HUA CHENYU 华晨宇! Child 孩子 - Reaction 反应 (SUBS)

Fabricio Bambam
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Brazilian singer and songwriter, Fabricio Bambam reacts and analyzes (technical & artistic analysis) to Hua Chenyu performing "Child"!
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May 16, 2019




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Comments 80
M O Month ago
Hua hua hua!
Danny Pollykairo Nunes
Amigo.porque na verdade não entendemos o indioma chinês...só gostamos da música e do artista...mas gostaria de vc traduzindo o vídeo dele falando do seu depoimentos no começo da fama...é muito interessante pra nós fã...pode ver isto pra nós?
Сергей Наумов
Как кот на крыше орёт! Эта открыто звучащая "А", да ещё с переливами, ну, точно мартовский кот! 😁😁😁
Ляззат Акрабова
Спасибо за искреннюю реакцию!
Marleen Mumford
Marleen Mumford 4 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-9RGZRg9YH3k.html - Angelina Jordan - Diamonds Are Forever
ientropius 6 months ago
You have a big heart man. Keep doing whatever you're doing, cause you're on the right track. Also, your language is beautiful... I'll need to learn.
K 6 months ago
Fabricio, you must see Hua's new songs he sang at his recent Mars 2019 concert. There's about 5 new and also new versions of old ones. To start with, Hua calls the trilogy: I want to love this world, ruvid.net/video/video-A6jy92Pjgpg.html Madhouse, ruvid.net/video/video-guz3cQ_o1Vs.html Conversations with Martian Children concert version ruvid.net/video/video-gBGElRUHqdU.html MV version. ruvid.net/video/video-1Li3dMm6sb0.html 7 personalities. ruvid.net/video/video-Knl3BuQdyjM.html The Sacred Tree ruvid.net/video/video-ubPms2fNX7A.html Each one totally different styles. 7 personalities is another Fake Monk type of genius performance.
Bridgett Pares
Bridgett Pares 7 months ago
Love him!! Dont know why...but he reminds me of David Bowie. His stage performance is one of the best I have ever seen...and his Artistry is so unique and versatile 💜👏👏👏
Roronoa Zoro090
Roronoa Zoro090 7 months ago
Poopsie B
Poopsie B 8 months ago
My fav song of his Try Hua duets NANPING EVENING BELL LIGHT YRS AWAY just stunning
Daniel Liu
Daniel Liu 8 months ago
Love your reaction! Thank you :-)
lucas ximenes
lucas ximenes 8 months ago
Virei fã desse maravilhoso artista, uma voz única.
Esther Wilson
Esther Wilson 9 months ago
I love Hua hua 💕💕💕 thank you. Much love from Texas, U.S.A. I'm enjoying your channel ☺
。逼尬酒 9 months ago
2:09 wow~
Jen LL
Jen LL 9 months ago
Hi ! Could u please react to JJ Lin's Twilight MV? He has a beautiful voice 😊 JJ has also won Best Non English song award at the America's Pensado Awards for 'Twilight' in 2016 😊 ruvid.net/video/video-gd38-X3HpbM.html. JJ also has an English song Until the Day. It's awesome too.
CreamintheCoffee 10 months ago
Fabricio! I am a new subscriber from the U.S. I am here because another subscriber suggested I try you out. I haven't been able to listen to any Reactions after my good friend, TraENT, another Reactor from the U.S. died tragically and unexpectedly several months ago. But I digress. Anyway I was directed to seek you out as a good place to start over.. And I am glad that I have found you! You are real, not plastic like most people out there! So by way of introduction I am a 60 yo white guy who absolutely loves, loves, loves Hua Chenyu! I use my nickname from my college basketball days when I was the only white boy on a team full of black guys. Cream in the Coffee! Dig it? So TraENT called me his blue-eyed soul brother and was the one who introduced me to him an Dimash as well! Anyway brother, enjoyed your Reaction and glad that I am a new subscriber...wanting to hear more! Peace!
petronille martin
petronille martin 8 months ago
Oh Wow I'm so sorry to hear that TraENT has passed away, he was too young to go! I loved his reactions to Hua Hua (the only ones I watched), how he loved to listen again and again to some passages, the little things he noticed in the background that I hadn't, this is so sad....
