HSBC BWF World Tour Finals | Day 1: Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [3] vs. Ivanov/Sozonov (RUS)

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HSBC BWF World Tour Finals
Men's Doubles | Group Stage
Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) [3] vs. Ivanov/Sozonov (RUS)

Disclaimer: If you are not able to watch the live stream of matches on BWF TV due to it being geo-blocked in your country that is because the rights for this tournament has been sold to a broadcaster in your country.

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Comments 0
Nur Wati
Nur Wati 2 months ago
Gregetan lht hendra error mulu.kasian ahsan calek hendra gk capek dia
Mr. Z
Mr. Z 3 months ago
46:25 For Russian out there, can someone translate that
Sammoly24 K
Sammoly24 K 4 months ago
2 much salt in game by russians. They lost cause they flame each other. It never works.
Jon E
Jon E 4 months ago
WTH that umpire
Albert Hofmann
Albert Hofmann 4 months ago
12:46 signature move of Ahsan, cross court smash, so good and satisfying
tele tubby
tele tubby 4 months ago
47:51 57:35 think Ivanov always beat up his partner. look at his reactions. don't the coach do anything about his behaviour?
Jerome is me
Jerome is me 16 days ago
Yeah he needs to lighten up
Fins 4 months ago
minions mana? kok gk main?
RBR regs bike rider
RBR regs bike rider 4 months ago
Duh, makin lamban dan banyak eror, service dari 2 turnamen lalu Hendra selalu banyak eror, lamban dan netting nya banyak nyangkut, kalo gini terus mana bs lawan taipei
Al Fatih
Al Fatih 4 months ago
Faktor U
apa sih sayang
apa sih sayang 4 months ago
Ivanov get scold 2 times 1. He didnt ask the umpire to exchange the ball 2. He shout out seems like bad words in russian
VaD RuS 4 months ago
Хорошая игра! Дали бой номеру 2 в мире, и с учетом того, что в России бадминтон вообще не развит)) еще несколько лет и подрастут наши новые спортсмены! Всем игрокам спасибо за интересную игру, удачи!
Seafox 4 months ago
the umpire called ivanov for swearing lol, if russian only say "sh*t", that is not swearing
tele tubby
tele tubby 4 months ago
@Faisal Sitompul you didnt get the point
Faisal Sitompul
Faisal Sitompul 4 months ago
But it is not in russia, and even though it is, it is under bwf regulation.
andito lalamafu
andito lalamafu 4 months ago
🇮🇩 Good job, the Daddies. 🇮🇩
Sida Zeng
Sida Zeng 4 months ago
Daddies vs other daddies
King Uae
King Uae 4 months ago
Selamat buat hendra ahsan👍
maulana nurfalah
maulana nurfalah 4 months ago
Alhamdulillah menang