How Tough is an Up-Armored Humvee Windshield?

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Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 5 090
Chayse The Crusader
*is so rich he yeets a probably $500 gun*
Xx endel game xX
*Silenser cant silence a gun*
Bad Karma
Bad Karma Hour ago
What do we want you to do with those weapons in the future? How about this.......box em up and send them to me!
DudleyIsDumb 7 hours ago
That RFB looks like an unfun gun to have lol...
JACK VERZON 12 hours ago
He must have an addiction with guns
Justice Carr
Justice Carr 21 hour ago
Us marines or us army🇺🇸
Sharpclaw Gaming
kel-tec ksg sucks but then they made a even more unreliable 25 shotshell round magtube version so thats even worse. The fact that he has a kel-tec ksg after its been proven to be highly ureliable is pretty embarressing but then he went for the 25 shotshell version because WHY THE FUCK NOT AMIRITE?! smfh
SeeGreatness Day ago
I thought he killed someone at 11:10
Laurie Closser
Buy a RPG
Bukenya Timothy
Still wondering where he gets all this armor from.
General Caeser
This episode of Demolition Ranch brought to you by KelTec!
zeroDOTjon Day ago
kel-tec is my favorite firearms manufacturer. I have a p-11 and used it as my CC pistol for years. I love it. I sleep with it. I've fired over 10,000 rounds from it and never once had a jam unless I said "watch me make it stovepipe on this next one" and went all limp-wristed. I really want that 40 round 10g shotgun they made and really as soon as I have a grand to just throw away I'm going to buy one (if I can find it)
Robert Dolan
Robert Dolan Day ago
In the very near future I need you to ship that .308 to me. Thank you, Santa.
John Schliesleder
That CP-33 looks like the guns you drew as a kid when you wanted the bad guys to have an Uzi....i want it...
warface arabic
warface arabic 2 days ago
2:51 that's what she said
Nathaniel Eric
Nathaniel Eric 2 days ago
High point suck it not worth getting mom mad come on dad
R C 2 days ago
SKIF aggressor knife?
Don Pepe Ho
Don Pepe Ho 3 days ago
I wonder if the 50bmg would have gone thru 1st shot if it was in a humvee or just immobile, the window jumping and being able to move back dissipates some energy.
NOLABOY FARGO 3 days ago
I see why snipers are so far away when they use the 50 bmg
NOLABOY FARGO 3 days ago
If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse I wanna be with this guy
King Punzalan
King Punzalan 3 days ago
That is the big problem if the people in your country can easily buy a gun. They can just use it in crime anytime they want!
SpoodurMin Day ago
Criminals will be able to get guns no matter what.
Dunke 3 days ago
robbers will regret breaking into this guys house
debaloy basak
debaloy basak 3 days ago
Have u got a desert Eagle if so usr it on ya channel plz
Idaho Potatoes
Idaho Potatoes 3 days ago
Is the kel tec (second gun you shot at the glass) Kyle’s (professional Russian) old gun?
Justin Collins
Justin Collins 3 days ago
Keltec collection.... I am big George kellgren fan... I like the old intratec tec 22
liam miller
liam miller 3 days ago
Why are high points disrespected. I trust it with my life
hamza Hamza hamza and hamza
liam miller it’s like a Hyundai there’s nothing wrong with it but almost everyone can get it
Collin Barnes
Collin Barnes 3 days ago
Is it just me or the intros are the best part of these videos😂
blizte3 3 days ago
I want that collection
Aye Itz Neehut
Aye Itz Neehut 4 days ago
You should make a video of where you keep all your guns
Professor Richard Face
That intro
jyoti prakash das
Fuck bitches
Stevenn_348 4 days ago
I thought you were actually gamma shoot your Humvee
Ethan Pierce
Ethan Pierce 4 days ago
I was waiting for a Kel Tec 50bmg. Needs to happen.
