How to Replace Control Arms and Bushings to Fix a Bouncy Suspension

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Learn how to replace control arms and bushings to fix a car with a bouncy suspension. I show you how to figure out what is causing the bounce (shocks or bushings) and then I show you how to replace the upper and lower trailing arms and install new poly bushings. Then we take the DriftStang to the track and test her out!
How to Replace Struts: ruvid.net/video/video-cI3EDqzOghc.html
How to Replace Shocks: ruvid.net/video/video-dqDiMSxnIGo.html
How to Install Coilovers: ruvid.net/video/video-8Qou-MDcYKA.html
Tools and Products I used:
Upper and Lower Trailing Arms: amzn.to/3idfL3V
Torque Wrench: amzn.to/2NCpjr1
Extendable Ratchet: amzn.to/38hXNbZ
Rubber Mallet: amzn.to/3gbOQUa
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Jun 29, 2020




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Comments 60
Xx_zach_xX game
Xx_zach_xX game 9 hours ago
Do more drifting videos
Flexbloxian Gaming
Flexbloxian Gaming 10 hours ago
Lol this channel got cursed 6.66m subs
X Rangy
X Rangy 12 hours ago
Face reveal? ?
miltenburgdaan 15 hours ago
Hi Chis, is it right, that a shaking car can be caused by these issues, tires/ balance and alignment. Could a ball joint and cause shacking 2?
Albert Alcasid
Albert Alcasid 16 hours ago
As a mechanic, i can say you know very well the forces acting on the car and how to fix it. You also know how to use tools efficiently and safely. You are amazing bro. Not many youtubers under this genre knows their shit. Subscribed. Watching from the Philippines.
did someone say supercharger?
Lori Estrada
Lori Estrada Day ago
Ha haha...look how many subs. 666 just put in my sub. Love these videos. Chris shows and explains everything completely. Making it soooo easy to do at home. So girls here we go !
jot ghuman
jot ghuman Day ago
wow,, u r just awesome broo,, ,the way u explain the things,,,,out of space,,,,god bless u,,,u r my mentor
LukasPlayz Day ago
Chris, you said in the performance intake video, you said you would install a throttle body for your DriftStang.
Aaron Crim
Aaron Crim Day ago
This dude chris has some of the best transitional scenes out of all RUvid content creators I swear. Like you can never tell really when he makes his edits they’re so damn clean lol
ChrisFix Day ago
I'm glad the videos have helped you out with your Charger!
Aaron Crim
Aaron Crim Day ago
Bro no way you seen my comment!!! Thank you for what you do man!! You saved me so much money on my 07 charger from changing my own brakes and rotors to fixing rust and look now!!! I needed a brushing replaced on my rear control arms and you’ve blessed me again!!! You’re a man of the people man thanks for what you do and keep being one of the greatest content creators ever!!! ❤️💯❤️💯
ChrisFix Day ago
I’m glad you like the transitions in the videos!Thanks a lot Aaron!
Lucas Pineda aka. coolgame3340
1:06 best line of the year
Matthew skylar Cornett hogue
Anyone know What tires he has on the truck?
marvin martin
marvin martin 2 days ago
Very easy job. Takes car to Chris. Here fix this.
Sketchy X
Sketchy X 2 days ago
Chris:sells car new owner :holy crap this is already fixed *not realizing that Chris spent 3 years on this build*
Kris Santiso
Kris Santiso 3 days ago
Shake reall good
David Florescu
David Florescu 3 days ago
"I dont wanna become another mustang statistic" I see you're a man of culture
Domeniek Wauters
Domeniek Wauters 3 days ago
Hey @chrisfix! It looks like one of the bolts on the upper control arm is a bit damaged, you replaced that bolt later on. I assume it comes with the new arms in a set because of difference in the new bushing, so that is why you replaced it. But can you make a video on how to inspect a bolt or nut for defects and when to replace a bolt or nut or how to repair threads when you strip them? Maybe a good video on when en how to use a thread inserts like helicoil. I would love to see that in a video! I have used a good quality thread insert on a 50cc scooter engine to hold the head and cilinder together. like three years ago and it still holds up! I didn't think it was strong enough to hold the pressure at tops of 15.000rpm... but man i was wrong ;) I would love to see that! Keep up the good work!! I love the videos and i like the good and simple explaning of you in a way that everybody can make there car! You are a inspiring mechanic! Greetings from holland
Alex Burton
Alex Burton 3 days ago
Where did u get those truck tires ? What brand are they ? I have a 2003 ford ranger which is identical to your truck . The tires look great on yours 🤘🏼
markus cortez
markus cortez 4 days ago
3 years later and no roll cage
ChrisFix 4 days ago
Stay tuneeeeeeed!
RandomPixel 4 days ago
Hey Chris Fix when are u going to put in a roll cage?
RandomPixel 3 days ago
@ChrisFix K Thx really been looking forward to it!!!!!!
ChrisFix 4 days ago
Very soon, stay tuneeeeeed!
I Mr deedz flimp
I Mr deedz flimp 4 days ago
Thumb nail: old/new Me: out with the old, in with the new!
Ben Deweese
Ben Deweese 5 days ago
Chris have you thought about plasti dip rims? I put paint tape on the outer rim where it begins into the inner rim and used a screwdriver to flatten the line out then took the inner tape off and sprayed the rest of the rim. Came out amazing! Just wish the curb rash wasn’t so bad ha bought it like that
Ben Deweese
Ben Deweese 5 days ago
I’ve done my research on why my car is so bumpy and tried so many things and put hours into it but always thought my coilovers were just that bad. Then I found this. Thank you Chris! You help so many people out!
