HOW TO WIN | Using SMART Tricks To OUTPLAY Enemies! (Fortnite Battle Royale Educational Commentary)

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! In today's video Its the return of educational commentaries! I show you how to win with some great free elim tricks! This will be the last until season 2 of chapter 2!
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Comments 80
Elle Sferruzzo
Elle Sferruzzo 16 hours ago
Sypher is exactly my style of fortnite. I wish the people I played with had this mindset instead of just running in and creating attention/chaos/getting killed 70% of the time.
Samantha Nelson
I love these video’s
Hamza butt
Hamza butt Day ago
Broooooooo you are awesome and really really good at fortnite
simply_ salty
simply_ salty 2 days ago
Christmas in fortnite: The children have reloaded, all snug in their beds, While visions of salty got kills in their heads. 90’s have been cranked and Midas’s gun has been out-drummed, A heal-off with Ninja! I wonder who won. Reboot at weeping and loot over at frenzy, Got 12 grenades, nearly ‘sploded the Agency!
E.N.D NATSU Dragneel
lol I feel offended when the time where you said “no one usually loots gas station”... I mean you probably don’t see people loot gas stations in your servers, but in mobile servers I do lol
Brent Woelfle
Brent Woelfle 4 days ago
Aarush Sequeira
Aarush Sequeira 5 days ago
Per day how much do you play bro
Carolina Joseph Manbay
Christian song
Carolina Joseph Manbay
Good. and Jesus
Carolina Joseph Manbay
Good luck
AB Rapid
AB Rapid 6 days ago
I love these comenteries sypher I learn a lot from them 👍 please keep doing them
master gambino21
master gambino21 6 days ago
Is it just me but sypher has really good aim
Jc Gregana
Jc Gregana 6 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about that nade? HAHAHA
Jc Gregana
Jc Gregana 6 days ago
This dude’s a fucking nadeking HAHAHA
Jc Gregana
Jc Gregana 6 days ago
This dude’s a fucking nadeking HAHAHA
Iron-A 35
Iron-A 35 8 days ago
this vid was soooo good
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards 8 days ago
Oh I see. So your technique is... that you're just better than me...
Oliver Lewis
Oliver Lewis 11 days ago
9.08 why does he use a medkit when fish take less time to use?
boy anime 8171
boy anime 8171 11 days ago
Paul 12 days ago
He’s such a smart player. Always analyzing how to win and what his opponent is trying to do and adaptating his plays, that’s really impressive.
Choi772 12 days ago
16:39 scared the crap outa me
Epic Gamerz
Epic Gamerz 12 days ago
Sypher 8:06 : I only have like 300 mats Me at that stage of game: I only have like 50 mats. We’re... good?
lexmark66 Discord
lexmark66 Discord 15 days ago
You are god
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 15 days ago
16:38 was a jump scare
Razor Blade
Razor Blade 18 days ago
I used your code
Mitch Etzkin
Mitch Etzkin 19 days ago
So blessed to have watched this last Educational Commentary of Fortnite Seasonon 2: Chapter 1
MoneyMusso 20 days ago
views 666k
Katie Meeker
Katie Meeker 20 days ago
How are you level 406
Silky GFX
Silky GFX 21 day ago
Great vid helped a lot
Camryn Heinzman
Camryn Heinzman 21 day ago
Exceptional gamer , and actor lol he looks like j osh from d rake and j osh 😂😂
Stephanie Johnson
Go to fortnite skills really means a lot
Lorenzo Reyes
Lorenzo Reyes 22 days ago
How were you able to tel how many meters away (65 meters) you were when you threw the nade?
ZEPlayZ G 26 days ago
syhperpk 5 kills out of salty me 5 kills out of a match
ZEPlayZ G 26 days ago
did you really hear him???!
ZEPlayZ G 26 days ago
at 16:39 yougot shot a big yeks
Op Gamerboi2008
Op Gamerboi2008 Month ago
I love the way you think out your plays and plan them
Vincent Meyer
Vincent Meyer Month ago
im not tryna sound negative but i always hate when youtubers say we in stead of i
Nolan Grieshaber
creator code? If so what is it.
