How To Turn Anxiety Into Charisma

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After watching an interview on Jimmy Fallon where Sophie Turner comes across as very charismatic, I started looking into doing a breakdown on her. I was surprised to find that she actually says she struggles in social situations.
On the second watch through, I noticed that hints of nervousness were present in that first Jimmy Fallon interview. So in this video, we’re going to learn what it seems Sophie has learned: how to turn anxiety, shyness, and nervousness into charisma.

4:34 - Strategy #1: Active listening
4:50 - Strategy #2: Mirroring
6:00 - Strategy #3: Elaborate on someone else’s idea
6:31 - Strategy #4: Make fun of your own shyness
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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 3 002
Charisma on Command
Charisma on Command 4 months ago
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Connor Ramone
Connor Ramone Month ago
Baffulnish can even crosh over into shynesh
vitral es montaña
vitral es montaña 2 months ago
"you're an icon" it's BS, nobody is an icon, having icons is what's wrong in today's society
coldflame 3 months ago
@5dope I am your dearest.
Lilique Jael
Lilique Jael Day ago
Jodie 2 days ago
Defo do Summer Walker
Abir Amezzane
Abir Amezzane 2 days ago
"absolute icon" lol ok
Leigh Mendoza
Leigh Mendoza 2 days ago
I do all of this naturally lol but I'm not likeable enough
Holly Sumner
Holly Sumner 4 days ago
light quin
light quin 4 days ago
So this is why my friends said that i have the charisma meanwhile i always nervous anxious and trembling and even my hands turn cold when doing presention or performing pft
Ariel Rose
Ariel Rose 4 days ago
What a great video! Thanks :D
Ashna Ashna
Ashna Ashna 5 days ago
Do for mila Kunis.she so kind and funny
Vess Beckham
Vess Beckham 5 days ago
Sleeping Cinderella
she's pretty, cute, nice, funny and smart. + she's a celebrity, don't lie to regular people who aren't like that and don't give them false hope
Yay Yay
Yay Yay 6 days ago
I tried to do that and it was working till P.E class when I did sit ups and and person holding my heard me fart..
dylan foley
dylan foley 7 days ago
Brooke S
Brooke S 7 days ago
I feel like I do these things! Yay!
Roberta H
Roberta H 8 days ago
She’s the most charismatic person ever, this gives me hope lol
koko kobe
koko kobe 8 days ago
Can we get a rip for Sophie?
vince 8 days ago
More I watch videos of this channel, more I say.. wtf.. am I a sociopath or an alien ?
Tessa Divine
Tessa Divine 8 days ago
This really helped
Johji Uehara
Johji Uehara 8 days ago
start doing this ? pointing to chin ? wtf is that
La Serpenta Canta
La Serpenta Canta 10 days ago
she is not charismatic at all.
Jirah 12 days ago
I really needed this
Denniz H
Denniz H 12 days ago
Besides all of this: Be hot.
KonstantinGeist 13 days ago
>when people do the opposite, never revealing too much, we struggle to feel at ease, wondering if they're secretly judging us And in another video on confidence with Jon Hamm you claimed that Jon Hamm's confidence rests on non-reacting under pressure which makes him a great influencer. I feel like there's some kind of contradiction.
Godsend Djoker
Godsend Djoker 14 days ago
i dont know why im watching this. i Only wanted to know how this charisma works on girls😂
0urMutualFriend 16 days ago
Lol I see videos like this or the one about mirroring body language to create rapport, and I feel guilty even considering using these cos in my head it'd feel like I'm using weird robot techniques to foster human relationships
Sabrina Mitchell
Sabrina Mitchell 17 days ago
I love this video. I relate alot to Sophie, people think im actually really freindly and bubbly but in actuality, its just anxiety. But sometimes I overshare or overkill things so these videos are great and learning how to work my strengths❤❤
karol karam
karol karam 19 days ago
She looks like Jennifer lawrence
SeanThePro 19 days ago
wow i didn’t realize it but this is just how i feel when i interact with people, i’m really awkward and a bit shy but i try my best to say something funny or start a conversation when given the opportunity. it’s something i see myself continuing to work on though.
TastedGlory 21 day ago
Jessica Chastain is a gorgeous woman.
