Huawei releases new 5G phone without Google

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Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has released a new 5G phone, the “Mate 30 series,” completely free of Google-licensed apps. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports for News.Views.Hughes.
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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 1 221
Wasswa Sowedi
Wasswa Sowedi Month ago
Huawei 2020 just received my new 5G Huawei smart phone no more US Google spying on us
James Noah
James Noah Month ago
A big Thanks to Donald Trump for all these bans: it just make Huawei greater and GREATER... good job Huawei
linkzable Month ago
Except for Google Maps, there is NO essential app on GMS. Who gives a f* about Google Pay or Netflix or RUvid? I use Samsung browser to watch RUvid and avoid all the annoying ads
Wee Kiang
Wee Kiang 4 months ago
Is iphone a national security threat for China?
Kynth Prince
Kynth Prince 4 months ago
*literally no one: it was just an ad guys!!
Renaldo Hernández
Renaldo Hernández 4 months ago
Thanks God, no more google, the best option, no more USA spying on you
Dino Bino
Dino Bino 4 months ago
Where can I buy one...I want this without the google apps.
Super Sun
Super Sun 4 months ago
It can use all Google web version
Marius3 Minimal
Marius3 Minimal 4 months ago
Huawei mate 30 have quad camera, meaning for cameras. I phone 11 have 3 cameras.
INTATINTAT 4 months ago
i want one
Cray Fish
Cray Fish 4 months ago
I used WhatsApp once and deleted it after it recorded conversations and sent it to my group text. Google is also Millitary contracted so theres2 a lot of spying going on with NSA and CIA.
AcidBot66 4 months ago
If the Chinese, the most effective society on the planet are prospering without Google that must be the way to go.
AcidBot66 4 months ago
Will buy one as soon as it is available in my region. Can not wait to get rid of Google and Facebook spying and tracking my cellphone 100% of the time even when I am not using their services and that is not to mention the NSA who spies on everyone with any piece of American made technology!!
Austin Lee
Austin Lee 4 months ago
United states choose the wrong country for the fight. American started a war they can't win.
Rajan Sian
Rajan Sian 4 months ago
Its nice good job huawie w/out google 👏👏👏
yhunik291 4 months ago
Zahid Karim
Zahid Karim 4 months ago
Huawei great tech products, keep it up. we bored by google
Mashack Stanley
Mashack Stanley 4 months ago
Most of the people that are saying this don't even own a Huawei phone, I bought a p30 pro about a week ago, and I can say that the Chinese govt is tampering with every personal data on any recent hauwei phone..... All the accusations are true.
Prince Kerson
Prince Kerson 4 months ago
China well done, USA they are too know too much always they think everything belong to them
shlok k
shlok k 4 months ago
1:44 apple released triple camera system not quad
ghazi hussain
ghazi hussain 4 months ago
Game over google
manis magar
manis magar 4 months ago
Its crap without google...no map..no youtube..no use
MaCarThur Gaming
MaCarThur Gaming 4 months ago
Yah but Rog Phone 2 Still the Number #1 Gaming phone 120Hz😮
Hakan Gedek
Hakan Gedek 4 months ago
I support Chinese innovation which doesn't depend on Americans. I hope we can get a new OS on mobiles from China and an independent Asia technology is built.
Sammy Madamba
Sammy Madamba 4 months ago
I'm a huawei user, someone told me, "don't update your phone or else the Google will disappear" It is true or not? Iocation: Philippines
arya arya
arya arya 4 months ago
That cant be true.. It doesn't affect phones bought prior to the ban.
Gren Dee
Gren Dee 4 months ago
Huawei might survive in its domestic Chinese market but only because consumers there are blocked by the Great Firewall and barred by law from using Google products. But outside of China, Huawei has a big problem.
Vincent 58
Vincent 58 4 months ago
You can download all google app in 5 minute
Ben Ben
Ben Ben 4 months ago
Anything not USA is a threat 🙄
given jade cute
given jade cute 4 months ago
say bye bye to gods eye..
