Howl x Sophie || I'll Come Back For You ||

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One of my favorite movies ever, but to really understand this AMV, I suggest watching the movie!

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Comments 51
kuriyama Month ago
if anybody wants to suggest another movie or series to make an AMV on, I'll be glad to take on new requests! Just comment below or email me at gruviaismyotp@gmail.com ! 💕
Alex 2 days ago
Just here lovin the mysterious magician type.
Danka Nestorović
Howl and Sophie are cute couple💜😇😍😊
Kimutaku fan
Kimutaku fan 8 days ago
Fyi: Kimura Takuya, most popular actor in Japan is the voice of Howl.
gregor samsa
gregor samsa 9 days ago
I love Howl
Melis Hazendar
Melis Hazendar 9 days ago
Çoğu yerleri şaşırtıcıydı ve sorgulayan yerler bırakmışlar 🤷‍♀️ama film fazla güzeldi 👍🏻🤩😍
Heï Heï Reï Dee
Heï Heï Reï Dee 10 days ago
Howl ♥ ♥
Hj Hjj
Hj Hjj 10 days ago
سحقاً لي، 😑 كنت أريد مشاهده هذا الفيلم... لكن افسدت الأمر على نفسي...
Hj Hjj
Hj Hjj 9 days ago
Noor Ali
Noor Ali 9 days ago
شسمه الفلم
Ritika Mandon
Ritika Mandon 10 days ago
Mugiwara no Sophie!
kuriyama 10 days ago
yes XD
Jennifer Peralta
Jennifer Peralta 14 days ago
Mi película favorita. ¡Realmente la amo!🚔💞💕 No sé cuántas veces la he visto ya!
Pamela Ruvi Hernandes Luperon
Muchas gracias
Triz_ Cipher
Triz_ Cipher 11 days ago
+Pamela Ruvi Hernandes Luperon Te recomiendo la aplicación: Legión Anime. Ufff esa app es la mejor para ver cualquier anime en japones o español latino.
Jennifer Peralta
Jennifer Peralta 11 days ago
+Pamela Ruvi Hernandes Luperon La puedes encontrar como: Howl's Moving Castle. El castillo ambulante o El increíble castillo vagabundo.
Pamela Ruvi Hernandes Luperon
Como se llama??
Triz_ Cipher
Triz_ Cipher 14 days ago
Siiii, es una película realmente divina ¡la amo!.
LITTLEOTP GIRL 17 days ago
This is one of my favorite things to watch for some cute memorable romance ❤ 😃
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen 23 days ago
Lana Wesemann
Lana Wesemann 23 days ago
kuriyama 23 days ago
its at the end of the video.
LYKE DASAN 23 days ago
😍😍❤❤❤❤ i love this movie. I saw this movie first when i am in 5th grade and now i am watching it again and again when i have free time. Btw im a graduating student in college, yipieeee!!. Just wow the emotion when i first watch it until now is still the same. It did capture my heart. Oh well, it is so nice.
LYKE DASAN 13 days ago
kuriyama 13 days ago
tysm!!! also congrats
khanh dam
khanh dam 24 days ago
Lau dài của hoa lên hẳn tung tập di. Lại con chích từng doan
Aseel H
Aseel H 25 days ago
I like the movie’s howl more than the book’s The book low-key hates howl 😂
comic storys
comic storys 28 days ago
how you can make the amv 's color like this?
Sophia Zhang
Sophia Zhang 28 days ago
Basma Noor
Basma Noor Month ago
فلم كلش حلو مع العلم اني كلشي مافتهمت
layan amer
layan amer 11 days ago
وش اسموا
angelie espina
angelie espina Month ago
umm... may i ask what movie this is?? it looks interesting😊
kuriyama 29 days ago
howls moving castle
Alpha Yuki
Alpha Yuki Month ago
I haven’t watched it but umm I have a question is the little girl the old lady?😬😖
kuriyama Month ago
i would suggest watching it thougg to the end, it is good
kuriyama Month ago
i guess its not much of a spoiler... but yes.
Angel Springer
Angel Springer Month ago
This was my favorite anime when I was a kid and to this day still my favorite
Mar Cab
Mar Cab Month ago
I just prefer watching anime movies in the original voices. English dubbed movies are just way too uncool for me
Nosyaj castro
Nosyaj castro 11 days ago
Glad I'm not the only one
Ethé Lucille
Ethé Lucille 24 days ago
Lol I agree, it sounds awkward in English. I would rather read the English subtitles.
Nekokko Ko
Nekokko Ko Month ago
This Amv is so goood
Azura Silvermist
This is one of the first anime I’ve watched..... still one of my fav..... ❤️ howl
Esmeralda Marroquin
Can someone please tell me the song?
Esmeralda Marroquin
+kuriyama thank youu
kuriyama Month ago
its at the end of the video if you didn't see.