TastedGlory 21 day ago
I wonder if Sophie has watched this
don cahooti
don cahooti 23 days ago
when I see people “mirror” me I become really pissed off at the disingenuousness and attempt to manipulate..
Secret Guy
Secret Guy 25 days ago
In that red dress she looks like Natalia Starr.
Secret Guy
Secret Guy 25 days ago
My anxiety level is a 10/10. It's nothing on Sophie Turner's.
Lilian Rose
Lilian Rose 28 days ago
How to turn anxiety into charisma? Dream
maddyjul07 28 days ago
Can you plz do a video like this but with Timothée Chalamet?
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud 29 days ago
Watching this videos in college....god help me lol
Shauna-Marie Henry
Shauna-Marie Henry 29 days ago
Or, I could be kind and a good human being..?
D Month ago
My social anxiety makes me PLUS ULTRA
LTrain 45
LTrain 45 Month ago
I have never seen game of thrones and didn't know who Sophie was before this video. She is hands down the most beautiful person I have ever seen.
Megan Morales
Megan Morales Month ago
You need to make Harry Styles video
OrdonWolf Month ago
I don't consider myself a good conversationalist, but... watching this made me realise that I've used some of these tricks countless times. But my self-doubt is so great, I still didn't really know if people liked me for it even when their reactions should have made it obvious... Thank you for helping me see that, I don't have to focus on the negatives ALL the time.
Aaron Asmus
Aaron Asmus Month ago
She is my favorite actress from Game of throwns. Why am i a little sad she is married now?
Jordan Month ago
Sophie Turner is a goddess.
zeroceiling Month ago
Well...then you say almost the opposite about the enigmatic Robert Downey Jr. Good idea is to simply let us see the unique tapestry for human behavior...of which...only little at times relates to us directly.
Prajakta Borwankar
A video on character analysis of " transformation " of Aria N Stark ... plz
Connor Ramone
Connor Ramone Month ago
Baffulnish can even crosh over into shynesh
Grace X
Grace X Month ago
This was so incredibly helpful. Thank you so much 😊
The Ark-Ham Sandwich
I've been watching you guys' videos for a long time and now there's a link to this video in my class's textbook. You guys have really come a long way and it's awesome to see. Keep up the great work.
Beauty on a Barn Budget
Sooo crazy. My daughter is 18 and looks EXACTLY like sophie in sansa character. She's a natural redhead. We didn't watch GOT & a few years ago when people would yell "Sansa! Or Sophie!" At our daughter, we were like-"who are these people & why do people think u r them???
FeatheryBird Month ago
Oh sure if you're a beautiful young girl, otherwise, buck up everybody....
Underdog666 Month ago
I used cognitive behavioral therapy to almost completely cure my anxiety and absolutely kill at exams - my resource was Morty Lefkoe - changed everything
f fs
f fs Month ago
this is what works for me. Step 1: Drink triple/quadriple (maybe more) vodkas. 2. eat mints. 3. Then watch how to lose weight after you put weight on and lose the weight. Step 4: Repeat
roy york
roy york Month ago
Natural Nasal Breathing Pushes the Body System towards a ( Calm Parasympathetic Response ), and away from Fight , Freeze or Anxious Tendencies. peace 🎼🎧🎼👌
Wynn Horton
Wynn Horton Month ago
i don't wanna try this hard. Accept me as i am, damn yu all
Matthias Cerebri
There are of course people that dont have anymore Power over us. Like Blofeld. Or Moriarti. Or Negan. Or especially this very ugly mungo pokemon with a childs brain inside white Walls that we call... whats his name... Trump! You did an amazing job to give me the Courage to say that
Tehreem Raza
Tehreem Raza Month ago
Imagine how uncomfortable she feels being part of the "J-Sisters" 😂😂😂
Demers Month ago
From the comments I have deduced that EVERYONE has anxiety. Yaaaay!!!
timowthie Month ago
Why is she married at such a young age.
Julian Delgadillo
I can feel you're a really calibrated and socially aware human being, you have learned so much for sure, and thank you so much for sharing this content with us and having such a positive and nice vibe, you're amazing thank you
Eillwinnas2 Month ago
2:31 "And the biggest movie: Dark Phoenix!" Jimmy, this hasn't aged well
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