EC SeAn 4 months ago
Fuck chinese inventions
Najeeb Sikander
Najeeb Sikander 4 months ago
now 2 competitors face to face we will get something better everyday
Lodemé Carp
Lodemé Carp 4 months ago
I cant live without google. 😑
Lam F
Lam F 4 months ago
Who the fuck cares for google? It actually is better without google.
eastern2western 4 months ago
1.4 billion people are living without Google.
Oh yeah Cool
Oh yeah Cool 4 months ago
I've aged 20 years in the 20 years since wifi came out. It's deadly shit.
Hoani Koria
Hoani Koria 4 months ago
My Huawei phone is bombarded with google apps and theres no way to get rid of them. I want the new Huawei phone.
Rodrigo Flores
Rodrigo Flores 4 months ago
Good I need to less reliant on Google
Informed world
Informed world 4 months ago
Huawei is always a step ahead keep keeping on team huawei
Syed Shouaib
Syed Shouaib 4 months ago
Don't need Google services bundled with its ads
Good View
Good View 4 months ago
How can Android be considered open source software when it restricted Huawei. Free open source means no political interference.
Eddy Boh
Eddy Boh 4 months ago
You can get Huawei mate 30 pro at AliExpress, just download the app from Google play.
Jack Bradford
Jack Bradford 4 months ago
Good on huwaei
大可 4 months ago
this is why google ban in china
The Victim
The Victim 4 months ago
Google has many hacking records in history so who do you think really doing espionage, ha?
The Victim
The Victim 4 months ago
don't underestimate Asian People
EW Lim
EW Lim 4 months ago
Thanks to Trump, the whole world know Huawei 5G brand hp. Free advertisement for Huawei.
Joel Arma
Joel Arma 4 months ago
I have 2 huawei phone devices.. No worries... US is afraid beating they APPLE in the US MARKET.. maybe apple pay THRUMP TO BANNED HUAWEI IN THEIR COUNTRY..
Salvador Vidrio
Salvador Vidrio 4 months ago
The question is, who would you to prefer spy on you while using your cell phone? China or the US?
Jack Bradford
Jack Bradford 4 months ago
China. Because they have no axe to grind with anyone, and they don't go around the world invading countries in illegal wars
Netz Astigrockon
Netz Astigrockon 4 months ago
I think Chinese software smart phone is more secure than american software smartphones..
Basil Mekael
Basil Mekael 4 months ago
First of all huawei its not going to relay on gogle secnd gogle stares kising trump ass to alaod gogle to go in busnisses with huawei bcuz gogle its alrady instalde in huawei so and please dont comper apple to huawei bcuz you know there is no comering btween huawei and apple please
Sandile V Gina
Sandile V Gina 4 months ago
Bring it to South Africa then we out of google
ISAAC WANG 4 months ago
China is just too big to be defeated by warmongering Trump. Time for Trump and the allies and the Elites to learn how to coexist with China in our one and only oxygen filled planet. Do more for the people than to enrich only the few and stop wrecking destruction around the world that is the landmark of the West .
Longam Tomba
Longam Tomba 4 months ago
Not a good news for google and trump..
hanif hanif
hanif hanif 4 months ago
Stupid Trump
B L 4 months ago
No You tube, No Problem. Hua Tube or Wei Tube, easy fix... lol
MIRAJ SUBBA 4 months ago
Well done Chinese scientists and engineers you can beat the google easily because google took a long time to built those google apps but you could built them within few months that is incredibly fast keep it up you can shut in google any time you want, you have that kind of ability so do not worry about it. I wish you all the best into the future.
Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez 4 months ago
Very dramatic presenters... BTW, "not here in the United States"... Be well informed... This is not the first year Huawei hasn't sold their phones in the US.... And Google services can be installed, by the use of third-party app
Rj Carabio
Rj Carabio 4 months ago
iPhone does not have Quad cam
Antonio Gates
Antonio Gates 4 months ago
Now that they can't buy USA components..they will get stuck where they at..china just steals.wont Innovate
Jack Bradford
Jack Bradford 4 months ago
bill will
bill will 4 months ago
Google's share holder's, damn we're gonna loose billions in revenues. Huawei's, no worries, trump already earned billions a d billions for America in trade tariffs.
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