How would the Children (Family) of the Disney Princesses? BEFORE and AFTER

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We all know the stories of Snow White and Cinderella, but have you ever tried to imagine what their lives looked like after the happily ever after ending with prince charming? Luckily, Isaiah Stephens did.
The Massachusetts-based artist created a set of beautiful illustrations featuring different Disney princesses as mothers, including Elsa, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and more. "I'm a 90s kid, so I'm absolutely a Disney princess fan! I think because Disney princesses are so varied, both appearance and personality wise, they are an easy group to garner inspiration from", Stephens told Bored Panda. The results are creative and just absolutely amazing, but that's no surprise at all, as Stephens has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil! Take a look below and don't forget to vote for your fave!
More info: isaiah-stephens.com
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Feb 19, 2018




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meryem zaari
meryem zaari 3 hours ago
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez 2 days ago
I'm sorry of what I said
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez 2 days ago
This is a stupid video
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez 2 days ago
Is this just what your channels about or what?
Yulan Barcaurs
Yulan Barcaurs 3 days ago
John Anderson
John Anderson 12 days ago
Did they forget Simba and Nala from the lion king
Lizeth Espiritu
Lizeth Espiritu 12 days ago
rosalina mariana
rosalina mariana 17 days ago
aku suka Bella ariel elsa Aurora ana 👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸
Ja Baw
Ja Baw 21 day ago
so much good but put move like mother of dragons and poeple
Adelito Mendoza
Adelito Mendoza 27 days ago
*at the first picture* *I immediately died*
Rune Month ago
Ramiro Hernandez Jose
Jasibe Arenas
Jasibe Arenas 2 months ago
Like si se esfuerzan las mamas por dar aluz a los niños y niñas
harper williams
harper williams 2 months ago
you stoll from the things
CoCo Covers
CoCo Covers Month ago
harper williams no they didn't, the pictures were created by different artists and therefore if someone wants to use them they need to ask for permission from the artist or whoever has the rights to the art which is what the things did and I assume that this channel did the same thing
Federica Savelloni
Federica Savelloni 2 months ago
0:55 ma xché far vedere aurora che partorisce
JayJayJelly 2 months ago
Aww Anna's kids are so cute
Annie Spencer
Annie Spencer 2 months ago
I had a long wait for Merida but she was so worth waiting for! I loved the colours used for everybody's hair. My only complaint is that you made some of them smokers, ugh! The overall art work is lovely and I wish I had all these drawings as a colouring book.
Hope Conibear
Hope Conibear Month ago
I don't think it is that bad drama queen!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
Eunice Edem
Eunice Edem 2 months ago
When i saw Bella's baby i was surprised!
Amanda Carnelison
Amanda Carnelison 2 months ago
Ariel already has a daughter named Melody
yuno gasi
yuno gasi Month ago
Ok and she can have another daughter
Aryn C McAndrew
Aryn C McAndrew 3 months ago
I wish have child
*Aame Fox*
*Aame Fox* 3 months ago
No hate but I don’t think Jane in Tarzan was ever considered a princess..? Correct me if I’m wrong. Great video btw
Alexis Monroy
Alexis Monroy 3 months ago
Jonelis Michelle
Jonelis Michelle 3 months ago
Moana is on fire bro shes my fav,😀😀😀😀😀😀❤❤❤❤❤
Jonelis Michelle
Jonelis Michelle 3 months ago
@HAND PUPPET I can watch these videos all day.
Jonelis Michelle
Jonelis Michelle 3 months ago
But yeah I like Moana she on fleek.
Jonelis Michelle
Jonelis Michelle 3 months ago
Alafia Medina
Alafia Medina 5 months ago
Aurora push puuuussssh congratulations its a boy
Alafia Medina
Alafia Medina 5 months ago
I saw pregnant Pocahontas
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez 2 days ago
Yeah and??