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips 4 days ago
Who records the videos
Brandon Faria Nogueira Taborda
Nothing made it through but you cant see through the windshield no more so there fucked lol
Brandon Faria Nogueira Taborda
Whoevers driving that Humvee cant see shit
Nate McElroy
Nate McElroy 5 days ago
Fuckin hi point It's drops the resale value of the house! Got me rolling rn lol
Tyler Curtis
Tyler Curtis 5 days ago
Hello sir. I have a few questions about guns but I would like to ask you through email. If that is ok can you shoot me your email.
i8BLOOM 5 days ago
I would pay a good amount of money to shoot a .50 Cal
NightWolfx03 6 days ago
It's easy to short shuck the ksg's when they are new.
Dominus Ghaul
Dominus Ghaul 6 days ago
Personally, I think All bullpups are the worst, ugliest rifles ever created. But holy fucking hell is that RDB Survival the ugliest, most unsightly gun I have seen in a really long time. There is absolutely nothing elegant, beautiful or artistic about that thing. Just a square hunk of plastic with a barrel in it. Fuuuuck that. I've also been told it's a wildly inaccurate and unreliable rifle. So yeah, not exactly "survival" worthy.
June Min
June Min 6 days ago
There is different frag level looks like frag 3-5 i think there are heavier and thiccer glass and armour
1st ID Vet
1st ID Vet 6 days ago
These saved my life so many times in Afghanistan...so many AK rounds were stopped by it
Hen Dawg
Hen Dawg 3 days ago
God bless you for serving the country thank you man
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller 7 days ago
Man, KelTechs are ugly.
D4rk s0ul2
D4rk s0ul2 7 days ago
Look like he ruin the military protection
Alvin Huang
Alvin Huang 7 days ago
What is your favorite Bullpup gun?
Kitarya Kysubae
Kitarya Kysubae 7 days ago
Oh my God. I changed the video to 144p. This is horrible! Why is this even an option? 480p should be the minimum. What year is this? 1993?how did you old people ever function with this terrible quality? Looks like dog's ass...well, maybe not that bad. Some dogs have quite a nice ass. Had a Boxer named buster, and he looked like a mini buff horse. He had quite a nice ass. Don't judge me. I'm a girl. We check out guys too.
Mr Berun
Mr Berun 7 days ago
50 bmg is my dream
banana boat
banana boat 7 days ago
9:48 any one else catch it falling?
John Obmar
John Obmar 7 days ago
The spongy layers are for kind of deflecting the energy sideways, like when you throw a stone in the water. The spongy layers itself are not bulletproof, but it prevents the impact energy reaches the next layer of glass that much. When you would make a slow motion video of the side of the panel, you could see the energy rippling through the glass. Armored glass is not about making it strong. It's about taking away the energy of the bullet so causing less damage.
MississippiRebel 8 days ago
That sorta looks like the first gen armored bullet proof glass that was added when the army started to up armor the humvees for Iraq and Afghanistan. I spent 11 yrs in the US army (2000-2011) and that was looked like what we had during my tour in Iraq. During my second and third tours (Iraq and Afghanistan) the bullet proof glass was much thicker. I had several AK round hit my MRAP and they barely scratched my windows. It sorta sounded like someone throwing a small rock at it. I had more faith in the bullet proof windows than the actual armor the vehicle was made out of lol. I read a lot of comments saying how they were surprised that the .50 cal didn't penetrate with it's first shot. Bullet proof glass is extremely strong but gets much weaker after being shot, especially more than once. The bullet proof glass he had in this video were what I call first gen because the US military uses much thicker and stronger bullet proof glass now on it's vehicles which can withstand more shots.
Tyreyk Stover
Tyreyk Stover 8 days ago
Demolition ranch: shoots gun from Area 51 Me: WHAT EVAN IS THAT GUN AND HOW
EZ Darren Robson
EZ Darren Robson 8 days ago
The 50cal bolt sounds amazing
Kevin C
Kevin C 8 days ago
When the insurgents are shooting at you with 14.7mm, you better hope it stops a .50 BMG.
Marty Hanson
Marty Hanson 8 days ago
I'm in the marine corps and been waiting for a video like this, thank you
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis 8 days ago
i think the 50bmg will go though
joshua valdaramas
Be careful with glass powder
David Beckner
David Beckner 8 days ago
4 rounds from a .308 in the same place will go through.
