How to Trim Your Videos with the Video Editor in YouTube Studio

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With the video editor in RUvid Studio, you can cut out the beginning, middle, or end of your video on a computer. You don't need to re-upload a video to trim it -- plus, the video's URL, view count, and comments will stay the same.
Learn more: support.google.com/youtube/answer/9057455




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Comments 80
- HWZ GAMER 7 hours ago
"it is not possible to trim your video" :D love youtube
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
I never got it working. I could never find the Edit button
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
Thank you very much. Now I can post about America vs USSR with transportation lol.
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 17 hours ago
Thanks for sending our way - try following these steps to trim your videos: yt.be/help/xXML. Note that you can only trim videos that are shorter than 6 hours and if your video has over 100,000 views, you may not be able to save changes to it.
Welitz GPDIY
Welitz GPDIY 2 days ago
Fred Moraes
Fred Moraes 3 days ago
I saw in another tutorial video that it works also for lives. But the "editor" is not showing on the left menu. How can I trim my viedo then?
TeamYouTube [Help]
Have you selected the video first? You can follow the instructions below to trim your video: 1. Select Trim. A blue box will appear in the editor. 2. Click and drag the sides of the blue box. Stop when the box is covering the portion of the video that you’d like to keep. Anything not in the box will be removed from the video. 3. To check your edits, select Play. 4. Click Save. More info can be found here: yt.be/help/xXML
Bruno Jareta
Bruno Jareta 4 days ago
Is it possible to undo a trim? I lost my chat replay and i want to recovery it.
TeamYouTube [Help]
In the meantime, it's not possible to undo a trim. Here's more info about trimming videos: yt.be/help/xXML
confusedandii 5 days ago
Appreciate the tutorial but not I am having an issue with the trimming precision. Like I wanted to trim the middle part and get rid of 5:00 ~ 8:00 , it can possibly trim 6:00 ~ 9:10 . This kinda annoys me. I am pretty sure I set the trimming window very precisely. Anyone?
Dans Kultur
Dans Kultur 5 days ago
What about filters and cropping?
TeamYouTube [Help]
If you're referring to trimming your videos, you can check this help center article w/ more detailed instructions how to do it: yt.be/help/xXML
ابراهيم عبده
Thank you
rosa rabarbra
rosa rabarbra 6 days ago
the part with editor does´nt show up when i click on th video i want to edit.
Vanz 6 days ago
Thank you SO much for the advise. You make it so easy. Thank you!
SpunkMouth69 6 days ago
Can't do this with firefox, nice.
Vừa rồi em cũng cắt bỏ phần đầu, khoảng 2 ngày sau lại quay trở lại ban đầu là sao chị, cảm ơn chị!
Fitness Lifestyle keifitmx
Great video! I finally got hot to do the split stuff!
Nicole Izzo - IzzoBiz JHS
Hi there, how long do edits take? I made one yesterday and still haven't seen the changes. I haven't received any error mesages.
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, while we can't share any editorial advice, you can check this help center article about trimming videos: yt.be/help/xXML and our Creator Academy that can teach you how to shoot and edit amazing videos: yt.be/help/VZad
Groud 9 days ago
Sing Along With Mr. Wilson
But I like the part where he fell down!
Tim Scarfe
Tim Scarfe 11 days ago
This is a so buggy and frustrating, I need to be able to BLUR then TRIM. The Blur tool is the buggiest piece of software known to man. Sometimes it lets me, and other times it says "blur and trim can't be used together". GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 11 days ago
Appreciate the feedback - we'll definitely pass this along to the team as we continue to improve the Studio experience!
GorcStew 12 days ago
thx :D
PeachyEats 14 days ago
How many trims am I allowed to do number wise. It cuts me off
Jose Lizardo
Jose Lizardo 14 days ago
My people, there is an issue with your editor: I trimmed my video and pushed the save button but still processing after three days. I got the message "Video is being processed. Please check back later" What´s going on with your editor? I´m desperate because my video is mutted now, you can see it on youtube, but without sound!
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 14 days ago
Hey there - we've seen a few similar reports. We'll pass yours along too, and will follow up as soon as we have an update. Thanks for your patience!
Thank you! My best friend was pushed into being a fake friend, so i made a glmv about it, and when we became friends again i was dying to trim off that one part of the video!
Cuone 20 days ago
my video is stuck for 1 month I only cut 3 seconds, what a trash website.
