How to Share Google Drive Files & Folders with a Link

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Google Drive makes it easy to share files and folders with others. But when you use a shareable link, you can make collaboration so much easier. In this video, Scott Friesen shows you how he uses Google Drive to share files with his clients with just one link.
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Feb 28, 2019




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Simpletivity 4 months ago
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Ali Jason
Ali Jason 10 days ago
@Shivanshu so try to email this guy weather if he knows.
Shivanshu 10 days ago
@Ali Jason yes i did not find it there too..
Ali Jason
Ali Jason 10 days ago
@Shivanshu did you search for it on RUvid?
Shivanshu 10 days ago
@Ali Jason i did but didn't got ?
Ali Jason
Ali Jason 10 days ago
@Shivanshu you can search google for that.
Morten Lystad
Hello, I wonder how I can choose to share a folder, BUT selecting just some of the files or subfolders in the shared folder? I need to do this for my employees - using Googel Drive (in G Suite). Thank you! Kind Regards, Morten S.
Asper Studio
Asper Studio 2 days ago
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brookenom 2 days ago
Very useful. Thank you.
Simpletivity 2 days ago
Glad it was helpful!
Charlies Angel Tarot
boring you ramble on and on
Apurba Sarker
Apurba Sarker 3 days ago
Thank You
Simpletivity 3 days ago
You're welcome
Abul Basar
Abul Basar 5 days ago
thanks ☺️
Simpletivity 5 days ago
Welcome 😊
Blessed Fela
Blessed Fela 6 days ago
If I had watched this vid a three days ago, I ould have passed that interview.....sad
David J Bronson
David J Bronson 6 days ago
Thank u
Viccolas Vic
Viccolas Vic 6 days ago
im trying to use this on mobile so i can hand people links rather than make everyone adminsand involve their emails.
So interesting, Thanks, sir. I need a tip on how to make such a link a single user
Souvik Baruah
Souvik Baruah 9 days ago
Altagrace Lafleur
Altagrace Lafleur 10 days ago
Thank you very much for the video
Simpletivity 9 days ago
You're welcome
Hussain Shihabdeen
Hussain Shihabdeen 17 days ago
How to send file in email for viewing only prevents downloading it
a legacy in days
a legacy in days 18 days ago
Great video! Easy to understand! Appreciate it!
Simpletivity 18 days ago
Glad you liked it!
Soni Abhi
Soni Abhi 20 days ago
Sir Why need sharing link ? When we can copy ! Pls reply Thank you..
1551 21 day ago
Thanks bro I tried and I found your video thanks bro
1551 21 day ago
Love from India it's 10:29pm night bro
Simpletivity 21 day ago
Welcome 👍
Camille Romero
Camille Romero 23 days ago
very helpful!!!
Simpletivity 23 days ago
I'm so glad!
AL ROJAS 23 days ago
Great Video Is there a way to place a folder on my Windows PC that links to Google drive?
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 26 days ago
Great Video, Do you know how many people you can share a 'view only' link to a file is? I read somewhere that is might be 100-200 but not sure if thats editors or simultaneous users?
Harmony 26 days ago
Perfect explanation. Thank you!
Simpletivity 25 days ago
You're welcome!
Amzar Muhammad
Amzar Muhammad 27 days ago
blue.lisart 29 days ago
How do you prevent someone from making a copy or downloading it?
Sandra Perkins
Sandra Perkins 29 days ago
thank you for getting back to me! My only problem there is it gives me an error message for anyone's email address that isn't gmail. My school district apparently doesn't support gmail. I was hoping there was a way to copy it to Shared drive folders.
Sandra Perkins
Sandra Perkins 29 days ago
Hi Scott, Thank you for a quick and easy explanation of how to share a Google Drive file with clients. I am new to all this "techy" stuff. I am a teacher and I'm trying to figure out how to share a file located in My Drive with specific students who I have created a Shared drive for. I only want to share specific documents with specific students. I haven't been able to find an online resource for this yet. I'm wondering if you have a tip for this.
Simpletivity 29 days ago
In the same sharing dialog where you can make a folder or file public, you can insert email addresses. This will only share with those emails you input here.
Shakeel Ahmed
Shakeel Ahmed Month ago
How to create a private folder, because I don't want my employees have access to that?
The PS4 Noob
The PS4 Noob Month ago
Stupid content
Mark Robiso
Mark Robiso Month ago
If a folder for example is shared to different people (random is different time), how can we be sure that they won't be able to remove or delete any file inside that folder? Thank you!