Ben Deweese
Ben Deweese 5 days ago
Did Chris say supercharger?! Oh boy can’t wait to see that video!
DaroriDerEinzige 5 days ago
I remember that I once commented that the "new suspension" in the way you installed it is probaly not the best way. And now you had issues with the suspension. ... Hm ... Certainly no connections. But at least, this follow up Video came earlier than expected.
Papa Kev
Papa Kev 5 days ago
i wish there was a motorcycle version of chrisfix
Corvette lover 495
Question is why haven't you removed the rear seats yet? Also a roll cage install video would be nice
Corvette lover 495
ChrisFix ok was wondering if you were waiting to do that for a separate video or not.
ChrisFix 5 days ago
I'll be doing that once the roll cage goes in!
S.A.M. 5 days ago
Hey guys you can see these new trailing arms in Chrisfix's transmission video at 24:00 which came out almost a year ago
cosmalick 5 days ago
Great video, I recently bought a car that is also undamped
ChrisFix 5 days ago
Now you know exactly how to fix that!
Swifty-Zs 6 days ago
Hey cris I’ve been looking at your car and I it would look good with a new spoiler it would look 🔥
ChrisFix 5 days ago
Thanks for the idea!
Landmine 1
Landmine 1 6 days ago
Hey chrisfix what do you think would be a good starter car
Ultimate Rose
Ultimate Rose 6 days ago
Is it coincidence that advance auto parts coupon is "chrisfix25" while I was watching chrisfix YT
beacher50 __
beacher50 __ 6 days ago
If this car doesn't get a bugcatcher, I'm gonna be disappointed
abdulla ali
abdulla ali 6 days ago
good, i think the normal arm and bushings can flex or springs left right up down a little bit could be also somehow good flexible, that car can little absorb impact and not may be may be in some car jamb because of some unpleasant road holes or road bump, but anyway it's still good i can't find easy way to change my rear shock for my civic no parts available i mean adjustable rear shocks for my car hard to get
ChrisFix 6 days ago
Thanks for sharing!
George Daws
George Daws 6 days ago
Crappy shocks. I wonder why you didn't do both upper and lower arms at the same time? would have been easier to get the upper arm diff bushes out with the diff lowered.
ChrisFix 6 days ago
Thanks for sharing!
rich 6 days ago
at 2:27 look at the right lol your wheel is bend
Scott Maday
Scott Maday 6 days ago
It is supposed that the famous DriftStang driven by the ChrisFix in a great battle was kept in a harbor as a museum piece, and as the years went by some of the metal parts began to rust and were replaced by new ones; then, after a century or so, every part had been replaced. The question then is if the "restored" DriftStang is still the same object as the original.
ChrisFix 6 days ago
Michael Castaneda
I wonder where he buys his parts anyone know?
southchum101 7 days ago
Polyurethane....you’re going to feel every little pebble on the road. Definitely not a daily driver.
RRPowerstroke 7 days ago
Chris could you do a video on how to add a generator to your truck such as the new f150 with 2000 watts? I use my generator alot and would love to stop carrying it around everywhere and just add something permanently to my vehicle. I have dual batteries By the way
Saleh Mahmood
Saleh Mahmood 7 days ago
5:35 AND 3:25 are the funniest parts in the video.
Ryan Titchell
Ryan Titchell 7 days ago
Was that a portal box on the front of your Mazda?
Dezzy Gaming
Dezzy Gaming 7 days ago
Mine is worst than that 🤣
Akshay Srivastava
Some say he can get you a gf with common hand tools, he's the stigs's American cousin
Stain 7 days ago
Imagine people driving on the highway and seeing Chris with his helmet on
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Haha I think a few people recognized me actually!
Vincent swift
Vincent swift 7 days ago
before you do a super charger you should get some nice wheels and maybe a body kit and lower it more but the build is looking amazing so far
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Thanks for the ideas and thanks a lot!
FILAY Bull 7 days ago
“The mustang becomes a mustang and wants to spin out.” Mopar guys: HA
FSClub Fan And hunterox123 on Twitter
I wonder when he’s gonna add soapy wooder to his merch store?
FSClub Fan And hunterox123 on Twitter
ChrisFix maybe add some “GOOD” shirts
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Could be soon! :p
Logan Scott
Logan Scott 7 days ago
“8 mile” song from the 8 mile album.
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Cool song!
Logan Scott
Logan Scott 7 days ago
Do you listen to Eminem
Ferny Pineda
Ferny Pineda 8 days ago
U should add a big wing/spoiler
Ferny Pineda
Ferny Pineda 8 days ago
When are u gonna do the rollcage?
Jobu Jobu
Jobu Jobu 8 days ago
When you would watch all those old sitcoms and other tv shows & movies with the dad working under the car with a socket wrench 🔧 what do you guys think he is fixing or working on ?
Norbert Erős
Norbert Erős 8 days ago
I swear this guy looks and moves like a video game character.
MrBeastjo 08
MrBeastjo 08 8 days ago
Hi random guy scrolling thru the comments...
GV KING 8 days ago
I Like it tight hhahahhhahaa
Aaron Abney
Aaron Abney 8 days ago
Whats with the helmet all the time bud
Vitooo 9 days ago
Chris fix could fix a cracked block with bubble gum and a hair tie...
Lolbee-SFM 9 days ago
Will this work on a New Yorker? If so then I can show this to my dad (He's desperate on rebuilding the rear suspension rather then replacing)
Roger Lee
Roger Lee 9 days ago
Chrisfix "well since i'm there already" lol
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