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After watching an interview on Jimmy Fallon where Sophie Turner comes across as very charismatic, I started looking into doing a breakdown on her. I was surprised to find that she actually says she struggles in social situations.
On the second watch through, I noticed that hints of nervousness were present in that first Jimmy Fallon interview. So in this video, we’re going to learn what it seems Sophie has learned: how to turn anxiety, shyness, and nervousness into charisma.

4:34 - Strategy #1: Active listening
4:50 - Strategy #2: Mirroring
6:00 - Strategy #3: Elaborate on someone else’s idea
6:31 - Strategy #4: Make fun of your own shyness
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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 3 116
Charisma on Command
Charisma on Command 6 months ago
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Connor Ramone
Connor Ramone 3 months ago
Baffulnish can even crosh over into shynesh
vitral es montaña
vitral es montaña 4 months ago
"you're an icon" it's BS, nobody is an icon, having icons is what's wrong in today's society
coldflame 5 months ago
@5dope I am your dearest.
rochford1000 3 days ago
Why did I get the feeling there was a book involved somewhere down the line!
Joey Ortiz
Joey Ortiz 4 days ago
I have huge Social Anxiety and I find myself being way more charming in social situations than most of my "More Confident" counterparts however I find myself being completely self critical in the aftermath
moe gene
moe gene 6 days ago
everything you say is meaningless, your videos ruining my home page
Joanna Nichole
Joanna Nichole 6 days ago
Spandan Samiran
Spandan Samiran 12 days ago
Can you do a video on Jose Mourinho charisma
Oppurtunafish 16 days ago
Huh, my book on CBT was much different from the one described in this video
Galaxius 16 days ago
pink spider
pink spider 18 days ago
i started repeating what people say after them , and now i sound more creepy and awkward
Bozz Skaggs
Bozz Skaggs 19 days ago
I watched the first half of the episode of GOT. I'm not familiar with Ms. Turner but she is so likable.
ABDULLAH alm alm
ABDULLAH alm alm 20 days ago
Alena Scott
Alena Scott 22 days ago
Can you do one for Timothée Chalamet? Ps- love your work
G वात्मा
I am just studying "Leonardo DiCaprio" completely . And I agree , with one point here . repeating last words . But some other of her habits you revealed are weak or unclear ...ones
G वात्मा
I. Disliked her. Her half of whole GOT
adishree jain
adishree jain 26 days ago
I'm new to this channel,, and really appreciate it! The way u take examples and break things down into points is really helpful.. However one feedback, pls talk a bit slow or give a bit of a pause to process information. Also because we may not know the clips u are using for reference so it takes time to connect and understand. Also it's easier said than done, so we are also thinking Abt how that point can apply to me.
Jimmy FTW
Jimmy FTW 28 days ago
I like the way shes being so honest with her feelings, we all should be, because we all human, we all have a heart, so of course we hurt when we are harshly criticized, there is nothing wrong with it.
Koketso Baholo
Koketso Baholo Month ago
You know who loves you without judging you, who accepts you as you are, regardless of your past? Jesus
grace Month ago
This is such a fantastic video! Thanks for this breakdown
Kristen Desjarlais
You pronounced her name wrong the entire video
Charles Castela
Charles Castela Month ago
Does this apply to men too?
Alen Mustlovski
Alen Mustlovski Month ago
How To Turn Anxiety Into Charisma... Be a hot famous chick.
TheLeadhound Month ago
Aleyna Çiftçi
Aleyna Çiftçi Month ago
I love Brie Larson, i love Sophie. So simply be yourself. If you're shy, be shy. If you're arrogant, be one. Don't care. You can't please everyone. Simple as that. 🙂
Renata manzano
Renata manzano Month ago
You should make a vid on Maisi Williams, that’d be really good
Andy Kh
Andy Kh Month ago
1. Be attractive 2. Don't be unattractive Seriously, please do at least one video for everyday average people not hot celebrities.
Lexie Maxwell
Lexie Maxwell Month ago
As an incredibly introverted high school student, i will never be able to thank you enough for these videos😂
cool pfp but
cool pfp but Month ago
Well if it isnt ms. Young grandma
Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa Month ago
Oh, I have seen several videos of yours and it helped me a lot, but this one is on another level! I identified with Sophie to an unexpected level. I'll hold everything I learned in this video to my heart. Thank you!
box 01
box 01 Month ago
I don't know what the hell she's talking about when she says she is shy, and anxious etc. SHE MARRIED FREAKING JOE JONAS FOR F*#@S SAKE!! Plus she's an actress!! She's supposed to be good at comunicating with people and making herserlf entertaining. Don't tell me she married him just because of her looks and she's got no personality at all...
Xehanort11 Month ago
She is not very shy though.
Nat -
Nat - Month ago
Feeling Good
CanDIEland Month ago
Personally, I thought her bursts of over the top 'energy', particularly in the jimmy Fallon interview, felt very awkward to me and kind of obnoxious🤔
i purple u
i purple u Month ago
I have been doing this for years now. I had it as my own resolve back then and i just suddenly started to act on this under pressure/ nervousness/ or anxiety never thought that it’s called turning anxiety to charm. I just named it off as an adrenaline like confidence hahahah
Thaddeus Weerts
Thaddeus Weerts Month ago
This will sound pretty cheesey, but what an interesting time to be alive. To be able to learn about these things socially is so interesting. Love your vids!
DarkPaprika Month ago
lol I actually do some of these things without knowing.
KemonoKweenVic Month ago
this is something that I think I do, I think I could get behind this
FarrylGracious Month ago
ok but sophie in thumbnail looking like a whole snack
Zoie Perahoritis
I relate to this at a spiritual level. I am very introverted, have been shy my whole life, and have developed a lot of anxiety through my life from not ever being diagnosed (I'm currently 25.) Over the pasted few years I have done a lot of what was said in this video. Being an introvert I would rather have a one on one convo and am more of a listener that a talker. I make fun of my self all the time and started saying "I know, Thank You" to things more. For example, if someone said "You're weird" I'd just reply with "Thanks." Thanks for this video!
Emily Mckenzie
Emily Mckenzie Month ago
I do this haa
Corinne Nicole
Corinne Nicole Month ago
Shout out to my momma who helped me with these tips growing up!!
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