Istiak Naeem
Istiak Naeem Month ago
That’s for !
Mind Meds
Mind Meds Month ago
Thank you for making this video. I nearly spent money on Dropbox. Glad I found this first and it's free! :)
Asper Studio
Asper Studio 2 days ago
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Simpletivity Month ago
Glad it helped!
M Ru
M Ru Month ago
Useless. This is a PROMO video!
Macvenny Chu
Macvenny Chu Month ago
very simple and helpful. thanks!
Simpletivity Month ago
You're welcome!
Leeze Francis
Leeze Francis Month ago
Scott thanks again!! i am using my quarantine to upgrade myself and your videos are the best of the best. learnt so much in last few days...
Simpletivity Month ago
Glad to help!
Madhav Bhavsar
Madhav Bhavsar Month ago
Will this link will be on forever..?
Simpletivity Month ago
No, you can disable it at anytime. Just go back into the sharing options for that file or folder.
Pony Moore
Pony Moore Month ago
Too much waffle and you have just assumed we now how to open Google drive, personally I have no idea
Bengia Cheche
Bengia Cheche Month ago
🤯🤯 make short and less unnecessary talks 🤯🤯 Really made me irritate
Sulaiman Al Rashdi
Good video
Simpletivity Month ago
Tara Omotosho
Tara Omotosho Month ago
what program are you using to share your screen?
Simpletivity Month ago
I am using Camtasia.
Gabriel Verzosa
Gabriel Verzosa Month ago
Hi what if I have multiple folders and I only want to share only one folder... will my client have access to my entire google drive?
Simpletivity Month ago
No, you can share just specific folders or files.
Álvaro Salandy
Álvaro Salandy Month ago
Wait.... Someone who can "view" the file can also download it?...
Álvaro Salandy
Álvaro Salandy Month ago
Do you have any tips on Storage management for Google Drive?
Diane Avery
Diane Avery Month ago
You did a great job of making that very understandable and simple, great jog!
ariel jimenez
ariel jimenez 25 days ago
Great work. Just what i needed. Thanks !!
Simpletivity Month ago
Thank you!
Cyrus Quinto
Cyrus Quinto Month ago
this channel is for idiots, non sense all im asking is how can you make a link to share google drive, then shit are coming out from it we are not interested to this "SIMPLETIVITY" shit and stuff. dont ever do videos again
DJ johney
DJ johney Month ago
Get problem to download
DJ johney
DJ johney Month ago
Thank you so much love you
Simpletivity Month ago
Happy to help
patrick ryan
patrick ryan Month ago
Very helpful! Thanks
Skyper Month ago
You deserve to get 1 million subscriber bro.. I subbed!
Simpletivity Month ago
Thanks for subscribing!
Anthony Ramsey
Anthony Ramsey Month ago
Get to the point...too much useless info
The Honest Notary
Thanks, you have provided this in a very straighforward way which I appreciate. I don't know why but for some reason other info I found wasn't as clear.
Asper Studio
Asper Studio 2 days ago
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The Honest Notary
@Simpletivity In fact I put into practice what I learned from you about this and, of course, what I had learned from before about the 5 P's because it is a little different from working with a regular word processing program. I also did the hyperlinking and worked like a charm. I plan to format so the student can have space to the right to make notes while listening to the voice-over and also be able to point it out to create their own resource notebook as a sort of "self-published" manual as a resource. Thanks again and I will definitely be checking out more of your videos.
Simpletivity Month ago
Glad it was helpful!
Kim Monroe
Kim Monroe Month ago
Hello..is there a way in the share settings to ensure that the recipients of my shared link won't have access to my entire Google Drive? I'm very confused by this! I appreciate any suggestions!
Graphic Nations
Graphic Nations Month ago
thank you useful tutorial
Simpletivity Month ago
You are welcome
Sami Ullah Jamil
Sami Ullah Jamil 2 months ago
Well explained.
SOHAIL AMIN 2 months ago
good information thanks
Saimon Yip
Saimon Yip 2 months ago
google drive is so unintuitive and user unfriendly
ADDHOC 2 months ago
what has happened: when I gave acces to one person by adding her email : it turns out she could read all my documents. not just that one file.
Simpletivity 2 months ago
Make sure to double check what you have selected when clicking on share. You can share your entire Drive folder, one or more folders, or one or more specific files.
