How to Use Google Drive | Beginners Tutorial

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How to Use Google Drive: Set up your account, sharing, tagging, leaving comments, creating folders, Docs, and Sheets
Google Drive team training, set-up, and standard operating procedures for your business - contact hello@vrtical.co
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Creating folders, Doc, and Sheets: 2:21
Sharing and Tagging: 5:27
Editing in different modes and leaving comments: 9:16
Bonus tips - Moving items and getting the most out of Drive: 13:46

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Feb 25, 2016




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Comments 80
Flien Roger
Flien Roger 11 days ago
so there is no help line to resume uploading a large file after shut down pc ?
Renato Caruso Chitarrista
Bellissimo, molto bravo. Una curiosità: ma se io acquisto quello da 100 GB a 1,99 per avere più spazio, vorrei che mi facesse da HD virtuale e ok. Perché quando io, ad esempio, copia una cartella sul Drive (proprio per avere un backup) io poi nel mio spazio utilizzato la vedo doppia? Cioè, non dovrebbe essere solo sul drive la mia copia? è come se mi duplicasse la copai della cartella nel mio HD e mi occupa più spazio!! non dovrebbero essere due HD virtuali... e quindi, a questo punto mi conviene creare solo una cartella del drive e fare un collegamento sul mio MAc per lavorarci e si aggiorna da solo.. e se poi non ho collegamento? grz ancora e bravo!
Mostafa Kamal
Mostafa Kamal 21 day ago
Vary Good.Thanx for the info.
Mohammad abu shanab
thank you so much for this, very good information
Estela MEstella Estella is crying the clothes ino
Thanks for u tutoring great step by step...
Charlotte Chandler
Charlotte Chandler 26 days ago
Hello, Wow! This is very helpful. Thank you
Sanyii boruu
Sanyii boruu 26 days ago
AMIT GUPTA 27 days ago
Hello Mam, I have an Issue while working on Google Excel Sheet simultaneously. Will you Plz help me
Mr. Campbell Rocks
Mr. Campbell Rocks 20 days ago
I can help you send me an email.
Owen Schrotberger
I needed to use this for my homework
Costas Ioannides
Amazing..Great help..Thanks a million!!!
Hadji Kabba
Hadji Kabba Month ago
I really appreciate ur insights
Trampolener lpool
Please help, when I opened WhatsApp today it automatically took me to the backup chat page and to select an account, however when I entered my Google email address or phone it gave me these error messages: "This account already exists on your device". I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Is it just impossible to backup whatsapp to an account already registered to the same device?
Angela Perkins
Angela Perkins Month ago
I am noticing a lot more of my colleagues are using Google Drive so I definitely needed a starter video on how to use this it more effectively...thank you!
Jillian Zamora
Jillian Zamora Month ago
Very easy to understand. thank you
Thank you for helping me out. It was nice to have clear instructions.
Sourabh Yadav
Sourabh Yadav Month ago
Anthony 8BP Gaming
Anthony 8BP Gaming 2 months ago
Stressful as this is like thanks for nowt
kevin phillips
kevin phillips 2 months ago
Thanks so much you made it look easy.
jamesgang cc
jamesgang cc 2 months ago
Have there been any changes to this today? It's March 2020.
Mr. Campbell Rocks
Mr. Campbell Rocks 20 days ago
Yes many changes
Horst Klaus
Horst Klaus 2 months ago
I am not impressed with changes like that - I like the old way as I am an old 88 year old author and don't need all these new "features" I only have an HP new desktop computer - no smart phone
Laurie Lyon
Laurie Lyon 2 months ago
Excellent tutorial. Perfect diction. Well presented.
Shau_fx 3 months ago
hello, thanks for this tutorial. is there a way I can determine how many people are accessing a google drive link which I have shared please?🙏🙏
Mr. Campbell Rocks
Mr. Campbell Rocks 20 days ago
Yes you can change everyones access to your wishes. Send me an email.
Mr. Linn Aung
Mr. Linn Aung Month ago
Can you be friend on youtube.
