How To Train For Mass | Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint Training Program

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Learn some of Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorite classic bodybuilding exercises and preferred training techniques for building muscle. Get the knowledge you need to train for mass!
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00:00 - Start
00:10 - Some Legends Walk Among Us
00:54 - How to Train For Mass
02:00 - Shock the Muscle
03:25 - How Arnold Trains Chest
06:06 - How Arnold Trains Back
07:10 - How Arnold Trains Arms
08:40 - How Arnold Trains Shoulders
10:18 - How Arnold Trains Legs
10:51 - How Arnold Trains Abs
13:30 - How Much Protein Did Arnold Eat?
When it comes to bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger knows best. His plan for quality mass and extreme strength isn't complicated. In fact, it's steeped in the fundamentals and old-school exercises that should be at the heart of everyone's program. It's a surefire road to growth, but it's fraught with pain and struggle. If you want to learn bodybuilding from the world's best bodybuilder, you're in the right place.
| Basics Are Best |
"The biggest mistake being made in bodybuilding today is that people aren't covering basic exercises," says the Austrian Oak. And by basic, Arnold doesn't mean easy. Many contemporary fitness centers are full of people on machines, not in squat racks, and big-box gyms often lack even a single platform. Arnold disapproves: "Today, when I go in the gymnasium, I don't see any of the kids learning about the clean and press, or the snatch, or the upright row from the floor."
Schwarzenegger's insistence on the essential lifts is not due to some grandfatherly desire to live in the past. It comes from decades of continued interest and expertise in the industry, and from the hard-earned knowledge that it doesn't take fancy machines or off-the-wall programming to become arguably the best bodybuilder in history. Get back to your bodybuilding roots and experience unbelievable growth.
| Arnold Schwarzenegger's Training Tips |
"There are three chest exercises that should always be done," Arnold says. "The bench press, the incline bench press at different angles, and the dumbbell flye."
"For back, I did chin-ups, bent-over barbell and dumbbell rows, and the T-bar row. Any kind of rowing movement will give you that thickness. Those are the exercises I relied on from the beginning of my career to the end."
Arnold relied on the barbell curl to build thick biceps, but he also used incline dumbbell curls and concentration curls to isolate his biceps.
"For triceps," Arnold says, "we did a lot of narrow [close-grip] bench press in the early days. And then triceps push downs and overhead triceps extensions later."
Arnold's shoulders were built by barbell presses, behind-the-neck barbell presses, lateral raises, military presses, and dumbbell presses. "We always did presses behind the neck and a special dumbbell press which would stretch out the front delt at the bottom and fully flex it at the top. Now those are called Arnold presses."
"The squat is the most important exercise to create big thighs," says Arnold. "I did back squats, front squats, leg extensions, lunges, single-leg deadlifts, good morning exercises, and a lot of leg curls."
"The regular training we did for abs was just leg raises, knee raises, crunches, and sit-ups. We all believed in doing 500 reps of Roman chair sit-ups."
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Oct 31, 2015




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Comments 100
Dillon Young
Dillon Young 2 hours ago
"20 reps of 315, then 225 ten times" Me: 205 and 165 it is.
Maurizio Candido
Maurizio Candido 5 hours ago
steroidi a tutta birra
the RFX TV
the RFX TV 6 hours ago
Master of muscle confusion!!
Killon Hype
Killon Hype 7 hours ago
anyone that is depressed just watch him he is the legend that would make depression not existant anymore he is always happy and calm inspirational and a great person alone to see
ihatewhatisaw 10 hours ago
Arnold’s voice alone is motivating enough for me to push thru a 2 hr gym session
Cody Branscum
Cody Branscum 13 hours ago
Can someone explain 7:13 when he is curling. I feel like bending over like that would be bad. The guy in the background at the weight rack does it as well. Is there not a better body position or way to go about it? (I do not mean modern machines)
Fishing OverBoard
Fishing OverBoard 14 hours ago
Absolute LEGEND!!
camo man
camo man 14 hours ago
90% of the comments... Are about the video.!
Animekid 15 hours ago
Imagine if Arnold got braces when he was this buff...
Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia 21 hour ago
WHEN i feel my body is WELL be back in the GYM.....hurts with bones popping...fucking DR's and fake wrkers compensation...WORTHLESS >>> fake !!!
Forever Raining
Forever Raining 21 hour ago
Lou Ferrigno needed a haircut.
Gael The Fail
Gael The Fail 23 hours ago
Working out with Arnold in his prime time looks like fun
CoCo Helio
CoCo Helio 23 hours ago
Modern day body building is more in tune with a persons soul, like not just adding mass, but its about truly shaping your body to what is desirable.
Junior17 Day ago
I'm watching so I can get down this half chicken 🍽️ 🐔
Kev Nolan
Kev Nolan Day ago
Pure bullshit, when Arnold was in England he was eating 20 egg omelettes fact for breakfast.
perezm714 Day ago
How many people were flexing their pecs during the viewing of this video..
blackappy Day ago
Which stack do I need to be on?
