Huawei Mate X HANDS-ON

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Real Hands-On Review and First Impressions with the new Huawei Mate X. Subscribe for more ►►► ruvid.net/u-avorahtv
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Mar 6, 2019




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Comments 7 142
EMKWAN REVIEWS 6 months ago
A real HANDS-ON with the new Huawei Mate X - The new foldable smartphone from the company. What are your thoughts? Share below.
小小滑稽 24 days ago
Have you sold it yet?
Renee R
Renee R 27 days ago
Bro what kind of sunglasses are those what brand?
Tay 29 days ago
How can I get the phone?
Rizki Ferdian
Rizki Ferdian Month ago
fucking ugly poor nature arab
LZ danny
LZ danny Month ago
bomb hiroshima
bomb hiroshima 7 hours ago
Samsung invented outfolding tech 10years ago and threw away cause they knew outfolding sucks ( display burn in, screen protection etc ) and huawei finally copied samsung's tech 10years after. which means Samsung is 10years ahead
St1ph1n TM
St1ph1n TM Day ago
The Samsung Fold desing ist not so nice compared with this highclass phone!
광주참치 Day ago
메이트x가 궁금해서 찾았지만 겁나 이쁜디자인이네 피거나 접었을때 화면이 바뀌는데 시간이 걸리는듯했지만 문제되지 않을들하네
The Entrepreneur
Mind blown way better dan Samsung 😍🙋🙌
찐콩찡콩 4 days ago
디자인은 삼성보다 이게 낫네. 삼성은 접어서 사용할 때 액정이 너무 작고 테두리도 너무 커서 굉장히 촌스러울뿐 아니라 사실상 접어서도 사용할 수 있다고 생색만 내는 수준인 반면 이건 접어서 사용할 때도 현재 일반적으로 사용하는 스마트폰이랑 거의 유사해서 실사용에도 아무런 거부감이 없을듯
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf 5 days ago
There is a reason why Samsung didn't go with outer fold lol because In the long run eventually, the screen colors will be worn out when it's overly exposed to the light. I know it looks good and all that but not very pleasing because it's so cheap builtin.
sj beck
sj beck 6 days ago
Fake~ Manipulated images First, Turn off the power and dim the screen And~ Fold and unfold the machine Please show the state of the LCD
What are you talking about!!! Lol
David Tolentino
David Tolentino 6 days ago
Gusto q to
Toby Tyler
Toby Tyler 6 days ago
Lol,I saw a Samsung fold and before this video!
- camu
- camu 7 days ago
galaxy fold>>>>>>5years>>>>>mate x
Paul Coletti
Paul Coletti 9 days ago
Beautiful execution by Huawei. And there are a lot of Galaxy Fold haters on here BUT why is no one mentioning the elephant in the room of the X ? Huawei took the easier/safer route by wrapping the screen around the 'exterior' of the phone so as to avoid the tight internal radius required on the fold's screen. But as all foldable screen are effectively plastic and NOT glass this is exposing the most delicate part of the phone to wear at all times. Meaning it is impossible to use any form of protective case but having to rely on plastic screen protectors (and we know how well they do !) It will therefore get damaged and scratched within a very very short time. So what is the point exactly ..........:-( ! So, beautiful phone BUT a flawed impractical concept IMHO
BeNosey.com 9 days ago
How did benosey.com look on the mate x?
G.Na_J 10 days ago
나중에 후회할거다
황준희 11 days ago
Future phones will give us nowhere to hold or else you will accidentally touch everything. 😌😌😌
زهراء_ Zahraa
زهراء_ Zahraa 11 days ago
لله يا محسنين اريد واحد مثل هاذه التلفون
Lex Z
Lex Z 11 days ago
This is It, okay? 🤗
한남충 11 days ago
is this have no multi tasking?, and just single sound speaker?
Jeniferr Worldd
Jeniferr Worldd 12 days ago
Prefiero el Huawei Y9
로니 12 days ago
Chinese dominated here... Taiwan No.1 and Free for Tibet😄
isaac elric
isaac elric 9 days ago
South Korea used to be a dependent country of China and Japan, and now it is America's. Ur history and culture are stolen from China(Music, architecture, apparel,etc). A country without hope, It is no more than a nine day's wonder.
raphael karl
raphael karl 11 days ago
@로니 I just wonder is that really a problem? Besides I wonder why Chinese is easy as China has been korean's suzerain over 2000 years, and korean is just wealthier than Chinese in the last 50 years.Aren't that mean Korean is much easier?I don't know why and please give me an explanation.