Rennae 11 months ago
Thank you so much for reacting to Hua Hua!! He actually didn't eat and only drank water for 2 days straight (he said this in the show when they were announcing the ranking of this round of performance) JUST so he can get a clean voice
赵新明 11 months ago
Akemi Yamaguchi
Akemi Yamaguchi 11 months ago
Reage ao Hua Chenyu fake monk
Cayleona 11 months ago
Thanks again for your reactions! I forgot to mention that you should also do Fake Monk with the interview part in the beginning to understand a bit more. ruvid.net/video/video-wpwo-rOqP-Q.html
Арзамасов Александр
Почему то никогда не нравились песни на азиатских языках и китайском в особенности из-за странно звучащих гласных и обилия шипящих ухудшающих певучесть. Это вкусовщина конечно. Чувак как то по особенному спел не только нивелировав недостатки, но и сделал достоинством, как необычность и новизну звучания вокала. Послушаю азиатов ещё. Интересно только он так звучит, или это школа такая вокальная? Спасибо, Фабрицио, с Вашей подачи, этот парень изменил моё понимание азиатской музыки.
Joanie Aumann
Joanie Aumann Year ago
this is the first song I had ever heard from HuaHua WOW I have been a fan ever since he is amazing and will continue to surprise you,Loved your reaction to this song
Лариса Алдакова
謝Jackey Year ago
CPOP Superstar AND QUEEN of Asia Jolin Tsai Wins Big at 30th Golden Melody Awards NEWS FROM billboard www.billboard.com/articles/business/8518494/jolin-tsai-30th-golden-melody-awards-conference hope you can reaction Jolin video new video ruvid.net/video/video-WlL0DsoqmEM.html ruvid.net/video/video--wIHmPAvMBo.html&start_radio=1
Keson J
Keson J Year ago
Please listen to G.E.M. songs "away"and "Goodbye". These two songs are very beautiful and explosive. I believe you will like them.
Keson J
Keson J Year ago
Please listen to G.E.M. songs "away"and "Goodbye". These two songs are very beautiful and explosive. I believe you will like them.
Esther Yiu
Esther Yiu Year ago
Omy goodness ! Hua Chenyu is my angel, his voice melt in my heart so touched, I cried when I listened to him sing this song, love your reaction, thank you so much.
joeli aparecida silva
Amei Amigooo! O Hua 'e demais messss!!! kk
And.Ver86 Year ago
O final ficou maravilhoso!!! Adorei!!💗💗
Kara Quick
Kara Quick Year ago
Hello Bam Bam ! This is my favorite song of Hua's. Please, please you MUST REACT TO HUA SINGING "Fake Monk". Hands down best performance I ever seen of a man at his keyboard. Hua really takes on this journey of the darker shadows of love as you travel through these complex dimensions of needing love but pushing it away. Watch his intro before song and what this song means to him. He did this cover in a day! He is a true Artist! You could hear crickets outside we were all astonished! Your balls will roll under your chair lol . Never seen anything so raw and pure You'll LOVE IT!!!!
打靶归来 Year ago
very good
Kelima Coelho
Kelima Coelho Year ago
Oi meu querido, continue a reagir o hua vc cau adorar
nanyanguo1 Year ago
excellant reaction and analysis of the performance
Karen D
Karen D Year ago
I enjoyed your reaction. Watched it several times. Thank you!
Glory Hua
Glory Hua Year ago
Wowww HuaChenyu! His performance is stunning. I like his diversified artistic styles.Highly recommend his original song called “bullfighting “ , it is composed by Hua and it combines different elements mixed with gothic metal style.There is the link for “bullfighting “ with English subs as below: ruvid.net/video/video-t2-q4XPEUio.html This link is about his live performance on the open air on BBF ( 18 th of May, 2019) his live performance is perfect. Pls check it out . Thank you.
Natali Lazko
Natali Lazko Year ago
Офигеть! Это красиво! Но почему Китайская поп музыка не в мире?
