HOW TO WIN | Using SMART Tricks To OUTPLAY Enemies! (Fortnite Battle Royale Educational Commentary)

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! In today's video Its the return of educational commentaries! I show you how to win with some great free elim tricks! This will be the last until season 2 of chapter 2!
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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
Jim Hughes
Jim Hughes 10 days ago
That grenade tho
Rob Harkey
Rob Harkey 15 days ago
last season i was level 207 in the new season of fortnite i am level 24
GTAMiner7 18 days ago
nice video
KENYON EATMAN 19 days ago
What is that fn skin called
Kingston Inthanongsak
him making a video about burst over scar as he picks up the scar : )
A -Bomb
A -Bomb 25 days ago
Thanks for making these vids! I just started on pc a few days ago and your tips have led me to my first win yesterday!
LilChzzX Month ago
Tip for aim assist players: if the player is boxed up in wood shoot rocket and spray with ar or smg, if their boxed up in brick or metal shoot with heavy sniper.
LilChzzX Month ago
Doesn’t have to be aim assist players
Protect_Jav Month ago
I like this it gave me a few tips I didnt know that came in handy
Jens Vandenbergh
sypher: we have a good spot on the circle also sypher: ok we are like in the corner now
barnes wilkins
barnes wilkins Month ago
Stefan Nieuwoudt
I liked and subbed thanks
Jegan JOOF
Jegan JOOF Month ago
Nice sypher keep vibing
MZ GoD Month ago
chapter 1 was so boring looking back glad they added agency
Cerrillo Family
Cerrillo Family Month ago
" Just makin' his life a little uncomfortable " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Love ittt!!! XD
Skye Tierney
Skye Tierney Month ago
i like how sypher doesnt calleveryone trach
Lathom Barbieri
Lathom Barbieri Month ago
Sypher: 5 kills out of salty, not too bad Me: I survived salty... Let's gooo!!!!!
Caleb Lutz
Caleb Lutz Month ago
"gonna make his day a little more uncomfortable"
Antonios Papadakis
How come the green RPGs and the Bolt snipers are still around in Chapter 2?
3D-12 Javier Sebastian Kesuma
Sypher right here right now i been following these educational comentary until i get 3 solo win 2duo win 12 squad win thenk you so much Sypher for these and help him to reach 4 million subs
Sentic _
Sentic _ 2 months ago
This helped me so so much thanks!
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 2 months ago
I forgot that I was watching you
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 2 months ago
You got a purple smg I did not even know but that is cool
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 2 months ago
You could trade the rocket for the smg
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 2 months ago
You should’ve traded the burst for the smg
GreenBear 2 months ago
I’m gonna start playing fort nite again
yeah quann
yeah quann 2 months ago
sypher da goat
Marki 1975
Marki 1975 2 months ago
Sypher love what you do for the community man!
Don’t tap on my profile
I love Sypher sooo much
Cainan T
Cainan T 2 months ago
Exotix Gaming
Exotix Gaming 2 months ago
16:38 lol i dodged that like it was my moms whiping belt
Tears 2 months ago
SypherPK: “5 kills coming out of Salty, not bad...” Me: “And I thought 3 kills at the Agency was good...”
TheReal_ist 2 months ago
I miss the common bolts. Now I have to literally drop a Special place to get a heavy for one. so stupid..........
The Koala Gamer
The Koala Gamer 2 months ago
bruh i can't get a solo win no matter how good loot I have the last time i got a solo win was in chapter 2 season 1 and the map was full of bots anyway so they were easy to take out.
Pāris 2 months ago
How can you not like sypher
Chris talks on YouTube
There is drama between me and FuZe Epic all the time. Every year it is something different.
Seth_james6 2 months ago
Hello you really help me improve in Fortnite
Marquis Kenney
Marquis Kenney 2 months ago
Never drop shields when u have that much health
Kasra E
Kasra E 2 months ago
Why do you place a reverse ramp instead of a normal one ?!! What is the difference ??
peter remman
peter remman 2 months ago
Ho is watching this in the season 2 chapter 2
John Cena
John Cena 2 months ago
i like the way you re playin like you explain everything thats a cool video gg
Xandryah's Playground
I hope developers will ignore Sypher when developing any game...Devs have destroyed Elder Scrolls because of these kind of players...I hope, he will be successful for another 100 years in Fortnite...
