How Weed Eaters Work (at 62,000 FRAMES PER SECOND) - Smarter Every Day 236

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May 31, 2020




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Comments 80
SmarterEveryDay Month ago
Hey there! This one was a lot of fun to make! Ever since the lawn mower video I've been wanting to do this, and I've been working on it all week. Thank you for those of you who support us on Patreon! You bring stability to my family's life. My goal is to be a light during this time. www.patreon.com/smartereveryday I know the world is a bit crazy at the moment. I wish you and your family peace and love. Spread the love and help others where you can. Look for the positive stories of people coming together in unity and try to amplify them. There's a lot of disinformation at the moment so if you recall what we learned together in the social media disinformation series, think twice before you share something! Warm Regards, Destin
Gabriel LaForce
Gabriel LaForce 12 days ago
U should be a sci teacher!!!
HalfLoaf 13 days ago
I enjoy hearing you say weed eater
Roverman 14 days ago
When's the chainsaw slow mo?
Lucas Roggensinger
Lucas Roggensinger 15 days ago
the fence scenes: couldn't it be a melting of the plastic due to friction? instead of a tension cut? a 3d printer talking.... it just looks like melting... if it's even a melting plastic
Hakkı Göçeoğlu
Hakkı Göçeoğlu 17 days ago
Hey, thanks for the great episode, can you add other kinds like twisted or saw shaped lines to the next test please. I somehow believe that they have very little or no positive effect.
Jenn Spiegel
Jenn Spiegel 2 hours ago
This was great! Thanks for this information and increasing awareness.
Leͥgeͣnͫd TM
Leͥgeͣnͫd TM 4 hours ago
Jennifer Churchman
Jennifer Churchman 4 hours ago
I call it by both names. Glad you're putting out new stuff. Love your videos. I just whacked the weeds yesterday and my vompost pile will eat them...haha
TheEm01 10 hours ago
Never thought cutting grass could be so interesting! Almost... dare I say... Mesmerising!
EnchantedSpoon 21 hour ago
how did he make this video any longer than 5 minutes
Jackson Jolley
Jackson Jolley 21 hour ago
The weed eater saw that one piece of flying metal and was like; hold up, I ain't done with you.
Nitin Thakur
Nitin Thakur Day ago
Ohh congratulations 🎉🎉you have wasted your precious 20 minutes watching a man cutting grass and fancing . I have too .😂
QwertyBoi Day ago
I thought lawn mower Lol
JackyBoy Slim
From Pennsylvania and most of not all people I know call it a weed whacker. But I have heard it called weed eater. Also I use the cheap star shaped line from Walmart. This comment more pertains to the next weed eater or whacker video but I’ll leave it here.
greg steez
greg steez Day ago
Dragon Day ago
Weed eater? We hardly even know her.
Firstname Day ago
Why aren't blades used (in weed-eaters) instead of plastic lines?
E L Day ago
Seeing how often these plastic tips break off and how often those weed eaters are used makes me wonder what the environmental impact is of all those little pieces combined. Could be a nice study. Edit: after 5 sec of thinking I discovered that it is probably not much compared to many other forms of pollution. Nevertheless, it is used almost everywhere. So the pieces are very widespread, in every ecosystem. I can imagine birds mistaking those pieces for a snack and whatnot. Thoughts?
MHProductions 2 days ago
“I tHoUgHt iT wAs cAlLeD a WeEd WaCkEr”
mickvk 2 days ago
At 6:35 it looks like the trimmer is the Cancel Culture hit mob and the grass is some poor dude guilty of wrong-think. Whack, no more breakfast syrup! Whack, no more statues! Whack, stay down!
antibozo 3 days ago
It looks more like a kink break than a tension break to me. If you bend that line over a narrow radius you get fatigue in the material.
Alex Maz
Alex Maz 4 days ago
Can you imagine how much micro-plastic goes to the environment every time people around the world use this stuff?
Jones Family
Jones Family 5 days ago
I've subscribed before but apparently it got taken off, weird
NMJ87 5 days ago
This guy should be building rockets 😂 and he's dedicating his life to this lmao Humanity is really taking one for the company, this dude had a bigger destiny but we're too greedy and want him to ourselves Edit: OMG duuuuuuuuuude! After I posted this I remembered his name was Destin, y'know like... Oh I dunno, the first SIX LETTERS OF D-D-D-DESTINY?????? This bud is VERY STRONG dude
Wm. Srite
Wm. Srite 6 days ago
no self-respecting scientist would ever measure in inches. science is done with metric. this is what happens when you educate an alabamian.
Danielle Dawson
Danielle Dawson 6 days ago
What’s a weed eater? Like a strimmer in the UK?
Crack Up
Crack Up 6 days ago
Weed Eater sounds like an insect eating but its actually a motor
Crack Up
Crack Up 6 days ago
Poor flowers
Dan Cobb
Dan Cobb 7 days ago
FYI. On your recommendation I order the Raycon ear buds. Long Story short, over a month later no ear buds but lots of excuses. Maybe not use them as a sponsor.
Barret Radtke
Barret Radtke 7 days ago
id still be upset if i lost the earbuds at 113.99 a set.
Remix 236
Remix 236 8 days ago
This is why the chicken crossed the road
Justie1220 8 days ago
I genuinely think this will improve my weedeating around the house. Not what I expected to happen when I clicked the thumbnail for this video!
Nough 8 days ago
Shame about all the microplastics that get sprayed in to the environment whenever you cut that weed eater line.