로니 11 days ago
@raphael karl EASY EASY chinese ;) Why did Huawei delay the official launch? You already know it🙃
raphael karl
raphael karl 12 days ago
hahahh,poor korean if u can't win others in reality so u choose to win in word. Just enjoy yourself hahah and no one cares😆
Nguyen Phuc
Nguyen Phuc 17 days ago
Hey.how to buy it.my country is not have this phone.
Usman Khan
Usman Khan 17 days ago
Concept is good but practicaly it's not amazing.
Johnson Johnson
Johnson Johnson 20 days ago
Toky Herizo Rakotonirainy
need s pens
천원 22 days ago
□《《Hawaii phone
Pp S
Pp S 24 days ago
bro .☺️😘😘☺️😍
Laosho 26 days ago
I quit IPhone 📱
Renee R
Renee R 27 days ago
Can anyone in the comments tell me what kind of sunglasses this bro has? What type and model?
Renee R
Renee R 10 days ago
@EMKWAN REVIEWS I appreciate that, I ordered a pair and the replacement lenses
EMKWAN REVIEWS 12 days ago
They’re Oakley Frogskins
Engin Üstün
Engin Üstün 27 days ago
Ist nichts für mich. Ich brauche kein tablet.. Tablet habe ich zuhause
TriTen Gaming
TriTen Gaming 28 days ago
How to do video call on big screen? 🤔
서윤See 28 days ago
It can use android?
Reyna Gonzales
Reyna Gonzales 29 days ago
I want one please
Kishor Tigga
Kishor Tigga Month ago
Huawai best
MX3KY Month ago
Huawei postponed this phone again. Waiting out Samsung fold so they can copy the hinge mechanism? lol
Sean High
Sean High Month ago
Looks way better than samsung but need to address the obvious issue.. with the screens being on the outside of the phone when closed, how oh how will consumers be able to protect them from scratches and breaks?
Abiba yussif
Abiba yussif Month ago
Pls x dis design out,i mean in store
red shield
red shield Month ago
dorm iag
dorm iag Month ago
mother fucking cunt phone
Kinski Lewis
Kinski Lewis Month ago
It's not a full screen video player
Pepper :
Pepper : Month ago
hands down the best foldable phone... When will it be released?
BigLittleLife Month ago
Nothing especial, even doesn't worth more than samsung S10 plus, i have no extra money to spent on.
Evelyn army bts
Evelyn army bts Month ago
Buscabas un comentario en español?
Evelyn army bts
Evelyn army bts Month ago
zazxazza Month ago
I love the fact that the higher-res back camera is used for self-images, rather than a half-assed selfie camera. The only thing that makes me nervous is the folding mechanism for the Mate X.
PoisonPulse Month ago
Dude do you have a job?
Rizki Ferdian
Rizki Ferdian Month ago
fucking ugly poor nature arab
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mahesh vasa
mahesh vasa Month ago
super design
Rosie Jimenez
Rosie Jimenez Month ago
Hi really love the huge screen but how do they expect you to keep phone protected? Cases for it? What type of safety features on the phone itself are incorporated? Thank you for previewing and one question how much will it cost?
Your Welcome
Your Welcome Month ago
The design is impressed when its folded o.o
via Vai
via Vai Month ago
Samsung:it was a stolen tech from Samsung
finder photoshop
Galaxy fold? no this is Mate x.
skyaway Month ago
it s really amazing
american seoul
american seoul Month ago
Buy huawei if you want to be monitored by the Chinese government. Its great!
Kui Yan
Kui Yan Month ago
It's so cool but i can only watch and cannot touch
Shakoor Afridi
Shakoor Afridi Month ago
Don DoDat
Don DoDat Month ago
Bla bla bla When does it come out ?
Don DoDat
Don DoDat Month ago
This phone is very smart.
Filip TM
Filip TM Month ago
this thing seems generations ahead of the fold.
Rock You
Rock You Month ago
Galaxy fold: who are you? Huawei X: I'm you but stronger.
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