The Soundtrack name please
Wakid Khan
Wakid Khan Day ago
He has more peak in his right biceps than left
Joseph M
Joseph M Day ago
And you don't have a peak on any of your biceps
the scientist formerly known as rick
Predator fighting the Alien and getting its ass kicked Arnold out of nowhere: CAHMANN YOU GOT TO SHOCK THA MUSCLES CAHMAAAANNN
mwansa chileya jnr
"Body building has been a beautiful experience for me and i will continue it for THE REST OF MY LIFE. I will only stop competing but i'm NOT STOPPING BODY BUILDING. It's the greatest sport. Thank you." I almost shade tears.
Bianca B
Bianca B Day ago
I noticed shocking the muscle principle works with weight loss too
xxx xxx
xxx xxx Day ago
King of Dianabol
Maruf Hossain
You are a true inspiring heto
ぴゃ人何 Day ago
Arnold does 3 heavy sets: yeah. yeah. yeah. Get down
Lisa Grypstra
Thank you Arnold! You even inspire women like me to want to train harder.
Hadri Iman
Hadri Iman Day ago
Pls visit, subscribe, share and like my youtube channel for more workout and fitness content ♥️
Mohamed Helmy
Wish if we live the years of youth again
GOD'S SON. Day ago
My obsession you say is not out of love or hate, it's about an obsession that you say he can beat me and you have threatened me with his big muscles... so I'm obsessed every time you bring him up and his muscles as a threat to me, I m obsessed in proving you so so wrong. 😒😪
GOD'S SON. Day ago
Reed whitlock
Who is the guy he’s training legs with?
heavyduty187 2 days ago
He says touch and squeeze on the fly’s. Video shown he doesn’t touch them once lol
Avatar Nutrition
Avatar Nutrition 2 days ago
Rest in peace Franco, you're a legend that will live in our memory forever.
Harrison Hill
Harrison Hill 2 days ago
My absolute hero 💪🏻
RATTL3R186 2 days ago
Legends are made from dianabol etc. Don't forget Arnie,you used your ass as a dartboard for syringes.
kuribo1 2 days ago
What this guy knows is on the same level or more than others with actual PHDs in physical sports medicine. I have no idea how he does not have a doctorate in some physical science.
Stark 2 days ago
Arnold: Ima hit the gym The gym that took many hits: ah shit..
Milo stewart
Milo stewart 2 days ago
I love Arnold shortsinager he's a god
David McGarrity
David McGarrity 2 days ago
I enjoyed the way he spoke of success, it isn't just winning the top honors, it can mean just keeping in shape to a lot of us. Very motivating.
McFlySwatter 2 days ago
I used to look just like that before I pulled my hammy
OFF SIDES 2 days ago
I watch this every-time I order a pizza
Nanfer Snachez
Nanfer Snachez 3 days ago
This golden ERA was the best. I can't imagined the body building nowadays they looks like a monster
Mitch 3 days ago
So. Are you supposed to shock the muscle?
Sammy Harris
Sammy Harris 3 days ago
Tldw: do drop sets of every exercise that exists.
Funky Fungi
Funky Fungi 3 days ago
I was just a kid when he was competing. I never understood what criteria judges were looking for and still don't. (I'm a casual follower of the sport) But I always thought and still do, that Lou Ferrigno had a better look. Not that Arnold didn't look great because he did of course. But Lou's physique seems more 'classical' in the sense that if you had to make a Roman statue, Lou would be the go to. Am I missing something?
thanh nam nguyen
thanh nam nguyen 3 days ago
Rob Williamson
Rob Williamson 3 days ago
Yeah, Schwarzenegger! You're so awesome and strong :D
mika piipponen
mika piipponen 3 days ago
vegetables and doub.
Rowlsjgd Yeiwisgx
Steve Cole
Steve Cole 3 days ago
I was born for this!
Steve Cole
Steve Cole 3 days ago
I don't need ego to beat aanold!
Gabriele Cafiero
Gabriele Cafiero 3 days ago
i used my zubat during my workout because it can do supersonic and confuse the muscle and muscle get so confused to hit themself so dont even need to hit the gym
Martin 3 days ago
bodybuilders are just people whos taking "working on themselves" to litterary
Manoel Vitor
Manoel Vitor 3 days ago
You are a legend sir, all you have done to this sport you are a legend, and will remain legendary for ever.
sammy H
sammy H 3 days ago
I went to the gym. I shocked the muscles by going home without working out.
Italian Troutaholic
thats a great life style
kren mcsdy
kren mcsdy 3 days ago
me watching this im laying down in my bed eating doritos at 12:44 am
Soul Nomzer
Soul Nomzer 4 days ago
Not into body building but hearing it from Arnold made it sound interesting. Only work out I ever get is at my job, I do plenty of lifting there lol
Stow 4 days ago
Everytime I feel unmotivated I watch this.