Lily Zhang
Lily Zhang Month ago
Can you make an AMV on the movie The Cat Returns? Thanks ☺️
kuriyama Month ago
:D ive been wanting to watch it, ill go see about watching it first and if i can make amv for it
Aika Gamer
Aika Gamer Month ago
نسمات الهدى
😍😍😍I love sooo.... much sophe and hoeal.
jamie LR
jamie LR Month ago
The book is better, but the movie is part of me
irgend wer
irgend wer Month ago
This video is so good!
Jessica Colella
Jessica Colella Month ago
Wow, it's like watching the film in 7 minutes. You were great! Thanks for the subs too 😍
Katsa Moonlight
Katsa Moonlight Month ago
Though I prefer the dub this was awesome.... You should have also put the part where Howl sees Sophie how she truly looks like when she was sleeping.
kuriyama Month ago
+Katsa Moonlight thank you 😊
Katsa Moonlight
Katsa Moonlight Month ago
+kuriyama Lol sorry didn't realise that. Great job anyway 👍
kuriyama Month ago
yeah, when i was editing i had to somehow make it all fit into the song it was harder than it looks lol
mich Month ago
u just made me realize i never watched this movie in sub,,,,
Azura Silvermist
Yup me too
mich Month ago
i only watch dub when i just want something playing in the background, & i have howl on dvd 🤠
kuriyama Month ago
i usually prefer subs than dubs in animes, but i will admit there are some good anime dubs
あまね Month ago
ソフィの若いひと?の声があまり好きじゃない… なんか、おばあちゃんっぽくて 上から目線で申し訳ないです
kuriyama Month ago
私は彼女の声が好きです、それはとてもかわいいです。 それはキャラクターと非常によくマッチします。
Anna Lisa
Anna Lisa Month ago
Best anime ever ♡....taught me so much about the way life and people are never the way you look at them. If you just let your eyes decide what you are shown, you will always get the wrong end of the stick.
ethx. Month ago
I love this film...♡
Matulzolq Month ago
What is the title?
Joy Lim
Joy Lim Month ago
Howls moving castle.
I was like ''oh this anime look like great!I've must watch it'' and now im like pissed off bcuz the whole thing have been spoiled
2188297005 Month ago
Much appreciated
Jhanin De Paz
Jhanin De Paz Month ago
Where can i watch the movie?
Katsa Moonlight
Katsa Moonlight Month ago
Gogoanime Kissanime Or just type in Google howls moving castle watch online
Jordan Heartfillia
SupaAzn31 Month ago
can you make an amv of arrietty?
kuriyama Month ago
+SupaAzn31 thank you! :)
SupaAzn31 Month ago
kuriyama thank you! i loved it! ❤️👍
kuriyama Month ago
i uploaded an amv for arrietty, but it is a really copyrighted movie so it was a really hard lol. i could probably change the song or some of the effects if its not to your liking
kuriyama Month ago
if i find the time to do it, ill try! i havent seen that movie yet, but the trailer looks good. ill check it out :)
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran Month ago
I love this movie
kuriyama Month ago
i did too :)
Jennifer Glaus
Jennifer Glaus Month ago
amber sarabia
amber sarabia 2 months ago
Howl sounds hotter in japanese audio than english lmao
Persseida 3 days ago
listen to his Spanish voice I think it's the best of them all 😍
Chey 25 days ago
I absolutely adore both lol
Visk paint
Visk paint 27 days ago
He sounds so hot in Greek version too! I love him so much
Nkechi Nnachetta
Nkechi Nnachetta 29 days ago
Nah man. He's great here but Christian Bale's voice was A+ hotness
Tara Month ago
Hahaha I thought the same thing only that I watched it in German 😂 but japanese is waaaayyyy better 😂😂
Kuro Bara
Kuro Bara 2 months ago
Wow I've never heard the sub. My God it sounds odd.
MrAuditore96 Month ago
+Anime Queen maybe just cuz it's old; otherwise, i see no issue
Grace Adams
Grace Adams Month ago
Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, subs vs dubs. (I will go sub for default, but dub if i need to multi task)
Anime Queen
Anime Queen Month ago
I Agree with u. I heard both English n Japanese, but in Japanese it sounds awful!
Grace Adams
Grace Adams 2 months ago
I never heard the dub until a few hours ago and it was the strange one on my ears!
กอแก้ว กําธรศิริพานิช
account that I dont use alot
What did u use to make this
LoveAnime15 Month ago
+kuriyama Oh! wow totally missed that thx
kuriyama Month ago
+LoveAnime15 if you read the ending of the amv, it shows the song name
LoveAnime15 Month ago
+kuriyama What's the name of the song you used?
kuriyama 8 months ago
Hitfilms Express
lord in the shadows
lord in the shadows 10 months ago
barely got this movie and i loved it all the way
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