Lai Ngọc
Lai Ngọc Year ago
Hua Hua so beautiful 😂😂
Сергей Фроленко
Fabrikio, I agree with you: this singer is unique, as is Dimash! But in my car, I'm not listening to Hua Chenyu, but your songs!
wenxin pang
wenxin pang Year ago
Kara Quick
Kara Quick Year ago
I love Hua! Please REACT TO "Fake Monk" his interpretation of this song is unbelievable!! It's like nothing I have EVER SEEN OR HEARD!! You Have To watch this!!! Please.....
Anya Ivanova
Anya Ivanova Year ago
Again thank you, thank you, Fabricio, for beautiful reaction on amazing performance of Hua!
Year ago
Very nice reaction! Hua Chen Yu he is an angel😭 such a beautiful soothing voice! Please react more of his!
Iily Edeline
Iily Edeline Year ago
Awesome song 🌹🌹👏👏👏
泡泡 Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Hfj6iPjaQg0.html Hua Chenyu《Flammable and Explosive》Singer2018
HCY48 ET Year ago
Thank you, He is amazing, react more often to him. 👍
Tsukanan Lawrence
Nice reaction. Always amazing performance! Hua is extremely talented 🤓😆👍
JUNE WU Year ago
Crystal clear his voice and eyes! Thank you for your great reaction! Love 💕
Diuly W.
Diuly W. Year ago
É incrível, a China sendo um dos países mais poluídos do ar e ter gente com um folego e tanto! Arrepiei mais do que o friozinho de leve aqui no litoral do Paraná kkkkkk "qui bisurdo" chama a NASA kkkkk esse povo tá impossível kkkkk Pedido: Pellek - Show Must Go On [Metal Cover] ruvid.net/video/video-H5Qw1HaQvx8.html
Chin Chin Jung
Hua is amazing singer and composer. ❤️❤️❤️
yue yu
yue yu Year ago
Hua Chenyu ahora es el top- cantante de la nueva generacion de China y El tambien es un compositor de canciones. Es un genio de musica, puede tocar muchos instrumetos musicales. Es tan conocido no solo por su musica sino tambien por su poderosa capacitad del control del escenario. En 2018, Hua celebro conciertos en sucesivos dos dias en el estadio mas grande de China, El estadio Nido de Pajaro, de 90,000 asientos,, donde se llevo acabo Juegos Olimpiocos de Beijing en 2008, y las entradas del primer concierto se acabaron en 1 minuto 56 segundos, y Hua se vio obligado a anadir otro concierto el dia siguiente , y las entradas terminaron en 3 minutos. Por favor reaccione mas sus espectaculos del Singer 2018 y de otro TV show " The Next", Podras encotrar mas sus talentos . Recomiento primero sus " I don t care"y " Fake Monk" de Singer
Genevie Edeline
Nice 👍👍👍
Ли Ли
Ли Ли Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-DJFtbYsn6eYC.htmlhingiz - Truth - Azerbaijan - LIVE - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2019ruvid.net/video/video-wCKHUldGcEI.htmlSergey Lazarev - Scream - Russia - LIVE - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2019ruvid.net/video/video-5Nb3HMzsfZY.htmlJurij Veklenko - Run With The Lions - Lithuania - LIVE - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2019
Ai Fun Tan
Ai Fun Tan Year ago
I enjoyed your reacting to Hua Chenyu's performance very much, thanks! He is great, isn't he? Looking forward to seeing more, thanks!
Mimi D.
Mimi D. Year ago
Magnifique! I really like Hua Hua, he is so versatile and have a beautiful voice. I would like to suggest the group ANU and their song *FLY* they are 2 tibetans guy, and its a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate their energy. Listening to those guys make me happy :) They were at the show *The singer 2019* Have a good day! From Quebec, Canada xoxo
colive Year ago
Hua Hua é o meu artista favorito! Ele é dotado de uma sinceridade que é muito difícil de se encontrar em outros cantores. Ele é o que ele é. Não se importa com o que os outros pensam. Por favor reaja a mais Hua Chenyu!