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 20 days ago
Hmm, that's weird. Is this happening when you're on a browser? Try clearing your cache and cookies and update your browser to the latest version. We find that this usually helps. If you're still having trouble, we'd recommend sending a feedback report directly from RUvid, here's how: yt.be/help/feedback. Make sure to send from the account experiencing the issue.
JohnGolightlyLive 22 days ago
Too hard to use
Kasyful Nr
Kasyful Nr 23 days ago
Save as new to save the edited version of your video as a new video on your channel is it included reused content?
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 22 days ago
We're not able to share more specifics as that could also benefit those not playing by the rules. However, reused content are those uploaded content from multiple sources, or reuploading/repurposing someone else's content. Here are some FAQ's and best practices: yt.be/help/reused-content
Kesha & Patrice Vlog
Trim save as new video = reused content?
Zahra Kirana
Zahra Kirana 23 days ago
@TeamRUvid [Help] edit trim the video then save as new video is it included reused content?
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 23 days ago
While we can't share the specifics, you can check out the RUvid monetization policies: yt.be/help/MZd8
Yadhav Krishnan
Yadhav Krishnan 24 days ago
Thank you so much
Taffy Ann
Taffy Ann 25 days ago
Nice video, thanks!
Lily H
Lily H 28 days ago
How do you know when your video is done? TY
Артур Гудиев
After I click on Save the error message appears "It was impossible to handle this video changes...". What can I do ?
Andrew DC TV
Andrew DC TV Month ago
It is not working! It keeps saying "There was a problem with processing your video. As a result your recent edits were not saved". Massive dislike. Fix your system RUvid!
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, is this happening across all devices? Also, we recommend you to try using a different browser or clearing the cache and cookies. Let us know if that fixes it!
CutAfrik Afro
CutAfrik Afro Month ago
Thank you big time. Has been helpful
The andy H
The andy H Month ago
How about trimming on Android, it seems to me like it shouldn't be that impossible to do on a phone..
TeamYouTube [Help]
Thanks for the feedback! We're still making improvements to RUvid Studio and we'll be sure to pass this along to the team.
YunnaFfx Month ago
I trimmed out end of uploaded video 10hrs ago, and now the video is blackscreen. What does this mean ??? Is it supposed to be like this and become playable soon ?
TeamYouTube [Help]
Thanks for following up - this does seem like an issue our team would need to better look into. We're passing this along and get back to you when we have more details to share. In the meantime, you can try deleting the video then reupload it and see if that fixes the problem.
YunnaFfx Month ago
@TeamRUvid [Help] It's been more than 24hrs (Has been more than 38hrs now.) still black screen :/ what is going on ? here's the link of that vod: ruvid.net/video/video-6LOFy5MhWU8.html
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, uploading can take a couple of hours or more for higher res formats. Get back to us if it still shows a black screen after 24 hours. More info here: yt.be/help/xXML
Visionary Branding Academy
I don't have the RUvid Studio option and Creator Studio is not working. Terrible.
TeamYouTube [Help]
Yes, you can still trim your videos on RUvid Studio, here's how: 1. Sign in to RUvid Studio. 2. From the left menu, select Videos. 3. Click the title or thumbnail of the video you’d like to edit. 4. From the left menu, select Editor. More info can be found here: yt.be/help/xXML
Visionary Branding Academy
TeamRUvid [Help] I used to upload my videos from my IPhone to RUvid and trim the video in Creator Studio Classic. Creator Studio Classic is not available anymore. I can't find other options for trimming my videos on RUvid. Do you still offer the trimming feature? Where?
TeamYouTube [Help]
Mind sharing more details about the problem you're experiencing with RUvid Studio? We'd like to better understand what's happening so we can help. Reach back out to us!
Спасибо! Не мог найти где кнопка редактора видео :)
Toy Party World
Toy Party World Month ago
I keep getting this error message: "There was a problem in processing your video. As a result your recent edits were not saved." I have tried Chrome and Safari on mac, cleared cache, cookies, history and turned off extensions, scripts etc Is the reason because my video has over 100million views? What can I do to trim my video? Nothing seems to work?
TeamYouTube [Help]
Just to confirm - have you tried the steps outlined here: yt.be/help/xXML? You can also try to use a different device and see if that works. Let us know if you have any other questions.
Zxn Month ago
Theres no god dam save button.