Mohanokor មហានគរ
million thank you my best friend
Rachna 3 months ago
Good work. Thank you for sharing information
Ilyes Vlog
Ilyes Vlog 4 months ago
super video
Team Syntric
Team Syntric 4 months ago
I own a team called Team Syntric and this helped alot with editing tysm.
Jose-Miguel 4 months ago
Thank you. Question: would you prefer Google rather than Microsoft?
Bill Dillon
Bill Dillon 5 months ago
What is to keep from two collaborators editing at the same time a document shared with them?
Bill Dillon
Bill Dillon 4 months ago
@Jose C. Oh, OK. Thank you.
Jose C.
Jose C. 4 months ago
You can see in real time who is working on the document and what they are doing.
Alma Shamima
Alma Shamima 5 months ago
its really helpful.thanks a lot
Gloria Armstrong
Gloria Armstrong 6 months ago
I have a question. I have an interview with a corporate salon on Monday and I have SEVERAL photos to present in a portfolio. How csn I apply to Google Drive and present to potential employer?
Tevez Kelez
Tevez Kelez 7 months ago
I have some personal pictures that I hide in my Google Drive, the issue I've with it is that the pictures are not in the date I took the pictures. And I can't change the date and time. Please, can anyone help me?
Mr. Campbell Rocks
Mr. Campbell Rocks 20 days ago
You can edit the photo in drive.
Leah_Riia Alfarero
Leah_Riia Alfarero 7 months ago
I didn't even know that this thing existed until someone shared me a link that went to google drive. I. WAS. CONFUSED. AS. HELL. on how this work and just clicked anywhere..... Thank you so much for this tutorial! It really helped! I'll come back whenever I do something stupid.
Manuel Benavente
Manuel Benavente 7 months ago
Question: If I create a folder and share it wit a group of people and I add or they add new files to that folder, each one will see it inside the folder and can access and stuff depending the access you given to the folder. Is this correct?
Mr. Campbell Rocks
Mr. Campbell Rocks 20 days ago
Yes they have access to the entire folder.
piano playing - kb lee
Thanks !
Inger Thorell
Inger Thorell 7 months ago
Thank you for your presentation! I learned so much! Do you have additional content on creating Folders, Docs and spreadsheets? I don’t see any other videos other than this “Getting the Most Out of Google Drive.
AMAL MAROCCAINE 7 months ago
شرح زوين وبصيط وزوين بزاف جميل جميل
Anidem Jess
Anidem Jess 8 months ago
Can yo7 share videos?
χρηστος Μπακολουκας
Zhang Yan
Zhang Yan 9 months ago
I like it
Jennie Woods
Jennie Woods 9 months ago
To the point. Just what we need to know without the side comments and fluff. Very helpful
Deen Mark
Deen Mark 9 months ago
Thanks for sharing....
Hira 9 months ago
Loved this video. Very informative a d to the point.
Kathlene Caindoy
Kathlene Caindoy 10 months ago
thank you ,,,
Mack Dickerson
Mack Dickerson 10 months ago
how high are you people ??? She hasn't told me how to get started or step by step on how to store...wtf
Khloe Lynn McClain
Khloe Lynn McClain 10 months ago
Great tutorial! You kept the same energy throughout and you didn’t jump all over the place!
Derick Wong
Derick Wong 10 months ago
You sounded professional! Watching your video is better than reading the boring manual. Thanks.
Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar 11 months ago
That was perfect !!!
WooDy LoCz
WooDy LoCz Year ago
How do you keep your stuff personal all over Google ...aka people who know you or use to know you are trying to view or maybe use it negatively stalk you or steal photos or view photos without you knowing ...I tryied to find in the help menu .. basically use all Google apps without any unknown individuals viewing them...even if they know your phone number and also your addresses to platforms...can you please help...
WooDy LoCz
WooDy LoCz Year ago
Also your videos are very helpful ... thks
Katie Loughrist
Hello! I will be teaching an orientation course to new international students this summer. I'm hoping to be able to utilize your video as a resource. Do I have permission to use this? If so, how would you like me to cite it? It's great, so thank you so much!
Vrtical Year ago
Hi Katie, thanks so much for asking! You're absolutely more than welcome to use this video as a resource, no need to cite but you can offer a link if you think it would be helpful for your students.