Tinku Alexander
Tinku Alexander 5 months ago
Wuts the song to it i love pls tell meh
Creative Ideas
Creative Ideas 5 months ago
Hello Tinku, find the link of the song below: ruvid.net/video/video-sdTomcjfRDg.html
a man from your dreams
Else isn't a princess, she's a queen
Awande Mncube
Awande Mncube 5 months ago
I don't see any of these girls smoking
M67 grenade
M67 grenade 5 months ago
just yuan
just yuan 6 months ago
These are the children of Disney Characters: Aurora: Audrey (in D1-2-3) Cinderella: Chad (D1-2-3) Cruella De Vil : Carlos (D1-2-3) Captain Hook : Harry Hook (D1-2-3) Malificent: Mal (D1-2-3) Evil Queen: Evie (D1-2-3) Ursula: Uma (D1-2-3) These are all I know so far...
Hope Conibear
Hope Conibear Month ago
Henock Mboko
Henock Mboko 6 months ago
c bien
Агтп Ртв
Агтп Ртв 7 months ago
Wow Disney princess.😉😗😙🙂☺🤗🤩👶🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧜‍♂️🧜‍♀️✌👌👍
MARUBA SILAEN 7 months ago
IKAN CUE & Rp. 10.000,00.
Rayma Obispo
Rayma Obispo 7 months ago
The dress from pocahontas remainged as modern girls is so nice i want it
Zana Bubric
Zana Bubric 7 months ago
Hi guys hope you all had been the most important part
Kevin Roblox Fan
Kevin Roblox Fan 7 months ago
I subscribed!
cookie monster
cookie monster 8 months ago
hipster elsa that don t look like her
Akira Edmond
Akira Edmond 8 months ago
This is mostly click bait
bxbbly ari
bxbbly ari 8 months ago
1:37 the kid reminds me of lilo from lilo and stitch 🤣🤣
Amada Cerpa
Amada Cerpa 9 months ago
Porque las ponen fumando y bebiendo y con tatuajes
angela duarte
angela duarte 9 months ago
Me gustó mucho a MULAN
Olivia the gamer 123 Gacha girl 456
Do you like scary movies or sad movies?
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer Month ago
Scary of course 😈
Ramon Cazares
Ramon Cazares 7 months ago
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Ramon Cazares
Ramon Cazares 7 months ago
Angela y que o yo te lo pago de los intereses de las clases b
Morales Sánchez Damián
Dile que si estos Videos te gustan son muy bonitos me gustan mucho mucho
Guadalupe Jimenez Sanchez
lo odie espero a pocahontas
Dan Anisimov
Dan Anisimov 9 months ago
Foarte tare 😎🍑🍑🍒 ce frumos
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer Month ago
Ew.. 🤢
Rokia hussein
Rokia hussein 9 months ago
Dan Anisimov pppp
Rokia hussein
Rokia hussein 9 months ago
penina wambui
penina wambui 9 months ago
Ma. Theresa Castillo
Moana is the most pretty in bad girls
meiling wu
meiling wu 10 months ago
Ivonne Kromoredjo
Ivonne Kromoredjo 10 months ago
Hi barbie thx for given happy signs
Logan Naidoo
Logan Naidoo 10 months ago
you people who made this video just took each pic out of there movies and photo shoped them
bxbbly ari
bxbbly ari 8 months ago
Not just photoshopped 😂😂
bxbbly ari
bxbbly ari 8 months ago
Or draw them
Jesús Suazo
Jesús Suazo 9 months ago
Por nografia
EKARMA 11 months ago
6:53 photoshop fail ( Elsa's hands)
Renee S
Renee S Year ago
Pocahontas is actually wrong, the artist should have looked at the real son.
poptartdom Year ago
There is no picture of the real son.
Sushi Marin
Sushi Marin Year ago
Does snow white not have a nose?? 0:22
Miranda Hampton
I love this song 🎵 Give a song title
Агтп Ртв
Агтп Ртв 6 months ago
So, you make a video (with non-working grammar in the title), about one thing, then switch to a whole other topic about halfway in and the WHOLE content is stolen on top of that? Way to go, I'd say.
Miranda Hampton
I love that song
start *
start * Year ago
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Giulia Fogli
Giulia Fogli 2 years ago
ciaooo swi bravissima
Алло Алло
Алло Алло 9 months ago
Nefpap Pap
Nefpap Pap 2 years ago
Fantastic videos💜💙
Kety Quilarquez
Kety Quilarquez 9 months ago
Nefpap Pap
Nefpap Pap 2 years ago
Olivia the gamer 123 Gacha girl 456
First what I see 1923884848374483 say this.
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