Danielly Tamara
Eu tbm amo o hua ele é maravilhoso ❤
HCY 148
HCY 148 Year ago
非常喜欢华晨宇的《孩子》这首歌,已经订阅了您的频道,希望能看到更多华晨宇的反应视频。Hua chenyu❤️❤️❤️
K Year ago
Enjoyed your reaction. Love Hua. He has so many to choose from. Singer 2018 all performances is just a start. Fake Munk for sure, Dad I’m home, Bullfighting and so much more from shows The Next, Ace vs Ace, concerts,
Christel Bodin
I love that you enjoy and appreciate Hua Chenyu, so do I:) Pleas do more reactions to him, like Qi-Tian, Flammable and explosive, Fake Monk, Jackdaw Boy... there is a lot....Thank you!
kk Queens of Music
Reage a So Hyang cantando Monalisa🌹🌹🌹 é surreal
kk Queens of Music
É de ficar hipnotizada 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 ele é muito talentoso
y F
y F Year ago
Excellent réaction ! Thank you !
Assel S
Assel S Year ago
Лариса Башкова
Dimash "KNOW" Vocalise Broadcast TV, Studio Version ❤ Димаш "ЗНАЙ" Вокализ ТВ показ Студийная Версия ruvid.net/video/video-_yLwGuRa4Ys.html
никола Year ago
диана анкудинова wicked game -Reaction
Seiko Year ago
Pls do more reaction videos of him
Seiko Year ago
No Way
No Way Year ago
Love your reaction video and love your own song videos too.
Fabricio Bambam
Thank you! :)
Оксана Алексеева
Спасибо, Фабрицио! Люблю ваши реакции, вы не пропускаете все нюансы. Замечательная песня, потрясающий исполнитель. Кроме того, во всех песнях Хуа Ченью очень глубокий смысл. Моя любимая - Equal to heaven. Очень жду вашу реакцию не нее. ruvid.net/video/video-xjo1FCW9_kM.html
wong liza
wong liza Year ago
Awesome ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Mas Antok
Mas Antok Year ago
Hi there, Please watch & analyse (sure you can make reaction video too) to *Wahyu Kolosebo Ratu Dangdut New kendedes vocal Vivi artika* (especially the *kendang* part). Kendang (pronounces as Kent-Dunk) is one of many Indonesian traditional music instrument and has many variations; shape, sound, playing style etc. One variation of kendang has similar shape with Atabaque, a Brazilian musical instrument. Maybe you can also make a comparison about them too (kendang vs atabque). Thanks
Wai Tommy
Wai Tommy Year ago
This is one of my favorite song. His angelic voice is so beautiful and full of emotion. His singing skill is incredible. I really like your reaction. Your comment is so on point. Keep on reacting to him to find out how versatile he is. Thx !
сергей старик
Diana Ankudinova “Wicked Game”
ilana zorina
ilana zorina Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-kBqapENCeTI.html Александр Панайотов и Лариса Долина - “Герой не моего романа”
A STARZ Year ago
Love yr reaction. Very detailed. This performer is a GEM. LOVE IT
Vera G_
Vera G_ Year ago
В одном из роликов Hua,танцевал в группе, я ещё подумала зачем они Димаша под китайца загримировали ))) оказалось, что очень похож))) отличная песня)
Vera G_
Vera G_ Year ago
@Faina Shmykova тогда прежде чем комментарии,читайте что пишут может? И разберите свои понятия петь и танцевать. Молчание золото, знаете ли....
Faina Shmykova
@Vera G_ я слушала Ниа, а не смотрела, как он танцевал. Вы сами разберитесь, о чем речь.
Vera G_
Vera G_ Year ago
@Faina Shmykova как можно спутать понятия пел и танцевал.,????
Faina Shmykova
Голос совсем другой, как можно спутать с Димашем? А поет действительно, потрясающе.
Антон Александрович
Добрый день Фабрицио. Послушайте пожалуй выступление Нуки (Дарья Ставрович) ruvid.net/video/video-ltV1yoeIoPM.html
Bozesacuvaj80 Year ago
Great reaction dude :) Hua is simply amazanig.
Alessia L.
Alessia L. Year ago
Obrigadooooo! Please, do more from Hua Chenyu, and more often! :D
Marcelo wu
Marcelo wu 2 months ago
Alessia L. 华晨宇 huachenyu musicas nome “你要相信这不是最后一天”。 mt boa…
wang shanshan
wang shanshan Year ago
please react more his songs
Gulzar Year ago
Hi Fabricio! Please react to Diana Ankudinova "Wicked Game".
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