Nicole Ross
Nicole Ross Year ago
Very helpful. Thank you for sharing!
E K Year ago
This tutorial was exceptionally helpful...Thank you.
Mr. Linn Aung
Mr. Linn Aung Month ago
Can you be friend on youtube.
Hassan Mire
Hassan Mire Year ago
very attractive and amazing one you taught me an organized lesson and i had that needb4.
Google drive is a trap, after my google drive 100Gig subscription ended, though I still have more than 2 gigabytes free space out of 115 gig (100gig-subscription + 15gig-free storage), I am unable to send or receive email anymore. Conclusion don't link your Gmail to buy google drive storage if you don't plan to maintain it and pay every time you want to receive emails.
MARISSA Salem Year ago
Your tutorial was excellent. Thanks.
William Xu
William Xu Year ago
But can I run fortnite on it?
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia Year ago
This is great!! Thank you so much!
Mahesh Bidikar
Crisp and precise tutorial. Good Job..!
Pamela LeMaster
well it would have been helpful if you would have clicked on the folder/file...........
XIU JIANG Year ago
Very helpful, thank you
Andre Duncan
Andre Duncan Year ago
Very good presentation. Learned a lot. Thanks.
Lisa Dillon
Lisa Dillon Year ago
Sooo this is linked with my email i under stand that part but if I delete the app off my Iphone well all my photos still be on it when i re download the app??
Vrtical Year ago
yes, the content in your Drive will still be there if you remove the app from your phone
Marco lara
Marco lara Year ago
Excellent video, thank you
Faze sway
Faze sway Year ago
thx I am itte boy
Nettie Myers
Nettie Myers Year ago
I have scanned photos to my computer but they don't show up in google photos....how do I get them in google photos?
Vrtical Year ago
Hi Nettie, you have to upload them from your computer to Drive. You might try opening your browser, navigating to drive.google.com or photos.google.com and clicking/dragging the photos from your desktop into the browser window.
Никола Year ago
Do the images we have on google drive are private?
Vrtical Year ago
@Никола very happy to hear it! Hope you have a blast getting the most out of Drive =)
Никола Year ago
@Vrtical thanks for the answer, your video is great helped me very much
Vrtical Year ago
If you have not shared the image or image folder then photos are private
Tamara Gonzaga
Thank you very much, simple and informative.
TheBookman32 Year ago
Awesome tutorial. Clear and engaging. Thank you.
Timothy Hamilton
What an excellent simple tutorial. You have a wonderful way of explaining with just the proper amount of detail and encouragement. Way to go!
Vrtical Year ago
floopy c
floopy c Year ago
Is there a way to save photos to Google drive or Google cloud. I just paid for 100 GB of storage, is there a way to save the photos from my phone, to this storage?
floopy c
floopy c Year ago
@Vrtical Thank you so much, especially for your promtness Carl
Vrtical Year ago
Hey Carl, yes! Try Google Photos at photos.google.com. You can download the Google Photos App from the app store and sync photos from your phone. Remember that your most private photos are not truly private on any Google platform, but it's a very simple and seamless service to use.
Jessie hernandez
why didnt you do setup?
Fatima C. Middleton
Thanks for module tutorial!
Nassrullah Askari
Tnx It was cool for me.
Kylie Crawford
thank you so much, I never know all the features and just how incredible it was. I am now able to use it to fullest and has made my life easier as I run my own business
Mr. Linn Aung
Mr. Linn Aung Month ago
Can you be friend on youtube.
Awesome❗️Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas 🎄
Nite Knight
Nite Knight Year ago
Explained so well .Thank you
Inday Anna
Inday Anna Year ago
i can hear from your accent that you are filipino but kudos to your excellent pronunciation and to your voice. Love it!
Jerry Keller
Jerry Keller Year ago
Is their a way to set up client account folders like I have in yahoo? A place to put correspondence conversations and keep a log. In addidtion to keep memos and documents back and forth? Jerryhkeller@gmail.com
William Cool
William Cool Year ago
Very Helpful!
Mahdi Sundukchi
Thank you so mcuh much for great presentation. First time I learned about Google Drive. Never know it is exist. Bueatiful presentation.
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