Stella Rink
Stella Rink 2 months ago
Note to self, it starts at 3:22 .
John Gabel
John Gabel 2 months ago
Simpletivity 2 months ago
You're welcome!
preeti nivalkar
preeti nivalkar 2 months ago
Hi, I liked ur video too much. Its pretty simple and amazing. Thanks.
Simpletivity 2 months ago
You are welcome 😊
Dirilis Ertugrul HD
Dirilis Ertugrul HD 2 months ago
Too much clearly and easy way that you teach us
Simpletivity 2 months ago
I'm glad that I could be so clear! Thanks for waching!
LONG HAUL BLUES 2 months ago
Informative but tooooooo long winded.just get to the point!!! Thank God for the "fast forward" option. HOWEVER I DO Thank you for the info. It helped.
Asper Studio
Asper Studio 2 days ago
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Mary Scheitlin
Mary Scheitlin 2 months ago
Wonderful video . Thank you, I would like to speak to you in the future. I was looking to do this and these instructions were wonderful. I would like to know how you get sponsors?
Simpletivity 2 months ago
Glad it was helpful! Feel free to reach out to me via my website: www.simpletivity.com/
John Mills
John Mills 2 months ago
This was awesome thanks
Simpletivity 2 months ago
Glad you enjoyed it
Jerry Vega
Jerry Vega 2 months ago
Great video!!!!!
Simpletivity 2 months ago
Bassman 2 months ago
This video helped me a lot, thanks
Simpletivity 2 months ago
Glad it helped
Sutton Summit
Sutton Summit 2 months ago
Hello Scott, My only suggestion is to use Rebrandly (URL Shortner) after copying the LINK as you can modify to your likeliness and it will make your life easier as you can now LITERALLY memorize the link you share!
Simpletivity 2 months ago
That's a great tip! Rebrandly is a great way to customize a short URL.
Joseph Jan Adrias
Joseph Jan Adrias 2 months ago
more talk less work. We need tutorial not your life story.
Gene Graves
Gene Graves 2 months ago
Does the recipient need a google account?
Simpletivity 2 months ago
Great question, Gene. No, with this method of sharing a public link, the end-user does not need a Google account.
Keyword Planner
Keyword Planner 2 months ago
Thank you very much!
Stacey Porter
Stacey Porter 3 months ago
Can non Google Users add files
vermont galxxxy
vermont galxxxy 3 months ago
Nigga you talk so much can you please shut the very fuck up and shows us what we want
Wanda Reynolds
Wanda Reynolds 3 months ago
How to add documents to a file someone has shared with you (through a link to their file).
Nice Day
Nice Day 3 months ago
Your headshot???
tameem shahriar
tameem shahriar 3 months ago
cngz Cngz
cngz Cngz 3 months ago
i could bear till the half (with skipping). this is intended to be an instructional video. let it be one
Kathy O'Craven
Kathy O'Craven 3 months ago
Terrific clear video. Thanks! One additional tip for shared items: Always think of the title from THEIR perspective. For instance in this video, the folder is named "Folder for Client Resources." That's what it is to the SENDER. But, for the recipient, that name will not be helpful when it shows up in the "Shared with me" section of the Google Drive later. A better name would make it clear to the clients what it is, when they are looking for it later: "Scott Friesen Client Resource Folder" for instance. This is also true of documents like resumes! Never send out a resume named "Resume for COMPANY." All the resumes they get are for them! From their perspective, they want to know it is from you. Even though on YOUR computer you don't need your own name on your resume, think about your recipients perspective and name it "YOURNAME resume." Or if you want to be able to track different ones you sent with different applications, "YOURNAME resume for COMPANY."
Asper Studio
Asper Studio 2 days ago
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Simpletivity 3 months ago
Thanks for sharing your feedback, Kathy.
kanefer techlover
kanefer techlover 3 months ago
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Sahitya Mondal
Sahitya Mondal 3 months ago
Really helpful. Thanks 💓
Simpletivity 3 months ago
You're very welcome!
Mr Yazdan
Mr Yazdan 4 months ago
Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
Ruben Plata
Ruben Plata 4 months ago
Thank you I appreciate you
Simpletivity 4 months ago
I appreciate your comment, Ruben.
Matthew Channel
Matthew Channel 4 months ago
Can you see the shareable link even if you are logged in? Cuz it seems that if you log in you need to have permission.
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