Silver Top Flyer
Silver Top Flyer 8 days ago
Hope you get this I work for Lowe's and have found that if you soak the trimmer line in a bucket of water for 24 to 48 hours the line gets much more durable. Hope it helps you
Nick's Stuff
Nick's Stuff 8 days ago
Seeing the amount of elastic deformation and abrasion the line has to sustain, I can't help but wonder what the temperature is like at the end of the line. Do they do slow-mo thermal cameras?
Kendrick Tiong
Kendrick Tiong 8 days ago
What is the difference between a lawnmower and a weed eater?
sion8 9 days ago
Do y'all in the South call them "weed eaters"? In New England they are normally called weed wackers.
hacker man adadadawagdfgdfdgfdfg
here in canada we call it trimmers
rottis 9 days ago
weedeater? you talking bout me?
Kunio Saiki
Kunio Saiki 9 days ago
You guy’s are talking about how it’s weed eater or weed wacker, I’ve always called it an edge trimmer because I use it for the edges of the garden.
N C productions Eng
Was anyone else just completely flabbergasted by how quickly and easily he started his weed whacker
Diogo Torres
Diogo Torres 10 days ago
awesome video, but please! at least, add real science measurements as legends to your silly imperial thingies
Jay Wilner
Jay Wilner 10 days ago
Awesomeness. Super slow motion is wonderful.
David Jones
David Jones 10 days ago
You make even the most mundane things fascinating! Thank you. You inspire me to be more curious about everything in life.
Kar4dra 10 days ago
How to put a slow mo camera to use, good job
Clouds Production
Clouds Production 10 days ago
i came bcoz it was written weed on the title 🤣
Christopher Cullen
Christopher Cullen 10 days ago
I'm never going to be able to weed eat again w/o hearing Destin in my head "Wow, look at the angular momentum, so cool"!
Gatty YT
Gatty YT 10 days ago
What they hear: weed eater What i hear: wedeeder
muckmud 10 days ago
its actually called a whipper snipper
A Random Guy
A Random Guy 10 days ago
What's the answer to the equation 2+2? W Ę Ę Ð Ę Ą T Ę Ř
place holder
place holder 10 days ago
I feel really bad for grass now....
Gio Guevara
Gio Guevara 10 days ago
Is that the actual sound of the grass getting cut?
Hamza Elwakil
Hamza Elwakil 11 days ago
i like how he actually was wearing the earbuds the entire time
Decideman 5850
Decideman 5850 11 days ago
It’s called a strimmer not a weed eater
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 11 days ago
6.50 thats my mom slapping me in slow motion when i swear in front of her😭🙌
Enrico Fioresi
Enrico Fioresi 11 days ago
Not aerodynamics, but flexible body inertia causes the system lag
IncarNation 42
IncarNation 42 11 days ago
I´m interested in how you guys record the sound for the Slowmotion
Jake G
Jake G 11 days ago
Weed Eater Count: 46 or approx. 2.4 Weed Eats/min
Michael Taylors
Michael Taylors 12 days ago
I experimented with twisted stainless wire. From electrical Kellum grips . Breaks off violently in seconds
Mykola Hnidko
Mykola Hnidko 12 days ago
The slow mo both motion and sound give me anxiety idk why
Josue Navarro
Josue Navarro 12 days ago
19 mins of a weed eater, nah
Chris Cubbernuss
Chris Cubbernuss 12 days ago
I paused to read the paragraph, and all I can say is, "Destin, you had me at Prince Rupert Drop."
Grandma's Underground Michigan Metal
Dustin went to war against a chain fences with a slippery noodle cutter.
Dying Games Gaming
Dying Games Gaming 12 days ago
I thought those are called weed smokers
Billy Bob Bobberson
that welded wire, not hog wire
Abdul Lawal
Abdul Lawal 13 days ago
We call them whipper snippers in Australia
Mike LaBarge
Mike LaBarge 13 days ago
I always thought it was called a weed wacker
Hambo Harambe
Hambo Harambe 13 days ago
Sub 4 sub?
Sub 4 sub? 13 days ago
I’d throw that guard away. I’ll take the the shots to the shin to be able to do a better job
Andy 13 days ago
Title: Weed eater 5.5 Million people: *Hmm yes very interesting*
perry lc
perry lc 13 days ago
Who would ever wear a full face helmet weedeating .
GuninGames 13 days ago
Some say he was born in Mexico, and that his father's name was Zeus, all we know is he's not the Stig but he's...4:15
nathan hill
nathan hill 13 days ago
Why u calling it a weed eater?
Matt 13 days ago
Weed eater? Do you mean weed wacker? Lol
Jimmy O'Brien
Jimmy O'Brien 13 days ago
naff 9n43
naff 9n43 13 days ago
BRUHHH.... I don't EVEN know bladeless weed cutter exist.
Lukhman Thufile
Lukhman Thufile 13 days ago
Imagine someone watching this while high Me I am someone
David Hassen
David Hassen 13 days ago
I would love to see spaghetti as a weed eater blade, please make this happen
Nico Lopez
Nico Lopez 13 days ago
In my country we just have the base or the motor with the spinning thing in front and we just put zip ties
Alan Douglas
Alan Douglas 13 days ago
Us logical Australians call it a whipper snipper because it “whips” the line in order to “snip” the grass.. Whipper snipper
69uremum 13 days ago
plastic deformation of plastic
Ruben the Reviewer
Ruben the Reviewer 14 days ago
Why do I feel he’s making this video so he doesn’t have to weed eat his yard?
Admiral Percy
Admiral Percy 14 days ago
Your dirty lens is giving me anxiety
YNF Benji
YNF Benji 14 days ago
That’s a whipper snipper
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