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, try doing the basic troubleshooting steps first if you can't find the save button as this usually does the trick: yt.be/help/sWdH. You may also check here for a more detailed steps on how to edit and trim your videos. The save button is usually at the upper right side corner of the page after you finish editing or trimming: yt.be/help/xXML
StoryDive Month ago
Could you please add a video and audio crossfade option! As a pro editor having to make JARRING cuts to a video with music in the background is killing me. When company copyright claims a video you slaved over when it hits 150k, you basically have cut up your masterpiece with a buzzsaw. I'm just asking for a few options to make it smoother and also an option to manually mute sections you want to mute. You can mute the claimed sections but again it's jarring. Some parts of the audio stay, others go and there is a hard, jarring cut from audio to no audio. PLEASE!!!
TeamYouTube [Help]
We understand where you're coming from, and we're actively making improvements based on user input. Could you also share this through our feedback tool: yt.be/help/feedback? This will help us prioritize the request, thanks!
Elena Anguiano
Elena Anguiano Month ago
mine says “oops your web browser is no longer supported, please upgrade to a modern, fully supported browser” can someone help :( I’m just trying to trim a video !
Elena Anguiano
Elena Anguiano Month ago
mine says it’s not supported :( do I have to do it on a laptop ?
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, make sure your browser's updated to the latest version to avoid any issues. You can also try it on a laptop if you have one - just be sure you're using an updated browser as well. Let us know if it works.
vekua Month ago
It wont work.When i press save a message pops out that it wont work
Toy Party World
Toy Party World Month ago
@TeamRUvid [Help] I have same problem.
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, that's odd - if you haven't yet, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies then perform the same action to see if it fixes it. Using a different browser (like incognito) might also help. Let us know how it goes!
vekua Month ago
@TeamRUvid [Help] It says ,,There was a problem in processing your video.As a result your recent edits were not saved" . I trim the part i want removed,preview it and save it.And this message pops up
TeamYouTube [Help]
Thanks for letting us know - mind sharing more details about the error message? We'd like to understand what's happening.
Some Guy
Some Guy Month ago
id like to download videos to make little funny clips of em : ) but i cannot : ) the amount of hate i have for this site is unbelievable.
Abi The Artist
Abi The Artist Month ago
Save button is not enabled after trim. This seems to be a bug and not working
holtergeist Month ago
you have to select "preview" before you can hit save
trouvaille - by Aamir
@Abi The Artist Any luck? I have the same issue..
Abi The Artist
Abi The Artist Month ago
@SpacePod TV yes
SpacePod TV
SpacePod TV Month ago
you have to go to preview before the save button becomes visible
TeamYouTube [Help]
Appreciate you trying - mind sharing the experience via our Send Feedback tool: yt.be/help/feedback. That's how we collect and prioritize requests. Thanks!
Abi The Artist
Abi The Artist Month ago
I'm able to trim and preview the video but Save button is disabled. Any guess what I missed while trimming?
SpacePod TV
SpacePod TV Month ago
u gotta go to preview before u can hit save
ChrisCanCode Month ago
This UI is unbelievably bad. Have you ever used your blur editor? It gave me cancer last night it was so bad.
Birdyroxas Month ago
How long does it take for the video trim to change the video length to the trimmed video? because it keeps turning back to original video length and not the trimmed length. or u must wait 1 day for it to change the video length to the trimmed length?
TeamYouTube [Help]
Jumping in to clarify - in most cases, you should be able to see the updated video length as soon as you are done trimming. If it's taking longer, try clearing your cache and cookies then, relaunch y our browser. If this doesn't help, let us know so we can continue troubleshooting.
Itsjustboltz Month ago
Birdyroxas same. What happens to me is that my audio cuts but not my gameplay
Mariana Ferrari
Mariana Ferrari Month ago
I can't find the editor button on my YTB studio for a recorded live stream. Where is it?
Mariana Ferrari
Mariana Ferrari Month ago
@TeamRUvid [Help] Thank you. It worked.
TeamYouTube [Help]
Sorry for the confusion - here are the tabs you need to click on to get to Editor: In RUvid Studio go to Videos > hover on the video you want to edit > Details (pencil icon) > Editor (clapper board icon) on the left side of the screen, under Analytics. Make sure you have the browser on full view so that the icons will also show the corresponding label. Hope this helps!
