How to Upload Files to Google Drive

Anson Alexander
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How to upload files to Google Drive including PDFs and Word files to easy access and download the file at another location.
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Dec 6, 2013




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Comments 50
Chetan Superman
Chetan Superman 3 months ago
Thank You :)
Rajesh Dhawan
Rajesh Dhawan 10 months ago
Is document, photo save for ever in drive. ? Can some one tell please
Malik Aoun Gaming
E4 Entertainment
i share some files about 13GB to a shareable google drive one of my friend...but it consume my google drive Storage.... how can i do this...that my google drive storage will not consume...?
Edward Boswell
Anson, your mouth moves much faster than my brain or me ears. Congratulations for winning the fast talking championship.
wendy Taylor
wendy Taylor Year ago
Does this also work for a android tablet ? and will it also upload a zip file ? Thanks
Ghy5y6 Modz
Ghy5y6 Modz Year ago
thanks :)
Brok BrokenzJr
Thx man i publiced my low pc modpack for samp Thx mannn
Sky The Potato
Mobile Doctor MIJANUR
very helpful -thanks
Soy Sate
Soy Sate Year ago
Thank you so much, I do really need this. I am always having trouble finding good storage for back-up files.
A Random Troll on the Internet
This was made 6 years ago and it still works thanks
Purple cacti
Purple cacti Year ago
im already tracer
Juniyah B.
Juniyah B. Year ago
simple and easy. thanks
احمد ناصف
Thanks that was helpful
Arintap Dasgupta
Proposal Letter
Joshee E
Joshee E Year ago
emosewA, orb knaht uoy. Put that all in backwards.
Specster 2.0
Specster 2.0 Year ago
you thank bro ,Awesome
alan jacka
alan jacka Year ago
very helpful -thanks
Beth McKenna
Beth McKenna 2 years ago
Super helpful!
Raghavendra B S
Raghavendra B S 2 years ago
Very simple and useful, thanks Anson
Ryan Gaham
Ryan Gaham 2 years ago
When uploading to Google drive is any temp files needed to be stored on the device your uploading from
Mohammad Farid
Mohammad Farid 2 years ago
Drive se hamar koye Hamara file folder dekh sakta hai bina Meri device
Sandip 2 years ago
how to share that link to other person
stanleyban 2 years ago
Thanks for your great tutorial, Anson! You explain it thoroughly and simply all at once- much appreciated!!
Harshil Ramdatti
Harshil Ramdatti 2 years ago
so much useful
Prageeth Amila
Prageeth Amila 2 years ago
nedakin gobbaya
jiore1969 2 years ago
Thank you so much! I watched another video and she confused me but you are a great teacher!
Asimnazir Mughal
Asimnazir Mughal 2 years ago
Google picture mine
Thuy-Hong Nguyen
Thuy-Hong Nguyen 2 years ago
Thank you, Anson, for saving time since I didn't want to sync my computer to Google's drive.
Aditto Mahmood
Aditto Mahmood 2 years ago
but where is the link that I can share?
Md Hasanul Banna
Md Hasanul Banna 2 years ago
u r fluency speed very high .u should normally ...
Md Hasanul Banna
Md Hasanul Banna 2 years ago
u r fluency speed very high .u should normally ...
Md Hasanul Banna
Md Hasanul Banna 2 years ago
u r fluency speed very high .u should normally ...
Md Hasanul Banna
Md Hasanul Banna 2 years ago
u r fluency speed very high .u should normally ...
Gail Mariage
Gail Mariage 2 years ago
I want to take a file from google drive and upload it on someone's youtube channel. Not sure if this will help, but I think it will.
PROD_ FXRTIXN 2 years ago
thanks bro for your help thnxthnxthnxthnxthnxthxn
Fay Nixon
Fay Nixon 3 years ago
Very helpful
majeda rabee
majeda rabee 3 years ago
gsurl.in/4mh7,,,,,,,,How To Use Google Drive To Share Files and Folders?
Zodiak Paredes
Zodiak Paredes 3 years ago
How do you upload a folder?
Specster 2.0
Specster 2.0 Year ago
... 1:09
SHADOW !! 3 years ago
Letisia Ariyuri Simancas
thank you. how do i make the files private?
kkkkk 3 years ago
This is nice helpfull.
Aziz Durrani
Aziz Durrani 3 years ago
thanks man good
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh 3 years ago
good work bro
pork [wenton]
pork [wenton] 3 years ago
rip banana goat
James 8746
James 8746 3 years ago
4 kb file 50 upload speed 40 mins ????? why so long
Plopstoper Games
Plopstoper Games 3 years ago
C. Jay Robbins
C. Jay Robbins 4 years ago
Very helpful. Thanks.
Romel Pilor
Romel Pilor 4 years ago
Thank you. Your video really helped. :D
1198rocky 6 years ago
Thank you, very helpful.
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