Andrew Llamas
Andrew Llamas Month ago
Tbh I have never maxed out metal before brick and wood
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo Month ago
He was just talking smart
Jet Rider Gaming
RIP trap
VITØ zZz Month ago
Im hyped
Can we do a duo my user is slyantonio36
GlamRat Month ago
I P I a y x B O X
GlamRat Month ago
ʀЯ Kuat
ʀЯ Kuat Month ago
Why does this sound like he’s voicing over Pre-recorded content?
J o n a t h a n
J o n a t h a n Month ago
dude you recorded yourself then act like your playing in realtime. kinda pathetic.
Dylan Stover
Dylan Stover Month ago
What i learned from this: 1) look for good angles rather than psycho 2) be patient when there is 2 or more players fighting with you 3) be aware of all surrounding when taking a 1v1 4) try to finish fights quickly when u have a health advantage 5) take time to plan your next move 6) like & subscribe
khashan nauman
khashan nauman Month ago
Add me my epic is TTV_fujik69
khashan nauman
khashan nauman Month ago
Me be Pakistani hoo
khashan nauman
khashan nauman Month ago
Pakistani Bahi's
Craig Watts
Craig Watts Month ago
This was a great vid, love the commentary man
Loofus Month ago
My dude plays pubs like a scrim😂
Ethan Thomson
Ethan Thomson Month ago
This is my favorite series tbh, please keep it up bro!
Static-Wilson Month ago
The thing is everyone rushes me so I half to play harder
Xotic Month ago
i need to learn because im just now getting into competitive im a very aggrev player so i let my gut do the work and i play really hard but sypher pk is teaching me big brain so i can learn how to be a better player
Hektixx FN
Hektixx FN Month ago
Oh my god you are insane
King Ethan
King Ethan Month ago
This was to slow passed
ToniZ1234 yt
ToniZ1234 yt Month ago
ToniZ1234 yt
ToniZ1234 yt Month ago
can you please give me a skin because i'm a beginner (
abdullah alfattah
like the way u give for tips it will be a huge help if u give apes tips as well
Helen Mbaye
Helen Mbaye Month ago
1:29 ammo crates are not 100% drop rate like chests
Troy Stewart
Troy Stewart Month ago
Impressive my guyy
AntonySC Month ago
Llama 3:05
Mike The gamer
Mike The gamer Month ago
Tips and on how to become a camper
Tr3y Weight
Tr3y Weight Month ago
Omg no way I have the same skin like you lol !!!
FadeZ Month ago
mosbehi montassar
teach me master
Good Knight
Good Knight Month ago
love the thought process being articulated. the more detail on why you make decisions will make people seek your knowledge
Pwp- Rain
Pwp- Rain Month ago
SypherPK has the best tips
Alexander Stewart
What a vid. Good job syph!
RubberDingBat Month ago
"Gunna open this door, I'm running, I'm gunna crouch, close this door, open it again, breathe, gunna walk 3 steps, now 2 steps back, right foot in, right foot out, in, out, in, out and how shake it all about"
Benjamin Month ago
Loserrrrrrrrrr...rrr...rrrrrrr... you're so bad and you think you're better than all of us that much so that you start teaching us how to play the game now? I challange you to a 1v1 boxfight you loser
Ali ElGaaichi
Ali ElGaaichi Month ago
hey yo 1v1i
Leo Fitzpatrick
Leo Fitzpatrick Month ago
Sypher don’t want attention me seoson 7 grabs mini gun 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 screaming yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Runs out of amp
Leo Fitzpatrick
Leo Fitzpatrick Month ago
Amo sorry
Leo Fitzpatrick
Leo Fitzpatrick Month ago
I love landing holly hedges because I get 5 kills
Norlia Ibrahim
Norlia Ibrahim Month ago
pro player is born sypherpk!!!🤪 like 🙏🏻
Rose Eagle
Rose Eagle Month ago
Your enemy gaym already complete against Muslims you looking find out new enemy opponent to revenge and cool down your enemy, jealousy somehow choch choch choch choch deceitful dajjal group relationship support, Muslims waiting for Allah to revenge inshallah Allah will help support and protect from divelish trouble curse to them
Iván De León
Iván De León Month ago
Yeah easy, you just need to AIM LIKE A GOD. Easy...
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