Shabbirahmad. Shabbirahmad.
Because upright rowing is a bad exercise
Anggha Lionadi
Anggha Lionadi 4 days ago
He never get sweaty
rocky rocky
rocky rocky 4 days ago
Number one
Flappy Dunker
Flappy Dunker 4 days ago
I just go to the gym with a taser to shock my muscles.
shadrach ishaya
shadrach ishaya 4 days ago
If this man was born in US he would’ve been president.
Brent the Gent
Brent the Gent 5 days ago
The Uber main man in early body building. There are some serious monsters today with modern "suppliments" or maby the amounts being used. Hmm?
Paul Negrean
Paul Negrean 5 days ago
He is my Hero ❤️ luv u sir May God bless you 😇
Anoosh Irshad
Anoosh Irshad 5 days ago
The legend 😍
Cheer Bear
Cheer Bear 5 days ago
Only chads who don't have an anime profile pic can repub this video
madjh 5 days ago
11:32 hard work to the limit to built the perfection. Old school, we need to recover many things.
v 5 days ago
when he says you go all out in each set and don't save yourself for the next one you have to remember he is juicing and has godlike recovery so he can do that you can't do that as a natural
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 5 days ago
"You have to shock the muscle" Me: *Holding a taser while sitting on the flat bench* "Well, I hope he's right"
Lawrence L.
Lawrence L. 5 days ago
I remember being in my late teens, early 20's. That's a Perfect age to bodybuild...your body reacts so easily to working out and supplements and muscle growth and intensity. Every male that age looks so buff and healthy and intense and perfect without even trying.
Five Gum
Five Gum 5 days ago
His physique was literally perfect
Tushar Sharma
Tushar Sharma 5 days ago
wish i commented every time i watched this video. starting now, already watched this 100 times so far already
5aab G !
5aab G ! 5 days ago
The dumbells did not touch
Kerry Williams
Kerry Williams 5 days ago
Watching this video...muscle shocked
Del La Hoya
Del La Hoya 6 days ago
1:20 The Terminator, Hulk and a black guy...
C-Sec Officer 123
He is the most successful person to ever live
b v
b v 6 days ago
A legendary person with a humble character, rare breed, never again in world would see a person like him, love from deepest part of my heart, started workout with your inspiration sir, guru. Thank you.
Kerry Williams
Kerry Williams 5 days ago
b v Humble?...you must be joking. Go watch Pumping Iron. He is the most confident/arrogant person around. But damn I’m jealous. He is a walking talking living legend.
C W 6 days ago
People who gym all their life are shallow, boring individuals, who can't act, hmm reminds me of someone..
Konstandinos E.
Konstandinos E. 5 days ago
You are so stupid
pepsicola 6 days ago
Anyone know how oftern Arnold went to the gym?
Jim Griffin
Jim Griffin 6 days ago
Arnold and Bruce Lee... both number 1's forever....
Timmy Asikin
Timmy Asikin 6 days ago
Ohh those beautiful biceps !
函数极限 6 days ago
Come with me,if you want to live... Stay here,I'll be back...
ugur tayland
ugur tayland 6 days ago
I don't think Arnold's muscle came from training! Everything comes with the testosterone or from the syringe. If he trains normally, he doesn't have these Maas bodies
Michaelangelo 6 days ago
55 million views? Holy shit.
James Connelly
James Connelly 6 days ago
Kevin baby got a hart with the Blue oysters colt. And most of the vimmen.
Tim Van Voorhis
Tim Van Voorhis 6 days ago
Anyone notice the hulk ?
Best Prank Collection
For how much hours does he do those exercise a day?? And how many days he do for a week ???
Kovu Lion
Kovu Lion 6 days ago
Body: I know all your tricks! I wont get big anymore! Arnold: Imma end this body part's career
Zayne Miller
Zayne Miller 6 days ago
If you ain't making those faces. You ain't making those gainz.
The Baldass
The Baldass 7 days ago
Music when the shoulder part comes ?
AC4 Custom Creations
rich piano (piana) you gotta confuse the muscles
socio sanch
socio sanch 7 days ago
How motivating
Mao*is*Watching 7 days ago
he dopped like everyone else! And more!
FulltimeNoob 7 days ago
*Get to the choppa*
dA Leester
dA Leester 7 days ago
Now miss Berry you sit down... you too the Harris
Xtreme Lan Community
He is impressive!
Legendkilker13 8 days ago
If I did chest Flies like Arnold I’d tear my arm off
Jack 1
Jack 1 8 days ago
My muscles are shocked that I watched a training program whilst eating cake
Rami Altaki
Rami Altaki 8 days ago
"It is fateful and ironic how the lie we need in order to live dooms us to a life that is never really ours."
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