Michael Kenn Peduhan
So sad hope to see you pour one mag of 50bmg
Paul Ochon
Paul Ochon 8 days ago
Does a bullpup in 6,5 grendel exist ? Or in 6,5 creedmoor ?
Las Ola
Las Ola 8 days ago
The reason there is pouter in the glass is to slow the bullet
Las Ola
Las Ola 8 days ago
DAM!!!!!!!!! THAT WINDSHIELD IS STRONG IT CAN STAND A 50BMG😯😮😮😮😯😯😯😮😮😯😲🙀🙀😲😯😮😮😮😯😯😯😮😮😯😮😲😲😯😯😮😮😮😯😯😯😮😲😯😯😲😮😲😲😮😲😯😲😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Logan Fayle
Logan Fayle 8 days ago
Demolition ranch: it’s a cp33 Everybody that plays video games: it’s the ap pistol from gta
Lil Finite
Lil Finite 2 days ago
He’ll yea
FRUIT LOOPS 4 days ago
@XChattyHunterX 3:09
XChattyHunterX 8 days ago
Time stamp?
Kamic J
Kamic J 9 days ago
Messing the Hummer up
james lucas
james lucas 9 days ago
you should use a barret m82a2
seth durfey
seth durfey 9 days ago
I don’t care what u say that 50 bmg killed the driver (didn’t hit him just gave him a heart attack)
mirco1205 9 days ago
As i am German and i am not allowed to own a real gun, i actually bought alot of these wonderful looking guns as Airsoft or in Case of legendary guns like the Luger or AK47 as demilitarized Decoration guns ( they screw holes in the barrel, weld the lock and the mag so that no bullet can fit in it anymore ) with a certificate from our german FBI the BKA. You can´t do anything with these "Deco Guns" but to hang them on the wall for ....well Decoration but at least i can hold them and play around with them :D For the Airsoft Versions.....i always try to get the full metal as close to the original as it possibly can get. For Air Rifles at cal. 177 or 6mm steel bb we are restricted to 7,5 joule. Yeah you can buy a 16 or even 50 joule spring for it ( buying is legal, installing not, because everything over 7,5 joule is considered as a "real" weapon and you get the same punishment like owning an illegal real firearm ) ! So Thank you for your Videos ....i can only dream of buying a real gun here.
Dabbing Doges
Dabbing Doges 9 days ago
I wish my neighbors would chuck guns in my yard
The PERSONA 9 days ago
Brother in arms, Big fan! I watch your every video My friends and family would love to see some shooting video on the "Off the Ranch" channel @ your new under construction Mansion house. 🖤
The PERSONA 9 days ago
Love all the way from, Northeast India.
Abc Abc
Abc Abc 9 days ago
just interesting chanel
Pip-boy 76
Pip-boy 76 9 days ago
Matt should of shot a 7.62 round because that’s what the windows get hit by the most in middle east
Albert Jones
Albert Jones 7 days ago
that's exactly what I thought
Tony 9 days ago
That Kel-Tec RFB is powerful!!! Every shot you took landed with some heft.
Francis John Sabando
breaking that glass is hard but normally back in the training, we used 2 barrels 12 gauge shotguns and fill the ends of the gun with spar-plugs wrap it with condoms and there goes the magic. it went through and the damage is lethal lol
Coleclegg Clegg
Coleclegg Clegg 10 days ago
I would love to know how many guns he owns
Terran Mace
Terran Mace 10 days ago
.50 beowulf vs 458 socom?
Dexter Nexus
Dexter Nexus 10 days ago
Did he Just JEETed a gun out of His yard!? Well, why not!
Nathan Gregory
Nathan Gregory 7 days ago
"its Phil's problem now"
szybkilewyprosty F
szybkilewyprosty F 10 days ago
Love thous 50 BMG penetration video 🤩
SoupiestSafe0 Doupiesy
Matt should get an mx4 storm
wath about widowmaker
That are some cool guns matt
Charlie Heneghan
Charlie Heneghan 10 days ago
you really do hate that hi point don't ya?
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