bless u 😘😘
Marissa Lewis
Marissa Lewis 3 months ago
Your husband looking good nowadays keeping himself fit love u guys looking good belove 😘 makeup on 🔥🔥🔥
Only Truth
Only Truth 3 months ago
I love how stingy she is and that she could say no because Dalvin is just doggish
Ashley Edward
Ashley Edward 3 months ago
Ashley Edward
Ashley Edward 3 months ago
In custody! BOOM!
Julia Latham
Julia Latham 3 months ago
Hey guys.
jvickers67 3 months ago
i never seen cucumbers like dat...blove give us the details on where to buy or are u pickling
Diane Wheeler
Diane Wheeler 3 months ago
Hid that Salt! Lol
The Underdog
The Underdog 3 months ago
Nate, your weight is NONE of my business, BUT, Brotha, you are DEFINITELY looking like a Smaller man! You're looking VERY WELL, ma Brutha 👍👍! God bless your journey, Sir....🙏
Livia Gabriela dos Santos Fleitas Gabriela
Parecem que são uns bichos se alimentando meu Deus chega da nojo de vê
Livia Gabriela dos Santos Fleitas Gabriela
Meu Deus a mulher fica desesperada parecendo que nunca viu comida
Livia Gabriela dos Santos Fleitas Gabriela
Meu Deus quanta falta de educação alimentar
Eunique Beauty
Eunique Beauty 3 months ago
That clear water and BWW seasoning is bomb
Erica Grant
Erica Grant 3 months ago
Alot of salt
DnA4E 3 months ago
I stayed to the very end, I'm not gone... I love yall too!!!
Gail Gatling
Gail Gatling 3 months ago
OMG... We are twins-!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEAFOOD!!!! If I become allergic they will have to hook me up to an IV because I WILL NOT STOP EATING SEAFOOD!!!!! 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis 3 months ago
Dalvin look like play from the rap group kid n play! He is so fine!
janice craft
janice craft 3 months ago
Still waiting I'm in Oklahoma City ok
janice craft
janice craft 3 months ago
She's so beautiful send me my belove sause
Reagan Plummer
Reagan Plummer 3 months ago
What was the name of the seasoned flour that you used? Is it available for purchase???? I don’t even eat seafood but I’m wanting to try it lol
jg king
jg king 3 months ago
I love this video😝
The Lady Darcele
The Lady Darcele 3 months ago
I developed an allergy to shellfish as an adult. I can't eat any shellfish anymore....so sad.
Olivia Howard
Olivia Howard 3 months ago
I'm still watching!
Olivia Howard
Olivia Howard 3 months ago
I had a lemon with peppermint in the middle not not a pickle...now so gotta try it☺
Olivia Howard
Olivia Howard 3 months ago
Nate is so handsome. You two are a great looking couple with handsome sons. Yes, I used to be able to eat seafood and now I cannot eat shrimp, crab, mussels or lobster😢 I still love watching y'all eat it though!
Reina Moe's Designs
Reina Moe's Designs 3 months ago
What kind of cucumbers are those
Lavern Jones
Lavern Jones 3 months ago
Hi Bloveslife, I would love to get that salt u were putting on the cucumbers. Could u tell me where u get it from
Debraann McRae
Debraann McRae 3 months ago
I am still here to the end you are my friend like you talk to the camera I talk to my phone
Jessica Mur
Jessica Mur 3 months ago
U should totally go check out Cuzzo Ab...love her 🥰
Tamia Wrencher
Tamia Wrencher 3 months ago
2:42 do you notice that when she is holding the seasoning bottle it blends in with her background and the seasoning bottle makes it’s clear
Donna Ward
Donna Ward 3 months ago
Love y’alls videos!
cheekybaby 3 months ago
Man those crunching sounds from eating those fried 🍤🍤🍤 had my ears a tingling.
Eva Eva
Eva Eva 3 months ago
Can you eat food with out any type of sauce because all sauce does is cover up the flavor of food
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson 3 months ago
Girl how you keeping your weight off, the way you eating and all the salt? No hate
Noel Davis
Noel Davis 3 months ago
Do y’all ever look back on your videos for memories & remember the moments
Noel Davis
Noel Davis 3 months ago
Lol Bloves expressions you better not eat All my shrimp 😂😂to nate
maxie mason
maxie mason 3 months ago
Mrs. BLOVELIFE why do you eat so much salt! too much salt is not good for your blood pressure! …….. girl ?????????
Ritu Srivastava
Ritu Srivastava 3 months ago
Heather misscheeks
Heather misscheeks 3 months ago
I love how crunchy the food sounds
Views 24/7
Views 24/7 3 months ago
Do veggies still count as being healthy when you drench it in seasonings?
Pamela Moore
Pamela Moore 3 months ago
Why they look a little burnt it must be the flour
WhtsNotToLuv 3 months ago
I started watching ya'll videos during my fast and I've been here ever since.. Love all ya'll ❤️
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