How Tough is an Up-Armored Humvee Windshield?

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 5 387
Heartlynn Dunluan
Can i have a gun i am a boy this is just my sisters account
Patrick Driscoll
Tony Wilford
Tony Wilford Day ago
Hi Points seriously aren't THAT bad.. I mean, if you're a snob who uses iphones and drinks starbucks yeah..
shellie mcfarland
Did u actually throw ur gun
Don’t ever stop making these videos
D Brown
D Brown 3 days ago
I have to say I am very surprised the 50 BMG did not penetrate.
Arthur Morgen
Arthur Morgen 4 days ago
Are these weapons yours?
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 4 days ago
That shotgun. And people complain about ARs. 😂
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 4 days ago
I wouldn't feel safe staring down the barrel of a Barrett 50BMG, even if I was behind 4ft of bulletproof glass.
Slt_loudmouth 4 days ago
Ive used the ksg In black ops 2
Robert Frank
Robert Frank 4 days ago
Is it just me or is Keltec the Ubisoft of the gun world, just doing things a little different from everyone else?
GLORY IN THE 3RD 5 days ago
Don't even like this dude lol won't be clicking ranch stuff again lol
S. DP 3 days ago
Shut up, Meg!!!
GLORY IN THE 3RD 5 days ago
Not just a famous RUvid guy? RUvid guys are famous??
Hi Buddy
Hi Buddy 5 days ago
14:29 accurate representation of what would happen to the driver of that bullet was shot at an actual humvee
David Byrne Tallon
Lad no offense intended but fucking amdracins
David Byrne Tallon
Love your videos it's. Tho Chube not tube
Mr. Puggles
Mr. Puggles 6 days ago
Keltec SU16C so the Keltec SUC...
Niang tombing
Niang tombing 6 days ago
After so much damage I'm also confident it will go thru ..
Tyler Facey
Tyler Facey 6 days ago
Get a p90
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson 9 days ago
You say he has alot of guns search up Dragon man
BMoneyzz 9 days ago
Never rob this guy
Justino_Jose 9 days ago
Had the windshield been properly fitted, pretty sure the 50 bmg would have broken it
jovani barboza
jovani barboza 9 days ago
Hi points nt bad at all
Narson Cickell
Narson Cickell 9 days ago
you can see the bullets ricocheting
Cyan Hide
Cyan Hide 10 days ago
>It's Phil's problem now Not with flex tape it is
Husham Qasim
Husham Qasim 10 days ago
You have to ask IRAQI people about how Humvee is tough.
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones 12 days ago
I am terrified of ricochets when i shoot. Like it ruins my experience
AstanaxKnight 9 days ago
I saw JerryRigsEverything shoot a Tesla car window with a 9mm. On top of what looked like his finger inside the trigger guard a couple of times, he was really close to that vehicle to get a possible ricochet.
destroyer 1805
destroyer 1805 12 days ago
I can't wait till I become an adult and build up an amazing Arsenal. I mean this just looks so fun
- rɘact '
- rɘact ' 12 days ago
every material gangsta until M82 fires a black tip bullet
Na Na
Na Na 12 days ago
Glass is Glass and Glass breaks
Mitch Comer
Mitch Comer 13 days ago
How many pistol shots to get through it tho
Alex Coss
Alex Coss 14 days ago
I just want to say that even if it wouldn’t penetrate it would block visibility
Frost dragon922
Frost dragon922 15 days ago
Use a NM140 MP sometime lol
Promise Franklyn
Promise Franklyn 15 days ago
Hy I would like to work with you!!
Pluto Left
Pluto Left 16 days ago
When he uploads a new video i feel , oh yeah i will see new collection of guns
Wollis Mc boris
Wollis Mc boris 16 days ago
Fr I only just realised Matt has a camera man and that he isn’t carrying around by himself😳
Cody Patino
Cody Patino 16 days ago
13:05 😻😻😻😻😻 LOVE THAT SOUND.
inprints_ 16 days ago
9:00 "good for car trips and stuff" Me: *nervous panting*
TechGuy322 16 days ago
Freedom isn't free. You're right. You paid $15,000 for a full auto Uzi. Headass.
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