Mariana Ferrari
Mariana Ferrari Month ago
TeamRUvid [Help] thank you but I still don’t see the editor. I get Analytics and details. When I click on details it only allows to change title, thumbnail etc no efitor😰
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hey there, you have to select the video first from your list in RUvid Studio. After selecting the video, the Editor option will be on the left side of the screen. If you're having toruble after following these steps, let us know.
Kami Kaze
Kami Kaze Month ago
ok boomer
RapscallionSam Month ago
it's not working for me. won't let me to a split. do freezes :( won't preview
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, try doing the basic troubleshooting steps here yt.be/help/sWdH then follow the instructions below: 1. Select Trim. A blue box will appear in the editor. 2. Click in the blue box at the beginning of the section you’d like to remove. 3. Select Split. 4. Click the white bar that appears, and drag it to the end of the section you’d like to remove. 5. To check your edits, select Play. 6. Select Save. Keep us posted!
lil poop sock
lil poop sock Month ago
i don't have the youtube editor what should I do? also the video is a past live stream so idk if that's the problem.
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, if you have videos uploaded on your channel, you should be able to see the editor on your RUvid Studio. More info here: yt.be/help/xXML
Jessica Korthanke
I edited my video and uploaded hours ago but the edited version is not showing up. Is there anything I can do to fix that?
Jessica Korthanke
@TeamRUvid [Help] have you been able to check on this yet. It is still the same.
Jessica Korthanke
@TeamRUvid [Help] ruvid.net/video/video-4uHotlRYhyk.html I uploaded around noon, so it has been about six hours.
TeamYouTube [Help]
Hmm, how long has it been uploaded? Send us the video URL so that we can check, keep us posted!
CinemaCrick Month ago
Thank you for sharing. I wanted that,.
Alexis Rego
Alexis Rego Month ago
When I used it, it told me it wouldnt be able to save bc there were too many trims???
Wildlife & Birds UK
I found this to be very useful indeed. You spoke and sounded very clear and it was simple to understand and carry out. Thank you ◕‿◕
Cool_Puffer 2 months ago
how do i crop?
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 2 months ago
We do not have the ability to crop videos but you can cut out or trim any part of it on a computer, here's how: yt.be/help/xXML. Also, send us a feedback that it's something that you'd like to be able to do in the future: yt.be/help/feedback. You may not get a response back, but we do review all of the feedback and use it to prioritize requests!
Nguyen Dinh Linh
Nguyen Dinh Linh 2 months ago
I received a message when cutting multiple videos if there is a workaround to this error: "There was a problem processing your video. As a result, your recent edits were not saved."
d. chang
d. chang 2 months ago
Gawd, could the UI be any more wonky and unintuitive? Blue to white, really?
inacio dacosta
inacio dacosta 2 months ago
dedico este vidio clip atodos e todas fansssssssssssss
Thank you so much for your help!
FakeWorld G
FakeWorld G 2 months ago
Thank you so much!!!! I was having a headache because there was a part in my video I wanted to cut but I didn't know how to, thanks god I found you!!! You know when I trimmed before I did a mess because I got confused, anyway thank you a lot!
Underground Chamber Muzik
youtube video editor there was a problem in processing your video
Bust-a-Ubie 2 months ago
This is very helpful!
Microsoft Sam
Microsoft Sam 2 months ago
FYI, if you accidentally delete parts of the video that you wanted to keep, you can go to "Creator Studio Classic", then click on "Revert to Original" to get the original video back.
The Peashooter Gang Official YouTube Channel
mines isn't working!!!!!!!
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 2 months ago
Hmm, that's odd. Maybe a few troubleshooting steps may help. Clear out your cache and cookies and update your browser. You can also check here on how to use the feature: yt.be/help/xXML. Let us know how it goes.
MC KH 3 months ago
thanks of sharing
gunswordfist 3 months ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok. Thank you
Lila C Duville
Lila C Duville 3 months ago
This is not working. I want to trim a few seconds of the video and it is not giving me the option of preview or save, they remain grey, and I can't click save or preview after making my changes ...
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 2 months ago
Thanks for already filing a feedback - that should help us investigate.
Rightly Dividing Ministries
It keeps saying: "Video is being processed. Please check back later." And then when that eventually goes away I can make edits but it won't allow me to save them. The save button is grayed out.
Rightly Dividing Ministries
I've tried everything and nothing works. I've already sent feedback with a screenshot.
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 2 months ago
Hmm, try to relaunch the browser you're using. If that doesn't work, clearing your cache and cookies should do the trick. Keep us posted.