KIZUATO 2 months ago
I just came back the other day since like season 7 and if my computer ran fortnite smoother i would have a lot more W's
Henry Darker
Henry Darker 2 months ago
That’s not season 2
kno AJ
kno AJ 2 months ago
When I come to the comments to see if anyone noticed how his first kill was a recon expert.
Noor Rafique
Noor Rafique 2 months ago
Imagine sypher vs sypher
Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct 2 months ago
Anybody else get triggers when he use the med kit other then the flopper
DB - 05LJ - Arnott Charlton PS (1524)
How you get the green sniper
Fishy Swim
Fishy Swim 3 months ago
how did everything work perfectly timing on point
Rust stalker
Rust stalker 3 months ago
Guff 3 months ago
what is your support a creater code SypherPK
Elle Sferruzzo
Elle Sferruzzo 3 months ago
Sypher is exactly my style of fortnite. I wish the people I played with had this mindset instead of just running in and creating attention/chaos/getting killed 70% of the time.
Samantha Nelson
Samantha Nelson 3 months ago
I love these video’s
Hamza Challenger
Hamza Challenger 3 months ago
Broooooooo you are awesome and really really good at fortnite
simply_ salty
simply_ salty 3 months ago
Christmas in fortnite: The children have reloaded, all snug in their beds, While visions of salty got kills in their heads. 90’s have been cranked and Midas’s gun has been out-drummed, A heal-off with Ninja! I wonder who won. Reboot at weeping and loot over at frenzy, Got 12 grenades, nearly ‘sploded the Agency!
E.N.D NATSU Dragneel
lol I feel offended when the time where you said “no one usually loots gas station”... I mean you probably don’t see people loot gas stations in your servers, but in mobile servers I do lol
Brent Woelfle
Brent Woelfle 3 months ago
Aarush Sequeira
Aarush Sequeira 3 months ago
Per day how much do you play bro
Carolina Joseph Manbay
Christian song
Carolina Joseph Manbay
Good. and Jesus
Carolina Joseph Manbay
Good luck
AB Rapid
AB Rapid 3 months ago
I love these comenteries sypher I learn a lot from them 👍 please keep doing them
mastergambino 2
mastergambino 2 3 months ago
Is it just me but sypher has really good aim
Tha Keey
Tha Keey 3 months ago
Is no one gonna talk about that nade? HAHAHA
Tha Keey
Tha Keey 3 months ago
This dude’s a fucking nadeking HAHAHA
Tha Keey
Tha Keey 3 months ago
This dude’s a fucking nadeking HAHAHA
Iron-A 35
Iron-A 35 3 months ago
this vid was soooo good
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards 3 months ago
Oh I see. So your technique is... that you're just better than me...
Oliver Lewis
Oliver Lewis 3 months ago
9.08 why does he use a medkit when fish take less time to use?
ic1ha -ايشيها
ic1ha -ايشيها 3 months ago
Paul 3 months ago
He’s such a smart player. Always analyzing how to win and what his opponent is trying to do and adaptating his plays, that’s really impressive.
Choi772 3 months ago
16:39 scared the crap outa me
Epic Gamerz
Epic Gamerz 3 months ago
Sypher 8:06 : I only have like 300 mats Me at that stage of game: I only have like 50 mats. We’re... good?
lexmark66 Discord
lexmark66 Discord 3 months ago
You are god
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 3 months ago
16:38 was a jump scare
Razor Blade
Razor Blade 3 months ago
I used your code
Mitch Etzkin
Mitch Etzkin 3 months ago
So blessed to have watched this last Educational Commentary of Fortnite Seasonon 2: Chapter 1
MoneyMusso 3 months ago
views 666k
Katie Meeker
Katie Meeker 3 months ago
How are you level 406
Silky GFX
Silky GFX 3 months ago
Great vid helped a lot
Camryn Heinzman
Camryn Heinzman 3 months ago
Exceptional gamer , and actor lol he looks like j osh from d rake and j osh 😂😂
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