Rightly Dividing Ministries
Same problem with me! I'm trying to trim a video that I had previously edited before but now after I make my trims the save button is unclickable. Please help!!
mopbrothers 3 months ago
I actually had a really hard time trimming videos. I keep getting a greyed out Trim button.
mopbrothers 3 months ago
@TeamRUvid [Help] I got it to work. Thank you!
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 3 months ago
Hmm, that's odd. Are you on desktop? Try clearing your cache and cookies and update your browser. If you're on mobile, try reinstalling the app and then restart your device. Let us know if it helps.
Sans Pro_best952
Sans Pro_best952 3 months ago
thanks for help >:))))))
daro2096 3 months ago
The RUvid video editor is useless for me as I want to edit a video that is 11 hours long. It says the video is too long to trim. BLOODY USELESS. Plus it isn't exactly easy to find the video editor in the first place.
Evening TV
Evening TV 3 months ago
I have been trying to do this to one of my videos for 3 days. The first time it worked, but I wanted to make a couple more simple cuts and that's where it all went wrong. Now even though I go back to classic to clear all the changes and save again and work on it from scratch each time and even though it previews fine it is not cutting what I selected and the video is not like the preview. The last time I did it, my 17 minute video came back to me 0:47 seconds long! 'they literally cut everything but the part I wanted edited out. This is my most viewed video so I don't know what to do.
Habs mal getestet: absolut NICHT frame-genau, und damit leider eher wertlos :0
John Fiacco
John Fiacco 3 months ago
This was super simple, thank you so much!
The Peashooter Gang Official YouTube Channel
no its not for me
BG PSVITA 3 months ago
When I Trim everything is ok , untill I pres preview , nothing happens , it does not even show me the video , it isnt even play the video. Is the video editor broken ?
Wildlife & Birds UK
I found the same thing as it 'played' after my edit. I clicked the 'back ten seconds' button until the video went back before the edit and then played it to see the results, which were fine. ◕‿◕
GivesAMinute 3 months ago
Wow, when trimming a live stream to remove unwanted silence at beginning and end (because YT now FORCE us to use the studio beta to begin and end a stream) it converts the stream to a "video" and removes the live chat!! Just perfect YT. Perfect.
GivesAMinute 3 months ago
@TeamRUvid [Help] To my initial post: why does trimming a live stream remove the live chat?
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 3 months ago
Hmm, that's odd. Your live archive might still be updating since it was recent. We'd recommend giving it time to update. If you're still not able to do it by then, share more details in a feedback report using these steps: yt.be/help/feedback. That helps us identify and fix widespread issues.
BattleCreek Church
BattleCreek Church 3 months ago
@TeamRUvid [Help] Thanks for the help! The stream ended about an hour and a half ago. I can open it studio (successfully changed the name) but the editor option doesn't show up on the left side like it does with my uploads.
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 3 months ago
Hmm, was your live stream recent? When your live stream finishes, a VOD archive will be saved to your channel. You will be able to immediately edit it just like you would any other video, including changing the privacy setting or deleting it entirely. Let us know if you have any other questions.
BattleCreek Church
BattleCreek Church 3 months ago
We streamed live for the first time today, but it's not giving me the option to edit in YT Studio like it does for regular uploads. Did you do something to move it to Video from Live?
2muchcoffee Web Design Studio
RUvid Studio (Beta) is not available in our account since last week, does anyone know what happened? Is it final removal or we just need to wait a bit? Currently, there is no way to edit the video itself, just tags and all the stuff like in past.
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 3 months ago
Hmm, you can access RUvid Studio by going to studio.youtube.com. More details here: yt.be/help/QJCE. Hope it helps.
Beast Prodigy
Beast Prodigy 3 months ago
Thank you, Simple and to the point just how I like these!
SMBC Media
SMBC Media 3 months ago
The "save" button is hidden, except for the top 1/10th, which makes it look like a blue strip. I only knew it was the save button because this video showed me where it should be. I'm using Windows 7 and Chrome.
Top of Tops
Top of Tops 3 months ago
I WANNA EDIT MY VIDEO ONLINE ON RUvid, please improve edit online
Top of Tops
Top of Tops 3 months ago
Ở Việt Nam tính năng này vẫn chưa hoàn thiện đúng ko ạ? Vì mình làm theo các bước mà không làm được ở bước xóa và lưu
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